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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 3,015Chapter: (27/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Yes, remember that time Marley said Quinn was depressed and wouldn't eat for three days? She had lost her baby, and it will be explained in this chapter. There is a Pezberry scene. Well, enjoy. The Italics is the flashback/Quinn's dream. Quinn is dreaming of what happened, while Rachel and Marley are telling it, hence the title of the chapter. The first, and maybe only 3,000+ chapter.

I promise, after the next chapter, things will get a little lighter. There will be some suspenseful scenes, and you guys will know what, but they will not go through what they already did.


Uploaded: January 2, 2014

"Yeah... okay, yeah, I'll explain, bring her home, please?... I need her here... thank you Britt," Rachel whispered. She stared at the phone before handing it back to Puck.

No one had said anything for a while. They were all sitting in the living room, thinking about what Rachel had just told them. Judy had called the Johnsons, and asked them if they could look after the twins for a few hours. After a few vague responses, the Johnsons gave her the okay, and Sam dropped them off.

"Qu-Quinn was pregnant?" Sam asked, in shock. He was angry. He had a nephew or niece. He knew she lost him or her. He knew Quinn was in a lot of pain. He knew he would have a hole in his heart that wouldn't be filled, he lost a family member he never knew he had.

Rachel nodded, looking at Marley. The taller brunette sat next to her and hugged her.

"We'll explain when Santana and Brittany are here. They deserve to know," Rachel explained, her eyes closed.

The boys were angry. The parents were saddened. The girls were heartbroken. No one said anything. They just sat there, thinking of everything that was lost.


Santana and Brittany were looking going to the market to get bread to feed ducks, when they heard someone crying their heart out.

Brittany walked to the small alley and saw someone crying. She looked back to Santana and told her girlfriend go to her.

The both walked to the crying girl and realized it was Quinn. It broke their hearts to see their best friend like that. Santana knelt down in front of her and touched the other girl's shoulder.

Quinn looked at her with tear-filled eyes. Her tears clouded her sight. She couldn't see who was in front of her, and it scared her. Quinn whimpered as she looked for a way to escape.

"Quinn, sweetie it's me Santana," the other girl said softly, not wanting to scare the girl too much. Santana looked at Brittany. "Call Puck. Tell him why is Quinn alone and crying."

Brittany nodded and took her phone out. She called Puck and watched Santana talk to Quinn.

"What happened?" Santana asked, looking for anyone she knew.

Quinn shook her head. The tears were falling in a rapid pace. Santana moved to hug the girl, who seemed to be having a little trouble breathing.

"San, we have to take her home," Brittany whispered, as she crouched down and rubbed her home on the crying girl's back.

Santana nodded and picked the girl up in her arms. She started to walk to her car with Brittany right behind her.

"It's okay Quinn, we've got you. It's okay," Santana whispered.

Quinn's body became exhausted, as she slowly lost consciousness.


"I'm just a kid, I can't have a kid!" Quinn exclaimed, as she rubbed her stomach. "I'm just fourteen."

"You're not alone, you have us," Rachel told her, hugging her tightly.

Marley nodded next to her. She was scared. Four months, she had been with them for four months. Quinn was three months pregnant. The last time either girl was assaulted was three months ago.

Quinn looked at her friends and nodded. "We'll take care of you," Quinn whispered to the small living baby in her stomach.


Someone knocked on the door. Puck went to open it. His face was pained when he saw Brittany carry a sleeping Quinn.

"Put her in our room," Rachel told her, "then sit down. There are some things you don't know, some things we shouldn't have gone through."

Santana nodded and walked with Brittany to leave Quinn to sleep in peace. Santana moved the covers for Brittany to lay the girl down. Once she was tucked in, Brittany left a note telling her where everyone was and headed down.

Once everyone was seated, Rachel looked at the two new people. "So, you guys can guess something had happened. Two years ago today, Quinn lost her baby."

Santana's eyes widened, and Brittany gasped next to her.

"What?" Santana asked quietly.

Rachel nodded softly. "Marvin, our kidnapper had friends. He had a doctor friend, who examined Quinn. If we were hurt badly, the doctor would check us out. But when Quinn became pregnant, the doctor only came to check on the baby. It was going to be a girl, or that's what the doctor told us."

"Beth, we were going to name her Beth," Marley added, as she held Rachel's hand. She knew how much Beth's death had affected Rachel.


"What are you going to name her?" Marley asked, looking at the two fourteen year olds.

Quinn smiled, one of the only times she would smile. "Beth," she whispered.

"Why?" Marley asked, as she touched Quinn's stomach.

"When we were kids, Rachel loved that name. So I wanted to name my kid Beth for her," Quinn answered, smiling at her best friend.

Marley smiled at their friendship. "Beth Fabray," she said, smiling at the sound of that.

"Sounds great," Rachel said, smiling, as she looked at the two girls. She wanted to kiss Quinn, but she couldn't with Marley watching them. She would just have to find a way.

"You hear that, your name is Beth," Marley told the baby.Quinn smiled.


"I had a niece named Beth," Sam whispered, his tears falling on his shoes. He didn't move to wipe them. "That's why she would stay away from Stevie and Stacy, right?"

