Together Forever

First Grade II

First Grade II

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,011Chapters: (4/40)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, and I'm just playing with the characters.Author's Notes: Last edited chapter. Shall be write new chapters soon.

Uploaded: October 22, 2012

Rachel and Lucy were sitting on some stairs in front of the school. They were waiting for all the parents to drop off their children to go to their field trip. All of the small children were excited. It was their first field trip, and they were all happy and talking. The teacher had asked for some parents to go with them, to take care of the children. The field trip was to a dinosaur museum, a place most children had never seen, but had heard of. Soon all the children had arrived and the teacher was taking roll. All the children had to pair up and form a two file line. Santana and Brittany stood behind Rachel and Lucy. Behind them were Mike and Sam. Behind them was Tina with Sugar Motta. They all headed out.

"Calm down," Lucy whispered to her best friend. She noticed the brown eyed girl kept looking back every few seconds, watching the Latina walking behind her. At first Lucy found it extremely funny to see her friend scared, but then it was not as funny.

"How can I? Santana is right behind me," Rachel whispered back. That week, Santana had started to play pranks on the smaller brunette. It was revenge for the teasing the small brunette had done.

Once, Rachel and Lucy were running around, playing tag with other students, when Santana appeared out of nowhere with a balloon. Rachel froze, as Santana threw the balloon onto the ground in front of her. Rachel squealed as the balloon popped and water flew everywhere. It covered her in water, as Santana ran away laughing. Rachel didn't tell on her, even though they knew who it was. All the teachers had been warned about the two of them.

The Jewish girl had become paranoid, and thought Santana had an ulterior motive of walking behind her. Santana could do anything to her, push her on the street, trip her, anything. For a six year old, Santana was pretty deadly. She could never be too careful around the Latina.

"She's not going to do anything to you, not while I'm around. I'll protect you Rach," Lucy assured her, as they stopped at the stoplight. She wrapped her arm around the small Berry. She turned and glared at Santana, who in return gave her a little wave.

They made it to the museum in no time. In front of them, stood a fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex. All the children craned their head up to see it. It has huge, even bigger compared to their small bodies. They were all fascinated by the bones.

"Imagine dinosaurs still lived now?" Rachel asked the blond girl, while their teacher told them about what they would be doing that day. Rachel and Lucy paid no attention to the teacher, as they stared at the dinosaur. Lucy was jumping with excitement.

"That would be so cool!" the blonde's brother answered, sound so excited. He had always found an interest on non-existing creatures. Especially ones that looked deadly. Rachel blushed a little upon hearing his voice and smiled at the male Fabray, and only Lucy noticed.

The children were split up in small groups, so they could see the museum better. Lucy was excited to show Rachel her favorite dinosaurs and things. She had been to the museum with her older sister, and knew the place like the back of her hand. Her sister was suppose to baby-sit her one day, while Sam was sick, and Lucy needed to be distracted, so Frannie took her to the museum, but her boyfriend was there and she forgot about her sister, leaving her to do whatever she wanted. Lucy decided to look around and see what the place had to offer. A few hours later, Frannie ran looking for her, thinking she was lost or worse, but instead the small four year old was following a tour, listening to what was bring said. Although Frannie would never admit it, Lucy looked adorable with the older people. She was in front of the tour. Her eyes were shining with excitement.

Lucy had gone to the museum any chance she took. The workers knew her already, and always loved having her in their tour shifts. Her sister loved taking her there because she got to spend alone time with her boyfriend, or hang out with her friends. She never paid any attention to her youngest sister. She knew where to find the younger Fabray.

"Come on!" Lucy said as she pulled her friend to the triceratops. She wanted to show Rachel the vegan dinosaur that was just like her. She told the brunette all about that dinosaur.

While the students got a tour from the adults, only the chosen six got a special tour from Lucy. She was in her zone, meaning that her fear of being in the spot light was gone. She wasn't shy or nervous. She was brave, and having the time of her life. No one could have disturbed her from giving her friends the best tour, not even Santana's comments.

Rachel followed her everywhere, especially when they had to get their lunches and eat. Rachel didn't eat the school food. Her daddy always made her food for her and Lucy. Lucy didn't eat school food either, but her parents didn't make her food. The two girls sat under a tree, outside the museum. There was a small park, with benches. A bunch of the kids ran to the benches, even Santana, Brittany, Sam, Mike, and Tina. Lucy went to sit on the ground under a tree, not far from the teacher, and Rachel followed her.

"I liked your tour better. It was nicer than those adults," Rachel told her companion, as she ate her salad. Lucy had a sandwich and blushed at the compliment. She looked at the sandwich and not her friend.

"Thank you," the blushing blond said. She took a bit from her sandwich and offered some to her friend. The sandwich was tuna, and Rachel glared at her.

They sat there and ate in silence. It was a comfortable silence. Every once in a while Lucy would throw bits of foods to birds.

