Together Forever

Kindergarten II

Kindergarten II

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,027Chapters: (2/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, blah blah blah!Author's Notes: Editing it.

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Lucy was waiting for the smallest girl in their class to get to school and enter their class. She was bouncing on her seat, and gripping her twin's hand tighter. They weren't many students in their class yet, school didn't start for another hour. Lucy wanted to get to school early so she could spend time with the girl who had been her friend for a while. Her first new friend who made school to not seem as bad.

"Waiting for Rachel?" he asked, grinning at the girl next to her. They were sitting at their table. Sam was trying to draw with just one hand, but found it impossible. He didn't want to be at school, but he would do anything for his little sister.

Lucy nodded with a big smile. She didn't take her eyes from the door. "Yeah, I just wish she would come earlier."

Sam smiled and shook his head. His older sister rarely cared for them. She was busy with her high school drama, and didn't have time for her five year old twins. Their mother was always drinking, and was too drunk even pay attention to the youngest blondes. And when she did, she'd always said something mean. And their father was always pushing Lucy harder than he did to the other two. He made Lucy do more than she had to in school. At three, she was reading. She could skip grades, but she begged not to. He made Lucy love school, only because she was away from her father, and with another person who loved her for her.

Lucy was smiling like crazy when her best friend entered the class five minutes later. Rachel made her feel special, like nothing was wrong with her. Like she wasn't different. Like she wasn't as alone as she felt. She let go of her twin's hand, got off her chair, and ran to her friend. She gave her a hug and pulled her to sit next to her.

Lucy and Rachel talked about what they did the day before, as they always did for the last few months. Those months were the best of their lives.

"My daddy got me a new musical. It called Wicked. It has nineteen songs. He said we'll watch the play in New York some day. Maybe you and Sam can come with us," Rachel told her best friend.

"New York?" Lucy asked. She knew what it was, but why not there in Lima? She knew her dad wouldn't let her go, he might let Sam though. Lucy always had to be at home to study.

"Broadway, silly," Rachel told her, giggling. Lucy blushed. She loved Rachel's laugh. It always brightened her day. It always brought a smile to her face.

"What is it about?" Lucy asked, frowning. She had never heard of it. She knew some plays were books before, and wondered if it was book. If it was, she wouldn't mind reading it.

Rachel started explaining the story to Lucy, who was listening closely.

Sam just smiled. He only saw his twin happy when she was with Rachel, and he just wanted her to be happy. He knew this small brunette would change his sister for the better. He went to talk to his best friend, Mike, with a smile on his face.

Soon, all the small children were in the class. They sat down on their assigned tables, the tables they were in the first day of school. They started talking to each other. All of them were excited.

"Okay, get in a group of six, we are going to play a game," the teacher told the small children, who all smiled, after knowing each other for some times. The children were excited to play and win the price, which was always candy, unless one was allergic, and she would give them something else.

All of them hurried, trying to make a group, but a group of twelve students had made a pact. The twelve would stick together. Lucy wrote it with Rachel and both signed it along with Santana, Brittany, Finn, Artie, Mike, Sam, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Lauren, who was a little reluncted.

Rachel, Lucy, Santana, Brittany, Finn, and Kurt were a group. The other six were another group.

They sat in silence as they waited for the other groups formed. They were preparing for the game, knowing they would win. Six of the twelve always won, the other six always got second. It was always mixed up.

"Hey, Fish," Santana called, looking at the tallest boy in the class. She just loved getting under other's skins, except one person. She couldn't bug the blonde next to her. She had some sort of power over her, making her nice. She loved annoying Finn and Rachel. The former let himself. He was always scared, but the latter always fought back. The smaller brunette wouldn't let herself, especially when Lucy was involved. No one messed with Lucy when she was around. Santana respected Rachel for that, not that she would tell anyone. She would do the same for Brittany. The brunette would protect the blondes. They both knew it, it was what they had in common.

"My name is Finn," he muttered, looking at his hands. He didn't like Santana, she was always mean to him, and to everyone else except Brittany. He didn't like Lucy and Rachel much, because they always confused him. They said words he had never heard, or didn't know what they meant. Or they'd talk about books. Kurt creeped him out. Everyone else was okay.

"I don't care Fish," Santana snapped, glaring at him. She smiled inside seeing him sad.

"I like ducks. They are my favorite," Brittany said, smiling her innocent smile.

"I thought cats were your favorite?" Rachel asked, confused. She remembered Brittany telling them cats were her favorite.

"Yeah, cats are my favorite," she told the smallest child in the class, not knowing the point.

"But ducks?" the brunette asked even more confused.

"Are the best in the world," Brittany said smiling, thinking of a duck pond she found with her dad.