"That's why we all did. It hurt us," Marley answered, her voice full of pain. "Beth, she would have been a year. They reminded us of the life we couldn't protect. A life that shouldn't had been there."

Everyone had tears streaming down their faces. They couldn't believe what the girls went through. The couldn't believe all the hurt, the pain the kidnapping caused.

"Wh-what happened after you guys named her?" Puck asked. His fists were clenched. He stared at the ground, wishing he could take away the pain the girls felt.

"Marvin was angry," Rachel whispered, as she stared at nothing, remembering what had happened.


Marvin entered the room. He was fuming. He needed the money, his brother needed the money. He wasn't making anything, just because the stupid girl got knocked up.He glared at the stomach of the blond. He walked up to her and pulled her up by the hair. "Stupid. Why did you have to get pregnant?"

"I-I don't know," Quinn whispered, scared.Rachel and Marley stood up, ready to protect the girl.

"Leave her alone." Rachel ordered, glaring at the man. Marvin turned Quinn so she was facing the other girls.

"Make me," Marvin told her, smirking.


"W-was that when Qu-she lost the baby?" Sam asked, his body shaking.

Rachel gave him a sad smile, shaking her head. "No, he just pushed her down and left."

Brittany was holding Santana's as the brunette silently cried. Judy shook her head, not wanting, but having to listen to the story. Hiram and LeRoy wanted to hug their daughter, and never let her go. Millie couldn't believe what the other two girls had gone through, and prayed it didn't happen to her daughter. Puck, Sam, and Finn wanted to kill Marvin for what he did to the girls. Rachel's face was blank from emotions, and Marley just held her hand, as she remembered that fateful day.


Quinn groaned as she turned on the bed. There was sweat on her forehead. Her arms were wrapped around her stomach, as she dreamt of her pregnancy. Her tears stained the pillow.


Marvin, the doctor, and two other men entered the room. One man was big, had black hair and was dressed in black. The other was a bit smaller, but not much. He had dark brown hair, and also dressed in black. The one with black hair grabbed Rachel, while the other grabbed Marley. Both girls screamed, as they tried to fight against the grip.

"Let us go!" Rachel screeched, as she kicked the air.

Marvin laughed. He just walked up to Quinn, who was sitting on the ground, staring at him with frightful eyes.

"Not so tough now right?" Marvin sneered, a smug look on his face. "Now, we are going to get rid of that bastard growing in you. We can't have your friends getting involved, now can we?"

Rachel fought harder, as she tried to get to her best friend. "Leave them alone!"

Marvin just laughed when he heard Rachel's order.


"The doctor did an abortion, right?" Santana asked, almost begging, pleading with her eyes.

"I wish," Rachel whispered, not looking at anyone.

"Quinn wouldn't be this messed up if she had an abortion. We would have been better, we couldn't do anything. We had to watch, helpless," Marley muttered, her eyes glued to the ground, her tears stinging her eyes.

"I'm going to kill him," Sam gritted out. He was furious. He wanted to hurt someone. He wanted to take the pain away from his twin sister.

"He beat Beth out of her?" Santana asked, as she stood up and left the room.

Brittany stood up, but Rachel stopped her. "I'll go."

Rachel went to the restroom, where Santana headed. She knocked on the door.

"Leave me alone, please Britt," Santana answered, her voice breaking.

"It's not Brittany," Rachel responded. "We need to talk."

Santana opened the door. Rachel walked in and sat down against the wall with Santana.

"I feel like it was my fault, everything you guys went through," Santana said, staring at the toilet.

"Sam and Finn tell us that too," Rachel told the other girl.

"If I hadn't bitched at Quinn, she wouldn't have to apologize. You guys would have been home, safe," Santana cried out.

"Yeah, saved for a while," Rachel muttered. She continued when Santana gave her a confused look. "He had been watching us, watching her. He wanted Quinn, I was just part of the package. He knew what we did, he knew all of you guys. He would have kidnapped us anyways, no matter how the day ended."

"What?" Santana asked, in shock.

"His brother needed money, so he kidnapped us to sell us to get money to pay for his brother. I don't know what his brother needed, but he wanted money. He sold Quinn, for a year I was without her. I was okay, but Quinn wasn't. She lost her virginity in that year. She never tells me everything, but I do know she was destroyed," Rachel said, talking about what happened for the first time ever.

"But you and Quinn were together when you were found," Santana told her, confused.

Rachel nodded. "They gave her back. They returned Quinn, and demanded some of the money back. Marvin wasn't happy. He needed the money, so he started to charge people to rape her. I was tied to the chair once, and had to watch as she was violated. I still remember her screams. After a while, he started to sell me too. We were broken, when he brought Marley to us. We had to protect her, so we did everything we could so she would be as damaged as we were. That's when Quinn got pregnant."

Santana sat there, pale and frozen. She started to cry harder, hugging the other girl. Rachel didn't cry, as she hugged the other girl back.


Santana and Rachel were back in their spots, in the living room. Rachel, after making sure Santana was okay, went to check on Quinn. The blond was still sleep, so Rachel walked back out.

"So on with the story," Rachel said, humorlessly.


