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Author: LexysCPDWords: 2,548Chapter: (35/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Quinn's line in the video, "I donated the egg." Quinn could have said more, Shue did help her during the Glist. JGMAR, oh my gosh, Rachel/Lea, her face. She was thinking Finn/Cory. I know this is a week late. Sam's new hair, god he finally cut it.

About the story. It will have Finchel, Quick, and other pairing that are AU to this AU. The title should give you an idea as to why. But it'll make sense as you read it.

Hope you guys like this chapter. It's totally different, than how I planned it.

Uploaded: April 02, 2014

The three girls sat with their respected therapist. They were in their respected rooms.

The girls were having recurring dreams, each different, and the doctors wanted to talk about the dreams.


Marley sat there, her eyes focused on a rose on the coffee table in the room.

"She's alive?" Doctor White asked, as she wrote what was Marley was saying.

The girl nodded.

"It's the same. Marvin never hurt Quinn. Beth was born," Marley explained, softly. "Bethany Rose Fabray-Berry. Quinn told me she had planned that as the name. She said I was going to be a big part of Beth's life."


There were cries, as the girls tried to sleep. Quinn got up and picked the baby up. Beth cooed as she grabbed her mother's hair. Rachel was watching them with a small smile on her face.

Marvin stormed in, and glared at them. "Shut the baby up, or I will," he threatened. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Beth's eyes watered, and her lips trembled.

Marley glared at the door as Quinn tried to keep the baby from crying.


"Do you girls get out?" the therapist asked, as she studied the girl in front of her.

Marley nodded. "Beth is two. It's different than how we really got out."

"How do you girls get out?"


"Momma, huny," Beth whined, as she pulled Quinn's hair.

Rachel smiled. "Bethy is smart like her mother."

Marley nodded as well. She always thought Rachel and Quinn would be amazing parents, and the way they where around Beth proved her point.

"We have to get out of here," Quinn whispered, as she rocked her daughter.

Rachel nodded, as she looked around the room. She knew Beth had to get out of the room. The toddler couldn't live in the room. She had to keep her innocence. Quinn passed Beth to Rachel.

"Quinn?" Rachel questioned, as she hugged Beth close.

"We have to get out of here. I need to get you guys out of here," Quinn answered.

Marley frowned. She knew Quinn felt she was responsible for them. Marley looked at Quinn, wondering what the blonde girl was thinking. Marley never knew what ran through Quinn's head. Quinn was hard to understand. Rachel, Marley understood a little.

Quinn looked around the room. There were no windows. The door was locked. Marley watched her. She followed her line of sight and saw Quinn staring at a blanket. She frowned. She would have never guessed to use a blanket as a weapon, if that was what Quinn was thinking.

She heard footsteps. She watched as Quinn rushed to get the blanket and grip the edge. Quinn rushed to the side of the door.

"Run when I tell you," Quinn told the two girls.

Marley and Rachel nodded. Marley saw Rachel tighten her grip on Beth.

The door opened, and Marvin entered the room. Quinn jumped and wrapped the blanket around his neck. She tightened the edge. Marley was pretty sure Marvin couldn't breath. She watched him go down, trying to fight Quinn.

"Go! Run!" Quinn ordered, as both girl ran out.


"Quinn killed him?" Doctor White asked, frowning. She didn't expect to hear that.

Marley nodded. "Quinn was willing to do anything for Beth, even kill."

"What happened after that?" the older woman asked.

"I wake up," Marley muttered, not looking at the lady.

The blonde lady wrote on her notepad.

Marley didn't say anything. She just stared into space, a small smile on her face, and Beth in her head.

"She was my niece," she whispered.


Doctor Montgomery waited for Rachel to start. The younger girl was thinking about what to say. She didn't know what to say, how to start. She knew she was there to talk about her dreams, but she didn't know if she wanted to talk about it.

"Neither of you were kidnapped," the older brunette said, as she sat back.

Rachel nodded. "It was how it was suppose to be."

"How is your life?"


Rachel got up for the day. Her brother was still asleep. She knew a random girl was in his room, and she was mad at him. Noah was suppose to be dating Quinn, but he still slept with other girls. She wondered if he was ever going to grow up.

She walked to his door and knocked on it. She started to walk away when the door opened. In front of her was Santana, holding a blanket against her body.

Rachel opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Santana was one of Quinn's best friends, after Rachel. She couldn't believe it.

Santana's eyes widened. "Rachel, you can't tell Quinn."

Rachel stood there, frozen.

"Rachel, promise me you won't tell Quinn," Santana ordered, glaring at the girl in front of her. Rachel glared back.

"Tell her what? That her best friend is sleeping with her boyfriend?" Rachel asked, clenching her first.

