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KidnappedAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 2,058Chapters: (12/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Just the plot.Author's Note: This chapter is in the point of view of the central character, minus Rachel and Quinn, and the last time they had see Quinn and Rachel.

Uploaded: July 29, 2013


Puck smiled as he watched his sister get ready for school. They would have to go to school soon. Judy was suppose to come and pick them up and take them off at their schools.

"Having fun at school?" Puck asked, trying to make a conversation with his sister.

"Kind of. That Joe kid is getting on my nerves. He acts like I'm not around, and he's harassing Quinn," Rachel said, as she fixed her backpack.

"Do you want me to talk to him?" Puck asked, as he frowned. He had talked to the kid before, when he kissed Quinn. Puck told them that if he ever heard that Joe bothered Quinn again, he would have to pick his teeth off the ground.

"It's okay, Finn and Sam won't let him near her anymore," Rachel told him, as she gave him a grin.

"Good, someone must protect my baby sisters," he said, as she ruffled her hair. After a while, Puck had started to see Quinn as a sister. She was always around, and slowly becoming family.

"Only by a year," Rachel mumbled as she tried to fix her hair.

There was a honk. The two kids got their backpacks and ran out the house. Puck locked the door as Rachel ran to the car.

Judy was driving with Sam in the passenger seat. Quinn was in the back behind Judy. Rachel was in the middle, and Puck was the last one to get in.

Rachel hugged Quinn, but she groaned and moved away. Puck frowned and looked at his blond sister.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked, obviously worried.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't read quick enough last night," Quinn muttered. Puck could see that Quinn was not going to be in a good mood for the day.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Rachel said, not really knowing what to say.

"It's okay," Quinn answered, looking at her hands, which were at her lap.

Puck noticed that Quinn looked uncomfortable, so he wanted to change the subject.

"You guys coming to our house after school? I know your dad can't pick you guys up, and Aunt Judy has something to do after school," Puck announced, looking at the twins.

After a while, the kids started to call the parents by Aunt and Uncle, unless they were their own parents. All the kids except for Quinn, who still used Mister and Miss.

Sam nodded. "Finn was suppose to come to my house, we'll go to yours and play games."

"Great, see you guys later," Puck said, as he left the car. He gave one last wave to his sister, being the last time he would see them in years.


Brittany watched as her best friends walked into the school. She pulled Santana with her as they ran to the three other children. Finn was always late to school. His mother had heard about her husband's death in the army, and was taking it quite hard. Brittany would try to cheer her up whenever she saw her, and never let Finn be alone.

"Quinnie!" Brittany shouted, running the group. She heard Quinn let out a gasp, once she wrapped her arms around the shortest blond in the group.

"Britt, let her go, she's hurt," Rachel told the dancer.

Brittany's eyes widened and she let go. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"It's okay, I'm just, uh, sore," Quinn lied, not looking at anyone.

The bell rang and the kids walked to class.

Brittany saw the group later during lunch.

"We're graduating in a few weeks, are you excited? I am. We are finally leaving this place, and reunite with our friends," Rachel rambled, grinning at her best friend's brother, Brittany and Finn.

"Yeah, I miss Puck and Matt. How are they?" Sam asked, not having visited the Berry house, because of his father.

"They are fine. Our sleepovers are boring without you or Quinn," Rachel responded, frowning. Brittany knew she didn't like Russell Fabray. From what the group had heard about him, they all hated him. Brittany had heard about how he treated Sam and Quinn.

"My dad has a business trip soon, don't worry," Sam answered, watching as Quinn and Santana argued about something. Finn, Brittany, Sam, and Rachel were sitting under a tree, watching them.

"What are they even fighting about?" Finn asked, frowning.

"I don't know, but it looks pretty bad," Sam answered, standing up. The other three stood up and they all walked towards the two girls.

"Screw you Lopez," Quinn sneered, her fists clenched at her sides.

"What Fabray? Mad that your daddy is an ass?" Santana asked, sweetly.

Sam and Rachel held onto Quinn before she tackled Santana. Finn and Brittany stood near Santana.

"What do you know? You're just a bitch!" Quinn snapped, shaking in anger.

"Why don't you just disappear? No one wants you around, except that midget, but no one wants her around either!" Santana shouted, trying to hit the blonde. By that moment, the other members were with them, trying to calm the two girls down. Joe and Harmony, not a part of the group, but friends with some of the members.

Quinn stopped fighting Sam and Rachel. She just stood there, no emotion on her face.

Santana looked kind of scared. She watched as Quinn turned and walked away. Santana frowned, probably expecting a punch or slap, not the fact that Quinn would walk away. She watched as Rachel glared at him and followed her best friend.

Brittany frowned, watching Quinn and Rachel walk away for the last time in six years.


She knew she was wrong. She had to apologize to Quinn, and to an extend Rachel. She was just annoyed. She didn't even remember how the arguing had started.

She knocked on the door in front of her. Sam opened the door and glared at her. He crossed his arms across his chest.

"What do you want?" he asked, not letting her inside the class.

"I need to talk to your sister and Rachel," Santana answered, sticking her hands into her pockets.

