Together Forever

First Grade

First Grade

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One year. That's how long Lucy and Rachel had been best friends. They were now in first grade. They had the same first grade class, and sat together again that year. They were inseparable. Santana had put up quite a fight for the teacher to let their small group sit together. The teacher decided to accept it, only if Santana and her group had sat in the front row so the teacher could keep a eye on them. The Latina didn't care as long as she sat with the innocent blond, as well as her exclusive set of friends. Their group from the previous year had been separated. From left to right, Tina sat in the end; Mike sat next to her, than Sam, Lucy, Rachel, Santana, and lastly Brittany. Finn, Artie, Lauren, Kurt, and Mercedes were in another class.

"Okay, now class I want you to open your books to page 23 and do problems 1 to 30. We'll go over it in half an hour," the teacher told them, as she wrote it on the board. They were an hour into class, and the teacher had taught them a lesson that they would need to do the problems. Brittany and Sam were daydreaming. Tina was listening. Mike and Santana were looking around. Rachel was writing notes. Lucy was drawing, having learned what was being taught. She had learned many things the year before. Her father had bought her a set of books and had expected for her to read them. She self-taught herself.

Lucy opened her book and started working on the problems quickly and quietly. She finished quickly, and turned to help her older brother, who had problems with math, as well as science, English, and history. He had problems in all of the subjects. Lucy explained the lesson in a way she knew Sam would understand. When Lucy decided to let Sam do a problem alone, she looked up to see Mike and Tina work quietly, separately. Santana was helping Brittany, and Rachel was looking ahead in the book. Lucy smiled and shook her head, looking at the problem Sam did to see if he did it right, or to correct him if he didn't.

Soon their whole row was done, while the rest of their class was still working. Their roll had three intelligent students, two who were math wizards. They had two semi smart students. And two who had to get a little help, or a lot of help. Sam and Brittany had problems with words and reading. They had a harder time to read something.

"Psst," Rachel heard from the seat next to her, on her right. She knew who it was and decided to ignore her. "Hey midget." Rachel rolled her eyes at the whisper. "Berry!"

"What do you want Lopez?" Rachel whispered back, angrily as well as annoyed. She glared at the Latina sitting next to her, knowing Santana just wanted to annoy the Jewish girl. All of their kindergarten year, their teacher had to stop many fights between the two of them. Santana just loved fights, especially with Rachel. She had even fought with Lucy, but had lost that fight. She had learned to never fight with the blonde, unless she wanted to get her ass kicked.

Santana had pushed Rachel down that day. Rachel had corrected Santana earlier that day, and the Latina did not like it. The smaller brunette fell onto the cement floor and scraped her knee. She had tears in her eyes, as the blood oozed out of the scrap. Santana laughed, while Brittany was frowning. Lucy, having enough of Santana hurting Rachel, pushed Santana back. The Latina did not like it, not one bit. She pushed back. Soon, Santana and Lucy were rolling on the ground, punching, scratching, and pulling. Lucy got the upper hand and was punching Santana in the face, not hard enough to break anything, just to hurt her. The teacher needed help to separate them. Lucy was punished when she got home, she never fought after that, not that anyone wanted to be her opponent.

"Your girlfriend is glaring at me," she whispered, smiling at the girl behind the small girl. She gave Lucy wave, and winked at her. Santana tried to annoy Lucy, but not enough for the blond to hurt her again. She still had nightmares.

"She's not my girlfriend," Rachel whispered back, not looking at either of the girls, but at the book in front of her. She didn't know why that word gave her butterflies.

"Sanny, look I drew a duck," Brittany squealed next to her, holding up her paper with a big blue duck drawn over all her class work.

"That looks amazing, Britt," Santana said, turning her attention to her best friend. She started to talk to her, forgetting about Rachel and Lucy.

Rachel shook her head and turned around. She looked at Lucy, and saw her playing Hangman with Sam. She had a smile that lit up her whole face. Rachel loved that smile, which she only got when she was with Sam, Rachel, Puck, and Mike. It always caused Rachel to smile as well.

Lucy looked up and smiled at the girl next to her, before going back to her game with her older brother. _AM A_D L_Y ARE A_E_OME, was on the page, with a head, body, and one leg on the drawing of the man. "S?"

Soon, all the students were done with the work and the teacher gave them the work, after telling them to switch papers with someone. Lucy, Rachel, Mike, and Santana had gotten none of the problems incorrect. Tina and Sam only got one wrong, and Brittany drew on hers, making it harder to read her responses. But she only got two wrong, after ten minutes of the teacher trying to see what the blonde had tried to write.

"Who knew Santana Lopez was actually smart. I thought you were too cool to be smart? I'm shock you know things other than fighting," Rachel teased, smirking. Lucy giggled next to her. Santana didn't like to be seen as smart, saying it ruined her tough image.

