Different Paths to Destiny

9 Dreams and Reality

We arrived at camp the next day and I was bombarded with people telling me the newest information I had missed; Jamie has escaped and killed two men, Jamie had been recaptured, Robb had gone to the Crag. The last bit I was pleased to hear. I wasn't quite ready to divulge the information I had learned in Winterfell, any of it. Catelyn made her way to me though the small crowd. "Amina, I assume you've heard Robb has gone to the Crag."

"Yes, I have much to tell you both. It will have to wait until he returns, I'm feeling a bit fatigued." It was true enough; Daenerys must have found a way to call me to her aid.

"What is happing in Winterfell, surely you can tell me that?" Catelyn asked desperately.

"Her grace has had little time to rest on our journey home. She needs to retire to her quarters, when the King returns I'm sure Amina will have much to say," Aylward said coming to my rescue. He put his arm on my shoulder and steered me towards my tent.

"Thank you," I said. "I must lie down. You will stand by my tent until I awake. It is imperative no one enters and no one may wake me. Do you understand?"

"Your grace I'm afraid I do not."

"My sister needs my help and I must go to her. You'll understand all in good time. Until then please, Ser Aylward, make sure no one wakes me no matter what."

"Yes my Queen."

I pushed open the flaps of my tent and practically passed out before I even had the chance to lie down.


I awoke outside a tall ominous stone tower. I turned in a circle to look around my surroundings. "Dany?" I called out uncertainly.

"Oh good, you've arrived. It's time to go," Daenerys said stepping through the trees flanked by the blonde man from before, Jorah, and another man who was obviously not from Westeros.

"How did you call me?" I asked.

"I guess I just thought really hard and focused on trying to get your attention, it seems to have worked."

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To the House of the Undying," she said.

"That sounds…unfavorable."

"That is where they are keeping our dragons," she said sharply. "We must go after them."

The other man said something to her in a strange language I didn't recognize; I assumed it must be Dothraki. I looked between the two confused as they had an entire conversation. We stood on the steps to the tower and I looked around the side, it was perfectly round and didn't seem to have a door. I began walking around the side.

"Amina!" Dany called. She ran to catch up with me and we continued around the tower together.

"Where is the door?" I said frustrated.

"The warlocks here like playing tricks," she said unhappily. The next thing I knew we were inside a stone staircase. I freed the torch from the wall and handed it to my sister. "Do you hear that?" She asked in a whisper. I listened and heard the screeching of baby dragons.

"This way," I said pulling her by her arm up the staircase it seemed to go up forever, I thought that we must be as high as the clouds now. The cramped tunnel opened into a large round room filled with doors. I could still hear the screeching but I couldn't tell where the noise was coming from. "We could split up," I suggested. "Search each of the rooms separately."

"I'm sure those rooms go on for eons, it would be just like the warlock to do that. It's best if we stick together."

There it was again, magic. I would be crazy not to believe in it, what with dragons and twin bonds and creepy towers that seemed to be endless, but it was something I hadn't ever really considered before. My whole life I had been relatively normal and now I was beginning to uncover the truth about my life only to find out that I could never be normal.

"Which door do we chose then?" I asked. Dany pushed open one of them and the sound of the dragons got louder.

"This one."

I followed her into a large ornate room. Snow fell from above and Daenerys touched it like it was an unknown substance, I guess to her it might have been. I turned my attention back to the room itself, tall pillars seemed to stretch forever to the ceiling and a stained glass window bore the symbol of the New Gods. "We're in the South," I noted. "I think-" I turned and my eyes landed on a huge throne made of swords and axes and all kinds of weapons. "This is the throne room at King's Landing."

"The Iron Throne," Dany said mesmerized. We both walked towards the throne a few steps up from where we stood. I reached to touch one of the swords which still looked sharp and ready for battle. I had never been to Kings Landing and the throne room that rightfully belonged to my family was even more majestic than I had expected it to be. It was cold and full of shiny white snow now, but I could imagine what it looked like with woven tapestries and golden plated statues.

"This will be ours one day," I said.

"We could sit on it now, just to see what it will feel like when we rule the Seven Kingdoms," She said. The throne was large, big enough that my sister and I wouldn't even have to squeeze to fit into the seat together and it looked so tempting. I could be queen for a second.

"We should wait until our crowning day. That way when we sit in the throne for the first time it will be special," I told her. "Besides this isn't real. This all a figment of our imagination, a trick."

"You're right," Dany said drawing back quickly. "We must carry on, our dragons are waiting."

We walked out the other side of the throne room, the door raised in front of us and the outdoors was even more snow covered than the throne room had been. I could see nothing but white before me and behind me stretching high into the sky, I drew a sharp intake of breath. "The Wall."

"The Wall in the far North? It keeps creatures out."

"Yes that Wall." I looked around but just like the throne room there was no one in sight. Unless…In the distance I could just make out trees. "I'll be right back…" I said to Dany but when I looked at her she was staring at a small tent, she wouldn't notice if I was only gone for a second. I walked into the woods and suddenly the entire environment changed. I was surrounded by weirwoods and the smell of grass. I collapsed beneath one of them and just took a deep breath.


