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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,038Chapters: (15/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything.Author's Notes: 3/8 done with this story. The chapter title and this chapter kind of explains what Marvin, as you all know, is training Quinn and Rachel for. Things are definitely going to get worse before it get better.

Uploaded: August 24, 2013

"He did what?" the blond twelve year old asked, her body shaking in anger. Quinn had bruises on her arm, a cut on her forehead, and other parts of her body. It was nothing that wouldn't heal in a few days or weeks. Rachel had a reddish purple cheek. It was obvious she had been hit. It made Quinn's blood boil.

"H-he slapped me," Rachel responded, her body shaking. She had not been hit in over a year. She knew what Quinn had done. She didn't need to ask. She knew Quinn was being punished for her. She knew, but she didn't try to stop her.

"We had a fuckin' deal," she snapped, wanting to beat his head in. She stood up and started banging on the door. "You asshole! You promised!" Rachel watched her as she banged the door. Rachel was slightly scared The Man was going to hurt Quinn for calling him names.

"Quinn! Quinn stop, please, stop. It's okay, I'm fine. It doesn't hurt. It's okay, it doesn't hurt," Rachel lied as she tried to reassure her protector. She grabbed the blonde's hand before it impacted with the door. She then grabbed Quinn's face so she could see her face. "Quinn, please, calm down. It doesn't hurt."

Quinn looked at her like she didn't believe her. She reached up and watched as Rachel flinched when she touched her bruised cheek. "That doesn't seem like it doesn't hurt Rachel. Don't you dare fuckin' lie to me," she snapped.

Rachel frowned. She had never seen Quinn so angry before. It scared her a little. Quinn breathing was shallow. Her body was trembling. Her fists seemed to be clenched so tight, her nails might draw blood.

"Qu-Quinn, you're scaring me," Rachel whispered, as she moved away from her best friend. She saw the hurt look on Quinn's face. But then Quinn turned and screamed. "Quinn? Are you okay? I can help you. I know how you feel."

"Am I okay? You are seriously asking me that? What do you think Rachel? We've been here for two fuckin' years Rachel, two damn years! How the hell can I be okay? You have no fuckin' idea how I feel! You think just because we are both stuck here we will feel the same? News flash, we don't! This is the first time you have been hit in a year, while I get hit every fuckin' day. So don't you dare say you feel the same as me!" Quinn shouted, tears streaming down her face. Rachel had tears streaming down her face as well.

Rachel hugged Quinn. She held her friend as said friend broke down. That was the first time Quinn shed a tear since they had been kidnapped. Rachel held her as the blond released two years of pent up sadness.

"Let it out. Just let it out," Rachel soothed. She rubbed Quinn's back as she cried.


"Where's your sister?" David Karofsky asked, as he pushed Sam against the lockers. He was laughing with his friends. For a seventh grader, he was really ruthless. "Oh yeah, she left with a guy because she couldn't be with you any longer. How does it feel to know your sister didn't want to be with you?"

Sam glared at him. Finn pushed Karofsky away from his best friend. "Back off!"

"You and what army?" the bully sneered, as he stood in front of the tall boy.

"I don't need an army to beat you," Puck said from behind Finn. He pushed Karofsky so they would be facing each other. "I don't need an army, unlike you, always hiding behind others. Are you really that scared of me? Do you need people just to beat me? Why don't you fight me? One-on-one?"

"Shut up Berry," he snapped as he pushed Puck.

"Oh, so you're going to just push me? Are you too scared to punch me? I mean, it's not like you can land one on me. Why don't you do us a favor and leave us alone. And if I hear you say one more thing about Quinn and Rachel, well let's say you will be leaving in a stretcher."

Karofsky glared at the three boys one last time and walked away.


Quinn cried herself to sleep. Rachel held her. She didn't know why Quinn was willing to sacrifice herself for her. Why would she do that? Rachel was grateful, but it made her sad that it was her fault Quinn was being hurt everyday. Some days would be better than others. Some days Quinn would return one bruise, others The Man had to carry her back.

That led her to think about what the man was teaching them. For a while, he would make them obedient. They had to do what he said. They could not talk back, or they get punished. Or in her case, she will get Quinn to get punished for her. She knew that had to stop. It had to or Quinn will resent her. Rachel couldn't have that.

The door opened and The Man just slid two plates into the room. They had bits of meat on it. And bread. He always gave them bread.

Rachel also noticed Quinn losing weight. She knew Quinn would be giving Rachel half her food. That also had to stop. She didn't want Quinn to protect her. She needed Quinn to start protecting herself. She needed to start taking care of herself if she wanted to take care of Rachel.

Rachel didn't want to wake Quinn up, but if she didn't, their food will become less appetizing and cold. But looking at the sleeping blond, she was so calm, so peaceful. She had not looked peaceful in two years.