Santana took a step towards Rachel and gripped her shoulders. "You aren't going to tell her anything," she whispered, menacingly. "Quinn loves Puck. It would kill her if you told her. You don't want that, now do you?"

Rachel glared at the girl in front of her. She once thought of Santana as a good friend, but now, she didn't know who she was.

"You two disgust me," she snarled, as she walked away.


"Life isn't good," Doctor Montgomery commented.

"Our lives are different. Santana is a bitch. Puck is an ass. Quinn and I aren't as close. Rory and Sugar aren't dating. Marley isn't in our lives," Rachel said, looking at the woman in front of her.

"How about your life?" the older brunette questioned.

Rachel didn't say anything. She just smiled softly.


Rachel walked into the school. She saw Sam walking away from Quinn. Both of them looked angry. She wondered why. Puck walked up Quinn and kissed her cheek. Quinn smiled shyly.

Sam walked up to Rachel and hugged her. He kissed her cheek, and Rachel smiled at him in return. She was dating the blond, wising it was the other blond.

Sam grabbed Rachel hand and walked her to class. Sam was talking about random things, things Rachel didn't really care for. But she listened, as they walked the halls together.

Rachel saw Finn walking with Harmony. Joe was glaring at him. He was glaring at Puck as well; who had his tongue shoved down Rachel looked away in disgust. Santana walked passed Sam and Rachel and smirked at Rachel.

Rachel felt like slapping Santana, and telling Quinn about Puck's cheating.


"Is it always the same?"

Rachel nodded. "It's almost always the same. Sometimes its Kitty, or Brittany in the room, but Puck is always cheating."

"Do you ever tell Quinn?" the therapist asked.

"No. I don't tell her, but she does find out," Rachel answered, thinking about the emotions she feels when she relieves her dreams.


Rachel and Quinn were walking to the Choir room. That was the only time they were together. Their boyfriends weren't around. Rachel liked having her best friend around. She noticed that Quinn stopped, and was staring at a utility closet. Rachel could hear movement in the other side to the door.

She froze as she watched Quinn inch closer to the door. Quinn yanked the open and saw Puck in there with a cheerleader. Rachel watched, as Quinn's hand dropped from the door handle, and tears well up in her eyes.

Quinn turned around and pulled Rachel to the choir room. Puck followed them.

"Quinn, talk to me," Puck begged, as they entered the room. The glee club members looked at the three girls.

"Why? So you can tell me it was a mistake? That you accidently tripped and your lips landed on her? You cheated on me!"

"What the hell Rachel! I told you not to tell!" Santana snapped, glaring at the diva.

Quinn frowned as she looked at Rachel and Santana. "What is she talking about Rachel?"

Rachel felt her heart stop. She didn't know what to say.

"Are you cheating on me with Santana?" Quinn asked. Puck paled, as he tried to think of what to say.

"Unbelievable," Quinn whispered, as she looked at the people around her.

"Quinn," Rachel whispered, as she stepped towards Quinn.

"No! Don't touch me. You knew. You knew and you didn't tell me!" Quinn snapped, as she glared at her best friend.

"I didn't want to hurt you," Rachel tried.

"Yeah, that worked out so perfectly," Quinn growled, as she walked out the room.


"And then I wake up," Rachel said, as she finished telling her therapist about her dream.

"What do you think this means?" Doctor Montgomery questioned.

Rachel looked at the woman with sad eyes. "Our kidnapping wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.


"Tell me, what is this recurring dream you are having? Doctor Stevenson questioned.

"I was taken. Rachel was safe. They didn't notice that I went missing," Quinn muttered, staring at her hands.

"What are you dreams about?" the older woman asked.

"After we are found," she muttered, as she started to give her attention to her fingers.


Quinn nodded. "We."

"Who else is with you? If it's not Rachel," the therapist questioned.

Quinn looked up at her, frowning. "Marls."

"How are you found?"

Quinn's eyes gazed over and her tears welled up in her eyes.


Quinn sat in the corner of the room. Her arms were wrapped around her knees, as she rested her head on her knees. Marley was asleep on the ground next to her. Quinn couldn't sleep, not when she had to take care of Marley. She needed to be strong. She needed to protect her.

The door opened, and Marvin entered. He had a smirk on his face. Quinn moved to hide the sleeping girl, to protect her. Marvin's smirk got bigger, when she glared at him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her away. Quinn didn't fight back, because she knew he wouldn't hurt Marley.

He dragged her in another room, one with a window. She shook in fear, not sure what was going to happen. She took her mind off it, as she stared at the window. She never knew there was a window there.

Marvin walked up to her, an evil glint in his eyes.


Quinn closed her eyes. She shook her head, trying to get the thoughts of her head.


