Different Paths to Destiny

6 Allegiance

Quick comment, I love you guys and I love Jon (obviously) but I can't just magically bring him back from beyond the wall. I know my plan for that but I'll get to it when I get to it…Gosh…ok moving on.

"Catelyn sent me for you; she was in the tent when Renly was killed," the servant told me. "They're blaming her."

"Catelyn would never do anything like that!" I protested.

"I know, milady. She and Brienne are leaving for the North immediately, you must go with them."

"Mina, you could come with me," Margaery said stepping in front of her servant. "Loras and I will go back to Highgarden, you could come with us. You would be safe."

"We're friends Margaery but you know I can't do that. I have a duty as future queen, and I have a sister out there. You could come back to Riverrun with me," I told her.

"The midst of a war is no place for me, I cannot stand on the sidelines of a battle every afternoon while I drink my evening tea," she said with disgust. It was easy to forget when we were lounging in her quarters drinking wine and eating cheese and bread how different we were, she was a Southerner. I was a Northerner. She was strong in her own way, but I was called to action.

"My lady," I heard from behind me. I turned to see Renly's friend and soldier, Aylward.

"Ser Aylward," I said with a nod.

"Many of the King's banner men are already pledging themselves to Stannis, but I have no interest in betraying my friend whether he is alive or dead. Renly wanted me to protect you on your journey and I pledged to Catelyn that I would, if you'll have me I would like to pledge to you my eternal protection for as long as you may desire it."

"That's very generous; do you not have family or loved ones to go back to?"

"I haven't had a family in many years, my lady. I would wish to finish the last task my King left for me; I will not leave him for his brother before his body is even cold."

"Then I accept your offer, and I am grateful for your protection Ser."

"We must leave for the North at once. As soon as Stannis arrives he'll want you brought to him as a bargaining piece."

I turned to face Margaery again. "My friend, I'll miss you."

"We've only known each other for a few weeks but you've become like a sister to me."

"I'll see you again, Marge."

I hugged her tightly. Aylward touched my arm and beckoned me down the hall. "It's time to go."

"Good-" Margaery started but I silenced her.

"Best friends never say goodbye."

Aylward took my arm and hurried me down the dark halls towards the gates where Catelyn and Brienne were waiting. Catelyn hugged me. "Thank you Ser Aylward for getting Amina away from there." He nodded. "Now come darling, I packed as much as I could gather quickly." I nodded and mounted my horse, Myst.

"Let's ride," I said. "The sooner we reach Riverrun the better."


I stood in the garden again, though this time there wasn't a single person around. My sister appeared from behind one of the trees and walked towards me. "Amina," she greeted me.

"Daenerys," I said.

"Jorah told me about you, he said he's heard stories about you although he didn't know who you were at the time. He thought you were dead."

"I was under the impression you were dead, I guess that makes us even. Where have you been all this time? I would have come for you had I known you were still alive."

"I grew up in Pentos with my brother Viserys."

"What was our brother like?" I asked curious. She offered me a hand and led me through complicated hallways.

"He was much like our father, mad."

"Catelyn told me you were married. Is the man I saw you with before your husband?"

"No, that was Jorah my advisor. My husband Khal Drogo was killed by a witch, as was my son."

"Oh my Gods, I am so sorry."

"It's alright, you couldn't have known. Catelyn is the woman taking care you, correct?"

"Yes, her family took me in. They're the only family I've ever known."

She opened a door and led me into a beautiful room. Light shone in through the large windows, Dany walked towards them where a series of crates were stacked. She opened one of them to reveal a small black scaled dragon. I gasped and Daenerys smiled. The little dragon jumped up and down and made a little screech.

"He recognizes you as blood of the dragon, I suspected he would."

"Me? A dragon?"

"You are Targaryen, and we are twins. These are the last three dragons left in the world." She opened another crate and a small bronze and green dragon flew out clumsily. "They're still learning to fly." The small dragon landed on my shoulder and I let it curl itself into my neck. "This is Rhaegal, named after our eldest brother. He likes you already."

I reached up to pet him. I felt an instant connection to the little dragon, much more than I had ever felt to the direwolves the Starks had. "You should come to Westeros."

"Jorah is acquiring me a ship as we speak; I hear you are a queen there."

"I'm engaged to marry the King of the North, when we win the war I will sit on the Iron Throne."

"Would your army help me?"

"They might not accept you at first but I could get Catelyn and Robb to understand, once they do everyone will follow."

"Targaryens are the rightful rulers," Dany said.

"I agree, and we're the last two left."

"And we have dragons; I'd like to see the man that dares stand in our way."

"You'd laugh; he's merely a boy with a temper."

"All the better for us, I hope he kept our throne warm." Dany and I laughed together. She reached over to her table and picked up a silver band which she clasped around my wrist, it was embossed with a small dragon sigil. "So you don't forget where you came from, sister."


I woke to Catelyn tapping my shoulder. "It's time to ride; we should reach Robb's camp by tomorrow at the rate we're going." I sat up and stretched. "Amina, what happened to your neck?" I touched my neck and didn't feel anything.

I walked over to the stream that ran parallel to our resting place. I gazed at my reflection there were three light bronze marks that ran from my collar bone to the back of my shoulder. Like talon marks, dragon talons. I grasped my wrist and found the silver band; I tugged my sleeve down quickly.

"Is something the matter, my lady?" Aylward asked me.

"No, everything is quite alright thank you for checking."

"Are you sure?"

"Aylward, there is something you should know about me. I wouldn't tell you but since you've pledged yourself to protect me it's only fair you know what you're protecting." I turned from the stream to face him. "I am Targaryen."

