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Author: LexysCPDWords: 2,091Chapter: (36/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Counting this one, five more chapters. So the last chapter was just the "What Ifs." It also shows that they are still affected. So on with the story.

Uploaded: April 14, 2014

Marley was grinning as she giggled. She was in a date with Finn, and he took her to a bookstore. He told her about a book trilogy he thought she would like. He wanted to buy her the books.

"What's it about?" Marley asked again, her eyes filled with excitement.

"Two kids from twelve districts go to fight to the death," he told her, a smile on his face.

Marley nodded, as Finn drove them. He stopped in front of the bookstore and walked with Marley to store.


The bell over the door dinged, and Finn saw Marley's smile. He took her to the Young Adults section and grabbed the Hunger Games Trilogy. He smiled at his girlfriend and took her to the cash register.

Finn then took her to the park. He placed a blanket on the ground, with a picnic basket. He took Marley there with the books.

"I thought we could have a date here. We'll eat, then we can lay here while you read the first book," he told her, giving her a loving smile.

Marley smiled and nodded.


Rachel and Quinn were lying down in Quinn's bed, watching a Harry Potter marathon. Rachel wasn't paying much attention; her attention on was on Quinn. She smiled at the facial expressions.

Rachel grinned as Quinn leaned towards the television, her eyes widened.

"Watch the movie," Quinn whined, when she noticed Rachel wasn't watching it.

"We've watched three movies, can't we take a break?" Rachel groaned, as she closed her eyes.

Quinn pouted, as she turned to the television, and back at her girlfriend, not knowing what to choose.

"I'll go get us some lunch, continue watching the movie, but this is the last one for today," Rachel told her.

"But I want you here with me," Quinn whispered, as she grabbed Rachel's waist to stop her from moving.

"I'll be right back. I can't let you get hungry," Rachel answered, as she kissed Quinn's lips.

Quinn pouted again, but let go. She sat back and watched Rachel walk out the room, before turning her attention to the movie.

Rachel walked down the hall. She grinned when she saw the small twins playing at the end of the hall.

"Hey, Quinn's watching a movie, and I would love it if you two distract her. Go jump on the bed," Rachel told the twin, who were grinning evilly.

They rushed to the room. Rachel laughed when she heard Quinn groan. She walked to get their lunch.


Rachel walked back to the room with a few sandwiches, and froze at the door. She frowned when she saw Quinn lying down on the bed with the twins, all their attention on the movie.

Quinn looked at Rachel and smirked. Rachel sighed and moved to the bed. Quinn moved a little to give Rachel some room.

"Didn't work," Quinn whispered. She kissed Rachel's cheek and took a sandwich.

Rachel giggled and took another one. They finished watching the movie and eating. The twins fell asleep sometime later. Rachel snuggled close to Quinn.

"Quinn," Rachel whispered, looking up at her girlfriend's hazel eyes.

"Hmm," Quinn hummed, as she looked down at Rachel.

"Would you allow me to take you on date?" Rachel asked, looking with hopeful eyes.

"I would be honored," Quinn answered, as she pulled Rachel closer.

Rachel grinned, and let Quinn move her.


Kitty, Mercedes, and Bree were sitting down next to each other, as Jake, Puck, and Sam were getting food. Rachel had threated the boys into leaving the house. She told them to go out with their girlfriends, and that Quinn and herself would be okay. Puck decided to go bowling, and making it a triple date. He was going to invite Finn and Marley, but they had plans.

"We bought pizza," Puck said, as he placed the pizza on the table in between them. Sam placed the soda down too. Jake grinned as he looked up the scores. Mercedes was in first place. Kitty was in second, followed by Jake, Sam, Bree, and lastly Puck.

Sam and Puck decided to split the food and drinks, while Bree took her turn. Jake was with her, helping her get a better score.

Mercedes looked up when someone was said about Karaoke. She looked up at Kitty with a grin on her face. Kitty shook her head, not wanting to sing, so Mercedes looked at Sam, knowing he would say yes.

Sam sighed, and walked up to the booth to look through the songs. He picked on he knew he could sing with Mercedes and sat back down.

He sat down next to her and picked up his slice of pizza. Mercedes looked at him, waiting for the name. He didn't tell her, a smile on his face. Kitty smacked him over the head as she went to take her turn.

"Human Nature," he said, kissing Mercedes's cheek.

Puck shook his head when he heard them. He looked at the aisle and saw Kitty knock down all the pins.

He glared at the screen as he saw the X appear. Everyone had made a strike, with the exception of himself. He was slightly annoyed.

Sam and Mercedes's names were called, and they went to sing. Everyone stopped playing to listen to them sing the Michael Jackson song.

They got all the attention. They got a standing ovation, while their friends cheered the loudest.


Finn walked Marley to her door. He kissed her cheek and watched her enter the house before leaving. Marley walked to her room, which she still shared with Quinn and Rachel.

She smiled when she saw Rachel, Quinn, Stevie, and Stacy all sleep on the bed. Marley moved to her bed, and closed her eyes. Within seconds, she was asleep.


Puck dropped the girls off before going home. Jake had told Shelby he wanted to spend the day with his brothers and sisters. The boys went to check on Quinn and Rachel. They didn't like leaving the girls alone. They always wanted to have one of the boys, or Santana with them.

Puck chuckled when he saw his siblings asleep in the room. He waved Sam and Jake over and pointed at the others. They all smiled.

