Together Forever



Author: LexysCPD (Previously Twi-Ranger)Words: 2,121Chapter: (32/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Sorry it took a while. I lost my Glee mojo. I'm not excited as much as I should be. There are nine more chapters left. Enjoy and again, I'm sorry for the wait.

I like Louder. Can't wait for 100 though. Can't wait for Dianna sing again.

Uploaded: March 04, 2014

Marley walked to her classmate, Jake, who was sitting in the bleachers, watching the Cheerios practice.

"Hey," she whispered, as she sat down next to him. Rachel and Quinn were off doing something together, and Marley didn't want to bug them. Her boyfriend and the boys were in football practice, and the girls were at Cheerios practice. Mercedes hadn't arrived at school yet, and Marley didn't really talk to anyone else.

Jake looked up at her and grinned. "Hey."

"What are you doing here?" Marley asked, as she waved at Finn, who stopped running when he saw her and waved.

"I'm just watching the cheerleaders," he answered, turning his eyes on a certain Cheerio.

Marley followed his line of sight and grinned. "You like her?"

Jake coughed in surprise. "What? No!"

Marley laughed, as she patted Jake's shoulder. Jake glared playfully.

"So, uh, my friends are all a year older, and I don't really have anyone my age," Marley whispered shyly.

"Wanna be friends?" Jake asked, saving Marley from embarrassment.

Marley nodded and grinned, as she gave her new friends a hug.

"As my best friend, you're my wing man," Jake commented, as he waved at Finn, who was staring at them confused. He tried to assure the tall boy that nothing was going on. Finn nodded and went to football practice.

"I'll talk to her for you?" Marley asked, as he waved happily at Brittany, who waved back.

"That's the point," he said, wrapping his arm on her shoulders.

"I can do that," she whispered, as she leaned against him.


"Where are we going?" Rachel asked, as Quinn pulled her through the school.

"I want to be alone with you. We never get time alone," Quinn answered, as she pulled her girlfriend into the auditorium.

Rachel nodded, knowing it was true. They were always either with Marley, their brothers, friends, or parents. The last time they were alone was the day before Marley was kidnapped.

"So what do you want to do alone?" Rachel asked, when they sat down on the edge of the stage.

"I don't know. I just wanted us to be alone. You know, how it should have been. I never took you out on a date," Quinn commented.

Rachel laughed. "Do you want to go on a date?"

Quinn frowned, and then pouted. "I was suppose to asked you."

"Fine, ask me," Rachel said, grinning.

Quinn glared at her, "Not right now."

Rachel giggled as she kissed Quinn's cheek. Rachel looked at her watched, and saw it was almost time for glee club. She grabbed Quinn's hand and pulled her to the choir room.

They smiled as they saw their new and old friends interact. Finn, Puck, Sam, Matt, Mike, and Ryder were talking about football. Kitty, Santana, and Brittany were talking about Cheerios. Tina, Kurt, Mercedes, Blaine, Unique, and Artie were talking about their performances. Lauren was just watching them. Sugar and Rory were whispering to each other. Brody was looking though this phone. Joe was glaring at Jake. Jake was making Marley laugh. Marley saw Quinn and Rachel and waved them over.

"Hey guys," Marley grinned.

"Hey," Rachel responded, as she sat down in front of them.

"So where were you two? Marley was bugging me the whole time," Jake joked, grinning at the three girls.

"I thought we taught you not to bug other kids," Quinn scolded, trying to keep herself from laughing.

Marley rolled her eyes.


"So he's your best friend now?" Finn asked Marley, as he walked her to class.

Marley nodded. "I need a friend for when you guys leave to college. And he's Rachel's brother. Are you jealous?"

Finn laughed. "No, I'm just glad you have a best friend. But we still have majority of junior and all of senior year before we leave."

"I know. This way, I can be sure I wouldn't be alone," Marley answered, swinging their intertwined hands

"So you know about Jake's crush on the cheerio?" Finn asked.

Marley nodded. "He told me. I want him to be happy. I have to hook them up."

"I'll help," he answered, as he stopped in front of her class.


"I need to talk to you," Puck told Sam, as they walked to their final class. Puck dragged him to the weight room. He made sure no one was around before turning to Sam.

"About what?" Sam asked, confused.

"You don't know about it?" Puck asked, surprised.

Sam shook his head.

"My dad called me. He said that Marvin Ryans want to go to court. He said some of the things he is being persecuted for aren't true. Quinn, Rachel, and Marley might have to testify," Puck explained, sitting down on one of the benches.

"They are just getting better. They can't go to the trial," Sam declared, sitting down next to Puck.

"It's not fair," Puck exclaimed. "Everything was looking up. We should be putting this behind us."

"I know," Sam whispered. "It's going to be a big part of our lives."

"I wished it wasn't," Puck muttered.

"Me too."


Quinn and Rachel were sitting on the bleachers. Rachel was in Quinn's arms, as always.

"I love you," Quinn whispered, after a few moments of silence.

"I love you too," Rachel responded, smiling up at Quinn,

"Did you ever imagine our lives would end up like this?" the blonde asked.

Rachel shook her head. "Never."

Quinn looked up and watched as Marley walked up to a Cheerio and talk to her. She followed their line of sight, and saw Jake standing on the other side of the bleachers.

"Jake has a crush," Quinn said, pointing at him.

"What?" Rachel asked in surprise, as she watched the sophomores.


"What did she say?" Jake asked, as they walked to Rachel and Quinn.

"Pick her up at seven," Marley answered, grinning.

Jake halted, stopping Marley. Marley looked at him, confused.

"What?" she asked, a little concerned.

