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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,149Chapter: (28/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Sorry this took a while. My house was crazy with a party that we did for my brother's eighteen. So, enjoy this chapter. So, Quinn and Biff? I wanna see about this couple. I don't want Quinn to have a dumb storyline. I'm kind of peeved about the 100th episode being split into two episodes. Wouldn't it have made sense of doing a two-hour episode rather than two? Cause the second episode isn't a 100th episode rather than 101.

The chapter was done as well as the next one, but the Internet was down in my house. Sorry. 12 chapters left. I will Upload the next chapter tomorrow. I've started chapter 30.

Uploaded: January 19, 2014

Marley, Quinn, and Rachel sat down in front of their therapists. They didn't know what the meeting was about. Doctor Stevenson watched her client, watching how the blond acted around the other two girls. Doctors White and Montgomery sat on either of her, in front of their own clients.

"Why are we here?" Rachel asked, after a few moments of silence.

"We need to talk about your recover. We believe that you three have become too dependent towards each other, and it's keeping you from full recovering," Doctor Stevenson said, studying Quinn.

"Wh-what does that mean?" Marley asked, her eyes widening.

"For this week, we want you three to separate. Sleep in different rooms; hang out with other people, but not together. We want you do this until next Thursday," Doctor White explained.

Rachel stood up. "WHY?"

Doctor White looked at Marley as she started to explain, "Marley, in majority of our sessions you talk about Quinn and Rachel. It's rarely about you. I'm hoping that this week will help you think of yourself, without Quinn and Rachel."

Marley nodded, understanding what her therapist told her.

"And Rachel," Doctor Montgomery whispered, as she moved close to the small brunette, "you also need to think of yourself. You depend too much on Quinn, and if she were ever to leave," her eyes widened when Quinn shot her a glare, "I'm not saying she will, but if she ever did, it will destroy you. The last few sessions would go into the drain. We're not saying you have to break up with each other, but we don't want you guys to spent too much time together."

Rachel sighed, knowing it would happen sooner or later.

"Quinn, you've been quiet," Doctor Stevenson noted, as everyone turned to the girl.

"I don't have a choice right? I have to do this right?" Quinn asked, having an emotionless expression.

"We're trying to help you," the blonde's therapist said.

Quinn just stared at her, not answering.

"Just tell her why she has to do it," Rachel said, grabbing the blonde's hand.

"Quinn, I know you believe you have to protect Rachel and Marley, but you don't. They can protect themselves. I'm hoping this can help you realize it," the therapist explained.

"We'll do it," Quinn whispered, a frown on her face.

"Tomorrow. You're families have been informed. Spend tonight together," the older blond said, as everyone started to stand up.

"Yeah, whatever," Quinn muttered as she walked out of the room, pissed at the world.

"Don't mind her," Rachel said as she ran after her girlfriend.

"See you in a week, I guess," Marley whispered, shyly.


Rachel rubbed her hand on Quinn's arm, trying to calm her down. She knew this was one of Quinn's fears.

"We'll be fine. Doctor Stevenson was right, you can't always protect us Quinn. You need to protect yourself," Rachel told her, as she pulled Quinn's head onto her shoulder.

"I-I can't help it," Quinn whispered, wiping her eyes.

"I know you feel like that, but Quinn please just think of yourself for this week. Spend it with Sam and Santana. I'll spend it with Puck and Brittany. Marley and Finn can go on their date. Please, just do it for this week, and on Thursday we'll be together again," Rachel said, kissing her cheek.

"I'll do it, just for you," Quinn muttered, not wanting to be separated from her love.


"Come on Quinn, we don't have all day," Santana shouted, in a hurry. Sam and Mercedes were standing next to her. Quinn rushed to them and gave them a small smile.

"You ready?" Sam asked, as he rested his arm on her shoulder.

Quinn nodded. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," Mercedes said as the four were walking to Santana's car.

