Together Forever



Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,078Chapter: (25/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Merry Christmas! My present to you guys. Enjoy. Extra AN at the end.

Uploaded: December 25, 2013

"You guys are in glee club?" Rachel asked, as she, Puck, Sam, Quinn, and Marley sat around Quinn's room.

"Yeah, it was how we stayed together," Puck told her, "It was Sam's idea."

"So you guys sing? I didn't know you can sing," Quinn commented, looking at Puck.

"The Puckster is a Singing Chick Magnet," he said, smirking.

"Too bad Kitty has your balls in a tight hold," Sam muttered, looking away from his brother.

Puck glared at Sam and punched him. "Asshole."

Marley giggled at the small fight. "So Marley, any guys you like yet?" Sam asked, smiling.

Marley blushed and shook her head.

"She's lying," Quinn said, as she pulled Rachel close to her.

"Who?" Rachel inquired, grinning.

Marley looked away and mumbled.

"Repeat," Puck said as he got closer to her.

"-nn," she whispered, her face turning redder.

"Quinn?" Sam asked, a small smirk on his face.

Marley shook her head. She looked embarrassed.

"We'll talk you up with Finn. He'll love you," Puck said.

"Oh my gosh," Marley groaned, as she sat back and hid her body.

Puck and Sam laughed, while Rachel and Quinn smiled.


Santana watched as the glee club set the tables. They were all in the park, ready to see Quinn and Rachel. They decided to celebrate. There was a cake, Welcome Home, was written on it. There were chips, drinks, it was like a party. There was even a piñata. All the parents were helping, and Mr. Shue wanted to meet the girls that gave him the members for the glee club.

The new kids, the ones who hadn't met them, were helping. They had never seen the sophomores and Matt so emotional. They were also excited, wanting to see the girls who had impacted their lives even if they didn't know.

"Are we ready for them?" Finn asked, as he walked to Santana and Brittany. He put an arm over each of their shoulder.

Santana smiled and nodded.

"Are they going to like it?" Brittany asked, looking worried.

"As long as all of is are together, they'll love it," Finn answered, as he watched the glee kids move away from the tables. Mercedes looked over at them and nodded.

Santana got her phone and texted Puck.

When she got the message they were leaving, Santana moved to the group.

"Okay, I want Mercedes and Kitty on the second table. Artie, Kurt, Tina, and Mike on the third table Sugar, Rory, Matt, and Lauren on the fourth table. The rest of you, I don't care. They are coming, now move," Santana ordered, glaring at anyone to challenge her.

The kids moved to the tables as their parents moved a little away from them. They sat there, not sure what to say.

They sat up when they saw Puck's car park. They wanted to move, but were afraid to feel Santana's wrath. They watched as Puck and Sam exited the car. Sam opened the door and the girls climbed out.

There was a small smile on Quinn and Rachel's faces. They got closer and stared at them. Puck moved to be near Rachel, while Sam did the same with Quinn. Marley looked a little scared, but looked less scared when Finn stepped near her for protection.

Puck took them to the first table, where Santana and Brittany were. Brittany hugged them, as she sighed.

Santana hugged Marley. "Hey baby Faberry," Santana whispered.

"Faberry?" Marley asked, confused. Finn stood next to her, confused as well.

"You're the youngest, and Faberry is Quinn and Rachel," Santana explained, laughing.

Marley giggled and moved to Brittany.

"Can I hug you now?" Brittany asked, looking a little worried.

Marley nodded, and hugged the tall blond.

Santana hugged Quinn, "Don't get kidnapped again."

Quinn nodded and smiled.

Santana pulled away and hugged Rachel.

They moved to table number two. Mercedes bust into tears as she hugged Rachel. Tears were streaming down the shorter girl's eyes. "I missed you so much," Mercedes cried.

"I missed you too," Rachel answered, before moving to let Quinn hug the girl.

"Oh my gosh Quinn, don't leave us again," the diva said, as she wrapped the blond in her arms.

"We don't plan too," Quinn whispered, "thank you for taking care of my brother."

Mercedes laughed. She nodded, smiling.

"Marls, this is Mercedes Jones, my girlfriend. Mercedes, this is Marley Rose," Sam introduced them. Sam turned to Mercedes, "She got my sisters back."

Mercedes's eyes widened as she pulled to girl in a tight hug. "Thank you! We can't pay you enough."

"It's okay, they saved me," Marley answered, as she returned the hug. After a minute, the three girls turned to the girl under Puck's arm.

"Girls, this is my girlfriend, Kitty Wilde. Babe, this is my baby sister, Rachel, my other sister Quinn, and the girl who brought them to us, Marley Rose," Puck said, as he pushed Kitty to the girls.

Rachel smiled, and said, "Hi."

Kitty didn't know what to say, so she just smiled back.

It went like that for a while. The old friends would hug Quinn and Rachel, and were introduced to Marley. When they went to the end, Quinn and Rachel came to face-to-face with Joe Hart.

"I missed you Quinn," he said as he hugged Quinn, and ignored Rachel and Marley.

"Uh, yeah," Quinn answered, uncomfortable. Her body was tensed, as she tried to break out of the hug.

"Hey, let her go," Sam ordered, as he glared at the boy. He never liked him, not once since he met the other boy.

Joe let her go and moved back. He didn't even look at Rachel, but the girl didn't care.

"This is Ryder Lynn," a brunette boy who smiled, "Blaine Anderson," a boy in a bowtie, "Wade "Unique" Adams," a boy in girls clothes, "Jake Puckerman," a boy who reminded them of Puck, "Brody Weston," a too-good looking boy, "and Katie Gardner," a blond girl in Ryder's arms, "these are Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, and Marley Rose," Finn named, smiling at everyone. They girls felt uncomfortable under three boys' gazes.