"I have a date with Bree?" he questioned, a smile growing on his face.

"My best friend is going to have a girlfriend," Marley teased, as they continued to walk. Jake wrapped his arm around her.

"Hey guys," Rachel said, as the two walked to them.

"Jakey's going to have a girlfriend," Marley blurted out.

Quinn turned her attention to her friend. 'The Cheerio?"

Jake shrugged. He started to blush.

Puck and Sam rushed to them.

"We have to go home," Sam told them, not looking at any of them in the eye.

"Why?" Rachel asked, looking at her brother.

"Our parents want to talk to you," Puck answered.

Rachel stood up and pulled Quinn up with her.

"I'll go home," Jake announced, as he smiled at Marley.

"You're family," Rachel told him, as she grabbed his hand to stop him.

Jake smiled and followed them to the five others to Sam and Puck's cars.


Quinn, Rachel, and Marley sat on one couch. They were waiting for the parents to talk. They didn't know what it was, but they could feel the tension in the air.

"What's going on?" Quinn asked, having enough.

"There is something we need to talk to you about," Judy told the three girls.

Quinn stared at her, waiting for an answer.

"Marvin Ryans," LeRoy said, watching all three girls flinch.

"What about him?" Rachel asked, anger in her voice.

"He wants a trial. As much as we tried to fight it, he's getting one. This was a few weeks ago, and the judge wanted you three to heal, every way possible. The judge had set a day, this Thursday," Hiram continued. He watched the girls' expressions.

Rachel didn't know what to think. She wanted him to deal with what he did. She wanted him to pay for kidnapping, for making their lives a living hell.

Marley didn't know what to do. She didn't know if she could go see him, or if seeing him was good.

Quinn didn't know what to feel. She was numb. She wasn't scared. She wasn't angry. Nothing.

"I'll go," Quinn whispered, her fists clenching and unclenching.

Rachel grabbed her hand, and nodded.

Marley slowly nodded. "Okay."


Quinn stared at herself. Her reflection was staring back at her. Her eyes were vacant. Her mind was racing.

Rachel walked into the room and wrapped her arms around Quinn. "Hey," she whispered.

"Hey Rach," Quinn answered, in the same voice.

"Are you ready?"

"No. Are you?"


"But we have to. After today, we won't have to worry about him, or these last few months," Quinn said, as she turned and faced Rachel.

Rachel nodded. "I like moments like this."

"I love any moment where I have you in my arms," Quinn answered.

"You make the rest of us look bad when you say things like that," Sam said from the door, with Mercedes in his arms.

"I'm smooth," she answered, a small smile on her face.

Sam threw his head back and laughed.

"I think I'll switch Sam for Quinn, sorry Rachel," Mercedes said, giggling.

Quinn grinned, letting her nerves to go.

"Ready to go?" Sam asked, his voice full of concern.

Quinn and Rachel nodded. They followed Sam and Mercedes. Marley, Finn, Puck, Kitty, and their parents were waiting for them. Stacy and Stevie were at the neighbor's house.

Quinn, Rachel, and Marley giggled when they saw all the people in the courthouse. Glee club, Ryder's girlfriend, Katie, Mr. Shue, and Ms. Pillsbury were standing in front of them. Santana, Brittany, and Jake were in front.

"Like our surprise?" Brittany asked, excited. Rachel moved and gave Brittany a hug.

"We thought you would need our support," Santana added, giving Quinn a side hug.

"And what best than the best friends getting all of us at your time of need," Jake said, as he grinned at Marley.

"You guys are the best," Rachel whispered, as she moved back to Quinn's arms.


He glared at them. He hated them. He wanted to get revenge. They didn't deserve to live. They didn't deserve to be free when he was going to be locked up. They were being selfish, he was doing it for his brother. His brother needed him. He didn't deserve to be locked up for helping his brother.

He watched, he listened as the lawyers asked questions. He watched, as the girls watched him with fear.

The blond, his favorite, had the brunette in her arms. Quinn and Rachel, they should thank him for bring them together.

He glared at Quinn. She was his favorite, but she caused many problems. He turned to Marley. He liked her. She never caused him any problems. She was the most innocent one out of the three.

He turned his attention to the judge. The trial was coming to an end, and the jury was going to a room to decide on what they believed was going to happen.

He remembered talking, but he was just thinking about the girls and his brother.

The jury reappeared. The judge spoke to them, and then ordered for silence. He told Marvin how much time he was going to prison. He had gotten less then originally, but it was not good enough for him. He was angry. He was going to get revenge, he knew he was going to make them pay,


Finn hugged Marley, Sam, Puck, and Jake hugged their siblings. The three girls didn't move. They were in shock. They couldn't believe it was over. It was over, and they could move on.

"We're all going to our house to celebrate," LeRoy told all the teens and the two adults.

Excited, they went the house and had a dinner. All the adults helped, while the teens hung out in the backyard.

Marley was giggling as Finn tried to eat her food. Santana was whispering things to Brittany. Sam was smiling at Mercedes, who was grinning back. Puck was kissing Kitty. Mike and Tina were sharing their food. Blaine watched as Kurt ate. Sugar and Rory were talking about their five-year anniversary. Ryder was singing softly in Katie's ear. The others were eating and joking around.

Rachel and Quinn were in their shared room. They wanted to be alone, to deal with their six-year nightmare. They couldn't believe it was over. They were lying on the bed, in comfortable silence.

Rachel looked over, and realized Quinn had fallen asleep. She smiled lovingly. She wrapped her arms around Quinn and fell asleep.


He was going to get out. He just had to wait for the right moment. They better watch out for when he's out . He smirked as he sat in his cell. He couldn't wait for the fun to start.

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