"Shut up Midget," Santana muttered, not liking the fact that Rachel was teasing her. The students turned to the page the teacher told them to from their English textbook.

Rachel giggled at Santana's frown. It was revenge for the teasing. Soon, they read what they had to, except Brittany who drew ducks on the page. Santana quietly read the story to the blue-eyes blond. She would explain what she read. Rachel and Lucy took turns reading, with Sam silently listened, as he tried to read along. Tina and Mike read to themselves, both too shy speak to each other.

Soon, it was break time and all the children went out to the courtyard. Lucy and Rachel sat under a tree, watching the other children play. Rachel smiled at her brother, as he played with her friends. Santana and Brittany went to sit next to them, and shared snacks.

"Do you want my juice?" Brittany asked Santana, holding her juice box. It was orange flavored.

Santana shook her head. "Mami packed you a sandwich, Britt. She packed you guys some too," she told Rachel and Lucy. Rachel had had the chance to meet Mrs. Lopez. It was after one of their fights, and Santana's mother came to pick her up. Rachel apologized, and Mrs. Lopez fell in love with the small girl. Soon, Santana's mother would ask about her, and Lucy, even though she had never met her. Mrs. Lopez wanted to meet the small blond, but she never got a chance too. She almost did, after Lucy and Santana's fight, but Lucy's parents had picked her up first.

"Tell her thank you for me," Rachel told the Hispanic girl. Lucy nodded, as she took the sandwich.

"Yeah, whatever," Santana muttered. They ate in silence. They also watched all the kids in the playground.

Finn walked up to them. He smiled at three of the four girls, slightly afraid of Santana.

"Do you guys want to play kickball with us?" he asked, looking at his shoes. He always got shy around them, afraid they could hurt them. Everyone knew of the fights between Rachel and Santana, especially with Lucy.

Rachel looked at Lucy, who shrugged. Lucy liked playing sports.

"Yes!" Brittany squealed, standing up and pulling her Latina best friend with her.

Lucy giggled and followed them. She pulled Rachel with her. Fourteen children stood there, ready to be divided into teams. They split them up into two groups. Santana, Brittany, Lucy, Rachel, Puck, Finn, and Artie were in one group. In the other were Lauren, Sam, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Mike, and Puck's new friend, Matt Rutherford.

They played for the remainder of the time, and ended the game in a tie. Santana was complaining about the tie. Santana only liked winning. Rachel and Lucy were holding hands into class; Lucy was hyped up from the game. Sam and Mike were laughing and joking about the people who missed the ball, and the ones who fell down. Rachel fell down a couple of times, more than the other players combined. She didn't get hurt.

Rachel laid her head on Lucy's shoulder, and closed her eyes, as the teacher put a video on a science lesson they were learning that week. She kept hearing giggling. She opened her eyes and saw Brittany and Santana whispering quietly, their heads close together. Rachel smiled and turned her head to the girl she was leaning her head on.

"This movie is so boring," Lucy muttered her eyes barely staying opened. They were barley ten minutes into the film. She was resting her head on her arms. She was on the verge of sleeping.

Rachel chuckled quietly at Lucy's sleepy voice. She nodded as well, feeling the same. Both of their eyes started to droop.

Sam looked at his sister and the girl he was starting to see as a sister. They were whispering with a sleepy look on their faces. Sam wanted to laugh at them; because that was one look he had never seen on his sister. He saw both girls close their eyes and fall asleep. He turned to his other side, and smiled at his friend.

"You like Tina," Sam whispered to Mike. The Asian boy blushed. Tina had fallen asleep next to him, and Sam found Mike staring at her face. Sam felt it was his job to make fun of his best friend.

"N-no I don't. She's a girl. Girls have cooties," he whispered back, looking back at the girl next to her. He was trying to not blush, but he felt warmer and warmer as the time passed.

"You like her. Mike and Tina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-" Sam was interrupted when Mike punched him on his shoulder, "ow! What was that for?".

"Shh," Mike hissed, glaring at his best friend. He wanted his to shut up, and to leave him alone. He didn't want to be made fun off. He looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention.

The teacher stopped the video, and turned on the light, waking up the sleeping children, three who were Rachel, Lucy, and Tina.

"Okay students, the bell is going to ring in about five minutes, so I have some field trip slips I want your parents to sign. We are going to the museum. We will be there all day, so if you want to go you'll have to bring them back tomorrow or as soon as possible. The field trip will going to be next Friday," she told them.

The students put the piece of paper in their small back packs and got ready for the bell and to go home. Once it rang, they all ran out, to wait for their parents to pick them up. For the first time, Lucy and Rachel would be able to hang out outside of school.

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