Rachel shook her head, confused. She gave up. That girl always confused her. The teacher gave the blonde shy girl sitting next to her a piece of paper, causing them to frown.

"Okay, I gave your groups a list of items. Who ever has the paper is team leader. You have to find the things. The first one to find everything will get candy," the teacher said, as Lucy blushed when the teacher said she would be team leader. "You have ten minutes to talk."

"Come on!" Brittany shouted, excited about the candy.

All the children huddled up in their groups as the team leaders told them what to do. Lucy was nervous, as she saw her team members staring at her expectingly.

"So, um, Finn, you uh got the book, 'Red Riding Hood' and the uh, football. K-Kurt, you got the um, trophy and s-stuffed animal, it's a l-lizard," Lucy whispered, her voice wavering and not looking at anyone. Her face was red, she was sweating, and shaking.

"Let me do it," Santana said, ripping the paper from Lucy's hand. She looked over the list. She was about to assign the items when Rachel appeared in front of her with a frown.

"No, let her do it," Rachel said, standing in front of her best friend, glaring at the Latina.

"What are you going to do about it, midget?" Santana asked, towering over the small Jewish girl, trying to scare her. No one told Santana Lopez what to do, no one!

"You don't want to know," Rachel said, glaring at the taller girl. She wasn't going to back down, not this time. Not when Lucy was involved.

The two girls had a stare down, while Lucy was worried. She didn't want her friend to get hurt over her. She didn't want anyone to fight. She just wanted to win the game.

Santana smirked. "I like you."

"But I don't like you," Rachel said, taking the paper away from Santana and gave it to Lucy.

Lucy, afraid the Latina would hurt her, tried to give out the jobs to the remaining members as quickly as she could. She just read the things down the list and told the next person it was their responsibility to get it.

"Alright, time is up. Ready, set, go," the teacher told them. All the small children ran to find their items.

Lucy's team had been disqualified thirty minutes into the game. The whole group glared at Santana, because she had pushed another student from getting the small globe from their list. The teacher did not condone violence, causing Santana and the team she was in to be disqualified. Everyone was angry at her. She had ruined their chances of candy.

"I'm sorry, gosh," Santana muttered, her arms crossed over chest. She was tired of the silent treatment she was getting from every member of the team, even Brittany.

"We could have won! We just needed the planet, and we had everything on the list! But no, Santana Lopez just had to push Jacob just to get the globe, when there was two!" Rachel ranted, angry. Just then, Mike's team had found the last item on their list. Their team was celebrating, while Lucy's was glaring at the Latina.

They had four items over the second team. They had no way of losing, but Santana proved to them that they could. Rachel was angry. Brittany was sad. Finn and Kurt just wanted candy. Santana was indifferent. Lucy didn't know what to do. She knew Sam would share his candy with her, but she was afraid Rachel would do something reckless and get in a fight with Santana.

"Rachel, calm down, please," Lucy whispered to her friend, pulling her hand. She looked up at the singer with her big, innocent, hazel eyes.

Rachel looked at her friend and saw the worried look on her face. She couldn't let Lucy be worried, so she had to calm down.

"This isn't over, Lopez," she muttered, as she sat down.

Santana glared back. She didn't like the way the smaller girl talked to her. She wasn't going to deal with that.

It was break time, and the two best friends sat on the swings in the playground. They were watching the other children playing. Rachel watched Noah play with Sam, Mike, and Finn. Noah got along with those three boys. They had become great friends. Santana and Brittany were playing with a ball together. Tina, Mercedes, Artie, and Kurt were talking. And the other children were playing tag. Lauren was watching them too.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked, swinging her feet. Lucy had been quiet for the last couple of minutes, and it was starting to bug her. She didn't want Lucy to be mad at her, it was just that Santana bugged her.

"Yeah, are you?" Lucy asked, looking at the sand, as she dug her feet inside. She didn't know why they were asking each other that. Nothing was wrong, nothing at all.

"I'm fine," the smaller girl muttered. She tried to swing a little higher.

Lucy nodded. "We'll be friends forever right?" Her voice just above a whisper. "You'll never leave me?"

"Of course Lucy. We'll be friends for the rest of our lives. I'll never leave you," Rachel said, jumping off the swing and walking to her blonde friend.

"I love you Rachie," Lucy whispered, moving away from the swing and hugging her smaller friend.

"I love you too Lucy Q.," she muttered into her friends hair.

"Just Lucy," the blonde Christian muttered. Her mother would call her that, and she didn't want Rachel to be like her mother.

"But Quinn is a beautiful name, Quinnie, just like you" Rachel teased the taller girl.

"Th-thanks," the blushing girl said. Not many people complimented her, and she was shy when people did.

The bell rang and both girls walked to their class, knowing nothing could ever break their friendship. Nothing in the whole world. It would just make them stronger.

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