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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,500Chapters: (17/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: So, there was suppose to be a chapter before this one, but my story has changed from how I originally planned it. So I took it out. So, I will add an extra chapter in the future so it will still be 40 chapters. So, about this chapter, warning: Rape. Usually, you guys will know about the abuse the girls endure, but I never show it. Just a small talk about it. But about this chapter, you can skip the scene. This scene will show other people, other than Quinn, Rach, Finn, Puck, and Sam. Like Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and others. I didn't want this chapter to be all about the rape, so I thought you guys might enjoy reading about their fourteen friends. I always write about Sam, Finn, and Puck, so I though of changing it and adding everyone else. Should I talk about Joe and Harmony next chapter? They not at all in this one. But I don't know, if you guys want to hear about what's going on with them. Nothing much, just the usual. Up to you guys. Well, long A/N. Sorry. On with the story.

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Rachel was content. Quinn was back in her arms. She was there, alive and breathing. She had heard the blond's voice. She saw her eyes. She thought that wouldn't happen. She thought she would never see her best friend again.

Rachel decided to lie down next to best friend. Happy in her arms, she fell asleep. She slept with a smile on her face. She hadn't smiled in a long time.


Quinn groaned as she woke up. Her muscles felt stiff. Her stomach was in pain, as were other parts of her body. She felt a warm body next to her. She started to panic, not remembering what happened and who that was.

She sat up and looked at the person. They were small, feminine, and had brown hair. There was only one person Quinn could think of. It was Rachel. Quinn moved the brunette's hair out of her face.

Rachel wrinkled her nose. Quinn smiled at how cute Rachel looked. She moved behind get and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

She felt like she was home. Rachel was her home. Even in Lima, she loved being around Rachel. She couldn't be without her. She could be in the room for the rest of her life, and she will live it if she was able to hold Rachel in her arms.


Three years and a few months, almost four years. It's been so long. It was Sam's birthday. It was also Quinn's, so he didn't celebrate it anymore. He couldn't celebrate it knowing his other half was missing.

He hoped Quinn was safe, wherever she was. He wished she was alive, that was the one thing he hoped for. He touched his necklace. It was a locket. It had both of their pictures. It gave him hope. Hope that Quinn was out there, fighting to return. Hope was all he needed to live the next day.


Finn finished reading the book in his hand. A few months before Quinn and Rachel's kidnapping, he had borrowed the Harry Potter series from Quinn.

He had read a few chapters every night. He had finished the series at least twice. He would go to sleep, dreaming about the kidnapping. If he had magic, he could have saved them. He could have stunned the man, Marvin and they could have ran.

He also had a small box full of musical tickets. He had them to show to Rachel she would return. He would watch them with her. He would give her the box, some of them signed. Once the stars heard of his story, and heard his hope that his friends would return, they just had to sign it.


Puck was punching a punching bag. He did it every birthday, his, Finn's, especially the twin's, and his baby sister.

When he had heard that his baby sister was taken, he cried for weeks. He also slept on her bed. It was the only comfort he got. He ignored everyone in his middle school except for Matt. And when his younger friends became sixth graders, he spent his time with his best friends.

His temper became short, and it got him in a lot of trouble. He was suspended too many times, he had to repeat seventh grade. He didn't care. He was smart, he could pass, but he got tired of everyone talking about his sisters. On Rachel's birthday, he would sleep on her bed. In his head, he was keeping it warm for her, ready for her return.


Quinn frowned at the cake. He knew. He knew it was her birthday. It had a one, and a four. She didn't even know it was her birthday. She was skeptic about it. He was planning something. Quinn kept Rachel behind her. Marvin was in front of them, with another guys.

"Happy birthday Quinn," Marvin told her, smirking. He dropped the cake and pushed Quinn aside. He got Rachel and tied her to a chair.

"Let me go!" she demanded, as she struggled to get out.

Marvin smiled and turned to Quinn.

"You cost me money, now, I'm getting it back," he sneered. He turned to the other man. "Do whatever you want with this one, but leave the other one alone." With that, he walked out, leaving both girls alone with him.