Quinn smiled as they got inside the car and put their seatbelts on. Santana started to drive, and they sat in silence. Quinn listened to the radio, listening to the music she had missed. Sam started singing to a song that was about a baby.

"Who is she?" Quinn asked, as she put the volume a little lower.

Santana started to crack up, Sam started chuckling, and Mercedes giggled. Quinn shot her confused look.

"Quinnie, this is Justin Beiber," Sam told her, still laughing.

Quinn frowned, "But it sounds like a girl."

Santana laughed even harder.

"He hadn't hit puberty yet," Mercedes explained. Quinn nodded and changed the station. There was a small smile on her face.

"I've missed so much," Quinn whispered she stopped at Firework by Katy Perry.

"We are so catching you up with music," Santana said, as she made a turn.

The song changed, causing Quinn to freeze.

This is the story of a girlWho cried a river and drowned the whole worldAnd while she looked so sad in photographs

Quinn changed the station so quickly, her started to breath heavily.

"Are you okay?" Santana asked, looking at the pale girl.

"Y-yeah, just the, uh, song it brings back memories," Quinn whispered.

"You're fine, you're safe with us," Santana responded, as she turned to the road.

It was silent again. No one said anything, Santana just drove, Quinn stared out the window, Sam and Mercedes held each other's hand. Every single thought in Sam's head involved Marvin's murder.

"We are here," Santana said, as she entered a parking lot.

Quinn looked around, her eyes lit up. There was a huge smile on her face as she jumped on her seat.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, you guys brought me to the zoo?" Quinn asked, excited.

Sam smiled and nodded. Once the car stopped, Quinn shot out of the car.


"Where are we going?" Marley asked her boyfriend. She smiled. She never thought she would have friends, let alone have a boyfriend.

"Well, that's a secret. I would take you to Breadsticks, but then I thought, you deserve something better," Finn answered, giving Marley a crooked smile.

"Oh my god, you are wonderful. I'm so lucky to have you in my life," Marley gushed, her cheeks reddening.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Finn asked, as he grabbed the girl's hand.

"I'm going to spent the day with my mom. I haven't had much alone time with her, and you should totally join us," Marley said, her eyes wide and full of excitement.

"As much as I would love to hang out with you and your amazing mother, but I think you should spend the day alone with her," Finn told her as he stopped on the light.

"How about the day after?" Marley questioned, with hopeful eyes.

Finn smiled. "I would love to."

Marley grinned and kissed his cheek. "Olive Garden," he said.

"What?" Marley asked, giggling.

"I'm taking you to Olive Garden," Finn responded.

Marley grinned as she looked at their intertwined fingers. "I like you, a lot."


"I can't wait for tomorrow," Puck said, as he grinned at his baby sister. Kitty and Brittany were in the back seats, with Rachel in the passengers seat, and Puck was driving.

Rachel smiled. The girls' parents had taken advantage of the "test" and would be spending day with their respected families. Millie and Marley were going to a dinner. LeRoy, Hiram, Puck, and Rachel were going to the park. Judy, Sam, Stevie, Stacy, and Quinn were also going to dinner together.

"Just like old times," Rachel whispered, smiling. Rachel turned at looked at her brother's girlfriend. "How did you and Noah meet?"

Kitty smiled. "Funny story. Noah here wanted to be with every girl in the school. With the exception of the girls in glee and Katie, Ryder's girl of course. I wasn't in glee at the time and he needed me to finish his quest. He was the biggest man whore in the school. He pursuit me for six months before I decided to give him a chance."

"One day, out of no where, Puck stopped being a player, and wanted a real relationship," Brittany added.

"Why?" Rachel asked her brother.

"Sam. He talked to me. He asked me if I would like it if you were treated the way I treated girls. It made me think of how I was acting. I was acting like a boy. A stupid boy, and I needed to be a man. The man you would have wanted me to be. So I changed, and I found the girl I was willing to change with," Puck explained.

