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Author: LexysCPDWords: 2,073Chapter: (37/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: Counting this one, four more chapters. Almost done with this story. Anyway, someone returns in this chapter. Anyways enjoy. Can't say much without ruining anything.

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Marvin had been watching them. Ever since he had escaped. He remembered when he took both of them. He remembered following them as they walked with the two other boys. He could feel the tension between the four kids. Something had happened that day, and the two boys and Rachel were trying to make Quinn feel better. He followed as they headed towards a different direction. He smirked when he saw Quinn stop to tie her shoes. He knew then, it was the time to take them, so he took the chance. He chloroformed Quinn, and used her to bait Rachel. He shot the taller boy to show he was serous. He left, with an unconscious girl, and the other one. He knew it was perfect.

For the first year, things were okay. He trained the girls for buyers. He didn't care, as long as he got the money. Quinn was the problem; she was always the problem. But he had found a way to control her. He learned how to get to her, with Rachel. As long as Rachel wasn't harmed, Quinn would do whatever. And he was also able to use Quinn to control Rachel. He sold Quinn, to get enough money to help his brother out. The money helped pay for his brother's therapy sessions, and his need to jump start his life, Marvin believed that justified what he did.

When Quinn was returned, Marvin needed to return the money, which he was angry about. He then found people who were willing to pay to have sex with the girls. So he did that. He charged men to do whatever they wanted to the girls. He was so happy that he kept one of the girls pure. Men were willing to pay big bucks for that, and it was just like an auction. Highest bidder got the chance to 'deflower' the girl.

He made the mistake of getting a new girl. He never guessed the new girl, Marley would be the reason those bitches escaped. If he never kidnapped Marley, he wouldn't have gone to prison, and he never would have had to kidnap the girls again.

"Where are you taking us?" Quinn asked, as they followed Marvin. They wanted to escape, but the girls weren't faster than a bullet.

"Shut up and walk," he ordered, as they walked into the trees. He wanted to take them somewhere secluded, somewhere that no one could hear them. They walked in silence, and in fear of what was going to happen to them.

Quinn kept Rachel behind her. She didn't want anything to happen to Rachel, not while she could protect her best friend. Rachel, who was gripping Quinn's arm, was shaking in fear. She thought Marvin was in prison. She would have never guessed he was out. She hoped he didn't find Marley, and that her little sister was out somewhere safe and far away from the man in front of them.

They followed Marvin, hoping he want going to hurt anyone else.


Puck was angry. He wanted to hurt the policemen. His sisters could be in trouble because the policemen didn't tell them about Marvin Ryans's escape. If they had been warned, they would have kept the girls close, but they were, and the girls were out there, alone. They had tried calling them, but their phones went to voicemail. All he could do was wait, and hope the girls were okay, that they were out there, safe and sound. He hoped, Marvin had left the state. He hoped Marvin didn't find the girls, wherever they were.


Sam was driving around Lima. He was looking for the girls. He didn't know where they would be. He didn't know if they had a favorite place, if there was a place they felt safe. He did no one let the girls live their lives alone. He knew everyone was overprotective, but they couldn't afford to lose the girls. He drove to a bookstore, knowing Quinn still loved reading. He hoped she was there with Rachel. He rushed inside to store, but they weren't there.


Santana and Brittany were searching. They were looking for a perfect place Rachel would take Quinn.

"They are going to be okay, right Sanny?" Brittany asked, her eyes filled with fear. She was hoping her best friends were going to be okay, She hoped they would find them before anything happens.

"Yeah, they are going to be okay. And then, I'm going to make that bastard pay," Santana answered, glaring at the people in front of them.

"Why didn't the police tell us? Rachel and Quinn could be hurt because the police didn't tell us," Brittany whispered, as they passed Breadsticks.

"I don't know Britt, I don't really know," Santana answered, hoping her friends were going to be okay.


"I can only let one of you two come with me," Marvin said, as he stopped in the middle of nowhere. He was facing both girls, but one of them was hidden. His smirk grew as he gave them a choice, a tough choice, although he wasn't clear about it.

Quinn took a step forward, willing to go with him as long as Rachel was safe. She was willing to sacrifice herself for her best friend. She was willing to do anything for her girlfriend.

"One comes with me, the other I kill," he said, smirking. He watched Quinn take a step back.

Quinn stood in front of Rachel again. The choice was tough. The girl that was going to be taken was going to be tortured by Marvin, while the other would be six feet under. Quinn didn't Rachel to be hurt, or dead. She didn't want to be without Rachel. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something, anything.

"If you don't decided, I will. And I know which on I want," he said, smirking at Rachel. He winked at her. He wanted to take Rachel. Quinn fought too much. She was too much of a problem, while Rachel would cause a less of a problem.

Rachel paled behind of Quinn. The choices were both bad, and it sucked. She watched as Marvin raised his gun and aimed it at Quinn. Rachel had tears streaming down her face.