Brittany was talking to Lord Tubbington. When she would miss two of her best friends, she would tell her cat stories of them. She never got to say goodbye to them, and that meant they would come back. Brittany knew if they never said goodbye, they can't leave forever.

Brittany would hold on to that. That's what kept her believing. That's what gave her hope.


It was her fault, that was the first thing she thought when she heard what had happened. If she hadn't gotten Quinn mad, then Santana wouldn't had needed any forgiving. If she didn't need forgiving, then Quinn and Rachel would still be there, in their first year of high school.

She was mad at Quinn. If Quinn had waited until the next day to forgive her, then she would still be here. They would be trying out for the Cheerios together. They would be ruling the school.

She was mad Rachel. She didn't have to go willingly. She was stupid. She could have helped fight the man, the kidnapper.

She was mad at Finn. If he hasn't gotten shot, they would had fought more. They could have made the man run away.

She was mad at Sam. If he should have fought harder. If he would have left Finn, who was going to live, on the ground and gone after the girls, he might have had a better chance of saving them.

She was mad at the world. If it wasn't screwed up, everything would be the way it was. It would had been good.

She was mad at the man who took them. If he hadn't been screwed up in the head he wouldn't had taken the girls.

She was mad at herself. If she hadn't gotten Quinn mad, if she hadn't hurt her. In the end, she hated herself the most. It was her all fault.


*•*Warning: Read at your discretion*•*

Rachel watched, as the man walked to Quinn, and pulled her. She watched the man put his mouth against hers. Quinn was struggling. She was trying to get away. Rachel tried harder to get out of the chair and help her best friend. She cursed Marvin in her head. Tears fell down her face as she heard Quinn struggling.

Her head shot up when she heard Quinn cry out in pain. She saw the man bit her neck.

"Leave her alone!" Rachel shouted, as she struggled. "Stop it! Let her go!"

The man looked at Rachel and smiled wickedly. He set Quinn on the ground and ripped her shirt open. Rachel's eyes widened. No man should see a girl naked. She knew that.

Rachel started to shake her head. She watched in horror as the man put his mouth on places it shouldn't. Her heart broke as she watched Quinn cry. She wanted it to stop. It was horrible, watching her best friend get assaulted.

She struggled even harder when the man began to take off Quinn's pants. "No! Don't!" Rachel shouted, as she tried to undo the knots.

The man smiled at Rachel, and she hated it. All she wanted was for it to stop. She wanted Quinn back in her arms, where she belonged.

Rachel started to sob when the man started to get naked. This wasn't suppose to happen when they were so young. It should had happened when they were adults, not children.

The man was not small. He was not gentle. She let a sob out whenever she saw him thrust in her best friend. She noticed that Quinn didn't seem that much in pain. She knew what Quinn had to go through when she was gone for a year. It hurt her to know this wasn't the first time. She couldn't protect Quinn then, like she couldn't now.

The man went faster and faster. The faster he went, the more Quinn and Rachel cried.

The man finally stopped and laughed. He pulled out and smiled when he saw Quinn curl up into a small ball. He cleaned himself with Quinn's shirt, put his clothes back on, and walked out.

Rachel started at Quinn, who seemed disorientated from what had happened. Marvin walked in. He untied Rachel and dropped a blanket, a towel, and some clothes on the ground and walked away.

Rachel moved to Quinn and hugged her. She just held her.

*•*Scene over*•*


Artie missed his support. When he first got his wheelchair, Quinn helped him pick it out. His wheelchair was chosen by Quinn. It was a reminder everyday of someone he had loss. As much as he wanted to get rid of it, he couldn't.

Rachel would get free rides. She would sit on his lap and then Quinn would push him around the courtyard. He enjoyed hearing Rachel's contagious laughter in his ears when she held him, afraid to fall. He would do anything to hear her laugh. Just to have them close.


Kurt found Glee Club. He should had been happy he found the place. It was going to get him closer to Broadway, but he knew who the real singer was. The one person who would make finding Glee Club a huge success. He was going to join and make her proud.


