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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,077Chapter: (20/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything., except the plot. I don't own the song. It was my favorite when I was a kid.Author's Note: So, there was suppose to be a few chapters before this one, but this is for you guys. And I'm halfway done. I'm not gonna spend a year to write twenty chapters, I promise.

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Puck was in glee club for about a year and a few months. They had made it to regionals the year before, but Vocal Adrenaline had beat them, but it was the best time of Puck's life. He enjoyed himself. He enjoyed singing with his best friends, his friends that are together. They were going to enter show choir competitions; they had more than enough members.

Puck sat on the chairs and watched his fellow members. Mercedes and Sam were speaking to each other, whispering words to each other. Puck smiled, they had been dating for a few months. They were one of the few couples of the group. Mike had finally asked Tina out. Santana came out and started dating Brittany, and Sugar and Rory were still going strong.

Puck and Sam's phones rang. Both of them frowned, but answered. They looked shock, and smiled. They stood up at the same time and turned to the glee kids.

"They found them!" they shouted, as the others watched in shock. Then, all of them stood up and cheered. The glee kids that were just sophomores and didn't know who Puck and Sam were talking about were confused. They just clapped.


*Ten Hours Earlier*

Marley, Rachel, and Quinn were eating silently. They had been planning an escape plan for some while. They just had to find the right moment. Everything had to be perfect. Just one mistake, and they all could be dead.

They sat silently, wanting, what could be their last meal, be something they could remember.

Marley, after living, if you can call it that, with the girls for a year, started to see Quinn and Rachel as sisters she never had. They were her protectors now. They kept that guy who took her away from her mother, away from her. She hadn't been hurt like they were.

Marley looked at the two girls, who were whispering to each other. Whenever they thought Marley wasn't looking, they would sneak a kiss, but she always saw. She smiled. The girls had been away from their loved ones for six years, they deserved to have a little happiness.

Marley still remembered when she first found out about Rachel and Quinn. It was approximately a year ago, give or take a few weeks.

"Should we tell her?" Rachel asked, her voice low.Marley frowned. She thought they were in it together, meaning they had no secrets."I don't think so. Not yet at least. We want her to be comfortable around us. If she doesn't approve, it won't be good for our unity," Quinn answered."You're right," Rachel whispered.Marley didn't hear anything after that. She slowly opened her eyes to see Quinn kiss Rachel on the lips.That was when Marley started to pay attention to Quinn and Rachel. She noticed little things, like their hands always moving towards each other, Rachel was usually leaning against Quinn. She also saw little kisses here and there.

She didn't want to say anything. She wanted the other girls to go to her. She wanted them to be comfortable enough to tell her the truth of what was going on with them.


Quinn closed her eyes. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared. She knew there was a big chance her plan might not go as she planned.

She knew her plan had to work. It had too. They had been there for so long, too long. They had to leave before it became too late. Before Marley got hurt. She was their priority, she still had her innocence while Quinn and Rachel's was taken.

Quinn looked at the younger brunette, who was taking a small nap, to the other brunette, who was tracing on the lines of Quinn's hand.

"Are you ready to see Noah?"

Rachel looked at the blonde and smiled. "I miss him."

And I know he misses you too," she responded as she moved her hand to hug her best friend.

"Sing for me," Rachel whispered.

"What do you want me to sing?"

"Anything," Rachel whispered.

"I'm not a great singer," Quinn whispered, not wanting to wake Marley up. If she was going to sing, she only wanted Rachel to hear.

"I just want to hear to sing for me," Rachel whispered back, as she moved to kiss Quinn on the cheek.

Quinn blushed and gave the brunette a shy smile.

"I don't remember a lot of songs," Quinn said, trying to get out of singing.

"It's okay. Please, just sing for me," Rachel half begged.

"Okay, let me see if I remember anything," Quinn answered, as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

"This is the story of a girlWho cried a river and drowned the whole worldAnd while she looked so sad in photographsI absolutely love herWhen she smilesNow how many days in a yearShe woke up with hopeBut she only found tearsAnd I can be so insincereMaking her promises never for realAs long as she stands there waitingWearing the holes in the soles of her shoesNow how many days disappearWhen you look in the mirrorSo how do you chooseYour clothes never wear as well the next dayAnd your hair never falls in quite the same wayYou never seem to run out of things to sayThis is the story of a girlWho cried a river and drowned the whole worldAnd while she looked so sad in photographsI absolutely love herWhen she smilesThis is the story of a girlWho cried a river and drowned the whole worldAnd while she looks so sad in photographsI absolutely love herThis is the story of a girlWhose pretty face she hid from the worldAnd while she looks so sad and lonely thereI absolutely love herThis is the story of a girlWho cried a river and drowned the whole worldAnd while she looked so sad in photographsI absolutely love herWhen she smilesWhen she smiles"

"That's all I remember," Quinn answered, kissing Rachel in the cheek. "I love you Rachel, with all my heart. And whatever happens today, know that I love you."

