Together Forever

Family II

Family II

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,027Chapter: (31/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Sorry it took a while. Ten more chapters. Enjoy

Uploaded: February 10, 2014

"Half brother?" Rachel questioned in shock, as she stared at the boy in front of them.

Jake stared back, not knowing what to say. His whole life he was an only child. Now he was the youngest of three.

"Doesn't that make him an honorary Faberrson?" Quinn asked, grinning at her younger friend.

Rachel nodded. "I guess it does."

"Dude, You're our brother, isn't that awesome?" Puck asked, a grin on his face.

"We have to tell our parents," Rachel told them, as the others around them nodded.

Finn took Marley to his car, as he talked about a place he wanted to take her that Friday. Santana and Brittany linked their pinkies and headed to Santana's car. Puck, Sam, Rachel, Quinn, and Jake got in Puck's car and they drove to their house, with Kitty and Mercedes in a car behind them.


"Hey dads, we found another Berry!" Puck exclaimed, causing Rachel and Quinn to giggle.

The group of kids moved to the living room. Jake sat alone, while the others sat with their significant others.

"Jacob Puckerman, how are you?" LeRoy asked, as he smiled at the boy. Hiram was at work. Judy and Millie were standing in front of the kids as well.

"Shocked, but otherwise okay," he answered politely.

"Jake's our half brother," Rachel exclaimed, a huge smile on her face.

"Really? Shelby is your mother?" LeRoy asked, giving his attention to the boy.

"Yes sir."

"Does she ever talk about us?" Rachel asked, looking at her younger brother. She was happy she wasn't the baby any more. She always wanted a younger sibling. After she got Marley, she wanted someone else, and was happy to find out about a brother.

"She said something about some 'Berrys' that she lost. I never thought much of it," he answered, causing the kids, minus the two Berries, to laugh. He looked at them blushing.

"I'd like to meet her," Puck said, his voice serious. "She knew about us. She knew who we were, why didn't she say anything?"

Jake and Rachel shrugged. They turned to the eldest Berry. He sighed and sat down in front of his two kids.

"She didn't have the right. When you were born, she signed a contract stating that she couldn't have contact with you until you were either eighteen or you two were looking for her. And those two didn't apply to either of you, so she had to keep her distance," he answered.

"Why?" Rachel asked, curiously.

"Why don't we leave them alone," Judy suggested, as she stood up. Everyone minus the Berrys and Jake stood up.

Rachel's hand shot up and stopped Quinn. Puck also stopped Kitty.

"Stay," Rachel whispered, causing Quinn to nod and sit back down. Kitty moved to sit next to Quinn and watched the Berrys talk.

"Why? Why couldn't she look for us? Why keep us from our little brother?" Puck asked his father, his eyes hard.

Jake looked at Puck and Rachel. He felt happy that he had them as older siblings. He had them to look up to. That fifteen years away from each other, of not knowing who they were to each other wasn't a problem to their blood relation. They still loved him. And he knew he'll love them back.

"It was a way for us to be sure she wouldn't take you two away from us," LeRoy said, as Hiram walked into the house and straight to them.

"What if we wanted to know about her? We had questions. We knew you didn't want us to leave, but didn't you trust us?" Puck asked, a frown on his face.

"You two were just babies," Hiram responded, taking his husband's hand.

"How about Jake?" Rachel asked, staring at her fathers with innocent eyes. "Didn't he deserve to know he had a brother, a sister?"

"His mother could have told him," LeRoy answered, giving the younger boy a smile.

"But if she told him, he would look for us, for me," Puck told his fathers.

"We're sorry," they both said. LeRoy sighed and looked at his son.

"Noah, we're sorry. This wasn't for you guys. This was so we couldn't keep you and no one could take you from us. We were going to tell you, but then," he whispered, looking at his hands. "I swear we were going to tell you, but then Rachel and Quinn were taken. Then we just couldn't. We couldn't lose you too."

"You were never going to lose me dad," Puck told him, as he moved closer to his fathers. He stood up and hugged them. Rachel moved to the hug, while Quinn and Kitty smiled. Jake just stared, a small smile on his face.

"Jake, you're a part of this family too," Rachel told him as she motioned him to join in the hug. He grinned and hugged them.


"So you guys are going to have dinner with them?" Quinn asked as she sat on the bleachers with Rachel, Marley, and Mercedes. The boys were having football practice and the girls were at Cheerios practice.

"Yeah, at Breadsticks, I think. Dad and Daddy thought it was time for us to know her. And for us to connect with Jake," Rachel answered, smiling. "What are you guys going to do?"

"Movie marathon with my mom," Marley answered, grinning. She loved spending time with her mother.

"My mom thinks its time for me to hang out with Stevie and Stacy," Quinn told them, staring at her brother play football.

"It is," Rachel told her.

Quinn nodded. She knew she had to get over it and her brother and sister wanted to hang out with her. She sighed and nodded again.

"Mercedes, what are you going to be doing since I'm taking Sam away from you," Quinn asked, a small smile on her face.

"I'll probably go out with Tina, Kurt, and Blaine. I haven't hung out with them in a while," Mercedes answered, grinning back. The four girls turned their attention to the field.


