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I Wanna Be There For You

I Wanna Be There For You

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 1,176Disclaimer: I don't own Chicago PD, the song lyrics (Titles), and the plot.Author's Notes: Amazing feedback. So glad people like my writing. It makes so happy. Here is chapter two. One Favorite, the least I've ever gotten, but hey, it's something right? And 13 follows, the new record, right? And ten review. Thanks to those who reviewed this chapter. Means a lot.

The chapter title is from the song, There For You by Flyleaf.

Uploaded: February 28, 2014

Cassie smiled as she looked up at the ice cream man. Her eyes were wide at the thought of ice cream. Erin grinned, standing behind her, a five-dollar bill in her hands. She already had her ice cream picked out. She was just waiting for her daughter to pick what she wanted.

"Mommy, Uncle Jay an' Tony wan ice cweam?" the three year old asked her mother. She looked up at her mother with big hazel eyes, and no matter what, Erin couldn't say no.

"Adam and Olinsky might want some too," Erin suggested.

"Uncle Oli?" Cassie asked, her smile getting even bigger.

"We'll go visit them," Erin promised, as she pointed at the multiple ice creams. She changed her five-dollar bill for a ten-dollar bill. Once Erin had her change and all the ice cream, Cassie grabbed her mother's jacket and pulled her to her car. They drove to the department building.

Burgess and Atwater were exiting the building when they arrived to the door. Cassie rushed, giggling to the two officers.

"Kimmy, Kevy!" she exclaimed, raising her arms.

Atwater knelt down and picked the small girl up. "Leavin'?" Cassie asked, as she wrapped her arms around the man's neck.

"Yes, we need to save people," Burgess asked, looking at the adorable girl in her partner's arms.

Cassie pouted, not wanting them to leave. Unlike her mother, she was happy to be around people. Her mother's team loved the three year old. Cassie was also friends with Diego and Ava Dawson.

"Cass, the ice cream is melting," Erin called, as she held the ice cream in her arms. Cassie gave Atwater and Burgess one last smile, before having Atwater put her down, and running to her mother. She waved as she entered the building.

"Hey Erin, little Erin," Sergeant Platt called, slightly creeping Cassie out. She didn't like how the older last treated Atwater and Burgess.

Erin waved as they went up to their floor.

"Uncle Tony!" Cassie shouted as she ran through the desks.

Dawson grinned, picking the girl up. "Niece Cassie!"

Erin laughed, as she put all the ice cream on her desk. She told the men to get it as she walked to Voight's office.

"Knock knock," she called out, as she smiled at her father figure.

"Erin," he said in surprise. "Is Cassie here?"

"Yeah. She wanted to see her Uncles and Grandpa Hanky," she mocked, smirking at her sergeant.

He rolled his eyes. He stood up and started to exit his office. They could hear Cassie laughing, as Dawson tickled her. The other men were sitting around, eating their ice cream, and watching them, with a small smile on their faces.

"Gwanpa Hanky, I got ice cweam fo you!" the small girl squealed, running from her uncle's arms.

"You paid for it? Thank you," he answered sweetly, causing everyone to grin at the soft side the man was showing.

"It meltin'!" Cassie exclaimed, grabbing the melting ice cream from Erin's table. They laughed at Cassie's adorable expression.

Their phone started to ring, signaling the intelligence group that their fun was over and they had to go back to work.

Chicago PD

Cassie giggled as her mother took her to watch a movie, Frozen. Cassie had wanted to see it since she saw the snowman in the previews, and Erin couldn't say no to her daughter.

Cassie jumped in her seat, waiting for the show to start. Erin, who was sitting next to her, was eating popcorn. She loved spending time with Cassie. Laura Dawson would babysit Cassie when she was working, and she didn't get a lot of free time with her daughter.

"Mommy, can I got Olaf?" Cassie asked her mother, waiting for the film to start.

"Who?" Erin asked, a frown on her face. She had no idea what her daughter was talking about.

Cassie started at her mother with disbelief. She could not believe her mother did not know who Olaf was. "Mommy! Olaf, snowman!" Cassie exclaimed, causing the other parents look at her.

Erin blushed a little. She looked at her daughter, who turned her attention to the big screen, which was showing previews.

Chicago PD

Voight was in his office, looking over his paper work. His phone rang, causing him to put his things down. He picked it up and narrowed his eyes, as he listened to the person on the other side.

He hung up the phone and stared at the picture on his desk. The picture was on Cassie's third birthday party. Cassie was blowing her candles, in Erin's arms, and he was on the other side of Cassie. He would change the picture after every birthday, but the pictures always had the three of them. The picture he never took down was taken after Cassie's birth. She was in Erin's arms, in the hospital. He had never been so proud of his non-biological daughter.

He knew he had to tell her. He just didn't know how.

Chicago PD

"He so cuute!" Cassie exclaimed, hugging the stuffed snowman. They were walking out of the Disney store. The teddy bear was half Cassie's size.

Erin and Cassie went to her car and drove home, done for the day. Once inside her apartment, she didn't expect to see Voight sitting down in her kitchen with a beer.

Cassie, always happy to see Voight, ran to him. "Gwanpa Hanky, meed Olaf. Olaf, meed my bestest granpa, Hanky," she said, shoving the stuffed snowman on his face.

He chuckled and shook the snowman's hand. Cassie then told him about his day, while Erin watching Voight. She knew something was up. Voight never showed up before her. He always waited until she and Cassie were home.

"Cass, why don't you go change for bed, I'll meet you in the restroom," Erin told her daughter, looking at Voight in the eye.

Cassie grinned and ran to her room with Olaf in her arms.

"What's going on?" Erin asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Sit down," he told her, his voice soft.

Erin did as he said, and waited for him to say what he wanted.

"Chad got out for good behavior," Voight told her, watching as the woman he saw as a daughter pale right in front of her.

"N-no," she whispered, not wanting to believe it. She knew he would get out sooner or later, but it was too soon for her.

"Stay here, I'll go help Cassidy brush her teeth," he told her, standing up and walked to help his granddaughter.

"Mommy?" Cassie called out, as she sat on her bed, winging her legs. She had on Tigger, footsie pajamas.

"You're mommy isn't feeling good. I'll help you," he told her, as he led her to the rest room.

"Why?" Cassie asked innocently, as she grabbed the toothbrush.

"Someone who hurt her is back in her life," Voight said, trying to hide his hate.

"You pwotecd us?" Cassie asked him, looking up at him with her mother's eyes.

"Always. I will always be here," he answered.

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