Marvin pushed Quinn against the wall. His arm against her throat, cutting her oxygen. She tried to gasp for air and move his arm, but she wasn't strong enough. Dark spots started to appear in her eyesight, and her body became weaker, when he let go. She fell down onto her knees and hands, as she coughed.

Marvin moved to her side and kicked her. Quinn gasped in pain, as the little air she had left her lungs. She wrapped her arms around her stomach.

"S-stop!" Rachel shouted, choking on her tears.

Marvin ignored her as he kicked the pregnant girl again and again. Quinn cried out in pain. She tried to curl up to protect her baby, to protect Beth, but the kicks just kept coming and coming.

"Please! Stop it!" Marley screamed, fighting against the grip. She couldn't take the scene in front of her. She had to get to Quinn. She had to make sure Beth was okay.

Marvin pulled Quinn up and stared at her face. Her eyes were shiny because of the tears, there were wet trails running down her face. There was blood on the corners of her mouth. There seemed to be bruises appearing over her body.

He curled his fist and hurled it onto her stomach. She whimpered in pain. She didn't know what was going on anymore. All she knew, was that there was a lot of pain.

Marvin stopped hitting her when he saw the blood on her pants. He motioned for the doctor and pulled down her pants.

Rachel closed her eyes. She couldn't believe what had happened. Her throat was scratchy from all the screaming, but she knew she would continue to scream as long as Quinn was in danger.

Rachel opened her eyes as Marvin pulled new pants upward. He nodded at the two men to let the girls down. Once Rachel and Marley were on the ground and the men weren't touching them, they sped away.

Marley rushed to Quinn, who seemed to be in shock, while Rachel ran to Marvin and punched him on his face. She was slightly happy when she hears a crunching sound. She saw blood on Marvin's face. She moved towards Quinn and hugged the shocked girl.


"He deserves to burn in hell," Finn said, talking for the first time since the story started. He looked at the haunted looks in Rachel and Marley's eyes, and felt anger for the man who caused it.

"Is she ever going to get better?" Judy asked, her voice cracking.

Rachel looked at her. "She did."


"Quinn, you have to eat," Rachel said softly. Quinn didn't respond. She just curled up in a little ball, her arms around her stomach, and stared at the wall. She stayed like that for three days. Rachel and Marley were trying all they could to get her to eat something, but the blond just ignored them.

"Please Quinn, for us," Marley tried. Marvin had brought them extra food, and three pieces of cake those three days, as to mock to the girls. Marley and Rachel would quietly eat their portions of the food, while Quinn's stayed untouched.

"Why should I live if Beth couldn't," Quinn whispered, her voice as broken as her spirit.

"Because no matter what, Beth loved her mother. She would want to her mother to keep her memory alive," Rachel answered, moving near her love. That was the first time she had spoken, and Rachel was relieved.

"I-I couldn't protect her. I couldn't protect my baby," Quinn cried, letting herself grief for the first time. She sobbed, holding onto Rachel.

"You did all you could," Marley whispered, on the verge of breaking down and crying.

Quinn looked at Marley, and saw her wanting to cry. The blonde knew she wasn't the only one who lost someone, she wasn't the only one who needed to grieve. "You can cry," Quinn whispered, aiming her statement to the two brunettes, who started to cry as well. The three girls cried to the loss of the Beth.


It was silent. They were so caught up in their thoughts, they didn't hear Quinn walked down the stairs or heard her enter the living room until she rushed to Rachel and cried into her shoulder. Rachel held her as she cried as well, not wanting to let go. That was the first time the others had seen Rachel cry since the start of the story.

Judy and Sam stood up. They finally understood why Quinn never spend time with her adopted siblings. They understood why she looked hurt when they talked about the younger twins. They never questioned it. They never knew how much it hurt her, and the other two girls as well.

"Quinn?" Judy called out softly, afraid of scaring her daughter. Quinn pulled away from Rachel and hugged her mother.

"Mommy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry mommy," Quinn cried, her face red with the crying.

Sam joined in the hug. LeRoy and Hiram rushed to their daughter and swallowed her up in a hug, which Puck joined quickly. Millie also hugged her daughter, wishing she never saw what she did. Santana and Brittany watched, slightly uncomfortable. Finn saw them and wrapped his arms around them. They wished they could go back in time and prevent the kidnapping from ever happening.

They wish they could keep the girls from living the nightmare.


The three girls laid in bed, silent, in the dark. Quinn was in the middle with the other two girl on either side of her.

"We're going to get through this, right?" Marley asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah," Rachel answered, staring at the ceiling, holding Quinn's hand, "we've gotten through everything else. We'll be okay, as long as we stay together, and have faith that we will."

"Beth is watching over us. I know she is. She always has been, it just took me this long to figure it out," Quinn whispered, a small sad smile on her face.

"She'll always protect her mom," Rachel told her.

Quinn nodded. "She will." She rubbed her stomach with her free hand. "She's going to help us get through this nightmare."

Quinn closed her eyes, imagining how her daughter would have looked like. Rachel kissed her cheek, while Marley kissed the other.

"We love you Beth, always and forever," Quinn whispered.

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