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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,100Chapter: (24/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything., except the plot.Author's Note: Sorry I took a while. I was writing a Christmas special, which will be out in Christmas Day. Anyways, enjoy this. I'm going to try to have the next chapter out by Christmas. And the other character will show up in the next chapter.

Uploaded: December 20, 2013

"Are you serious? We have to go?" Quinn asked, slightly annoyed.

"Yes," her mother answered, as she put her hand over Quinn's.

"We don't need to go. We are fine," Quinn argued, angry tears stinging in her eyes.

"Yes you do. All of you guys do," LeRoy told the blond.

Quinn shook her head. "I hate this. We don't need it."

"Quinn, let's just do it. For them," Rachel whispered into the blonde's ear.

"I don't need it. Therapy means I'm crazy. I'm not crazy," Quinn responded.

"We're not saying you're crazy. We're just saying that you need to heal. This affected you in ways you don't know," Millie told her daughter's protector.

"I'll do it," Marley said, looking at the two sister.

"I'm in," Rachel added.

Quinn looked at Marley, then Rachel, and finally her mother. She nodded. Her mother hugged her. Quinn just hoped she would not regret it.


"Ms. Berry, I'm Jennifer Montgomery. I will be your therapist," a tall, brunette woman told Rachel.

"Are you going to be talking to Marley Rose and Quinn Fabray?" Rachel asked in a low voice.

"No, I will not. They will have other therapists. We didn't believe it would do you girls any good if you all talked to the same person," the therapists told the young girl.

Rachel nodded. She understood what the older lady was saying.

"So what are we suppose to talk about?" Rachel asked, a little shy.

"Anything, I want to get to know you before we get into your feelings, your thoughts about what happened to you," Dr. Montgomery explained.

Rachel nodded.


"So what am I suppose to tell you?" Quinn asked, staring at the woman in front of her. Her therapist, Amy Stevenson had black hair and dark brown eyes. She smiled softly at Quinn, knowing this was not easy on the blond.

"Anything you want," the woman answered, giving Quinn a small smile.

"And if I don't want to talk?" Quinn asked, staring at the therapist, not showing any emotions.

"Then you don't have to. I can only help you if you choose to be helped," the woman said, as she sat back.

"I don't want your help. I just need Rachel, and I'll be fine," Quinn answered, glaring at the ground.

"That's what you think, it's not what everyone else thinks. I'm sure Rachel is talking to her therapist. I just want to help you with what happened to you," Dr. Stevenson explained, trying to get through to the girl.

"I don't want to talk about what happened. I just want to forget it," the blond girl said, as her body shook.

"We don't have to talk about that. We can talk about anything. How about your little brother and sister, Stevie and Stacy?"

"I haven't seen them," Quinn whispered, looking at the ground.


"I don't know," Quinn answered, not giving the therapist much.

Dr. Stevenson sighed, not knowing how to get through the stubborn girl.


"They'll get help, right? They'll get better?" Marley asked her therapist, Caroline White, a forty year old blond.

"Yes, my colleagues will help them. But we're not here to talk about them, we're here for you," Caroline said.

"What about me?" Marley asked, as she tilted her head.

Dr. White had to admit, the brunette looked adorable. "How do you feel about being home?"

"I'm not home. But this is better. I didn't have a lot of friends, and now, I have two sister, and new friends," Marley said, a small smile on her face.

"You're not from Lima?" Dr. White asked, already knowing the truth, but getting Marley to talk to her.

"No, Columbus. But my mom and I moved in with Rachel and Quinn. I share a room with them. Quinn's old room," Marley explained.

"Let's talk about something else," Dr. White suggested, looking at her resent notes.

"About what?" Marley asked, curiously.

"Your time in that house," the therapist offered.

Marley's smile slipped off her face.


"What do you want to talk about?" Dr. Montgomery asked, looking at the small brunette in front of her.

"You're a professional right?" Rachel asked, as she started at a certificate on the wall.

Dr. Montgomery chuckled. "Yes. I got my degree in University of California, Los Angeles."

"You lived there? How is LA? I want to move to New York, but I haven't gotten practice the last few years. Do you think I could make it to Broadway?" Rachel asked, her eyes full of hope.

Dr. Montgomery smiled and nodded. "You're fathers told me about your dream. I'm sure, if you start to practice again, you can be an amazing Broadway actress."

"I'm going to take Quinn. Oh no, I'm a year older than Marley, we're all older, we can't leave her alone," Rachel said, as she paled at the thought of leaving the girl who gave them the fire to escape.

"I'm sure she'll understand, it's your dream," Dr. Montgomery tried to assure the girl, but only cause her to get angry.

"No, you don't understand, she saved us! She uh we owe her! And I'm not leaving her alone here!" Rachel snapped, her fists clenched.

"How did she save you?" Dr. Montgomery asked, trying to get somewhere.

"We had given up, Quinn and I. There was no point, you know. We've been through a lot, so why fight. Then he brought Marley. She had something we didn't, she had her innocence. We had to make sure she kept it, so we fought for her. She made us fight again. She made us find a way out. We owe her," Rachel told the lady, tears in her eyes.

Dr. Montgomery gave her an encouraging smile.

Rachel didn't do anything. She just stared at the ground.


"I'm annoying you," Quinn stated, as she saw the frustrations in the therapist's face. "Not very professional."

"I'm sorry," the older woman said, as she took a deep breath.

"Whatever," Quinn muttered. "You can just tell my mom I don't need this. Tell her I'm fine, and I'll get out of your hair."