"They don't want to talk to you," Sam answered. He was going to close the door, but Santana pushed it.

"Please, I really am sorry," she whispered, on the verge of bursting into tears.

Sam glared but let her inside the classroom.

"May I help you?" the teacher asked, as she stopped the lesson.

"Y-yeah, yes. Um Mrs. Dayton wants to see Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray," Santana said, looking at the two girls. Rachel glared at her, while Quinn didn't even look at her.

"Rachel, Quinn, you girls may go," she said. Rachel stood up, but Quinn made no moment to stand up.

"Please," Santana begged, her eyes watery.

Quinn sighed, but stood up. Both girls followed the taller brunette. They went to the end of the hall. Santana stopped and faced both girls. No one said anything for a few moments.

"What do you want?" Quinn asked, getting to the point. She folded her arms across her chest, and

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk about your dad. And to tell you that no one wants you around, either of you. I'm really sorry," Santana said, as she watched both of them.

"I forgive you," Rachel said, "it was at the heat of the moment. You didn't mean it."

Santana smiled at Rachel and did something she swore she would never do. She hugged Rachel. Both them turned to Quinn.

"Quinn?" Rachel asked, as she watched Quinn.

Quinn stood there, watching them, but she didn't say anything.

"Quinn, I'm sorry," Santana said again, hoping for something, anything.

"I know," she answered, no emotion in her voice. "Doesn't mean I forgive you."

"Please Quinn, I-I didn't mean it, I was just mad," Santana stated, looking ready to cry.

"I know. I believe you. And I'll forgive you, just not right now. Not while it's still fresh. I'm sorry, but I can't," Quinn responded, giving her a small smile. She have Santana a hug and walked back to class.

"Just wait until tomorrow. She'll forgive you tomorrow. She'll act as if nothing were wrong, I promise," Rachel told her, giving her a shy smile and turned to follow Quinn.

Santana nodded, not knowing Quinn wouldn't be there to forgive her the next day.

Finn and Sam

Finn, Sam, Rachel, and Quinn were walked towards the Berry house. The Fabray house was empty and their parents didn't feel comfortable leaving the kids unsupervised.

"Why not?" Sam asked. The four children were discussing the "Santana situation". Three out of the four did not know why Quinn didn't forgive her friend. It was disrupting the dynamics of the central group.

"My dad, he said the same thing a few days ago. I-I, it hurt and I really want to forgive Santana, I do, but I can't say it. I feel like if I forgive her, I'm giving her permission to say those things. I don't need two people to tell me those types of things," Quinn explained, not looking at anyone.

"You can't be sure. I mean, I know Santana can be, well mean, but that's who she is. She's not like your father. When she is mean, she's not trying to hurt you the same way your father is. They aren't the same. Santana really doesn't seem sorry," Finn responded, wrapping his arm around the girl.

"You're right. C-can we go to Santana's house? I want to tell her," Quinn told them, suddenly shy. She looked at her three friends. They were all smiling at her.

Finn and Sam nodded. The four children started to walk towards Santana's house.

Sam clenched his fists. He didn't like his father, for what he had done to his baby sister. She didn't have a high self-esteem. She was afraid of many adults. She was cautious about what she said. She was ten, she didn't need to be like that, but his father made her into that.

Quinn suddenly stopped and started to tie her shoes. "You guys go, I'll catch up in a few seconds," she told them.

Rachel and both boys continued walked. They stopped when they heard a whimper. They turned and saw a man holding a white clothe over Quinn's mouth and nose. Quinn was struggling.

"Let her go!" Rachel shouted, ready to defend.

The man was tall, he had black hair. He was wearing all black, and was standing next to a grey car.

He reached for his back and reached for his gun. Quinn had stopped struggling and was unconscious.

Finn and Sam looked at each other. They had to protect the girls.

"You," the guy said, pointing at Rachel, "get in the car, or I shoot your friend."

Rachel took a step forward, but Sam's hand on her elbow stopped her.

"No, and let her go," Sam demanded, as he glared at the man in front of them.

The guy smirked, "I think you have to listen to me, I do have this girl," the man told the children.

"Now, I'm going to say this once, get in the fucking car," he ordered, staring at Rachel.

She made Sam let go of her and entered the car. The man put Quinn next to her, and Rachel immediately started to check on the girl.

The guy started to walk to the driver seat, but Sam and Finn wouldn't have that. They attacked him. Rachel tried to open the car door, but that safety lock was on. She was screaming for help, while trying to open the door and trying to wake up Quinn.

Sam kicked the man, but he just pushed the blond boy away. He took out the gun and aimed it at the boys.

"Walk away," he demanded, as he took the safety off the gun.

"Let them go," Finn ordered, as he stepped in front of Sam.

They heard the door open and turned to see Rachel get out of the passenger's seat. The man pulled the trigger and shot Finn in the arm. Rachel and Sam froze, when they heard the gun shot. The man grabbed Rachel by the hair and threw her into the car. Sam was trying to stop the bleeding, while Finn passed out of the pain.

Sam watched as the car left with his sisters in it.

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