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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,080Chapters: (19/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: Well, I'm done with TDTTP, completely different from most of my stories. Hopefully I can finish this story soon. I have an idea for another one.

Uploaded: November 20, 2013

Marvin was watching. The girl was twelve. She was smiling at her mother. From what he knew, the father wasn't around, wasn't in the picture. They had no other family. He had been watching her for a month. Just like he did with the other two girls. Originally, he wanted the blonde, but the brunette was always there. It was a package deal. Get one, get the other.

The twelve year old didn't seem to have other friends. She was always alone. It was just perfect. It seemed to be set up for him. This little girl will make the other two fight again. The light in their eyes might burn again.


Quinn and Rachel sat down against the wall. Quinn had her arms wrapped around the brunette.

"Why do you keep kissing me?" Rachel asked, curiously.

"Why not?" Quinn countered back, smiling softly.

"I like it," Rachel whispered, shyly.

"I like it, and I like you," Quinn told her, kissing her cheek.

"We're never getting out of here," Rachel muttered, as she looked at the door. "It's been four years. There is no point. We haven't been found."

"Y-you don't know that," Quinn told her, not completely convinced with her comment.

"C'mon Quinn, you don't really believe that. If we were going to be saved, we would have been already," Rachel told her, staring at Quinn.

Quinn didn't say anything. She just stared at the wall in front of them.

"Quinn? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's just, we've been here for so long, there is no hope of anyone finding us," Rachel explained.

"I know Rach. I just, I wanna see Sam, Puck, Finn. I want to tell Santana that I forgive her. I wanna tell my family I love them. I just wanna say goodbye," Quinn whispered, tears threatening to escape.

"I know Quinn, I want the same thing," Rachel responded, as she turned to look at her.


Slushies were being thrown, names were called, threats were made. That is freshmen year. Sam watched as Puck pushed a kid against the lockers, laughing as the kid winced. He turned to see Santana throwing a girl a slushies. He turned again to see Kurt being dragged out of the building by Karofskie. Tina and Mercedes were being slushies. Everything was wrong.

Sam started to shake in anger. Ever since the kidnapping, he would lose his temper, especially if it involved his friends and family.

Finn and Brittany saw him. They knew he was on the verge of snapping. Finn pulled Puck away from the kid, while Brittany took Santana towards them.

"Meeting, now," Sam told them, glaring at them. "Get everyone. Auditorium in an hour."

His four friends stared at him in shock. Sam just rolled his eyes and walked away. "An hour."


Quinn and Rachel were asleep when the door opened. They didn't see Marvin push a girl inside. They didn't see her fall on the ground and tried to get away from them. They didn't see her try to wipe her eyes.

They did hear the door slam shut. They did hear sniffling. They did realize they weren't alone.

Quinn sat up, ready to protect her girlfriend? They needed to talk about that. Quinn frowned when she saw a girl, around her age, maybe younger, sitting in front of them, her knees against her chest, her arms wrapped around them. She was crying.

Quinn turned to Rachel, who was also confused. Both of the girls stood up and slowly moved towards the sobbing girl.

They looked to each other, unsure of what to do.

"Hey," Rachel said softly, trying not to scare the girl.

The girl looked up at them. She started to shake in fear. Her blue eyes shining with tears. She tried to move away from them.

"We're not going to hurt you. We're like you. We were take. From our families too," Quinn told her, as she crouched in front of her.

"I-I wanna go home," the small girl whispered, pleading.

Quinn's heart broke. She turned to Rachel, not sure of what to say.

"We'll go home. I promise you," Rachel told her.

"I'm Quinn Fabray, and this is Rachel Berry," Quinn told her, introducing both of the older girls.

"Y-you guys were one the news," the blue-eyed girl whispered.

"We were?" Rachel asked in shock.

The girl nodded. "You're parents are still looking for you."

Rachel and Quinn had tears in their eyes. Their parents hadn't given hope.

"What's your name?" Quinn asked, as she moved to sit next to the girl. Rachel moved to sit on the other side.

"M-Marley Rose," she whispered.


Marley Rose was walking home. She was twelve. Her birthday was on the following day. She was excited she was finally going to be a teen. She smiled thinking of her mother. They didn't have a lot of money, but her mother did everything she could to make sure Marley had a good childhood.

She looked at her right and noticed a black car had been following her for the last few blocks.

She started to walk quicker. She was almost home. She regretted taking the long way. The car stopped and the driver seat opened. A man exited the car. Marley, a bit scared, started to walk faster. The man rushed behind her and put a clothe over her mouth and nose. Marley struggled against him, but lost consciousness soon after.


Fourteen teens sat in the auditorium. They were sitting in a circle on the stage. Thirteen freshmen and one sophomore. No one said anything. They hadn't been together in so long. They were waiting for the one who brought them together to talk.

Mercedes sat next to Kurt, who sat next to Tina, who was next to Artie. Then it was Lauren, Rory, Sugar. Matt, Mike, Puck, Finn, Brittany, Santana, then Sam.

"What happened to us?" Sam asked them, looking at his once were friends. No one answered, they all looked down. "We used to be so close. We would protect each other. We were the best of friends."

