Together Forever


NightAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 2,010Chapters: (13/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, blah blah blah!Author's Notes: So, the two girls are taken. Most of the story will be on them, maybe I write about the others. Only this chapter will be half and half, so you guys can see the reactions.

Uploaded: August 6, 2013

Quinn groaned and slowly opened her eyes. Her head was killing her. All she remembered was heading to Santana's house, and she had to tie her shoes, after that, everything went blank. She looked around, but couldn't see anything. It was dark. Nothing felt familiar. The floor was cold and hard. It was too dark. Even the scent of the room was different.

"Quinn?" a small voice asked, causing Quinn to sit up quickly. Her head was spinning. She groaned a little in pain. She tried to rub her temple to get rid of her pain.

"Who's there?" she questioned, trying to see in the dark. The voice was familiar, but her head was a little fuzzy. The figure got closer, but she couldn't see any features.

"Quinn, it's me Rachel," the voice answered, as they sat right in front of the blond. The voice was the only comfort she got.

"Rach? Where are we?" Quinn questioned, lying back down. Rachel moved so Quinn would lay her head on her lap. Once she knew it was Rachel, Quinn decided to rest for a while.

"I don't know, the man didn't let me see," she responded, as she ran her hand through the blond locks. She hugged the girl close, looking for comfort.

"Man? What happened?" Quinn asked, trying to remember. All she remembered was tying her shoes.

"W-we were walking, and you stopped to tie your shoes. And-and when we turned around, the man had you. He, uh, he put something on your mouth, and you fell asleep, I guess that's why you don't remember. The man, he-he told me to get in car, or he would hurt you. I got in, and he threw you in. Sam and F-Finn, they tried to stop him. He, Quinn, he shot Finn," she explained, her tears rolling down onto Quinn's face.

"I-is Finn okay?" Quinn asked, her body trembling in fear. She needed to know her friend, her almost brother was alright.

"I don't know Quinn," Rachel answered. She wished someone would find them. They needed to get out of that place.

"Do you know who took us?" Quinn asked, as she gripped Rachel's hair.

"No, I don't," the brunette answered, on the verge of breaking down.

"I promise to protect you," Quinn whispered, as she slowly sat up. The affect of the chloroform was starting to disappear.

Rachel nodded, as she moved to sit on Quinn's lap. Quinn wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and sang softly into her ear.

Rachel's body shook in fear, of what the future would hold, of what had happened to Finn, of the possibility of being stuck in the room forever.


Sam was in the ambulance as Finn was taken to hospital. Sam was pale, felt sick, and tears were running down his face. He was in shock of what had just happened. He couldn't believe he couldn't save his sister, his twin, and one of his best friends. He didn't know how he was going to tell their families, their friends.

Once they go to the hospitals, Finn was rushed out, as he was losing blood. Sam followed quickly behind, but stayed in the waiting room while the doctor's took Fin into the emergency room.

A little while later, Carol Hudson rushed into the waiting room. She ran to the blond boy once she saw him.

"Sam, what happened? What happened to Finn? Where are Rachel and Quinn?" She questioned, looking around.

Sam just shook his head and broke down in her arms. He cried for his friend in the emergency room, for his sister and friend where were god knows where, for what he was feeling, for everything.

Carol didn't know what to do, so she just held the boy. She also send out a message to the families of his friends. She knew he would need them and they might find out what had happened.


"Rach, were you awake the whole way?" Quinn asked, once Rachel calmed down a bit.

"Yeah, I had to make sure he didn't hurt you," the brunette answered, her eyes closed.

"Did you see where we went? The path?" she inquired, trying to recall if she could see anything that would help them.

"No, he said if I looked out, he would shoot you," Rachel responded, "I'm sorry."

"Shh, Rach it's okay, you kept me safe, I owe you," Quinn said, trying to sooth her.

"Will we get out of here?" Rachel asked, looking at the ceiling, her voice holding a lot of fear.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll be free again," Quinn answered, trying to reassure Rachel and herself.

"I'm happy I have you with me," Rachel muttered, the exhaustion and stress finally taking over her body.

"I am too. Now go to sleep Rach, I'll be here when you wake up," Quinn told her, helping her lay down.

Quinn sat back against the wall and stared at the place she thought the door was.


Most of the kids and their parents were at the hospital. Sam had stopped crying, but he didn't say anything, no matter how much everyone tried. Soon, the parents decided to let the kids try by themselves.

"What happened, Sam?" Kurt asked, staring at the quiet blond boy, who was staring at his hands.

"Sammy, where's Quinnie and Rachie?" Brittany asked, looking around for two of her best friends. She moved to sit next to him, and held him. Santana made everyone leave them for a while. She knew that if anyone could get through to him, it was her Brittany.

Sam looked at her with sad green eyes. He shook his head, as tears began to fall.

"H-he shot Finn. He took them. He took Rachel. Brittany, he took my sister," Sam whispered, his voice breaking, "He took her, and I couldn't stop him. I could save them."