"Sleep over?" Jake asked, as he grinned. The three boys moved into the room.

That is how their parents found them. The girls and Stevie were sleeping on the beds, while the boys were sleeping on the ground.


"I said brake!" Puck said, as he gripped the chair.

"Stop pressuring me, Noah," Quinn snapped, as she gripped the wheel.

"Listen to me then," Puck told her, a bit annoyed.

"I would if you would stop speaking to me like that," she said, as she stared ahead.

Puck took a deep breath. "Sorry. I just don't want to lose you in a car accident."

"I get it. I'm a little scared too, but I need to learn so I can take Rachel out. I trust you to teach me," Quinn told her.

Puck nodded. "I won't go crazy on you, I promise."

Quinn nodded, and released all her tension. She listened as Puck taught her what to do.

Rachel had told Quinn that Puck was willing to teach her how to drive, so Quinn studied for the written test. She passed it with a perfect on her first try. Rachel wanted Quinn to drive them to a date, but they knew it would take a while.

Quinn was a fast learner. She was always a fast learner.


Rachel and Quinn were walking hand-in-hand to a restaurant. They didn't want to burden their friends, so they decided to walk to their date. Their date would be during the day, and they couldn't stay out late too much.

"How was your driving lesson?" Rachel asked, as she swung their hands.

"It went well," Quinn answered, as she pulled Rachel close.

Rachel giggled, and blushed. "Are you going to teach me after?"

"Of course. Or I could drive you everywhere," Quinn whispered, grinning.

Rachel shook her head and moved away.

"C'mon, you can't drive in New York, I won't be able to. We would be stuck in traffic all the time," Quinn responded.

"We're going to New York?" Rachel asked, raising her eyebrow.

Quinn nodded. "Broadway for you. It has always been your dream, and it's time for you to chase it. The kidnapping, its behind up, Marvin is behind bars. We are getting better. We are moving on. It's time for us to chase our dreams. We can't let the kidnapping take over our lives. We can do it. I want you to asked your fathers for singing and dancing lessons, like the ones you had as a child."

Rachel had tears in her eyes. She nodded and hugged her girlfriend, her best friend, her savior. "I want you to find your dream," Rachel mumbled, as she grip tightened.

"As long as your with me, my dreams are achieved," Quinn muttered, grinning.

Rachel rolled her eyes and bumped her shoulder against her girlfriend's.

"I am serious Quinn, find something that you want to do," Rachel said, seriously.

"I'll think about it," Quinn whispered, as she pulled Rachel back to her. "Where are we going?"

Rachel grinned. "I'm not telling you."


"WHAT?" Sam exclaimed, his face red, and his fists balled up. "He has been out of prison for a week, and you tell us now?"

"We wanted to find him before scaring your families," the officer said, a little ashamed.

Officer Davis shook his head. He had also just found out, and he was angry. He thought the family deserved to know the moment the police found out Marvin Ryans had escaped.

"And you think that helps us? Do you know how many times Quinn, Rachel, and Marley were alone? They could have been in danger!" Puck snapped, as he glared at the officer.

Officer Davis then stood up straight, his eyes alert. "Where are they right now?" he asked.

The family all looked at each other, afraid.

"Th-they went out on a date," Marley whispered, her nails digging onto Jake's palm. She felt sick when she found out Marvin had escaped. Jake was rubbing her back. The trashcan was right in front of her, in case she did threw up.

"We have to find them," Judy told them, as she stood up. "Did they tell anyone where they were going?"

The boys and Marley shook their heads.

"If anything happens to them, it on you," Puck threatened, glared at the officer.

"Call anyone you can. We will form search parties," Officer Davis told them, as the teens and parents nodded, their phones out.

Marley shook in fear. She hoped her sisters were safe.

"They'll be fine. We'll find them," Sam told her, after he got off the phone with Santana.


Rachel giggled as she pressed the fork against Quinn's lips. The blond girl moved her head, with a smile on her face.

"Eat it," Rachel told her, as she pressed harder.

Quinn slowly opened her mouth, and let Rachel shove spaghetti.

Rachel grinned and started to eat her food. Quinn giggled and turned to eat her food as well.

Quinn looked around the restaurant. Her eyes landed on someone she knew. She opened her mouth to tell Rachel something, when a man entered the restaurant with a gun. Quinn turned to the armed man, and froze when she saw who it was.

"Y-you're suppose to be in prison," she whispered, as she stood up and pulled Rachel behind her.

"It's all your fault," Marvin snapped, as he aimed the gun at the blond girl.

"It's yours," Quinn told him, glaring at him.

Marvin glared back. "This is what we are going to do. Both of you are coming with me, or I'll shoot the people in here, started with the younger ones."

Quinn took a step towards Marvin, when Rachel grabbed her hand.

"Rachel, we can't let him hurt anyone," Quinn whispered, her eyes stinging with tears.

"If we go, we'll get hurt," Rachel whispered in response.

"We can't let him hurt the kids, their families, after he hurt us, our families," Quinn answered, as she took a step towards the man, with Rachel behind her.

They didn't see someone stand up and follow them out.

Rachel gripped Quinn's hand, as they walked. She hoped they'd walk away, alive. That's all she hoped for.

It's almost over. One more chapter with Marvin. You'll like the ending, I hope. Anyways, next chapter next week, maybe earlier.

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