I sat up quickly and looked around; standing not five feet away from me was Jon. I wanted to cry or scream but I settled for flinging myself into his arms. "This isn't real," I murmured.

"It feels real," he said.

"It does," I sighed. I looked into his eyes and just took a moment to rememorize his face every detail I never wanted to forget.

"Are you done?" He asked smiling. I shushed him. I ran my fingers through his curly mop of hair then wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Now I'm done."

"I miss you," he said brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"You haven't found some Wilding girl to warm your bed?" I asked teasingly. A look crossed his face, something that I was sure I couldn't create from my own imagination. It was almost like a glimpse into what was happening out there beyond the Wall. Could it be possible that somehow the magic of the House of the Undying was able to link mine and Jon's dreams? It seemed anything was possible with the warlocks.

"No one will ever replace you in my heart, ever. I want you to remember that, if I never see you again promise me you won't forget that."

"I love you," I said.

"I love you more than you will ever know."

"Then why did you leave me?" I asked a little colder than I had expected.

"I thought it was what was best for you, I didn't want you to feel like you had to run away from your dreams," he said.

"I never felt like that. If I had run away with you it would have been because I wanted to, not because I felt some obligation to. Why can't this be real? Why can't we be back at Winterfell?"

"This could be real."

"How?" I asked.

"Stay here. I don't care if this is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up if I don't get to wake up next to you."

A screech echoed through the woods and I was jarred from the moment, in fact I wasn't even quite sure what the last thing he had said was. If the warlocks hadn't created this at first they were certainly messing with my perception now. "I have to go, I have a sister who needs my help." I turned away, sure that if I stayed one minute more I'd never be able to leave. He grabbed my wrist and I turned to face him again. I kissed him a final time and then stepped away. "This isn't goodbye."

I slipped between the trees running my fingers over the bark. The trees opened up into another space. instead of appearing by the wall I appeared back in the same circular room with all the doors. This time though, Daenerys and I were not alone.

"Ah there she is, I was beginning to wonder if she'd fallen into my dream world after all. I should've known she'd be stronger than that. I believe you are the older twin aren't you?" He asked. "Oh but I guess you wouldn't know, that's a shame about you two being separated at birth. I'd love to help you reunite, you are stronger together. And your strength fuels your dragons which in turn give the warlocks all the power they could need." He paused and took a breath. "Yes, reuniting the Targaryen twins seems like a wonderful idea."

All of a sudden it felt like a boulder was being placed on my head. Ever y part of my body was being compressed from the inside out. I could hear someone screaming and I realize it was me.

"What are you doing to her?" Daenerys screamed.

"Don't you want to be reunited with your sister without this silly projection trick? I'm simply reaching through to where she lies asleep and pulling her through."

"Stop, you're hurting her!"

"It will only hurt for a minute."

I could feel everything slipping away. I could only see black yet at the same time I could see the inside of my tent at Robb's camp, and there was Ser Aylward shaking me as hard as he could. I tried to grab on to anything, the bedding, Aylward's arm, anything but my fingers wouldn't respond.

"Amina!" Dany screamed again.

"Dany I can't be in both places, do you need me here with you. I can stay here," I said barely getting the words out between gasping breaths and moans of agony.

"Go! Find me when it's safe, go!"


I sat up in bed and clutched Alyward's arms tightly. He let out a massive sigh of relief. "You weren't breathing, I thought you were dead. I tried shaking you but you wouldn't respond."

"I'm alright now, I'm fine." I pushed back my covers and stepped out of bed. My legs gave out under me and I looked down at them as I collapsed, the dress I was wearing was stained with blood as were the sheets I had been tangled in.

"Medic! We need a medic!" Aylward yelled towards the flaps of the tent. A few minutes later a tall skinny girl who had the appearance of a mouse entered, she ran around the side of the bed and knelt next to me. She handed me a glass of water from my bedside table and pressed some herbs into my hand for me to swallow. I took them with a gulp and rested my head on the bed behind me.

"I-I'm with child, is the baby-" I mumbled. She looked at me and then at my blood stained dress.

"I believe if you were once with child you are not any longer."

I stared at her a little in shock; most of my dream visit with my sister was fuzzy except for the intense pain. I couldn't process anything this big right now. The girl helped me into a chair.

The next thing I knew it was sunset and I was wearing a clean night gown and I was being escorted back into a clean bed by one of my handmaidens.

Nightfall, only a few candles lit my room. Someone was speaking to me, was I sitting up? "Catelyn?" I asked.


"When did you get in here?" I asked confused.

"We've been having a conversation for a while about-Never mind; it's obvious you need to rest." Catelyn helped my back into my bed and I fell asleep within minutes. This went on for days; every memory was just out of my reach dream or reality. All I could remember was the pain and I'd wake up screaming in the middle of the night. I was trapped in a cage of my own making and it seemed impossible to break free until suddenly the bars seemed to come crashing down and everything came rushing back.

I was strong and I wasn't about to let that warlock beat me.

This is the last chapter or this story for a while but I still plan on updating "Different Lives, Different Destinies" throughout the off season with lots of other character stories!

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