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Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,208Chapter: (30/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: So, uh, glee club = audition. Two songs. So enjoy I guess. This chapter is eh, I guess.

Uploaded: January 29, 2014

"So these are your schedules," Holly Holiday tells the girls as she hands them a white paper each. The three girls looked over the class lists. They followed Holly Holiday as she took them to their classrooms. The halls were empty, which the girls liked. They didn't want to deal with the students yet.

Holly Holiday dropped Marley first. Quinn and Rachel waited outside while Holly talked to the teacher with Marley.

Quinn looked inside. She saw Jake sitting there, with an empty chair next to him. He saw the blond and smiled. Quinn smiled and mouth, 'Take care of her'. The boy nodded, as he turned his attention to the sheet in front of him.

"What class is this?" Rachel asked, looking at her schedule.

"Math, I think," Quinn answered, watching the blond instructor lead them to Rachel's class. She sighed in relief when she saw Puck in there.

After the older blond talked to Rachel's teacher, the two blonds when to the last class. Quinn grinned when she saw Mike. She moved to sit next to him, smiling.


During passing periods, the girls would hold on to their friend, Jake, Puck, or Mike, and watch for anyone who could hurt them.

Rachel froze when someone walked too close, or if someone looked at her. She dug her nails into Puck's arm, which laid over her shoulder. He just pulled her tighter, and glared at anyone who passed them.

Marley paid attention to whatever Jake told her. He talked about his scooter, or a song her sang. Before the two had left the classroom, he had told her to listen to him and ignore everyone while he walked her to her next class. He also told her to tell him if she wanted Quinn, Sam, Rachel, Puck, or Finn.

Quinn stared at the ground as Mike led her to the next classroom. Mike, like Puck, had his arm around her shoulder. Her reactions to people were the same as Rachel's. She was looking for football players, who would want revenge for what she did to their friend.


"We have three new members," Mr. Shue told the kids, causing them all to laugh. "What is it?"

"We know them Mr. Shue," Kitty told him. He looked up and saw Marley holding Finn's hand. Quinn was looking through Sam's phone. And Rachel was whispering something to Kurt. "The small brunette is Rachel Berry, Puck's little sister, the other is Marley Rose, and the blond is Quinn Fabray, Sam's twin sister."

"I didn't know you guys had sisters," he said, a confused look on his face.

"Where have you been all this time?" Santana asked, not believing what she was hearing.

"Quinn and Rachel were kidnapped six years ago, and they met Marley. They've been on the news for a long time now," Brittany said, in disbelief.

The glee coach frowned. He nodded and looked at the group of kids. He had never expected to have so many members. "So, you guys will have to audition."

"They don't have to," Mercedes exclaimed, glaring at the teacher.

"You guys, it's the rule," he said, frowning.

"It's okay guys. We'll do it," Rachel said, as she looked at Quinn. "We'll go first."

Quinn smiled and turned her attention to Rachel, and Marley who was walking behind her.

The other members were confused. They had expected Rachel to sing with Quinn, but they were also excited to hear them sing. Rachel went to talk to the musicians while Marley got two stools.

"So I've heard this song in Puck's phone and I guess it turns out I like it. I sing it when I can and Marls here likes it too. So we've been singing it together for a while. So enjoy. Just remember, we haven't really sang in years," Rachel told them.

Both girls sat down, while the instruments started.

(Rachel, Marley, Both)

I don't know where I'm atI'm standing at the backAnd I'm tired of waiting

Rachel sang, looking at the kids in front of her. She stared at Quinn's face.

Waiting here in lineHoping that I'll findWhat I've been chasing

She closed her eyes.

I shot for the skyI'm stuck on the groundSo why do I try?I know I'm gonna fall down

Marley sang along with Rachel, her eyes also closed.

I thought I could flySo why did I drown?I'll never know whyIt's coming down, down, down

I'm not ready to let go'Cause then I'll never knowWhat could be missing

But I'm missing way too muchSo when do I give upWhat I've been wishing for?

I shot for the skyI'm stuck on the groundSo why do I try?I know I'm gonna fall down

I thought I could flySo why did I drown?I'll never know whyIt's coming down, down, downOh, I am going down, down, down

I shot for the skyI'm stuck on the groundSo why do I try?I know I'm gonna fall down

I thought I could flySo why did I drown?Oh, it's coming down, down, down

The glee kids all stood and clapped for them. Mr. Shue stood and congratulated them. "That was amazing."

Quinn gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek.

Everyone turned their attention to the blond, as she moved the stool and talked to the band kids. Rachel sat right in front of Quinn's stool, and Marley sat next to her boyfriend.

Quinn sat down and stared at the kids, majority her friends. She had never sung in front of them. She looked shy, and looked to the ground.

"Watch me," Rachel said, getting Quinn's attention. "Don't pay attention to anyone but me."

Quinn took a deep breath. "This is for Beth," she whispered, causing Santana, Brittany, Finn, Puck, Sam, Marley, and Rachel to stiffen.

Quinn looked at the band kids and nodded at them to start. She looked at Rachel as the guitar started.

Well I I guess it's been awhileSince I've seen the sunshineSince I have smiled

Quinn gripped the stool, her knuckles paled.

And me Who's so well versedIs feeling so damn emptyIs at a loss for wordsForgot what it's like to just feel okayPraying for the day when there is no more rainAnd II don't wanna do anything but cryAnd II don't wanna do anything but cry

Quinn had her eyes closed, her tears threatening to escape.

Well I I hardly feel aliveI'm going through the motionsBut I don't feel like trying

Quinn opened her eyes and looked at the kids with her eyes shining.