"I can't do that," Dr. Stevenson told the girl for the tenth time.

"I don't need this! I'm fine! I'm suppose to talk about what happened? Talking about it will make everything better? Talking about will make it seem like it never happened? You have no idea what we went through! You sit there, and try to get my emotions out of me, do you know how much that hurts me? You don't know anything!" Quinn told her, breathing heavily.

"I know I don't know what you went through, how you feel, but I do know that you want to get better," Dr. Stevenson soothed, her eyed softening, "it's okay to cry."

"No! Just...let me think. I'm messed up," Quinn whispered to herself, laughing bitterly.

"No you're not," Dr. Stevenson told the girl, trying to help.

"Shut up! Just stop talking to me!" Quinn snapped, shaking her head in anger.

Dr. Stevenson watched in shock. This was not the girl Judy Fabray described. Judy had said Quinn was a shy girl, who was afraid to disrespect her elders. This girl had told her to 'shut up'. She needed to know how to get through the girl.


Marley hadn't said anything for a while. Dr. White watched her.

"It sucked," Marley whispered, as she stared at her hands.

"Why?" Dr. White asked.

"Why? Because I was taken form my home. I was taken from my mom. I was in a different place. I was with a man, a stranger. I was in a room with two girls who had been there for four years. I was with two girls who were raped and beaten," Marley said, tears streaming down her face.

"They helped you?" the therapist questioned.

"Yeah, they made sure I was safe, that I didn't go through what they did," Marley explained. She wiped her tears.

"You have new friends?" Dr. White asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, Noah Berry, Samuel Evans, Brittany Pierce, Santana Lopez, and Finn Hudson," Marley named, blushing a little at the last name.

Dr. White smiled at the blushing girl.

"How do you like your new friends?" the therapist asked, smiling.

"They are funny and nice. They accept me even if they just met me. I like them," Marley told her, smiling.


"Rachel, let's talk about Quinn," Dr. Montgomery stated, as she watched Rachel's eyes light up.

"She is my best friend. I love her. She helped me get through these six years. She's the best thing to ever happen to me," Rachel gushed, having her first genuine smile since starting the session.

"She got you though this? How?" the older woman inquired, trying to get a better understanding of their friendship.

"When I felt like I would never see my family, our friends, I would wake up and keep living because I knew I would at least see her. She kept me hoping. There was a year where she took all my punishment. She got a concussion for me," Rachel explained, love in her eyes.

"She's your savior?" Dr. Montgomery asked.

"She's the love of my life," Rachel whispered, as she smiled.

"So, you two are together?"

Rachel smiled and nodded.

Dr. Montgomery nodded and wrote something down. She didn't know if the relationship might affect Rachel's healing process. Rachel stood up and looked at her therapist.

"What is it?" Dr. Montgomery asked, as she stared at the standing girl.

Rachel pointed at the clock and said, "Time's up. I'm going to go wait for Quinn and Marley."

"You're right. So I'll see Thursday, same time," Dr. Montgomery told the girl.

Rachel nodded and shook her hand. Dr. Montgomery followed and watched as Rachel stayed in the waiting room. She watched as a blond girl, Quinn she guessed, walked up to her and kissed Rachel's cheek. She watched as Rachel melted in Quinn's arms. She took note of that.


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap," Quinn whispered after the got herself together.

"It's okay. People react differently. You chose to keep it inside until it blew," Dr. Stevenson said, as she took Quinn's expression.

"Ca-can you not talk about me like you know me? Like how I react? It makes me feel dumb. It makes me feel like I don't know my own emotions," Quinn asked, looking at the lady in front of her with broken eyes.

Dr. Stevenson nodded. She wanted, no needed to help the girl in front of her. The girl was broken, so much pain, sadness in her.

"What do you want to talk about?" Dr. Stevenson asked, happy she got the girl to open up a little.

"D-do you think I'll get better?" Quinn asked in a small voice.

"Of course," Dr. Stevenson answered, giving. Quinn a smile, who returned it.

"I'm sorry for being an ass," Quinn said, looking at her hands.

"I'm not. You opened up, you showed an emotion. It's the first step," Dr. Stevenson said, as she moved closer to Quinn.

Quinn nodded and looked at the time.

"Times up," she said, as she moved to stand up.

Dr. Stevenson nodded and walked Quinn to the door. "I'll see you on Thursday. We'll really talk them, okay?"

Quinn nodded. "I won't be an ass."

Dr. Stevenson smiled and watched the girl hug a small brunette and kiss her cheek. She caught the eye of her colleague. In a few days, they knew what they had to do.


"Did you know you can go three days without eating?" Marley asked, randomly.

"Really?" Dr. White asked, faking her surprise.

Marley nodded. "There was a time Quinn was really depressed, she wouldn't eat. Rach and I tried to get to eat, but she just wouldn't. She would just make herself into a small ball and cry."

"Why is that?" Dr. White asked, interested in this small story.

Marley looked at her therapist in surprise. She wasn't suppose to talk about that. She had promised Quinn when they were in the hospital. "It's not my story to tell."

The older woman nodded. She guessed she would say that. She sighed and looked at the time.

"Our session is over. I'll see you Thursday, and we'll get to know each other some more. I'll walk you to the door," Dr. White offered.

Marley nodded and walked to the door. Dr. White smiled as she watched Marley rush to, who she believed to be Rachel and Quinn. She noticed Amy Stevenson and Jennifer Montgomery watching the girls.

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