"You shouldn't feed the birds Quinnie," Rachel told her friend, when Lucy threw a fourth piece of bread at the flock of birds.

Lucy glared at her friend. She didn't like her middle name. No one called her Quinn, and didn't want to be called like that. She only let Rachel call her that at times, because it made her happy. "Why?"

"The birds can attack you, that's why" Rachel told her, as if it was obvious.

"No they won't" Lucy told her, trying to defend herself. She didn't know why the birds would attack her. They didn't have a reason to.

"What if you have no more bread and they want more? They'll attack you," Rachel told her, keeping an eye on the birds, who were looking around for more food.

"I don't know," Lucy whispered, realizing that Rachel had a point. Lucy smirked and got a stone. She threw it at the birds and they flew away in fear.

"Lucy!" Rachel exclaimed, her eyes wide. Lucy grinned. "You could have hurt a bird! That was not nice!" She couldn't believe Lucy would do that. Lucy laughed as she bumped Rachel with her shoulder. Rachel could never be made at Lucy, so she let it go.

"I wish I could fly away," Lucy muttered, watching the birds fly away. She imagined leaving her parents and following the birds to where they go. She wondered how it would be if she was able to do that. She knew it would be an adventure, she also wondered if Rachel would go with her. She couldn't leave her best friend behind.

"Me too," Rachel whispered. After a few minutes, she turned to her best friend. "We'll be friends forever right?"

"Forever and ever," Lucy told her, as she watched her brother play tag with her friends. She smiled. When she entered kindergarten, she was scared she was not going to make any friends, but she was dead wrong. She made amazing friends that year.

"And the others? They'll be our friends forever too, right?" Rachel asked, also looking at her friends.

"All of us will be friends Rach, nothing can separate us," Lucy told her, not knowing what the future held.

She turned to see Rachel looking at her brother as well. She remembered Rachel blushing every time Sam was around. When he would talk to her, Rachel turned into a blushing and stuttering mess. Lucy's eyes widened as she realized that Rachel had a crush on her twin! "Rachel and Sam sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G," she sang.

"Lucy," Rachel said, trying to get her to be quiet. She didn't want anyone to hear her, especially Sam and Santana. If Santana heard, her life would be over. Santana will never leave her alone and that would be horrible. And if Sam heard, that would be a disaster, she would be horrified.

"First comes—" Rachel put her hand over Lucy's mouth as the blond continued singing. All Rachel could hear was Lucy's mumbling the song. Rachel pushed Lucy onto the ground.

"Shhh," she told her, as she put all her weight on the taller girl. She needed to find a way to shut Lucy up, before anyone found out her secret.

"You like Sam," Lucy said, once she wrestled the brunettes hand off her mouth. She was giggling.

"No, I-I don't," Rachel stuttered, turning red, "he's a boy an-and he has cooties. B-boys are gross!"

Lucy laughed. "You like Sam, I know you do." She had found Rachel's secret.

"Okay, I do, but you like Noah," Rachel stated, staring at the blonde's reaction. She just said it to shut her up, but she didn't know if Lucy liked her older brother or not.

"Th-that's a lie," the blond said, blushing and looking at anything except the Jewish girl.

Rachel giggles. "Lucy and Noah sitting—" she didn't get to finished, because Lucy jumped on her. She straddled Rachel. She put her hands over Rachel's mouth, trying to keep her quiet. It was okay if she made fun of Rachel, but not the other way around.

"I don't like your brother," Lucy told her, her face red as a tomato. She didn't know if she liked Rachel's older brother or not, but she wasn't going to tell Rachel that. trying to keep her quiet. It was okay if she made fun of Rachel, but not the other way around.

Rachel laughed harder, as the Christian got redder.

"I-if you don't stop laughing, I'll tell Sam you like him," the blond told her friend.

Rachel sobered up upon hearing that. Lucy smirked and sat back.

"You like Noah, and I like Sam," Rachel muttered.

"Let's leave as that," Lucy responded.

Nothing was said for a few seconds. They just sat there, thinking of what they had just admitted.

Then, both just started laughing. They liked each other's sibling. They found it so funny. Later they ran to play with their friends, and Sugar who was joining their group. She sat behind Tina in their class. Sugar and her friend Rory were best friends, and they adored their group. Sugar and Tina became friend's, so they group decided to include Sugar and Rory. They had a meeting under the biggest tree in the school the next day on whether to let Sugar and Rory join their group or not. It was a debate, with pros and cons, and once it was decided, Puck would carve the names of the members of the group. There were sixteen names, and they knew it was going to grow. There were thirteen original members with three new ones. They were excited, they all wanted to be together as friends for the rest of their lives.

Lucy and Rachel would tease each other about their crushes at random moments. It was unknown to them the real reason why Rachel liked Sam, Lucy's twin, and Lucy liked Noah, Rachel's brother, was a big excuse they didn't know they were making.

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