"So?" Puck asked, as he sat with his family and Shelby. The kids sat on one side and the adults sat on the other.

Jake chuckled as he looked through the menu.

"It's good to have you back Rachel," Shelby said awkwardly, as she grabbed the cup of water.

"Yeah, its good to be back, especially to a new brother," Rachel answered, smiling at her younger brother.

"Just cause I'm younger does not mean I won't be protective," Jake told her, winking at her.

Puck laughed out loud and patted Jake's back. "You are so in the Brother's Club."

"Who's in it?" Jake asked a big smile on his face.

"Me, Sam, and Finn. We protect my baby sister, I mean, our baby sister, Quinn, and Marley," Puck answered, laughing.

"I'm not the baby!" Rachel exclaimed, frowning at her brothers.

"You're the smallest," Jake retorted, laughing as Rachel crossed her arms over her chest.

"You'll fit in perfectly," Puck told him, giving his sister a side hug,


"What movie do you want to watch?" Millie asked her daughter, as they laid on her bed.

"I don't know what movies came out," Marley replied, looking through the movies her mother had. She smiled when she saw Ghost.

It was her favorite movie. She loved the song that was in it, Unchained Melody. She didn't know if she remembered it. She put it in the DVD player.

"You used to sing during the pottery scene. You would tell me you would know who was your soul mate if that were to happen," Millie told her daughter, as the movie began.

"I-I don't remember that," she told him as she blushed.

"Maybe I'll tell Finn to take you there for your next date," the older Rose said.

Marley laughed as she turned her attention to the movie.


"Quinnie, push me!" Stacy shouted as she sat on the swing next to her twin brother. Sam was pushing Stevie, while Judy stood a little away from them. She smiled as she watched Quinn push Stacy on the swing.

Stacy and Stevie giggled as Sam and Quinn became competitive and pushed them harder.

"Be careful!" Judy exclaimed, as she watched her youngest get further from the ground.

She watched Quinn stop the swing and whisper something in adopted sister's ear. The small blond nodded and got off the swing.

"Now!" Quinn told her as both girls ran after Sam and tackled him to the ground. Stevie rushed and jumped on top of the pile. "Eat grass!" Quinn shouted as she shoved Sam's face to the grass. Stevie and Stacy were giggling as they helped push Sam to the ground.

"Never!" he shouted, as he turned his three younger siblings around so they were under him.

Judy had a smile on her face as she watched her family hang together.


"So you guys have someone special in your lives?" Shelby asked after they had all finished eating.

"Yeah, her name is Kitty Wilde. She's friends with Jakey here," Puck answered, as he patted his brother's head.

"Don't call me that. You don't have permission," Jake told him, glaring at his big brother.

"And who does?" Puck responded, trying to stump him.

"Quinn," he answered smugly.

Rachel giggled next to him. She turned to him. "If Quinn gets to call you that, does that mean, I can call you that too?"

"Okay, just cause it would be fair. Not you Puck," Jake said, as he glared at the brother.

"Who's Quinn? Your boyfriend?" Shelby asked looking at the girl. "Isn't it too soon for you to be dating?"

Rachel looked at her biological mother. "Quinn's not my boyfriend. She is my girlfriend. And the last six years, she's been with me."

Shelby nodded, feeling uncomfortable.


"I love that movie," Marley said, as she got another movie. "Whoopi Goldberg is amazing."

Millie smiled as she watched Marley look through the movies.

"Marley and Me?" Marley asked, as she held up the case.

Millie nodded. "Just know, it's sad."

Marley grinned, "It's okay."

Marley switched the DVDs and moved to sit next to her mother.

"This day is perfect," Marley said, as she stared at the television.

Both of them turned to the movie.


"I like rocky road," Stacy told Quinn, who was listening to what her sister said, "And puppies, and cookies, and candy."

Quinn laughed, as she looked at the menu in front of them.

"Did you have fun? It wasn't too much, right?" Sam asked, as he grabbed his sister's hand.

"Yeah. It's just hard, you know. She has all this innocence, and I lost mine. No, I didn't lose it. It was taken from me," Quinn whispered, as she glared at the table.

"He's going to prison. He's never going to hurt you again," he told her, as he hugged her.

Quinn nodded. "We're safe, right?"

"We'll never let you get hurt. Glee club, we're a family. We protect each other," he promised.

"The whole time I was gone, I thought of you. I missed you so much Sam," she muttered, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I missed you too," Sam whispered back. He closed his eyes to stop the tears.

Judy watched them with tears in her eyes as well. Stacy and Stevie were oblivious to the tension.


"How was your day?" Quinn asked, as she laid in bed with Rachel. Marley had a bed across the room. Quinn and Rachel shared a bed. Their parents knew nothing would happen. It was too soon for them.

"It was great to spend a day with my mom," Marley answered, a smile on her face.

"I love Jake. He's going to be an awesome brother," Rachel gushed, "I don't know about Shelby."

"Why?" Quinn asked, confused.

"I don't know. It didn't feel as natural. It wasn't as comfortable as with Jake," she answered. "How about yours?"

"It was fun. I enjoyed it with Stacy and Stevie," she told them.

"Life's finally looking up," Marley muttered into the dark.

"Yeah," Quinn said, as she slowly fell asleep.

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