Brittany froze. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to think. She never got to say goodbye. She hugged Sam as he broke down.

Santana and Puck rushed to the two blondes when they say them cry.

"Sam, where the hell is my sister?" Puck asked, needing to know.

"I-I don't know," Sam whispered.

"You were the last one to see them. I'm not playing. Where is my sister, Samuel," Puck growled, grabbing Sam by his collar. He pressed his body against the wall and raised his fist. "This is the last time I'm going to ask, where the fuck is my sister?"

Sam's body shook. "I-I don't know Noah. Th-the man took them, and he shot Finn. W-we tried to stop him, I swear we did, but he got away H-he left with Quinn and Rachel. He left with our sister, Noah. I-I'm so sorry, we really tried to stop him, I swear we did."

Puck released him, in shock. Sam fell to his knees in tears. Brittany rushed to comfort him, while Santana awkwardly stood there; knowing she never got to make up with Quinn. The last conversation she ever had, was begging for forgiveness but never getting it. Tears formed in her eyes, as she watched the scene in front of her, Sam crying, Brittany crying with him, Puck staring at the wall with his fists clenched, all of them at the hospital because Finn got hurt. Her tears fell, as her body shook.


Quinn sighed, as she tried to think of anything to get out of the place. She needed to protect Rachel; she needed to set them free. She was going to protect the girl in her arms, even it was the last thing she did.

"I promise Rachel, I'll get us out of here," she whispered, kissing her forehead.


"M-Mom, Uncle Hiram, Uncle LeRoy, Aunt Carole, we need to talk to you," Sam said, pointing towards himself, Puck, Santana, and Brittany.

The four adults followed them.

"A-a man shot Finn. He took Rachel and Quinn. I-I couldn't save them," he cried, as his mother hugged him.

Santana was holding Brittany, Carole had her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. Hiram broke down, while LeRoy hugged him, and Puck was shaking in anger. He had tears falling down his face.

All the people turned to the group when they heard Judy cry. Sam kept apologizing, as he held her close.

No one else knew what happened, but by the looks of it, Finn's injury, Rachel and Quinn's disappearance seemed even more serious.

Their hearts broke for the three parent's crying and the two boys.


The door started the move, making Quinn jump and Rachel to wake up. A big dark figure walked in. Quinn stood up and pushed Rachel behind her.

"Let us go," Quinn ordered, her body ready for anything. The room was lit up, and it was empty. There was nothing, just the three people. The walls were all black, as was the door. Quinn glared at him, as she made sure Rachel was out of his sight.

"No, make yourselves at home. You're going to be here for a long time," he answered, smirking at the girl in front of him.

Quinn glared even harder at the man in front of her. "Why? Why did you take us?" Quinn asked, ready to hit him.

"Why not? I don't think you are in a position to question me," he responded, his voice smug.

"What do you want from us?" Quinn questioned, her voice full of fear. Her fists were clenched, ready to punch him if he tried anything.

"Nothing yet. I just came to tell you it's ten. You two should get some rest, we have a lot to do tomorrow," he said, as he walked out of the room, turning off the lights on his way out..

Quinn turned around and hugged Rachel, just as she started to cry.

"Shh, it's okay. I'm here, you're not alone," Quinn whispered, trying to sooth the girl.

That's how they spend their first night, holding each other, not knowing what the future held.


"Lucy Quinn Fabray, she's about four foot six, blonde hair. Her eyes are hazel. She's kind of pale. She's ten. She was wearing a blue dress, with a blue headband. She had black shoes. Please find them they are just ten year olds," Judy described to the police. After Sam had told them what he had seen, and everyone calmed down a little Hiram called the police.

"Rachel Barbra Berry, she's four foot two. She's short. She has brown hair and her eyes are brown as well. He had on a blue sweater with a unicorn on it and a blue and white skirt. She had long socks and black Mary Janes. Just like Judy said, she's also ten, please find them," Hiram said, begged. His eyes began to form more tears.

"We'll do all we can Mr. Berry, Ms Fabray. We'll send out an Amber Alert for both girls," the police man answered, his heart breaking for the parents in front of him.

The other children were watching, tears falling down their faces. They always assumed the sixteen friends would be together all through high school.


"Two girls were kidnapped and a young boy was shot earlier today, Rachel Berry, ten, and Lucy Quinn Fabray, also ten. Both girls were last seen in Lima Ohio. The boy will stay unidentified, but he is said to be okay. The suspect is said to be in his mid-thirties, black hair, and drives a grey Honda. If you see these girls or the suspects, please call your local police," the anchor woman said, as two pictures showed up of the two girls.

The man smirked when he saw the pictures, as he went to check on the two girls. The brunette, Rachel, was asleep on the ground while the blond, Quinn was asleep as she sat against the wall. He couldn't wait to get them ready for their future and the rest of their lives. He would start by letting them sleep the night.

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