Together Forever

Fourth Grade II

Fourth Grade II

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,039Chapters: (10/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Just the plot.Author's Note: I can't believe Cory Moneith is gone. I'm in utter shock. So I will honor him in this chapter, and Finn will become a bigger part of the story. RIP Cory. :(

Uploaded: July 16, 2013

Rachel, Hiram, LeRoy, Finn, Sam, and Judy cheered as a fifth grade teacher called out Noah Berry. Quinn clapped and smiled, with their other friends. Puck and Matt got the loudest cheers when their names were called out of all the fifth graders of the year.

"That's going to be us next year," Rachel told Quinn, grabbing her hand. Rachel was excited of leaving elementary school soon, and keeping their group together, and maybe find more members and new friends. She also can't wait for new adventures with her best friend, and the ones really close to her.

After what had happened to her at her birthday party, she had changed. She was more reserved. Rachel, Sam, Santana, Brittany, and Puck were slowly trying o help her out of her shell. Mercedes, Tina, and Artie were doing the same with Kurt, who was still grieving for his mother. Carole and Finn were also helping Burt and Kurt.

"Yeah," Quinn whispered, not taking her eyes off the stage. Quinn's eyes started to droop, so she rested her head on Rachel's shoulder, and closed her eyes. She had nightmares almost every night; the only time she didn't was when she slept with Rachel closed by.

"Just go to sleep," Rachel told her, smiling softly. Rachel then asked her Dad for his mp3 and earphone so the noise wouldn't bother Quinn. In a few minutes, Quinn was out like a light. Rachel sat back a bit, only to get poked by a new member to her click in the group, Finn.

After Lucy decided to be called Quinn, Finn had made it his job to make her laugh. He sat next to her all of fourth grade, and would joke around Quinn. He had said that since their names were almost the same, they could be twins. He had also promised to take care of her, which won him points with Rachel, Sam, and Puck.

The ceremony was coming to an end. Judy didn't want to wake her daughter up. Quinn would wake screaming from her nightmares. Quinn looked peaceful. Sometime during the ceremony, she put her head on Rachel's lap, and put her legs on Sam's lap.

Matt's family was going out together, as was Puck's. There was going to be a party for both the Saturday that followed. Puck's family consisted of the Berrys and the Fabrays, with the exception of Russell Fabray who was away on business, again, and Franny Fabray, who was with her friends. Finn was also invited, and was slowly joining the family. Sam started to joke and name their family 'Faberrson'.

Hiram smiles at the sleeping blond, remembering the first day he had met her. He picked her up, letting her sleep. Her head was resting on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her thighs.

"Are you sure you mind carrying her?" Judy asked, concerned. Quinn was usually a light sleeper, but the lack of sleeping and her young age was catching up with her.

"It's okay, I don't mind. She needs her sleep," Hiram said, as he looked at the girl he saw as a daughter. Rachel and Sam stood up the moment Quinn's weight was off. Finn stood up, and poked Rachel on the back of her neck. They followed the parents to Judy's car. Sam helped put the sleeping girl in the car, and the seatbelt. Once everyone was set, they went to a restaurant.

Quinn woke up on the way. She was groggy. She didn't know where she was for a second, and was on the verge of panicking. Once she saw Sam, she calmed down some. She took of the earphones and turned off the mp3.

"Where we goin'?" she asked, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She tried to look around.

"I dunno," Sam answered, as he looked out the window. He didn't know where they going. Just that they were going out to eat to celebrate Puck's graduation.

"M'kay," Quinn responded, as she yawned. She put the mp3 in her pocket, and made a mental note to give it to the man she saw as a father.

Judy smiled at her two innocent children. They were so different from their older sister. Franny was becoming what her father wanted to become. Sam and Quinn were becoming their own person, although Russell was trying to manipulate Quinn. The twins and Franny were so different. The twins had many different friends. Franny's friends were all cheerleaders, and none of them had.

Judy was wondering if she should stay with him, but she was afraid he would take the twins and Franny from her. Maybe he'll just try to take Quinn, and that was the worst that could happen. Quinn was vulnerable at the moment, and a separation would destroy her. She'll have to deal with her husband until the twins get older.

"Are we there yet?" Sam asked for the seventeenth time. Quinn and Sam were taking turns, and it was starting to annoy her.

"No," Judy responded, gripping the steering wheel. She was on the verge of snapping at the two children.

"How about now?" Quinn asked, giving her mother an innocent smile though the rear view mirror.

"Not yet," the older Fabray said through her teeth. She was taking deep breaths.

"Now?" Sam asked, grinning. He knew that was it. His mother was going to snap.

"No!" Judy snapped, turning to glare at the two nine year olds.

They giggled and gave each other a hi-five.

"Told you she would get mad," Sam told his sister. Quinn laughed a bit louder.


The Berry ride was different. All the children were wide awake and chatting. Finn sat in between the two Berrys.

"How does it feel to be out of Lima Elementary?" Finn asked, as he poked Rachel. She giggled and waited until he turned away before poking him back.

"Feels like any other day," the Jewish boy answered.

"We're gonna miss you and Matt," Finn said, as he poked Rachel's cheek, causing her to giggle.