"I know."

I stared at him shocked. "How would you know such a thing?"

"I have heard rumors of a girl in Essos, a Targaryen princess. When Catelyn asked me to accompany you there to find your sister, I asked some sea men what they knew of the stories. It wasn't that hard to connect you to her from there."

"And yet you still pledge your loyalty to me, daughter of Aerys the Mad King?"

"I have been watching you this past week. You are a Stark in everything that you do, but that can be taught. I can see in your eyes that your heart is gentle, that is something you are born with. Combined with your upbringing and your lineage, I believe that any man who doesn't stand behind you is a fool."


I was digging through packs trying to find the one with the food when I ran across a lump of white fabric. I tugged it out of the bag to see that it was actually a dress, a summer dress. "Catelyn, why in the world did you pack this?"

"You saw the chaos that erupted when Renly passed; I want to avoid any messes if Robb were to die in battle. It's a fate I do not like to dwell on but I want you to be safe, Amina"

"Okay…so you packed this dress because you were just throwing things in the bag."

"No, before I leave for Winterfell I will see you and Robb wed under the skies of the old Gods and the new."

"Catelyn you can't be serious," I said gaping at her. "I'm supposed to go to Essos, after my sister! I can't do that if I'm married!"

"Amina, your sister will still be in Essos after the war, you may go for her then."

"Do you even care about me or have I always been the girl that Robb is going to marry?"

"You know that I wouldn't make you do this if it weren't completely imperative. You are stronger than Margaery and Renly combined. If there ever comes a time when it is necessary, you can command Robb's army."

"Or we could bring Daenerys here. With Robb's army and her dragons-"

"Daenerys has dragons?" Catelyn asked shocked. "How do you know?"

"I can speak with her in my dreams. I thought the first one was just that, a dream, but then last night she gave me this." I held up my wrist showing her the silver band. "And those marks you saw on my neck were from Rhaegal, one of her three dragons." I shook my head. "Why am I even telling you any of this, you obviously don't care about me."

"Amina, even if you are not my blood you are still my daughter. I will fight to keep you safe. Trust me when I say what I'm doing is best for you, you may not see it now but one day you will."


We arrived at the camp late the next afternoon. Catelyn and I went to Robb's tent immediately, flanked by Brienne and Aylward. Robb was in the middle of a war council but abandoned them when he saw use burst in. He hugged his mother and then turned to face me. "It feels like you've been gone forever."

"Only a month," I told him giving him a teasing smile. He kissed me softly and when I pulled away Catelyn was standing there smiling at us, my smile dropped immediately.

"There is much business to discus tonight, and I'm sure Amina is tired from our journey, but tomorrow we will hold your wedding ceremony," Catelyn told Robb.

"I thought we'd decided to wait until after the war?" Robb asked confused.

"War is full of surprises, its better this way," Catelyn said looking at me.

"I'm feeling fatigued, I believe I'll retire to my tent for the evening," I said unhappily.

"I will have someone fetch you a light dinner my lady," Aylward told me.

"That would be nice thank you. Robb, I'll see you in the morning." I didn't acknowledge Catelyn as I turned away. I walked out of the tent and down the aisles towards mine. Many people stopped me to ask how my journey went and I answered shortly not giving away the details, word of Renly's death would get around soon enough without me fanning the fires.

"Milady?" One of my handmaidens called, she was one of the youngest maybe only a little older than Arya.

"Yes?" I turned.

"A package came for you while you were away; I set it on your bed."

"Thank you dear," I told her. She blushed and scurried away. I walked into my tent and grabbed a bottle of wine off my table before lying across my bed. I felt something hard digging into my back and rolled over to grab the little box. I took a swig of wine straight from the bottle before untying the little package. On top was a pendant wrapped a few times with its chain. I unrolled it knowing exactly what it was before I even got a good look. The circle design surrounded by curling tendrils that looked something like a star with a tiny direwolf in the middle was extremely familiar; it was the Stargaryen house sigil I had created when I was nine. Theon had taken one of my drawings of it and had it made into a pendant for my tenth birthday.

I slid the necklace around my neck and tucked it under my dress. There was a thin card folded underneath it and I removed it, unfolded it and gasped. Written in Theon's slightly messy handwriting was a single word "Goodbye". I stared at the word trying to figure out some reason for it besides the obvious, we never said goodbye because we always planned to meet again.

Why would he do that? He knows that I've lost so many people, why would he leave me too? This is worse, so much worse, than someone dying. When someone dies at least no one else sees them again either, maybe that's selfish. I don't want to even consider that someone I love, someone I've always considered family is out there living some other life with other people.

Ned dying was one thing, I cried for a day but then I stopped. I had to be strong. Losing someone, knowing they're out there somewhere yet knowing you'll never meet again is another. I wish I had been taken to Pentos as a baby, then I would be with my family and I wouldn't know these people that just cause me endless amounts of pain.

"Stop acting like this, Amina," I scolded myself.

I took another swig of wine before standing up and walking over to a candle on my table. I held the note above it and watched as it burned into a shrivel. I stepped back into my bed and lay down.

Forged by fire and honor, I reminded myself of my own personal house words. I have a duty and I will carry it out. There may be no chance left for happiness but I can at least follow my calling. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms; no not quite, Twin Queens of the Seven Kingdoms. Hopefully Joffrey kept our throne warm.

Oh another note, addressing what I said at the start, I will be doing a series in the off season that isn't just from Ami's POV. So there'll be Jon chapters. So just calm down…there's going to be some Jon/Ami stuff eventually but I'm trying to stick with the show/book cannon as much as possible. Ok bye xx

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