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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,016Chapters: (14/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, blah blah blah!Author's Notes: So, for the next couple of chapters, things aren't going to be pretty. Things won't be too graphic, except for maybe two chapters. You'll be warned beforehand, I promise. I will upload a new chapter next week, then it might be a little harder. I start school next week, and its college. My first year.

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One year. Twelve months. Fifty-two weeks. Three hundred sixty-five days. Eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours. Five hundred twenty- five thousand six hundred minutes. Thirty million five hundred thirty-six seconds.

That is how long they had been stuck, in that room, the house, for. It has been a year since they had seen their families, their friends. It's been a year since they had seen or had any contact with the outside world. The man, they had not learned his name and chose to refer to him as "The Man". When they were around him, they had to call him 'Sir'. He enjoyed the power over the two girls. To him, they were like pets. He barely treated them like people. He hadn't hurt them that bad yet, just a slap here and there when they didn't do what he said, as if he was training them for something. For what? They didn't know.

Rachel was asleep in the corner of the room far away of the door. The man decided to train them separately. He took Rachel early in the morning and left Quinn alone, waiting for her return. When she returned she was sleepy, but unharmed. There was no visible wound or bruise, which Quinn was happy to notice. Once he left, Quinn has searched her body to make sure there was not a single scratch. After Rachel fell asleep, Quinn went to the other corner on the other side of the wall and stared at her. Quinn watched as Rachel breathed in her sleep.

Quinn knew she was tougher. She was thankful for her father's teachings. It made her more sustainable to painful punishments. She was used to being punished if she did something wrong, or not in a way that her father, or The Man wanted. Rachel was not. She didn't live with what Quinn had to live through. She broke easily. Quinn had to keep her from getting hurt. She had to do whatever it took so Rachel wouldn't break, or be too traumatized. She would take Rachel's punishments. She was willing to sacrifice herself for her best friend.

The blond eleven year old stood up and looked at the ground. She could see the sunlight from under the door. She could tell The Man was going to feed them soon, give them their lunch. Quinn walked towards the door and stood there, ready to take their food.

The door opened and he gave her two plates, then closed the door. He wouldn't watch them eat. He would just return to take the plates, empty or not. He didn't care. His job was too just give them the food, if they ate it or not was on them. For the first three days, the plates would be untouched. Finally, on the fourth day, Rachel gave in. She ate. Quinn only ate when Rachel told her to.

He never gave them food if it would need a fork, spoon, or knife. That day, he gave them each a piece of bread and a hand full of chicken bits. It wasn't enough to fill them up. It was less than half the plate. She frowned, knowing Rachel was really hungry. The Man knew Rachel was vegan, but he didn't seem to care. He gave them meat, chicken, fish, anything to make her uncomfortable. He enjoyed making causing emotional and mental pain.

Quinn gave the sleeping girl a sad small smile. She moved some of her food to Rachel's plate and went to wake her up.

"Rach, food is here," Quinn whispered, gently shaking her best friend. Rachel moaned, but sat up. She was rubbing her eyes.

"Wha's goin' on?" Rachel slurred, groggy from sleep. She pushed herself up to look her best friend.

"Time to eat," Quinn told her, as she took her the food. She put Rachel's plate in front of her and sat down next to her with her food in front of her.

"Why do I have more than you?" Rachel asked, confused at the disproportion.

"I ate some before waking you up. I wanted you to sleep a little more. He woke you pretty early today. Eat now," Quinn told her, giving her a smile.

Quinn ate the small amount of food she had on her plate. She smiled as Rachel ate her food, not catching the lie.

"What do you think he's preparing us for?" Rachel asked, turning to her best friend.

"I don't know, Rach," Quinn answered, as she shoved the last bit of bread left into her mouth.

"I-I'm scared Quinn. H-he always threatens the others. He-he told me if I didn't listen, he would go back to Lima and take the others," Rachel whispered, tears streaming down her face.

Quinn made a note that they weren't in Lima. But moved to comfort Rachel.

"He won't hurt them, or you okay," she promised her, "I'll make sure of it."

"How about you?" Rachel asked, looking at her with tear-filled eyes.

"Eat Rachel, you've barely touched your food," Quinn responded, not wanting to answer that question.

Rachel nodded and went back to finish her food. After they finished, both girls went to the corner of the room. Quinn leaned back with Rachel on her lap. Rachel started crying. She kept repeating how she missed her fathers, how she missed Puck, Sam, Brittany, even Santana.

Quinn kissed her cheek and held her close. She tightened her arms around her.


"One year, we were suppose to graduate together!" Sam shouted, angry. He was glaring policeman in front of him.

Russell Fabray was devastated when he had heard his daughter was kidnapped. It made Sam angry. His father didn't do anything to look for his youngest child. Russell had connections, yet he did nothing. Sam didn't like him before, he hated him now.

"Samuel," Judy reprimanded.