"The neighbors hear me scream. They hear everything. They call the police, I guess. They barge in, and find us. Marley is still asleep. She gets scared of the police. They get her out. They try to get me out. They do. Marvin tries to stop them. He tries, but the police shoot him. They kill him," Quinn told her, her eyes full of pain.

"What happens after?"

"I go home. Marley goes home. Her mother takes her back."


Quinn was out of the hospital. She is in her room. Everything is the same. Her mother had been in the living room, drunk. Sam was out, she didn't know what he was doing. Russell had walked out the family, and Frannie ended all contact. Quinn was alone.

There was a knock on the door. She turned and saw Rachel and Finn standing there. She stared at them, not sure what to say. They stood there, awkwardly. They didn't know what to say either.

Rachel took a step towards Quinn, but the blond stepped away. Rachel frowned.

Quinn looked at Rachel, and noticed she was holding hands with Finn. She looked up and stared at the two.

"Quinn, we missed you," Finn whispered, his eyes shining with tears.

The blond girl didn't respond. She turned around and looked at her room. She ran her finger through the books on her bookcase.

"Quinn?" Rachel whispered, frowning.

"Where's Sam?" Quinn asked, her voice low. She didn't turn, as she inspected her room.

No one answered her. Quinn looked at them, and saw their nervous expressions.

"Where is Sam?" Quinn asked again.

"He's with his friends," Finn answered, not making any eye contact.

Quinn walked up to them. She noticed their grip tightened.

"What is he doing?"

Rachel looked at Finn, before turning her attention to Quinn.

Finn looked at his watch. "I-its time to go."

Rachel and Finn left shortly after. Quinn stood there, not sure what to say.


"Finn and Rachel date?"

Quinn nodded. "Yeah. She didn't fall in love with me. Marley didn't come back with me. Everyone was better without me, except maybe my mom. But I don't know what else would happen," she answered.

"And Sam? What does he do?" Doctor Stevenson asked.

"I never find out. But I believe it's drugs," Quinn responded.

"How does your dream end?" the black haired woman inquired.

Quinn rubbed her eyes.


Quinn was alone in her restroom. It was fourteen passed midnight, and the people in her house were asleep. Quinn stared at the cold, heavy item in her hand.

Her body was shaking. Her tears were streaming down her face. She raised her arm, and stared at the dark tunnel in front of her.


"Do you do it?" the older woman questioned, as she leaned forward.

"I don't know. I wake up."

The other woman nodded, as she wrote down what she was just told.

"What does it mean?" Quinn whispered, as she wiped her tears away.

"What do you think it means?"

Quinn glared at the woman. "If I did, I wouldn't be having these dreams."

The woman nodded.

"I need to know," Quinn whispered, wrapped her arms around herself.

"What are you afraid of?" the woman asked, staring at Quinn.

"Being alone. Having no one to love me," Quinn answered, as realization filled her eyes. "I'd rather be dead than have no one."

Her therapist nodded, as she wrote down what was being said.


Rachel sat there, thinking about what her dreams were telling her.

"The kidnapping made us realize what we wanted, what we needed. It brought us together. My dream isn't now our lives would have been, right?" Rachel asked.

Doctor Montgomery shook her head. "No, its just one way it could have been. There were many possibilities."

Rachel nodded. "Can I go to Quinn now?"

The doctor nodded. "See you in a week."


"I wish she was alive. Quinn and Rachel would have made perfect parents," Marley muttered. "I fell in love with her."

"This is your way of keeping hold of her," the woman answered.

"Why am I dreaming about her? Why not Quinn?"

"Because Quinn and Rachel have dealt with it, you haven't. This is your way of dealing with it," she answered the younger girl.

Marley nodded, as it made sense. She didn't get to say goodbye the way Quinn and Rachel had, and she wanted to.

Marley stood up and hugged the lady.

"Thank you," she muttered.

The therapist smiled, as she returned the hug.

"I'll see next week," she whispered.

Marley nodded, and walked out of the room. She smiled when she saw her older sisters. She rushed and hugged them.

"I love you guys," she whispered, as they smiled.

AN: So I got an anonymous review. They said I was not a real Faberry fan because I was excited about Quick. And Puck raped Quinn. The first part, I never said I was excited. I just said we finally get a Quick duet. Faberry will always be my OTP, but I like other ships, does that make me a fake? I mean, Quinn and Puck had a baby together, I think they deserve a duet. And the rape comment, Quinn knew what she was doing. She wasn't raped. It was consensual. She said yes. And if there is something that says Quinn was raped by Puck, tell me, show me the source, I would like to know.

I get the Puck can be an ass, when he wouldn't date Quinn because she wouldn't put out. And he was an ass other times too, but he grew up. And I know my story kind of contradicts what I said, but what I wrote is for the story.

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