"Then Quinn and Rachel were kidnapped," Santana muttered, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Yeah, and do you think they would be happy with what we became? Do you think they'll be proud that we all separated? That some of us bully people, or we don't protect each other? That we stopped being friends?"

All their faces fell, thinking of what Sam had said.

"I love you guys. We were suppose to stick together. Especially after what happened. I don't want to forget what we all had. I get that we are all hurt, hell my own sister was taken. But I need you guys. We need each other," Sam told them. "Let's be those friends again."

Everyone looked at him, then at each other.

"How would we do that?" Tina asked, looking at Santana and Puck.

Sam smiled. "We don't need to hang out. We just need a place to be together."

"Glee club," Kurt said, looked at the shocked looks. "You don't have to sing. It's just something that makes me think of Rachel. When I'm in the club, I feel like I'm closer to her. And by being closer to Rachel, I'm closer to Quinn."

Everyone seemed to think about. Kurt and Mercedes were already a part of that.

"I'm in," Finn announced, smiling softly.

"Me too," Sam agreed.

Soon, one by one asked to join. That left Santana and Puck.

"Okay," Santana whispered, looking at Brittany.

Puck stood up and walked away.

The new glee members turned to each other.

"Leave him alone for now," Sam told them, smiling as his friends became closer.


"So you were taken while you were walking home from school?" Rachel asked Marley.

The younger girl nodded.

"That was how we were taken," Quinn told her.

"We were with her brother and one of our best friends," Rachel told her.

"What happened to them?" The other girl asked, her eyes wide. She knew of the Kidnapping of Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, but she had never heard the whole story. No one know the story, and no one released the names of the other two boys.

"Our best friend was shot, and nothing happened to my brother," Quinn explained. "We don't know if Finn's okay."

"I think they talked about that. He's okay," Marley told them, giving them a shy, small smile.

"Really? Thank god," Quinn whispered, relieved.

"Do you guys really believe we'll be saved?"

Neither girl answered at first. They didn't know what to think.

"Yes," Rachel answered at last.


Puck watched Sam talking to Mercedes. Tina, Artie, and Mike were nerding it up. Lauren and Matt were arm wrestling in a classroom. Finn, Kurt, and Rory were speaking about something, with Sugar, Santana, Brittany talking next to them. He noticed Joe Hart and another guy watching them. He hated the boy with the dreadlocks.

Puck missed his friends. He really wanted to try and be there for him, but it hurt. It hurt to try and be happy, not knowing if his baby sister was okay. He couldn't stay there. Puck decided it was best if he skipped school. He walked home, each step making him think of his sister a little more. The more he thought of her, the angrier he got. He hated this cruel, idiotic world.

Puck got home, and went directly to his room. He locked his room, making sure no one could walk in on him, even though his fathers weren't home. He got a box from under his bed and breathed deeply. He opened the box and found a lot of tapes. He took one out. He read the name, Rachel's Firsts.

He put it in a VCR that he kept in his room. He sat on his bed and pressed play. He watched a toddler Rachel and Toddler Puck. Rachel was one and Puck was two.

"Say Daddy, Da-ddie," Puck watched as Hiram tried to make Rachel say. Little Rachel started to giggle at little Puck.

"No," Rachel giggled, as she reached for her older brother. He remembered his fathers telling him that they had thought Rachel was saying "no", but she was trying to pronounce "Noah".

Puck shook as Rachel started to jump as she chanted, "No! No! No!"

The video changed to Rachel's first step.

"Over here Rachel, walk here." Hiram was on his knees, LeRoy was across him, with Rachel in front of Hiram. Puck sat on the couch, watching.

"You can do it," Hiram said, as he released the girl. Rachel wobbled, as she stood in place.

"Wach, do," little Puck called.

Rachel clapped and took a step towards her father.

All three males cheered, as Rachel giggled.

Puck paused it, as he started to cry. He was sobbing into his pillow. He cried, and screamed into his pillow. He tried to stop crying, but he couldn't. He screamed as he threw hit pillow against his desk. He stood up, to take a step to pick up his pillow. All he took was one step before he fell to his knees and broke down. He punched the floor. "No, why? Rachel, please come back, please."


Marvin entered the room to see all three girls huddled together. He smirked as Quinn and Rachel stood up and stepped in front of the younger girl.

"I see you've met each other," he said, smiling widely.

"Leave us alone," Quinn told him, angry, and ready to protect.

"Don't worry. I've seen what I wanted to see. We'll see each other soon," he said, smirking. He turned and walked away.

"Asshole," Quinn muttered. "Don't worry, we'll protect you,"

Marvin laughed when he heard that. She wouldn't be able to protect them.


Finn was sitting down with the new glee members. They were all talking like old times. There was still a hole in their hearts, but they were together. All but one.

"Would anyone like to sing?" William Schuester asked the thirteen kids.

"I would," a new voice asked. All of them turned to the door to see Puck standing there. "I hope I'm not too late to join."

Finn stood up and walked to him. He smiled and slapped him on his back. "It's never late for you, Bro."

He laughed as the others ran to have a group hug, with Puck and Artie in the middle.

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