"You never told me," Kitty said, her voice full of surprise.

Puck smirked. "You never asked."

Rachel grinned as she looked out the window. Her eyes widened. "The fair? We came to the fair?"

"It came to my attention that you have not been to a fair since Artie's accident," Puck said, as he drove around searching for a parking spot.


Santana watched as Quinn stared at the tiger in the cage. Sam thought it would be cool if they bought her a lion hat. Quinn had not taken it off since. Santana knew Quinn was living through the childhood that was taken form her even before the kidnapping.

"Will they wake up?" Quinn asked, as she looked at Santana with hopeful eyes.

"Maybe, we can see other animals and come back to see if they wake up," Santana suggested, wanting Quinn to have a fun day. Everyone knew Quinn was taking it the hardest, and the kids wanted to do anything to take her mind off things.

Quinn grinned and nodded, turning her attention to the monkeys in the cage next to her lions.

"Can we bring Rachel here?" the younger blond asked, laughing at the monkeys that were pushing each other.

"She's going to come with Britt, Puck, and Kitty. Maybe we can have a quintuple date and come here together," Santana said, wanting it to be see all them together.

"Rach might set the animals free," Quinn muttered, not paying the brunette attention.

"Sam got the food. We'll go eat, and return to see if the lions wake up."

Quinn frowned. She was hungry, but she didn't want to leave.

"I promise. We'll come back," Santana whispered, as she got Quinn's hand and pulled her away.


"After school is over? What do you want to do?" Marley asked, as she twisted her fork in the spaghetti.

"I want to be a teacher," Finn answered, biting into a slice of his pizza.

Marley looked at him, surprised. "Why?"

"I helped Mr. Shue with Glee Club. I'm captain. So I take charge sometimes, and I enjoy it. I wouldn't mind doing it for my future," Finn explained.

"That's sweet," Marley answered, smiling,

"What do you want to do?" Finn asked, turning his attention to his girlfriend.

"I wanted to be a singer," Marley told him, smiling.

"Wanted?" Finn asked, raising his eyebrow.

"I'm not so sure now," she whispered, giving him a small smile. "Things change."

"I understand. I wanted to be an actor once," he responded, grinning. He pushed a slice towards his girlfriend. "It's good, try it."

Marley smiled and took a bite.


"I'm going to be sick," Rachel muttered as she held on to a trashcan.

"You're an ass," Kitty told her boyfriend, who was rubbing his sister's back.

"She said she could handle it," he said, trying to defend himself.

"I'ma be fine," Rachel said, as she took deep breaths.

"We'll get food in you and then you can try another ride," Puck said.

Brittany grinned. "Go Karts! Rachel has to learn how to drive."

Rachel smiled and turned to her brother. "Yeah, I have to learn how to drive."

"When you reach a height limit," he answered, patting her head.

"Teach me or Quinn. We can't have you and Sam driving us anywhere," the youngest Berry said.

Puck took a deep breath. "I'll teach Quinn."

Rachel thought about it before nodding. "She can teach me. Thank you Noah." She hugged her brother.

"Anything for you baby sis," he whispered.


"How was your week?" Doctor White asked.

None of the girls said anything. They didn't want to admit that they had enjoyed a week of no worries.

"Quinn?" Doctor Stevenson asked, looking at the young blond.

"What do you want me to say? That it worked? That I know I don't have to protect them? What if it didn't work?"

"But it did."

"Whatever, now what?"

"Now we think about school," Doctor Montgomery answered.

"Really?" Marley asked, happy.

"Yes," the therapist answered. "We'll continue with the one-on-one sessions."

The girls nodded. Quinn walked with Rachel, holding her hand, kissing her cheek whenever she could.

"Why are you doing this?" Rachel asked, giggling.

"You missed seven days of my kisses. I'm making up for it," Quinn answered, adorably.

Rachel gushed and hugged her girlfriend, as they walked to the car waiting to take them home.

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