Together Forever

Second Grade

Second Grade

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,015Chapters: (5/40)Disclaimer: I don't own jack.Author's Notes: Sorry for the long wait, was editing the other chapters, making them longer. On an unrelated note, yet its related, is Quintana going to happen? Cause that's going to make me happy! But if only it was Faberry.

Uploaded: January 22, 2013

"Please," Rachel begged. She was begging her parents to let her have a birthday party. She wanted to invite Lucy and Sam, as well as her other friends. She still had a small crush on Sam, or so she thought.

Her house was had a big yard. It was big enough for a party. She could invite Lucy, Sam, Finn, Brittany, even Santana, who she became friends with. Both girls had a love for protecting their own blonde friends. Their last fight was a few months before, but if was protecting Brittany and Lucy from a bully.

Rachel had loved being friends with Lucy. They were so different, yet the same.

Although all Rachel talked about was Lucy, her fathers had yet to meet her. They knew she was a Fabray, and the older Fabrays were all the same. They where strict Christians and the Berrys were happy the younger ones weren't there yet and hopefully would never become like their older family members. From the way their children talked about Samuel and Lucy, the twins were the sweetest, kindest children. They were nothing like their family members. Samuel seemed to idolize Noah. Lucy loved Rachel.

Hiram Berry wanted to meet Rachel's friends, all of them. LeRoy wanted to meet Sam, Rachel's crush.

"Okay, you can have a party," Hiram told her. Rachel squealed and hugged them. She ran to get ready to tell her friends. "This Saturday!"

Rachel ran to get ready for school and tell her friends about the party. It was Monday, meaning they had a whole week to get ready for it. She was excited.

Lucy was already at school. She still had a class with Rachel. She was also with Santana and Brittany. This time, Sam was in another class, which Lucy was disappointed about. She had never been separated from her brother before, except with sleeping arrangement, which she kind of understood. She had her own room. Everyone in her family had their own room.

Lucy's room was green. The comforters were green checker boards. She had a desk, and a television. There was a book case as well. There was a nightstand next to the bed with a green lamp.

Sam's room was blue. His comforters were striped. He had a desk and a television. He was rarely in his room. He did his homework with Lucy, because she would always help him. He only used his room to sleep in.

Frannie's room was red and white, like the Cheerios. There was a desk, computer, lamp, television, and anything she needed. She was either in her room or out with friends.

Lucy was worried about not being in a class with Sam, because Sam was dyslexic; Brittany was too, as they found out. Lucy wanted to be there with him, to help him with his work.

Lucy was sitting down, looking at the students in her class. She was with Rachel, Santana and Brittany, of course. Finn was in there, as well as Artie, Sugar, and Kurt. Rory, Tina, Mike, Sam, and Mercedes were in a class together. Lauren was alone in another. That was the group. Most of the other students knew their group, because they hung out with Puck and Matt. Most students envied them. Others wanted to be a part of it. Of course, the group didn't care. No matter what class they had, they hung out together.

Rachel entered the class and ran to her group. "Guess what?" Her excitement was radiating off her.

"You grew?" Santana guessed, smirking at her comment. She raised her eyebrow at Lucy's glare. "Gonna fight me blondie?"

Rachel huffed. "No, I still got a lot of time to stop growing, and I will get taller."

"What Rach?" Lucy asked, her soft voice making Rachel smile. Rachel loved hearing Lucy's voice.

"I'm having a birthday party and all of you guys are invited, well except Santana," Rachel said, smirking at the shocked Latina.

"What did I do?" she asked, innocently. She wouldn't admit it, but she wanted to go to Rachel's birthday party.

"You're mean to Lucy, now be nice to her and maybe I'll invite you," Rachel threatened, glaring at the taller brunette.

"Sorry Lucy," Santana muttered, looking at her feet. She rarely apologized, and when she did, she was quiet.

"What? I didn't hear you," Rachel told her. Rachel was teasing her. She knew Santana hated apologizing.

"I'm sorry Fabray," Santana said a little louder. She looked at the blonde's hazel eyes and glared.

