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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,037Chapter: (21/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything., except the plot.Author's Note: since I made Rachel, Quinn, and Marley escape earlier than expected, I had fix the outline, since they weren't suppose to leave until chapter 24. But now I have. Enjoy. PS I've started on the next chapter. RIP Paul Walker. I love Fast and Furious. This is a not a good year.

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"Rachel!" a voice echoed through the walls. "Rachel! Marley! Let me go!"

Quinn was fighting against the people who were trying to hold her down. They were trying to restrain them.

The doctors and nursed were holding her arms and legs down to keep her on the gurney. They couldn't have her hurt herself.

She had to be examined. They didn't know what injures she had, how strong her body was. They knew she wanted to be the other girls, but they had to be examined as quick as possible.

The news reporters were out there, wanting to talk to the girls first. They wanted to know about the girls who went missing. Who were missing for six years. What happened to them. Like the other children who went missing, they were known.

The nurses and doctors took each girl to a different room. They were each checked.


Officer Davis remembered meeting Samuel Evans, Noah Berry, Finnegan Hudson, promising them that he would bring Lucy Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry home, but the girls returned on their own, with someone new, Marley Rose.

Marvin Ryans was in custody. He couldn't hurt the girls anymore. His job wasn't done yet, he needed to find Marley Rose's family. He hoped her family had the support the Fabrays and Berrys had.

He went to see the first girl, the eldest, Lucy Quinn Fabray. He looked at her and frowned. Her hazel eyes were wide with fear. She was fighting all the doctors, screaming for the other girls. Her blond hair was messy and her body seemed to be covered with small cuts, most healing.

He went to the next one, Rachel Berry. She was also scared, but seemed to stay a little calmer. She flinched when the doctors came within arms reach. Her hair and body was the same as Quinn's, as the blond liked to be called.

The youngest, seemed more calm then the other two. She had been missing for two years. She just watched the doctors, and her fists would clench when they got near here. She didn't have many cuts and bruises on her body.

He knew what the doctors were looking for. He knew what two of the three girls had gone though, and he would hate to break that to the parents.

He left to make phone calls.


Rachel didn't want to be there. She wanted to be with Quinn, and Marley. She wanted to be with her family. She wanted to be outdoors.

She couldn't believe they were free. They were away from Marvin. They were safe, finally free. They were away from him. He wouldn't be able to get to them.

Once the doctors left the room, to check the blood sample and whatever else they had, Rachel didn't care, she left the room. She needed to be with Quinn, to be near her.

She looked inside the room and saw her best friend on the bed, looking scared.

Rachel rushed to hug her. She sat down and both girls were wrapped around each other, afraid to let go. They isn't want to find out it was a dream and wake up.

They heard a small knock. They looked up and saw their little sister. Rachel motioned for her to enter. Marley skipped in and sat down on Quinn's bed.

"We're free," Marley whispered, giving the two girls a smile.

Quinn reached over to hold her hand. "We're going to be okay."

"Do you think they'll find my mom?" Marley asked, staring at the door.

"Yeah, they'll find your mom. She's going to be so relieved and happy to have you here," Rachel told her, as she moved to put the younger girl between herself and Quinn.

"I don't want to leave you guys."

Quinn smiled at the sweet girl. "Maybe your mom can move here," she suggested.

"We don't have a lot of money. I can't just move," Marley said, tears ready to fall. She had lived with Quinn and Rachel for two years. She didn't feel safe unless she was with them.

"Don't worry about that. You can move it with me," Rachel told her.

"Or with me," Quinn added.

Marley giggled. "I love you guys."

"No problem Marls," Quinn said, as she kissed her cheek.

"We're in this together," Rachel whispered.

"So I get to meet the infamous Samuel and Noah," Marley exclaimed, as she moved to lie down on the bed.

"Yeah, I guess you do," Quinn answered, laughing.

"I wonder if Noah has that awful hair style," Rachel sighed.

"I'm pretty sure he does," Quinn answered, letting out a laugh.

"It looked like a squirrel used his head as a bed," Rachel laughed.

Marley smiled as she watched them talk.

Her eyes became heavy, as she slowly lost consciousness.

Rachel and Quinn were still talking and laughing about their friends.

"Shhh, looks like Marls fell asleep," Quinn told her best friend. The two girls moved to lie down on the bed and not to disturb the sleeping girl. Slowly they fell asleep as well.


"I'm in shock," Sam told his girlfriend. It was after school and Sam and Mercedes were sitting down in the choir room alone. Sam wanted to go to the hospital, but his mother wouldn't let him leave, saying no one would be able to see the girls while they were being examined.

"I think we all are. I didn't think I'll ever see then again," Mercedes responded, as she held his hand.

Sam looked at her with his watery eyes. "Do you think she hates me?"

Mercedes frowned, as she grabbed his hand. "Why would she hate you?"

"I couldn't protect her, them. I...I'm suppose to be the brother and...and I'm suppose one was suppose to hurt her! It's my fault! I'm her big brother," he cried.

"Sam, you were ten years old. There wasn't much you could have done," Mercedes told him, as she hugged him.

"It hurts," he cried, his voiced muffled.

"It's okay. Let it out," Mercedes told the boy.

Sam nodded as he cried, letting all his anger and pain out.


Puck entered the auditorium to find his best friend sitting down on the edge of the stage alone.