"I love you too Quinn," Rachel told her.


Rachel didn't want to lose Quinn. If the plan half works, Rachel might not see Quinn. She needed this plan to work. She just needed it to.

Quinn and Marley were both asleep. Quinn told her she needed her rest if her plan was going to work.

It was getting close to their breakfast time, and Marvin was going to go to give them their food soon.

"Quinn, Marley," Rachel whispered, as she knelt down in between both girls and shook them awake.

"Wha times'et?" Marley asked, groggy.

"It's almost time," Rachel told them, looking at the door, slight afraid.

"It's going to be okay Rach. We're getting out of here," Quinn told her, moving to hug the girl.

"Are you sure? Can you promise me we'll all get out of here?" She asked, her body trembling.

Quinn didn't the only thing she could think of. She smacked her lips on the other girl's lips.

Rachel seemed to calm down and melt against Quinn's lips.

"Ahem," Marley interrupted, giving the two girls a shy smile.

They pulled apart, blushing and looking embarrassed.

"Sorry," Quinn whispered.

"Don't be. It's just weird seeing two people I see as sisters kiss," the younger girl told them.

"Sisters?" Rachel asked, with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, you guys are looking after me. You guys protect me, and I'm grateful. I love you guys like I love my mom. You're my family," Marley told them.

The moment was ruined when they heard footsteps. The three girls moved to the door.

Marvin opened it, with three plates of food in his hand. Once he stepped inside, Quinn kicked him between his legs. He fell and groaned, the food scattering on the ground.

Rachel, feeling pure rage for the man on the ground, kicked him on the ribs, over and over again.

Marley, the only one thinking straight, ran out of the house, screaming for help. The light blinded her for a few seconds.

She ran to the neighbors, banging on the door, screaming for someone to call the police.

Marvin didn't know what was happening. He felt pain on his ribs and between his legs. He tried to protect himself, but he just kept getting hit.

He reached out and pulled someone's leg. He felt the person drop, and some of the pain had stopped. He then felt pain on his hand.

They didn't know how long it took until they heard music in their ears.

"This is the police!"


Found, they had been found. After six years of searching, he'll have his baby sister back. He could finally go to sleep with his wish granted. He was so happy. His heart could finally beat again. Everything might go back to how it used to be.


He half was going to return to him. His twin. His best friend. His baby sister. The only person who understood him. Life was back on track. He could finally hug her again, feel her. He couldn't protect them once, he wasn't going to make that mistake again. He was going to keep his sister and best friend safe, he just had to.


She can finally say sorry. She can finally get rid of the guilt she felt. She could finally punch the two girls for going missing. She can finally tell them she loved them. She hopes she can hurt the bastard who took her two best friends. She wanted to make him pay, she knew everyone did.


His best friends were found and safe from now on. He was going to protect them. He was older, bigger, ready. He still had the bullet wound that ruined his life. He was willing to take a thousand more if it mean they would be safe again.


Everyone was happy. The two missing people were returning. She was soo excited. She was going to hug them for the rest of their lives so they won't leave again. They will never leave her sight. They will be together, just like they all promised, and you can never break a promise.


The juniors were thinking of their best friends. How they lives will change now that they are back. How they can finally be happy, a family like they promised.

They were also thinking of how to make Marvin pay for ruining their friendships, changing their lives for the worse.


"When can we see them?" Artie asked, happy to see his best friends. He would happily give Quinn or Rachel a ride.

"We're not sure. Right now they are being taken to the hospital, to get checked up. I don't know if they caught the motherfucker who took them," Puck told them, clenching his fists in anger. He wanted to bust the guys head in. Maybe he'll find a way.

"My mom told me they found another girl with them. They said she was there less time and is fifteen," Sam added, looking at his teammates.

"They are really found. They are back. We can finally be a complete group again?" Mercedes asked, incredulous. She was so emotional.

Mr. Shue just watched them with the sophomores and a senior. They hadn't met who the juniors were talking about, but they had heard the stories. They were smiling, that was the happiest they've seen the group.

"You guys will love them. Quinn was wicked smart. She was always at the top of our class. She was smarter than the whole school," Mike gushed, his eyes bright and a smile on his face.

No one had heard Mike talk like that, with so much excitement in his voice, not even when he talked about his date with Tina.

"And Rachel? She was the best singer here. She was a bigger diva. But she also had a huge heart. She was amazing," Mercedes told them.

"But how much have they changed? They've been gone for six years. They aren't going to be the same girls we once knew," Tina stated, her voice full of sadness, making everyone think about it.

How much did the kidnapping affect the girls.

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