Rachel couldn't believe they hadn't seen their families and friends in two years. She was grateful she didn't have to be alone. Out of all her friends, she was happy it was Quinn that was with her. She wasn't happy they were taken, but she was happy to have her best friend with her.

Something about Quinn gave Rachel butterflies. When Quinn gave her a smile, her whole world lit up. The Man made sure both girls showered together. He needed both girls as clean as possible. She always blushed when she saw Quinn's body. She was also shy around her. She felt stronger feeling than the time she was crushing on Sam. She didn't know what that meant. She didn't know if Quinn felt the same as her.

She shook Quinn and helped her eat. Quinn was emotionally drained and wasn't functioning well. After eating, Quinn went back to sleep, her head on Rachel's lap.


"Just give me a few weeks. She'll be ready for you by then," Marvin said, as he watched the two girls sleep. He was on a phone with another man. The training was almost over. He knew he was getting rid of one, but what about the other? He'll just keep her to clean and do chores. She was useless anyways.

"One month, that is all you get. She better be trained and she better not have a scratch on her, or else," the man on the other side said.

"Yes sir, she'll be perfect when you come for her," Marvin answered. He had to think of ways for her to be obedient without punishing her. Just then, he thought of an idea.


"We had a fuckin' deal," Quinn snapped, her small frame trying to intimidate the man in front of her. He had found her asleep on Rachel's lap. He woke her up and dragged her out the room.

"Yeah, we'll there is a new one. We're switching it up. For every mistake you make, your little friend is getting punished," he told her, smirking at the horror on her face.

"No way! You're not touching her!" the blonde snapped, wanting to punch him.

"Well, that means you'll have to do what I say," he said smugly.

Quinn let out a frustrated breath. She really wanted to beat the man in front of her. What did he want from them? From her? What did they do to deserve this?

"Why are you doing this?" she asked, wanting to know why they were there. Why they couldn't go home.

"You are going to make me some money," he answered, as if it were obvious.

Quinn frowned. Make money, how? She didn't know, and she didn't want to ask.


The month passed quickly. Rachel barely had a bruise on her body. Quinn didn't want Rachel to get hurt because of her. She did everything for The Man. She acted like an obedient slave.

The Man entered the room. He threw the girls new clothes and ordered them to change. He watched him with no interest. He, then made them walk in front of him.

They walked to the kitchen. It was white, with brown cabinets. There was a mountain of dishes in the sink. There was a table near a wall with six chairs around it. There was also a white refrigerator.

A man was sitting on the chair at the head of the table. He looked older than The Man. He had blond hair and a mustache. He wore a blue suit. The Man sat across with the girls sitting on the sides. Rachel and Quinn stared at each other, afraid.

"Which one?" the new man asked, as he watched both girls. He gave them an innocent smile.

"Blonde," The Man answered, smirking at Quinn who frowned.

"How old is she Marvin?" the new man asked, as he stared at the scared blond.

"Twelve I believe," The Man, named Marvin answered. He seemed excited and the girls did not like it one bit.

"What's your name?" the man asked, staring, making Quinn uncomfortable.

"Qu-Quinn, s-sir," she stuttered, as she looked at the man's face. That was one of the lessons Marvin taught them. They had to look at the face of the person who was talking to them.

"And you?" he asked the brunette sitting silently across Quinn.

"Rachel, sir," she answered softly, also looking at the man's face.

"How much?" he asked, looking at Marvin.

"A million," he answered, looking smug.

The man nodded as he signed a check. He, then slid the check to Marvin. The two men stood up and walked out of the room.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked, scared out of her mind.

"I-I don't know," Quinn answered, also scared.

Both men then walked in. They stood in front of the two girls.

"Say goodbye to Rachel, Quinn. You're coming with me," the blond man said.

Both girls couldn't breath. They looked at each other. This was one of their worst nightmares. They needed each other. They couldn't make it out without each other.

"No!" Rachel shouted as she shot out of her chair and went to hug Quinn.

Quinn hugged her back. She didn't want to let go. She loved Rachel. She needed Rachel.

The man got Quinn's arm and started to drag her away. Marvin held Rachel from running to Quinn.

"Quinn! Bring her back! Please don't take her from me! Quinn! I need you! Quinn!" Rachel shouted, tears streaming down her face.

"Rachel! I love you! Be strong! Let me go! Rachel! You're going to be okay! Rachel!" Quinn shouted as she was dragged out the house. Tears were also falling down her face.

She felt the sun hit her face. She gave up trying to pull away and let the guy drag her to a black car. He pushed her to the back seat, got in the driver seat, drove away. She watched as the house she was stuck in for two years get smaller.

She sat up when she saw a small figure run out of the house, only to get pulled back. She sat back and cried into her hands.


"Welcome to your new home," the blond man said as he pushed Quinn into a room. There was nothing in the room. Quinn walked to the corner. The room felt empty. Her heart felt empty.


Both girls cried themselves to sleep, wishing for the other to hold.

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