"Hey," he whispered, as he sat down next to his taller younger best friend.

"Hey," Finn answered, staring at nothing. "I can imagine Rachel on this stage singing."

"Yeah me too. I can see her singing anything," Puck responded. "Take Me Or Leave Me."

"What?" Finn asked, confused.

"A battle, between Rach and 'Cedes. I can see them now," Puck said, laughing quietly.

"I was thinking about Defying Gravity, between Rachel and Kurt," Finn suggested, smiling. "I can imagine Quinn ruling this place. She could have been captain of the Cheerios. I can imagine her singing It's a Man's Man's Man's World."

"I know," Puck whispered. It got quiet after that, as the boys sat there.


"Aren't you happy?" Brittany asked, frowning. Brittany and Santana were on the bleachers, watching students. "Why can't you be happy they are back?"

"I am. I'm so fuckin' happy they are back, but I'm guilty," Santana told her girlfriend.

"Why?" Brittany asked. She had been trying to get Santana to open up. Brittany may not have been book smarts, but she saw people smart and a Santana genius. She knew that girl more than she knew herself.

"If only I have kept my mouth shut," Santana snapped, but Brittany didn't flinch. "It's my fault. If I kept my freakin' mouth shut, she wouldn't need to apologize. Why would I do that?"

"It's not your fault. San, it's not your fault," Brittany whispered and moved to hug Santana.

"Why does it feel like it?" Santana cried.

"It's just your guilt," Brittany responded.

"Ooh baby, kiss her," a voice said. Both girls pulled away and saw Azimo Adams and Dave Karofsky. "C'mon, don't stop on out account."

Brittany glared at them. Santana started to whip her tears. Brittany stood up and walked to the boys.

Azimo and Karofsky soon ran away with blood gushing out of their noses.

Santana sat there, wide-eyed. Her girlfriend just got hotter.


"I'm sorry," Finn whispered, as his body started to shake.

"Why?" Puck asked, as he turned to his friend that he saw as his brother.

"I...I got shot. I can't do anything right. All I had...protect them. That's what I had to do. They were our priority," Finn whispered, looking as his hands. His cheeks stained with tears. "It's my fault. I got shot! I made us lose them! God, I'm such...I'm a failure."

"Finn, you're not a failure. You just got hurt. I'm pretty sure Sam and Santana feel guilty. All of us do. I feel like it's my fault too, but we have them back. They are back in our lives," Puck told him, as he put his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"They're back, but we lost six years," Finn muttered, as he wiped his tears.

"So we have to make up six years," Puck said, as he stood up. "Let's go to the gym. Get that stress out."

Finn smiled and nodded. "We'll see Rachel right here, singing her heart out."

Puck laughed and nodded.

"So how's your girlfriend?" Finn asked, giving his best friend a goofy smile.

"Oh man," the Jewish boy exclaimed, as he told his brother about his girlfriend.


"This isn't right," a voice said.

"Just leave them. As a hospital, we are suppose to keep our patients comfortable. We'll just have to move them together," another voice responded.

The first voice grunted.

Quinn groaned as she woke up. She sat up, panicking, not remembering where she was.

"It's okay," a nurse tried to assure the blond girl, but it didn't work.

Quinn looked around until she found Marley and Rachel sleeping next to her.

"PTSD," the nurse muttered as she wrote on her clip board.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," Quinn whispered, as she tried to see what she remembered.

"Yes. Look Ms. Fabray, we don't allow patients to share a bed," she started, as she looked at the scared blonde's eyes.

"N-no," Quinn whispered, as she moved to stay with her friends.

"Wait, let me finish. All three of you guys are going to share a room. You'll each have your own bed," she finished, trying to keep the girl from panicking.

"W-we're gonna stay together?" Quinn asked, her voice low.

"Yes, just make sure you guys stay on your own beds," she told the girl.

Quinn nodded, a smile on her face. The nurse left, leaving Quinn with another nurse. She looked older than the one with the clipboard.

"Hello, I am Nurse Davis. My son was on your case. He knows your families. Samuel, Noah, and Finnegan will be so happy to have you in their lives again," the nurse said.

"Sammy?" Quinn whispered, a small smile on her face, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Yes, you look like him," the nurse said.

"He's my twin," Quinn answered, liking the nice lady.

"Yes, my son tells me all Sam talks about is being your twin."

"Finn's my twin too. Our names rhyme," Quinn told the lady.

The lady smiled.

"Rachel, wake up Rach," Quinn whispered as she shook her best friend. She tried not to wake Marley up.

"Hmm, what?" Rachel asked, not opening her eyes.

"Rach, Nurse Davis knows Sammy, Finn, and Noah," Quinn said excitedly.

Rachel sat up and looked at the nurse. "Does Noah have a squirrel on his head?"

The nurse laughed, waking the sleeping girl up.

"The Mohawk, my son said he does," the nurse answered.

She was happy the girls seemed happy, but she also knew it wouldn't last.

"He has to shave it off," Rachel muttered, as she shook her head.

"Nurse Davis, when will we see our families?" Quinn asked, a small smile still on her face.

"Tomorrow. Marley, sweetie, your mother will be here the day after," the elder woman told them.

The girls had tears running down their faces. They'll finally see their families again. They'll finally be united with their friends. They can finally move on from their past.

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