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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,027Chapters: (1/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: Editing it.

Uploaded: September 29, 2012

Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray were five when they first became the best of friends. They did everything together. They were both ten when they were taken from their homes, their families and friends.

Rachel Barbra Berry had two fathers Hiram and LeRoy Berry, and an older brother, Noah 'Puck' Berry, who was a year older than her. The two siblings were the best of friends, and Rachel's only friend for the first five years of her life. They were a close Jewish family. Rachel, at a young age, started dreaming about her future. She was a huge fan of Broadway and couldn't wait to be on stage and sing her heart out. She knew she would be there someday.

Lucy Quinn Fabray had her parents, Russell and Judy Fabray, an older sister, Frannie Fabray, who was nine years older, and her twin brother, Sam Fabray, who was a good ten minutes older. They were a Christian family, but they weren't as close as they could have been. They had dinner together, but they all were doing their own things. She just wanted to be with her brother, who were each other's best friend, and make her father proud. She knew her father expected a lot out of her, even at a young age. He didn't push her older siblings as much as he pushed her. She was just a kid, barely starting school, she didn't think of her future. She just didn't want to. She just wanted to live in the moment. Think about today.

Lucy and Rachel were five and just starting kindergarten. It was the first day, and all the small five year olds were nervous about making new friends. They were in the same class, and sat next to each other. They sat in a table with Sam, a blonde girl with clear blue eyes, an Asian with black hair, and a pale white boy with brown hair. On the table next to them was a Latina with brown hair, a boy with glasses and brown hair, an Asian girl, a black girl, a really tall boy, and a hefty brown haired girl. Puck was in the first grade class, which Rachel was saddened about.

"I want all of you guys to talk to each other. Tell the group your name, what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to be when you grow up," the teacher told them.

"I'm Kurt Hummel. I like clothes. I don't like dirt. I want to be a singer," the pale boy said, smiling at the other five kids. Rachel grinned, wanting the same thing.

"My name is Brittany Pierce. I like cats. I don't like books. I want to be a dancer," the blonde girl said, smiling.

"I like dancing, too," the Asian boy exclaimed. "I'm Michael Chang, but I like Mike. I like dancing. I don't like working that much."

"I'm Sam Fabray. I like playing outside. I don't like reading. I like being with my twin. Always want to be with her. I don't care what I am," the blonde boy said, smiling at his sister.

"I'm Rachel Barbra Berry. I like stars. I don't like mean people. I want to be a singer and on Broadway," she said, grinning at everyone.

"My name is Lucy Quinn Fabray. I like drawing. I don't like being alone. I just want to grow up with my twin," the smallest blonde whispered, looking at the table.

Rachel smiled at the girl sitting next to her. The blonde looked scared. She was nervous and looked to only be comfortable with her brother. The brunette didn't want her to be scared so she grabbed her hand. Sam grabbed the other one, and Lucy blushed. She wasn't used to having people, with the exception of Sam, paying any attention to her. She laced her fingers with Rachel's and didn't let go. They stayed like that until it was time to go to their break time. Lucy pulled Rachel with her wherever she went. Sam, and his new friend Mike, would follow, smiling. He wanted his little sister, his twin sister to be happy. He knew his sister was different. She was special to him. He cared for no one but her, even at a young age.

Rachel took Lucy, Sam, and Mike to her older brother. She wanted him to meet her new friends. She was happy. She didn't make any friends as she was growing up. Other kids thought she was weird, even if they were four or younger. Puck wanted to meet her friends, and see if they were good enough. He wanted to see if he approved or not, because that was his job as the big brother, just as he was raised to do.

"Noah, this is Lucy and Sam Fabray, and Mike Chang," Rachel told her older brother, jumping in place. "Guys, this is Noah, my big brother."

"Puck," he said, he didn't like being called Noah, and only let Rachel call him that. He saw Lucy smile at the jumping brunette, and knew right then, those kids meant well. He trusted them. He nodded and started talking to the two boys.

Soon, all the kids had to go back to class. The teacher decided to put the children in groups of six, and let them talk to others. There were thirty-six students. There were six sections, and each section had a word. The children were to talk about what the word was about. Of course, since thirty-four of the students couldn't read, the teacher explained what the word was and gave an example. The six words were 'color', 'animal', 'food', 'subject', 'family', and 'friends'.

"Everyone, get a partner," the teacher told the students. She watched all the children go to someone.

The Latina, Santana Lopez partnered up with Brittany. The really tall boy, Finn Hudson chose the boy with glasses Artie Abrams. Kurt and the black girl, Mercedes Jones became partners. The Asian girl, Tina Cohan-Chang and the hefty girl Lauren Zizes were together, even though Tina was scared. Sam was conflicted between Mike and his twin. His choice got easier when Rachel wanted to be paired up with Lucy. Once he saw Lucy was okay, he chose to team up with Mike.