The hole in my heart is growing bigger by the dayWish that I could crawl inside, hide away

And II don't wanna do anything but cryOh and II don't wanna do anything but cryOh I'm so lowI'm almost to the bottomOh nowhere to goEven my soul has left my body

Quinn turned her attention to the ground, not wanting to see anyone's face.

Oh and II don't wanna do anything but cryOh and II don't wanna do anything but cryAnd II don't wanna do anything but cryAnd II don't wanna do anything but cry

Quinn didn't move. She just stared at the ground, thinking of her life. Rachel wiped her tears and rushed to hug Quinn.

"I love you so much. You are amazing, that was amazing. Don't ever forget that," Rachel said, as she hugged her girlfriend. Marley rushed to hug her sisters, followed by their big brothers, their best friends, and then the whole club.


"The solo will go to Santana, while the duet will go to Puck and Mercedes. Sam, Finn, Kurt, Brittany, and Kitty will get a solo in the group number," the coach told them. Quinn and Rachel tuned him out, and started talking. They didn't notice everyone moved to practice their solos or talk to their friends. Sugar was talking to Marley. Brody and Joe walked up to the girls. They both had smiles on their faces.

"Hello ladies," Brody said, smirking.

Neither girl responded. They just stared at the boys, wanting them to leave them alone.

"So, how about a double date?" Brody continued, winking at Rachel. Quinn clenched her fist, but didn't want to cause a fight.

"No thank you," Rachel answered, turning her attention to her girlfriend.

"C'mon, we'll show you a good time," the boy with the dreadlocks said, a smug look on his face.

"Seriously?" Quinn asked in disbelief, "I've rejected you, how many times now? And you can't get a clue?"

"C'mon," he said, "you know this dating each other is not true. You just want two guys to come to and show you we are what you two need."

Quinn frowned. The guys were not good. They were assholes.

"Leave them alone," Jake's voice rang, as everyone turned to the boy, to see what he was talking to. Jake stormed to the two boys and the two girls. "They don't want you bothering them. They don't want you two anywhere near them. You think this is the way to get a girl? You're delusional. Keep this up and no girl will want either of you. Quit it, now."

"Why should we listen to you? You were the same with Marley," Joe snapped, glaring at the boy.

"Exactly, were, as in not anymore. It's selfish to chase someone who is already taken. She's happy with Finn. Just like Quinn and Rachel are happy with each other. You're just making them uncomfortable. Just stop this, both of you," Jake ordered, protecting his new friend and her girlfriend.

Joe glared at him and stormed off. Brody stood there, wide-eyed. "I-I'm sorry," he said, in shock. He had just seen Rachel, and wanted her attention. He never knew of how she would feel.

Rachel smiled at him. "It's okay, just take no for an answer, please."

Brody nodded and walked away.

Jake grinned at Quinn and went to talk to Ryder.

"We're getting better, right?" Rachel asked, once everyone stopped paying attention to the two of them.

"Yeah," Quinn whispered. "I mean, we still have nightmares, but it's not as bad as when we first got here. We are spending time away from each other."

"We'll get over it though, right?" Rachel questioned, her eyes hopeful.

"Hopefully," Quinn answered truthfully, "It's going to take some time to trust men."

"As long as we are together," Rachel told her girlfriend.

Quinn leaned and kissed the brunette temple. "I'll never leave you."

Rachel giggled, and leaned into Quinn's arms. "Therapy today. How do you like Doctor Stevenson?"

"She's okay. I like her more than I used to. I just don't like when she acts like she knows me," Quinn admitted, frowning.

"She has to know you, or try to know who you are to help you."

"It annoys me."

"As long as you get better, I don't care if it annoys you."

"I only go for you and mom and Sam."

"Go for yourself. You gave to want it."

Quinn sighed. "I do want it. I want to get better. I'll try harder, I promise."

"That's all I hope for."


"Rachel, what's your mom's name?" Quinn asked, curious, as Santana worked on her solo.

"I don't remember, why?" the small brunette asked.

"Just wondering," Quinn answered.


Mr. Shue walked up to the three new girls and sat down near them. He didn't take not of how their bodies stiffened.

He smiled at them. "How do you three like glee?"

Quinn clenched her fists, uncomfortable, Rachel hugged herself, while Marley answered, "It's okay. Haven't been here enough."

The teacher, who was used to having a close relationship with his students, patted Rachel's knee. The brunette closed her eyes and whimpered. Quinn took her in her arms and started whispering soothing words.

The glee coach froze, unsure what had happened. Everything happened quickly, Puck and Sam rushed to the girls, and took them outside, Finn wrapped his arms around Marley, who had tears running down her face.


Rachel had finally calmed down. Mr. Shue had ended glee club and the kids started walking out.

"Hey Noah, what's your mother's name?" Quinn asked, as she rubbed Rachel's back.

"Uh, Shelby, Cocolan, or something," Puck responded, frowning.

"Corcoran?" Quinn asked, wanting to be sure.

"Yeah! That's it. Why?" he asked, tilting his head. He smiled as he kissed Kitty's lips when she walked up to him.

"Hey Jake!" Quinn called when she saw him. She waved him over.

The boy walked up to her and smiled. "What's up?"

"Jake, meet Rachel and Noah," she said, smiling. "Noah, Rachel, meet Jake."

"We've met each other," Puck said, confused. Rachel, Sam, Mercedes, Finn, and Marley were confused.

"You didn't let me finish. Meet Jake, your half-brother," Quinn said, smiling.

Rachel, forgetting her panic attack, and Puck stared at the boy, who stared at them in return.

"I have a brother and sister," Jake said in shock.

Puck and Rachel looked at each other. "We have a brother."

Rachel and Marley : Down – Jason Walker

Quinn : Cry – Alexx Calisle

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