The girls' gave them a polite smile. Sam pulled Quinn away, towards the cake. Finn and Puck did the same with Marley and Rachel.


Judy watched the girls interact with their group of friends. She didn't like how Joe looked at Quinn, Brody at Rachel, and Jake at Marley. Jake was glaring at Finn who was making Marley laugh.

Judy smiled at the couples, Mercedes and Sam, Puck and Kitty, Ryder and Katie, Santana and Brittany, Rory and Sugar, Kurt and Blaine, and the couple none of the others knew, Rachel and Quinn.

Judy turned to Millie Rose. "Thank you for letting Marley stay," Judy told the other mother.

"Of course. Marley begged me in the hospital. I would do anything for her. I've never seen her like this. She didn't have a lot of friends in Columbus, and now she has a group. Thank you for letting us stay," Millie responded, as she watched her daughter.

"I'm sure Rachel and Quinn would do anything for her too," Judy responded. She felt someone sit with them and smiled at the Berry men sit down with two plates of food each. LeRoy handed on to Millie as he sat next to her. Hiram gave Judy hers.

"Where are the Little Fabray twins?" Mr. Abrams asked as he looked around.

"They are at the Johnson's," Judy answered as she took a bit of her food.

"Why didn't you bring them?" Mrs. Abrams questioned, as she sat down next to her husband, on the table next to the older Berrys, Fabray, and Rose table.

"Quinn," Judy responded, watching her daughter talking to Kurt and Blaine.

"She seems fine to meet knew people. Why would she keep you from bringing the twins? Did she say anything?" Mr. Abrams asked, frowning as he too watched the blond girl.

"She hasn't talked about them or seen them. She seems uncomfortable when we bring them up," Hiram answered, wishing he knew why.

"We don't know why," Judy added, as she frowned.

"Rachel and Marley probably know why. Maybe it's because she lost her innocence," Mrs. Jone said.

Judy nodded and turned back to Quinn.


Jake Puckerman walked to Marley after Puck pulled Finn away.

Jake smiled. "Hey, will you be going to McKinley?"

"I don't know yet," Marley answered politely.

"I hope you do. Then I'll want to go to school. Seeing you will brighten my day," he flirted, smirking.

"Uh huh," Marley answered, distractedly. Jake followed her line of sight and saw Finn.

"What do you see in him?" Jake asked, glaring at the boy.

"What are you talking about?" Marley questioned, confused.

"Hudson. I'm better than him," Jake told her, crossing his arms and flexing.

"Yes, because you telling me you're better makes you the better man," Marley said sarcastically.

Jake huffed and pulled her close to him. "Let me prove it to you."

"Let me go," she told him, slightly scared.

Jake looked at her confused, before realizing that what he was doing wasn't good.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

Marley just walked away.


Rachel laughed when she saw Brittany get excited to see the ducks. She really missed her friends.

"Hey," a voice said, causing her to turn. She found Brody Weston standing next to her.

Rachel moved a little, but smiled politely. "Hi."

"I'm Brody, in case you don't remember," he told her, giving her a grin.

"I do," Rachel answered, looking for Quinn, but found Joe blocking her way.

She was about to go to her when Brody put his hand on her shoulder.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me on Friday," he asked, smiling.

"Um, n-no," she answered, her body trembling a bit.

"Come on. You'll have fun," he pleaded, giving her a wounded look.

Rachel just shook her head and rushed to her brother.


"I waited six years," Joe told her, slight annoyed.

"And I made it clear six years ago, I wasn't interested," Quinn responded, equally as annoyed.

"It'll be worth it," Joe told her, moving in her personal space.

"No," she snarled, on the verge of hitting him.

"Please," he begged, moving closer.

Quinn opened her mouth to respond, but he pressed his mouth against hers.

Quinn froze, her mind thinking of all that happened those years ago.

Once she regained movement of her body, she pushed him off her and slapped him.

Joe stood there in shock. He didn't know what to think after he felt the sting on his face. He then felt someone shove him. They had blond hair and blue eyes.

Once he landed on the ground, he saw his attacker, not who he expected. It was Brittany. She was glaring at him.

"Leave Quinn alone, or else" she threatened him. She turned around and walked to Quinn, who was in Rachel's arms.

"Get them to leave us alone," Rachel told Santana, who glared at the three boys.

"I love you Rachel," Quinn whispered, as the two girls moved to sit down.

"I'll always love you, no matter what," Rachel responded, kissing her cheek. The two girls sat down under a tree with Quinn leaning against it.

Rachel, who was laying down again her, kissed her softly on the lips. "We'll never leave each other," Rachel whispered after she pulled away.

Their friends, minus the three boys, sat around them.

"So you guys are together?" Finn asked, as he shared his chips with Marley, who was blushing.

Quinn pressed her face against Rachel's hair, nodding her head.

"I love her," Rachel whispered, moving closer to her girlfriend.

"That's great. We were rooting for you the whole time," Artie said, grinning. The others nodded with him.

"It's wonderful," Mercedes told them, as she kissed Sam's cheek.

Rachel giggled and kissed Quinn's chin.

"We missed you guys. Those six years were horrible. We weren't the same without you. You guys kept us together," Mike told them, giving them a small smile.

"If you guys ever want to talk, or just want to hang out, give us a call. We are here for you, all three of you," Tina told them.

Quinn, Rachel, and Marley had tears in their eyes.

"You guys are the best," Rachel whispered, with the other two girls nodding.

Everyone, stood up and had a group hug. They were happy to be together.

Extra Author's Note: Jake is related to Puck and Rachel, they don't know it yet. I like Joe, but I also don't like him, when he was around Quinn on the show. Brody was the same to me with Rachel.

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