Together Forever

Together Forever

Together Forever

Author: LexysCPDWords: 2,301Chapter: (40/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except the plot.Author's Note: So I'm not entirely happy with this ending, but I can't think of another way to end it. Final chapter. Thank you for sticking with me all these months.

On an unrelated note, I went to Christina Perri's Head or Heart Tour, and I love her. She's amazing and so adorable. It was my first concert, and I don't regret her concert being my first. Because of this, I used on of her songs.

Uploaded: May 19, 2014

Marley decided to do something new and chose both her sisters as her matron of honors. Finn chose both his brothers as his best men. They told everyone the day after Quinn and Rachel returned from their honeymoon. They got married two months later. Finn was in Lima, the glee club coach, and football coach, while Marley, who loved singing, was touring the country. Finn would join her every once in a while. They were happy.

Kurt and Blaine were dating. Their relationship was nothing like Quinn and Rachel's, or Santana and Brittany's. During their senior year, Blaine cheated. Kurt was devastated and after a few months, started to see another man, Adam. Blaine, devastated, tried everything to win Kurt back. Blaine decided to propose, even if they weren't dating. Kurt said no, but they did start dating, after Kurt broke up with Adam. Blaine was ready to propose again any time.

Brittany was pregnant. They had gotten a donor. Santana wanted to raise a child. She had trying to get her residency. Their child, a son they found out. Brittany had made enough money to be able to support the family while Santana went to school. They had a named picked out, Quinton Raymond Pierce-Lopez. When Quinn and Rachel found out, they were so honored. They had promised to spoil their nephew.

Brittany and Santana weren't the only one with a child. Puck had gotten Kitty pregnant her senior year of college. They had a three-year-old daughter. They were broken up, but Puck was doing all he could to get back with the mother of his daughter. Allyson Berry. She had dark blond hair, and hazel eyes. She was the perfect mixture of Puck and Kitty.

Mercedes was touring the country, and Sam was modeling in New York. They were going strong. They were ready to take the next step, but they wanted to be together for that to happen. Mercedes had released an album, and her hit song, Colorblind made it big. It was one of the 10 most downloaded songs. Sam was one of the best underpants models around.

The couple they all looked up to were married for seven years, and had two children, Rory Jr. (RJ), five and Candy, four. Sugar and Rory were having their fifteenth year anniversary. Rory and Sugar visit Ireland three times a year, but spend most of their time in the States. Rory started a band, Celtic Thunder. Sugar took over her father's piano business.

Mike was a big shot dancer. He usually partnered up with Brittany, but after her pregnancy, has taken the dancing world alone. Tina was an actress, she was on a show about a group of misfit children who joined a club of dancers, and created great friendships. Mike and Brittany helped with the choreography whenever they could. The show was in its fourth season, Jenna, Tina's character was in a relationship with Harry, and the writers were talking about a pregnancy. Mike and Tina were talking about expanding their family.

Jake was a guitarist solo singer. He was single. Bree broke up with him during his final year. She had a pregnancy scare. She didn't want another one, so she left him. She bumped into him six years after their high school graduation. They talked and connected. They weren't together, but the hung out whenever they could. Jake had family dinner once a month with Rachel and Puck and their families.

Matt was a player in the Cincinnati Bengals. He was currently single, but he did date. He hadn't found the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He had played during college, and was drafted to eh NFL. He was going to be drafted to a better team, many of them wanted him.

Artie was a famous filmmaker. He was currently working on a book-based film. The book he wanted to work on was special to him. He was going to direct it, and was going to work with the writer to making it into a film. He was dating a fellow filmmaker, Julie Hunt. He met her in his final year of college, and had been dating since then.

Lauren had made a singing restaurant, one in Los Angeles and another in New York. The waiters had to sing the menu, and once a day had a singing number. The group would meet up in one of the two restaurants for their annual reunion. She was also a well-known wrestler. She had many titles, and was intimidating to many people.

Ryder and Katie were married. He was an actor, while Katie just stayed home. She gave birth to their son, Adam Lynn. Katie wanted to be a stay home mom, to raise their son. They were happy, and expecting another child.

Unique had her own show. She helped boy and girls feel comfortable with their own bodies. She had suffered, and she didn't want others to suffer, not when she could help them. She didn't have a love life; she wanted to give her attention to changing lives.

Joe had gotten over his obsession of Quinn. His best friend declared her love for him, and they had been dating for eight years. Joe was a priest, while Harmony taught the students that went to his parish how to sing. They knew they couldn't marry, but their love kept them together.

Brody fell for one of his classmates in NYADA, Cassandra July. Their relationship started off as friends with benefits. Brody had started to have feelings, which caused them to end the relationship. Cassandra finally gave in and started to date Brody. They had been together for five years. Brody stopped his Broadway career, and tried out for American Idol, and won.

LeRoy and Hiram Berry moved to New York with Judy, Stevie, and Stacy Fabray, as well as Millie Rose. They were proud of their children, Stevie and Stacy graduated high school at seventeen and enrolled in New York University. The four parents lived together, while their children lived with their significant others, in dorms, or with the mother of their child and child.

William Shuester had a son with Emma. They named him Daniel Finn Shuester. Daniel after a song that meant a lot to them, Danny's Song, and Finn, a surrogated son to William.

Russell Fabray had passed away. His drinking caught up to him. Before his death, Quinn and Sam talked to him. Quinn asked him about her childhood. Why he abused her. He told her he didn't know the answer. He just wanted the perfect child, and she was almost perfect. Her only flaw was Rachel. Quinn told him that she forgave him. She loved him, but she wasn't his daughter. She stopped being his child when he raised the gun at Rachel. She kissed his forehead and left. She never talked to him again.