Rachel, Lucy, Finn, Artie, Santana, and Brittany were a group. The other six were in another. They had to start at the color section.

"My favorite color is pink," Rachel started off, grabbing Lucy's hand.

Lucy blushed and looked down. "I like green."

"Blue is my color," Finn said.

"I like red," Santana said, in a bored tone.

"Me too," Brittany said, nodding and grinning.

"I like black," Artie told the group.

All of them just stood there. No one said anything. No one was comfortable. They also didn't know how to start a conversation. They just sat there until they had to move. They went to the food section.

"I like everything," Finn said, with a grin.

Three of them agreed.

"I don't eat meat," Rachel said, smiling.

"I like certain things," Lucy whispered, looking at the ground.

"Like what?" Rachel asked, her voice low.

Lucy shrugged. "I like pizza."

"Me too!" Brittany squealed jumping a bit. She just loved being with people.

Everyone smiled at the taller blonde; she was so full of energy. She was even more innocent then they were.

They all moved to the next section, family.

"I live with my mom and dad. It's just us," Artie said, looking around. He liked being an only child.

"I live with my mom. My dad is at war," Finn said, frowning. He missed his dad, and wanted him to come home.

"I have an older brother and my mama and papi," Santana told the group. She shrugged. Her brother was in college, so it was pretty much just her and her parents, but she didn't want to explain.

"I live with my mommy and daddy too," Brittany said, smiling widely.

"I live with my dad, daddy and brother," Rachel told the other kids.

"Dads? No mom?" Finn asked.

Rachel shook her head. "I don't have a mom."

Lucy looked at the girl next to her. She smiled and gripped her hand. "I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sister."

"Can you have two dads?" Finn asked, confused. He didn't know that could happen. Everyone he had met had a mom and a dad.

Rachel frowned, and said nothing. What was shocking about that?

"Yeah, that's normal," Lucy said, defending her new friend. She didn't like to see Rachel sad.

Rachel smiled. No one except Puck had protected her. It was a nice feeling, knowing someone would protect her in her class.

They went to the next section, animals.

"Dog," Finn said, smiling. It was the most obvious answer.

"I like cats," Brittany answered, grinning at everyone.

"Me too," Santana said, smiling at the blonde.

"I like bunnies," the other boy said.

"My favorite animal is a wolf," Rachel told the group. She shrugged.

"I'm into lions," Lucy whispered.

They talked about the animals, and why they were better. By the time they had to go to the next section, lions and wolves were winning. Because Lucy and Rachel knew how to read, they knew more than other kids their own age.

They went to the subject section, where only two of the six that knew any subject.

"I like math," Lucy whispered, swinging their hands.

All but one frowned. "What's that?"

"It's like numbers," she whispered, blushing. She was not one for attention.

"I like the arts," Rachel said, taking the attention from the shy blonde.

"Like drawing?" Artie asked, frowning.

Rachel shook her head. "It's singing and acting."

The four nodded. "You two are so weird," Santana muttered.

Both girls frowned. They didn't like being called weird. They were both just a little different.

The group was quiet. No one said anything. The teacher noticed and walked up to them.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking at all six children.

Lucy shrugged. She just wanted to leave. She didn't like what Santana said, but she'd heard worse.

"Nothing," Rachel muttered.

It was time to switch. The teacher kept an eye on the quiet children. They were in the friends section. Unlike the other groups, they had yet to say anything.

She noticed how close the Latina and blonde were, as well as the brunette and shy blonde. It was cute.

No one said a single word in the group. Soon, they were at their table, and it was almost time to go home.

They were waiting for their parents, and just sat there. Puck entered the room and smiled at the teacher. She clinged at the sight of the boy. He made her class a living hell the year before. He made her age faster, and still haunted her in her dreams.

"What are you doing here Noah?" the older woman asked the six year old. He was like a demon child.

"I'm here to be with my sister and her friends," he said, smiling. He knew the teacher was afraid of him, and loved the feeling.

The teacher frowned. She thought the two Berrys had nothing in common except for last names. She hoped Rachel was nothing like her brother. She would retire early if that were the case, but she noticed the girl was quiet.

Soon, Rachel and Puck's fathers appeared. Puck ran to them, happy to leave the school. Unlike his sister, he hated a school.

"Bye," Rachel whispered, as she hugged her new best friend. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye," Lucy whispered in return. She didn't want to let go.

Rachel, Noah, and her fathers left, leaving the twins alone. They didn't say anything, as they waited for someone to pick them up.

Frannie entered the class, and Sam smiled. He stood up and walked to the door. Lucy didn't move. She was looking at the spot Rachel last sat on.

Sam took her hand and pulled her with him.

"She'll be back tomorrow," he told her.

Lucy smiled and nodded. She couldn't wait to see her the next day.

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