"Watch out Finn, Rachel might tell Quinn you're poking her," LeRoy said, smiling at the two.

Finn grinned. "She won't hurt me, our names are the almost same," he responded, as he stuck his tongue at the youngest Berry.

"We'll see who she helps," Rachel said, as she glared at her friend.

Puck laughed, as he watched one of his best friends and little sister bicker. He knew that his best friends, Sam and Finn would take care of his sisters, Quinn and Rachel, and the rest of the group. They'll have to wait one year to be all together again.


"How was the ride?" Hiram asked, smiling at Judy's annoyed expression.

"Awesome," Sam answered as he looked at the building. He couldn't see the name, but it looked fancy.

"It was okay," Quinn responded, as she went over to Rachel and took her hand. "Thank you Mr. Hiram, for letting me borrow your mp3."

Hiram smiled as he took the small device back and put it in his pocket.

"These two are annoying," the older blond answered, glaring at her two children, who just gave her a grin. "How can two evil children look so innocent?"

"Finn and Rachel were poking each other the whole ride," Hiram said, as he laughed at the two said kids, who were still poking each other, while Rachel still help Quinn's hand.

"Quinn! Help me!" Rachel squealed, as Finn started to tickle her. She was giggling and trying to get away.

"No, Finn's name rhymes with mine," Quinn answered as she helped Finn to tickle-torture Rachel.

"Told you!" Finn told her as he continued to tickle her.

"Stop!" Rachel shouted, laughing.

"You didn't help me when Finn and the guys were going to throw me into a pond," Quinn responded as she moved away.

The adults were laughing. They loved seeing their kids act carefree. LeRoy and Hiram knew there was going to be a new member in their house.

"Congratulations Puck," Quinn told him, as she gave him an envelope. On top of the envelope started that it was from the family.

"Awesome, I mean, thank you. Quinn, Sam, Mrs. Fabray," Puck said, after his fathers gave him a look. "C'mon bros, I'll tell what's good." Sam and Finn followed Puck into the restaurant.

"Let's go Quinnie, this place has amazing food," Rachel said, as she pulled her blond best friend into the restaurant.

"Those kids are so evil. They just love annoying me. I was on the verge of leaving them in the middle of the street," Judy said, as she rubbed her temple.

Hiram and LeRoy laughed as the three adults followed the four children.


That weekend, Matt and Puck had their party. They were excited. Finn, Sam, Quinn, and Judy were the first on there. Finn, Sam, and Quinn gave his two friends a grin. Finn gave them each an envelope, while the Fabray twins gave Matt an envelope.

"Thanks Finn, twins," Matt said, as they smiled.

"You are welcome Matt," Quinn answered for them.

A few minutes later, Mike arrived. Even though Matt and Puck were in the same grade, Matt was closer to Mike, while Puck preferred his family. Finn, Sam, and Puck were playing a small game of football, but it wasn't enough with three people. After a while, Matt and Mike started to play, but it was not even.

An hour into the party, it was boys versus girls. It was Puck, Sam, Finn, Mike, and Matt against Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Lauren. LeRoy decided to referee. The guests were all cheering, and had slit up. All the females were rooting for the girls, while the males rooted for the boy. The boys were winning, and it seemed as if the girls didn't have a chance.

At the last minute, Rachel touched the finish line. She was small enough to run and make it. Quinn ran and hugged her. They girls lost by one point, LeRoy was counting by ones, but they did well for a group that knew little to nothing about the sport.

"Go wash up, we're all going to eat now," Hiram told the ten children. They all nodded and ran off.

"Now I can see why Finn loves to be here," Carole Hudson said as she walked up the Berrys and Judy.

"The kids are the best of friends. Finn, Rachel, Sam, and Noah have helped on Quinn's healing. When she's home, she talked about how Finn made her laugh, how Rachel let her rant, how Noah helped her forget, and how Sam is supportive. Those four are all she talks about, although Sam is her twin. I wouldn't be surprised if they go to the same college and stick together all their lives," Judy told them.

Carole smiled softly at her son. She was so proud of him, as she watched him say something to Quinn and made her laugh.

The parents sat around and watched their children interact with each other. Mike was sitting down next to Tina, smiling shyly. Mercedes, Artie, and Kurt were talking. Sugar and Rory were giggling. Lauren was arm wrestling Matt and Puck. Sam, Finn, Brittany, Santana, Rachel, and Quinn were playing a small game of tag. All of the kids were having fun. They were enjoying themselves.


Rachel and Quinn were sitting together, holding hands and watching everyone. They had gotten bored of tag, and decided to sit out with Artie, after all the other children wanted to join.

"We'll graduate together next year right?" Quinn asked, as she watched her brother look for the people.

"Yeah, you, me, Sam, Finn, and everyone else," Rachel promised her. They smiled at each other. "We'll graduate middle school, high school, and college together. Then we'll have our weddings the same day."

Quinn giggled at her friend. She bumped Rachel's shoulder.

Hiram and LeRoy smiled at each other as they heard Rachel reassure Quinn. They were going to have a wedding the same day, if the future was how they saw. Hiram kissed his husband on the cheek and smiled at the two girls. Not knowing what the next year held.

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