"What? He's not doing much. If he was doing his job, Quinn and Rachel would be with us," he responded, his body shaking. He was angry. He was angry at Russell Fabray, Frannie, his mother, the policeman, the man who took his sister and one of his friends, at Finn, Santana, Rachel, Quinn, and he was angry at himself the most.

"We're trying all we can. We'll find your sisters as soon as we can. I promised you," the policeman told the boy in front of him.

Sam nodded, before rushing to his room.


Rachel was staring at the door when she head a crash on the other side. Worrying about Quinn's safety, she stood up. She didn't know of how to help Quinn, she just stood there, staring at the door, waiting. Then the door opened, and The Man just dumped Quinn on the floor.

"Make sure she doesn't fall asleep. She probably has a concussion. I'll get a doctor to come by later. Just, keep her awake," he said, as he gave Quinn one last look. He closed the door. Rachel rushed to her fallen friend.

"Quinn?" she whispered, as she made the girl sit up.

"I'm-I'm so sl-sleepy," she muttered, as she tried to get comfortable.

"No, you can't sleep. You might not wake up," Rachel told her, as she lightly slapped Quinn's cheek.

"B-but m'tired," she slurred, as she slowly lost consciousness.

"No! Quinn, you can't leave me here. Please, try to stay awake for me? Please Quinn, I need you, I can't stay here without you," Rachel pleaded, hugged Quinn.

"M'kay, jus' fo' you," Quinn responded, as she rubbed her eyes.

"We'll talk. He said he's getting a doctor, so we'll talk until the doctor gets here. Knowing The Man, he's getting a doctor friend, so he won't have to release us," Rachel rambled, as she leaned back.

"Wha you want t' talk 'bout?" Quinn mumbled, she speech still of. Rachel could see Quinn was trying really had to not fall asleep.

"How did you hurt your head?" she asked, as she stared at the bump on Quinn's head. It was purple, and it looked painful.

"I uh, I fell down the-the stairs," Quinn answered, giving Rachel a small smile.

"You fell down or you were pushed?" Rachel inquired.

"S-same thing."


"Yes, one of them is hurt. She has a concussion and I need her at top condition. So, come here and check on her?" the man said. He was on the phone with his doctor friend.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. You have to be careful Marvin, I won't be around go heal the girls if you always hurt them," the doctor responded.

"I know. But you should have heard what she was telling me. It's like she wanted to get hurt," Marvin answered, trying to defend himself. He remembered what had happened minutes before he had pushed her down the stairs.

Marvin closed the door as Quinn stood in front of him. She looked determined, and he smirked at her.

"What is it?" he asked, as he leaned against the door. This was the only girl he had ever met that had fire in her. She didn't break easily, not like her friend, not like the girls he had dated.

"Do what you want to me. Don't hurt her. If she does something bad or doesn't do what you want, take it out on me. I won't fight back. Just punish me for the both of us, not her," the blond girl told him.

He had smile. This he did not expect. He didn't expect the girl to be so willing to sacrifice herself for someone else. The brunette meant a lot to her. He could have fun with this.

"We'll see about this," he answered, looking smug.

A few minutes later, just to have fun, he pushed her down the stairs. He didn't train her. He just wanted to see her hurt. It was what she wanted, so it was she was going to get.


"S-sing somtin?" Quinn slurred, half awake.

"What do you want me to sing?" Rachel whispered, as she moved to get a little more comfortable. She did not know how Quinn could sit still with Rachel on her lap for a long time.

"D-Defyin' Gravity?" Quinn asked, smiling.

"From Wicked?" Rachel questioned, slightly surprised.

"Y-yeah. I re-remember you were t-talking 'bout the okay. And-and I remember lis-listening to the songs," Quinn explained.

"That was five years ago," Rachel said in shock.

"I know," she whispered. "Sing."

Rachel moved her a little. She sat a little straighter and started to sing softly.

"Something has changed within meSomething is not the sameI'm through with playing by the rulesOf someone else's gameToo late for second-guessingToo late to go back to sleepIt's time to trust my instinctsClose my eyes and leap!

It's time to tryDefying gravityI think I'll tryDefying gravityKiss me goodbyeI'm defying gravityAnd you won't bring me down"

Rachel's singing got caught off. The door opened and The Man walking in with another guy.

"Sit her up," he ordered Rachel, who quickly sat Quinn up.

The doctor checked her over, and then moved back.

"She's going to be okay. Just keep her awake for a few more hours," the doctor said, looking at The Man. He nodded and looked Rachel.

The doctor walked out of the room. The man crouched down and looked at both girls.

"Tomorrow will be your only free day. This is the only time I'm doing this. Soon, you'll be used to this," he said, looking at Quinn. Rachel didn't notice because she was also looking at Quinn.

He stood up and left.

"W-we get to spend the whole d-day together," Quinn said, giving Rachel a weak grin.

"Yeah, we do," she answered, having a bad feeling about why Quinn was hurt.


He had a year. Maybe a little more to get them ready. Maybe just the blonde. But was a year enough? He would find out. She seemed ready to be trained, and as long as he kept the brunette, she would do anything he wanted. It was perfect.

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