"Close your eyes, please," Quinn whispered, as she gripped Rachel's hand.

Rachel shook her head. She didn't want to close her eyes. She watched him get ready to pull the trigger.



The kids grouped up. They hadn't found the girls, and they were still searching for them. LeRoy was in the phone, talking to Officer Davis. Officer Davis was the only officer they could trust. He hadn't known about the escape, and he was also angry. He had been there for the family for years. When they identified the kidnapper, when the girls were found, when the parents were notified. He had been there, and he knew the families deserved to be notified about the escape.

LeRoy hung up the phone, and told them where the girls were last seen. He told them that Marvin had entered the restaurant with a gun and he left with both the girls. He said that some of the customers saw another man leave behind them, but they didn't know who the man was. LeRoy just hoped the man helped his girls.

Marley was shaken. She was scared for her sisters. They were out there with Marvin, and she was with their families. She couldn't help but feel guilty about what they had just heard. Finn hugged her, trying to sooth her. He used his thumb to wipe the tears that were falling from her face.

"It's going to be okay," he whispered, "We're going to be bring them back, unharmed."

"Promise?" Marley whispered, as she pressed her head into his chest.

"I promise. Marvin's not going to hurt them," he answered, rubbing her back.

He didn't know that he was sure. Marvin wasn't going to hurt them, not when some else was there.


Marvin's body laid on the ground. There was no movement, as Rachel and Quinn stared at it. They weren't sure he was really dead. He could be lying, wanting them to get close and then grab them. The girls noticed the blood pooling under him. They knew he couldn't be faking the blood. Marvin was dead. He was finally dead. They were finally free from him.

Quinn looked around her, trying to find the shooter. She was trying to find the person who saved them. She saw someone's shoes as they closed in. She looked at the person in shock, when she noticed who it was.

"Daddy?" she squealed, not knowing what to do. She wanted to run and hug him, but she noticed he was glaring at Rachel. "Daddy?"


Officer Davis was driving quickly. He had gotten call about a gunshot, and he had a feeling it was Marvin. He drove as quickly as he could, hoping he wasn't late. He could only hope he wasn't late. The siren was going off, as other policemen followed him, into the trees. He had alerted the families, hoping he could give them good news. He told them where he was, and where to wait while they dealt with what was happening.


"Daddy, what are you doing?" Quinn asked, as she moved into her father's line of sight. "You were at the restaurant, weren't you daddy?"

He nodded, shifting his gaze to his youngest daughter, his pride and joy.

"I couldn't let him take you, not again. I followed you, hoping to end it once and for all," he answered, smiling at his daughter.

"You killed him daddy. You saved us," Quinn told him, a smile on her face. She couldn't believe her father saved them. He rescued them from Marvin.

"Not yet," he answered, as he looked at Rachel, who peeked from behind Quinn.

"What do you mean?"

"I need to save you from everything."

"You did, daddy."

"Not from the sin," he answered, as he took a step towards them. Quinn moved back, using her body as a shield for Rachel. "I'm sorry sweetie."

He raised the gun and slapped Quinn's cheek with it. She fell on the ground and touched the stinging area, while her father gave Rachel all his attention. He thrust the gun at her direction, ready to blast her brains out.


Officer Davis couldn't believe what he saw. Russell Fabray looked ready to shoot Rachel Berry, while Quinn Fabray was on the ground, blood on her cheek. Marvin Ryans was on the ground, away from the other three. His body was pale. Officer Davis assumed Russell Fabray had killed Marvin. Officer Davis saw the gun in Marvin's hand.

"Freeze!" Officer Davis shouted, as he aimed the gun at Russell Fabray.


Marley waited with her family and friends, as the police officers searched for the girls. She hoped they were fine. She didn't know what she would do if they weren't. She saw the paramedics rush into the trees. She hoped they were going for Quinn and Rachel. She waited, and waited.

Finally, the paramedics returned. There was a body on the stretcher. The body was covered with the white sheet. She knew, whoever was on there wasn't breathing. She looked back into the trees and saw an officer walking out with Russell Fabray in handcuffs. Marley frowned, not knowing what had happened. She grinned when she saw Officer Davis walking towards them with both Quinn and Rachel.

Marley ran and hugged them, sobbing. She had been so scared.

"We're okay," Rachel whispered, as she stroked the younger girl's hair. Soon enough, they were engulfed by a group hug. Quinn and Rachel giggled, as their friends and family surrounded them.


Rachel wiped the blood from Quinn's cheek. There was a cut on her cheek from the gun slap she received. Rachel smiled at Quinn, who had her eyes closed. Quinn opened them when she felt her girlfriend's lips under the cut.

"I love you so much," Rachel whispered, as she grinned at her girlfriend.

"I love you too. We are finally free," Quinn muttered, as she kissed Rachel's lips.

"I can't wait to start my life with you," Rachel told the other girl, who grinned in return.

Rachel shook her head and continued to clean the cut. They could finally breath again.

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