Mike was at the top of the class. Although he was a freshmen and barely started school, everyone already believes he'll be valedictorian. Everyonr praised him for his intelligence. they would tell him they wished for another student like him. He should had been happy, but he wasn't. He knew he shouldn't be valedictorian. That title belonged to someone close to his heart. And if he did get that title, he was going to tell the whole world who that title really belonged to.


Rachel held Quinn as she cried. Rachel rubbed Quinn's arm, trying to sooth her. She wrapped her in a blanket Marvin threw. She had used to towel to clean Quinn and helped her dress. Quinn was too weak to dress herself. Why did everything have to happen to Quinn? What did they do to deserve this?

"Let it out, Quinn. I'm here," Rachel whispered. She kissed Quinn's forehead, as she tightened her grip.

"It hurts Rach, it hurts," the blond cried into her arms.

Rachel was hurt too. It was painful. Watching hurt. It hurt so much. It was the worst pain ever. It made her feel useless. But that didn't matter. Not at that minute. She needed to help Quinn. Rachel was just hurt emotionally and mentally. Quinn was hurt by both, as well as physically.

This time the roles were reversed. Rachel had to protect Quinn. She had to comfort her. This time, Quinn was the one hurt.


Tina stopped getting closer to Mike. When she was near him, she always thought of the two missing girls. He was smart like Quinn. He was an artist like Rachel. It hurt her too much. She wished so much that it was all a dream. All of them were suppose to graduate elementary school, middle school, and high school together. They were suppose to be there for each other everyday. Instead, fate took two amazing friends. Fate was a bitch.


Mercedes was a diva. She knew that, everyone knew that. She was the biggest diva in the whole school, in the whole town, but there was another diva. A bigger diva than her, and it sucked not having her around. She was suppose to make everyone do what she wanted, instead, she, and her best friend had everyone wishing she was there. If only she had someone to be there with her, as a diva. One that understood her need to be one. One that was a best friend. And another friend who was a listener. Who she could go to so she could vent out her frustrations.


Lauren always acted like she didn't care. But she couldn't fool anyone. Everyone notices as she got angrier. She wouldn't admit it, but she loved her friends. All of them. When Quinn and Rachel were kidnapped, two pieces of her heart fell off. She tried anything to replace the hole. She started to fight, so her parents put her in a wrestling team. It helped her. She would take her anger out on her opponent. She would act like she was defending the girls, keeping them safe from the kidnapper. If only she could have done that.


Rachel watched as Quinn slept. Marvin walked in and gave her two plates. The plates had more food then usual. Rachel looked up, puzzled, yet guarded.

"You're going to need it," he said, smirking. "Have a nice night. You two did well."

He walked out, as Rachel glared at him. She hated him. She wanted to kill him, to strangle him with her bare hands. She wanted to make him pay for what her had done to them, to Quinn.

She took a deep breath and woke Quinn up. The blond girl woke up, frightened, but relaxed when she saw Rachel.

"Food," Rachel whispered, as she got closer to her best friend.

"Thank you Rachel, for taking care if me," Quinn whispered, as she leaned forward and kissed the brunette's cheek, just when Rachel turned. The kiss meant for a cheek went landed on lips.

Both friends froze, blushed, and moved back a little. Rachel gave her a small smiled, which Quinn returned. They began to eat, as one of their hands moved to hold each others.


Sugar missed her friends. She missed having all of them around. She missed the meeting in the Berry or Fabray house. She missed having democratic votes. Making plans, the sleepovers. She missed having games where they split the game in half and the winners always got bragging right. She missed everything. The only thing she didn't want to change was her love life.


Rory was probably the only one who got something good when Rachel and Quinn were take. Once he heard, and noticed how quick something could had been take away, he had asked Sugar out. They had been going out for about three years. He had to take Quinn and Rachel for that. They helped him get the courage, although he really did miss them.


Matt knew losing the girls had a big impact on everyone they came in contact with. He knew that without them, everyone would become so lost. He watched all his friends slowly lose themselves, they slowly lost who they once were. He watched as they slowly lost each other, and the group of friends slowly scattered.

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