Quinn was sitting there, smiling as she thought about all her friends. They had all moved on, they were all happy. They were living their lives, and they weren't worrying about anything else.

Quinn stared at the book in front of her. She turned the page, as memories started to flood in.


Rachel was smiling, as she signed autographs. There were two teenage girls that walked up to her; their hands were shaking with excitement. Their eyes were also wide. They had big smiles on their faces.

"Hello," Rachel said, smiling at the girls.

"Hi," the shorter of the two responded, grinning. She had hazel eyes, and brown hair. Her friend had light brown hair, and green eyes.

"I'm Rachel, and you guys?" Rachel questioned, smiling softly.

"I'm Christina, and this is my best friend, Thea," the smallest brunette answered, as she watched Rachel write on the CD she was holding.

"It's a please to meet you. You see that blond woman over there?"

Both girls nodded, looking at the blond that was on the phone a little away from them.

"She's my best friend, and my wife. She'd love to sign this for you."

Each girl took a cd and rushed to Quinn. The blond ended the call as the two girls walked to her.

"Mrs. Berry, may you sign this for us?" the light brunette asked, as her eyes shined with excitement. "You're Quinn Fabray?"

Quinn nodded as she took the CDs and signed them. She watched, curiously, as the girl who recognized her reached into her bag and took out a book.

"May you sign this? My name is Thea, and this is my best friend Christina," Thea asked, the book trembling in her hands.

"It'll be my honor," Quinn responded, as she opened to book and wrote on it.

Thea took the book and opened it. She read the words out loud, "Thea and Christina, never lose hope. Cherish the friendships around you. I hope your friendship lasts as long as mine did. –Quinn Fabray."

"I love this book. I've read it a thousand times. It does, give me hope. It keeps us together, and I can't believe I met my favorite author," Thea gushed, as she hugged the book close.

Quinn blushed, shy towards compliments. She reached into her purse and handed each girl a pass. "It's for Rachel Berry's concert. VIP passes, hope to see you soon."

The girls squealed, as she jumped with the passes. They quickly hugged Quinn and rushed to their parents.


"For my next song, it'll be a cover. This is one of my favorite songs, and I'm bringing a special guest," Rachel told the audience. The concert was sold out. In the front row were her friends, and the two girls she had met.

The instruments started, as Rachel grinned at the audience.

We're on top of the world,We're on top of the worldNow darling so don't let go.

Quinn came out and sang the next few lines with her wife.

Can I call you mine?So can I call you mine now darlingFor a whole lifetime?My heart finally trusts my mind.

Rachel took the next line, and grinned at Quinn as she sang.

And I know somehow it's right.

The girls sang together, as they looked at the audience. The crowd was singing with them.

And oh, we've got timeYeah,So darling just say you'll stay right by my side.And oh we've got love,Yeah,So darling just swear you'll stand right by my side.

Rachel and Quinn sang together as they danced together.

We're on top of the world,We're on top of the worldNow darling so don't let go.I've got something to say,You're perfect in every way,I'm gonna shout it out.I wanna tell you now.'Cause I know somehow it's right.

And oh, we've got timeYeah,So darling just say you'll stay right by my side.And oh, we've got loveYeah,Darling just swear you'll stand right by my side.

Be my forever,Be my forever,Be my forever.Be my forever,Be my forever,Be my forever.

Quinn sang the next line, while Rachel sang the one after.

You're my bright blue sky.You're the sun in my eyes.

They sang together again.

Oh, baby you're my life.You're the reason why.

We're on top of the world,We're on top of the worldNow darling so don't let go.

And oh, we've got timeYeah,We've got loveSo darling just say you'll stay right by my side.And oh, and we've got loveYeah,So darling just swear you'll stand right by my side.

Be my forever,Be my forever,Be my forever.Be my forever,Be my forever,Be my forever.

Rachel sang the next line, and Quinn sang the one after.

Will you love me forever?I'll love you forever.

They finished the song together.

Be my forever.Be my forever,Be my forever,Be my forever.

Rachel kissed Quinn's cheek as the audience went crazy. Quinn got off the stage soon after that, as Rachel finished her concert.


After Funny Girl, Rachel starred in other Broadway productions. She released her own album. She was moving onto films and television. She was expanding, and Quinn couldn't be prouder.

Quinn had majored in English in Yale. She had released a book, one that only Rachel knew about. Her friends found out about it before she published it, to make sure they were okay with her using their names. After she got permission, she published it. The book, that she had been reading that day.

The acknowledgments had every one of their names. The book retold her story, from the age of five. She looked at the back, and stared at the words behind it.

I was five when my world changed.We were ten, when it fell apart.This is our story, as we tried to find who we were.

She turned to the last page.

There she was. On stage where she belongs. I knew then and there, we would be together, forever.

She felt someone leaning against her.

"I love you," Rachel whispered in her ears.

"And I love you."

Quinn closed the book, and turned to her wife. "How are my babies?"

"I'm fine, but your child wants food. Chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter, and pickles," Rachel answered, as she rubbed her swollen belly.

"Mommy loves you," Quinn whispered, as she placed a kiss on Rachel's stomach.

"Yeah, she loves you too. Now get the food before I have Annabeth keep you up all night again,' Rachel threatened as she glared at her wife.

Quinn nodded and stood up. She rushed to the kitchen to get what the singer wanted.

Rachel looked down at the book and smiled. "We will be Together Forever."

Song: Be Mine Forever by Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran.

This is the end. One and more than half years with this story. I hope you guys liked this story and I wanted to thank you for reading this. I will have a new Glee story out soon. Keep an eye out.

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