Lucy smiled, and winked at her. After knowing Santana for a while, Lucy stopped being shy around her. "Awe, Lopez is apologizing," she mocked.

"Shut it blondie," Santana demanded, glaring. She didn't like being mocked.

"Can Sanny go? Please?" Brittany asked, her eyes wide and innocent.

Rachel gave her a smiled and nodded. "Santana can go. It's this Saturday."

Brittany squealed with excitement. She jumped up and hugged Rachel. She was excited to go. She had wanted to meet Rachel's fathers ever since she was told the small girl had two.

Lucy smiled. She watched her friends talk about the party, and soon more members of their group arrived, and knew of the party. They would have to wait until the break to tell the rest of them.

Lucy then frowned. She didn't know if her parents were going to let her go. Maybe if she told her sister, she would cover for them. She was conflicted. She didn't know what to do. She really wanted to go to Rachel's birthday party. She really hoped she finds a way to go.

Soon, it was the day of the party, and their whole group was there. There was music, a bouncy house, and food. Puck, Matt, and Finn were near the food, talking about boy things. Artie, Sugar, Rory, Tina, and Mike were in the bouncy house. Lauren, Mercedes, and Kurt were talking and watching them. Brittany was dancing, while Santana and Rachel watched. Lucy and Sam had yet to arrive.

Rachel was nervous. She really wanted them to come, as did most of the parents. They knew of the Fabrays, and they were skeptical of their children hanging out with the twins. All they heard was good things, but children were naïve. They didn't know about life. They were waiting to meet the young offsprings of one the most hated men in Lima.

It was four, two hours have passed and most of the people have given hope of meeting the children. Soon, two children entered with an older woman. Rachel ran to the children and hugged them. She pulled them to her fathers, as well as the other parents. The parents were eager to know about the twins.

Lucy and Sam looked at each other. "I'm sorry we were late. We had a prior engagement to attend, but I wouldn't miss Rachel's party for the world," Lucy told Rachel's fathers. The girl was blushing, and looked uncomfortable. "S-sorry, Mr. Berry and Mr. Berry. I'm Lucy Fabray, and this is my brother Samuel Fabray. It's a pleasure to meet my best friend's parents. She always talks about you two, all good."

All the parents were shocked at the seven-year-old's vocabulary. Everyone knew that Russell Fabray pushed his youngest daughter be smart, but they didn't know he took it this far. They also found the young girl adorable. She had manners, something most children didn't have.

LeRoy smiled at the girl. "It's okay Lucy, go have fun with Rachel and your friends," he told her, wanting to keep the little girl. She was smart.

"Thank you sir," she said, as she turned and pulled her brother with her, who waved, giving the adults a grin.

Judy Fabray walked to the parents. Her asked Hiram is she could talk to him and to went to the side.

"Hello, I have a favor to ask," Judy told him, as she looked at her two children.

Hiram nodded, a little skeptic.

"Russell and I have to go out of town in two months, and we can't take our children. My eldest wants to stay with her friend, and I was wondering if Sam and Lucy could stay with you? Lucy and Sam really love your children, and I think this is the best place for them to stay," she told him.

Hiram turned to see Rachel and Lucy together, while Sam was with Noah. He knew the four were great friends. "Does Russell know?" He asked, not wanting any problems.

She shook her head. "He does not. As far as he's concerned, all three children are staying at our house with Frannie looking after them," Judy told him.

Hiram thought about it. He knew it was a chance to really know Lucy and Sam. He also knew that it would help to kids to be a little more open minded. He smiled and nodded. "It would be an honor to have both children here."

Judy smiled and looked at her youngest children. They were having so much fun, and see was seeing a side of Lucy she had never seen before. Lucy was carefree. She didn't have to be the perfect child here. If she stayed with the Berrys, she's learn to let go a little of her pressure.

"Would you like to stay?" Hiram offered, smiling at the woman.

"Yes, thank you," she said, smiling. The two walked to the table.

"Did you know Rachel has a crush on Samuel?" Hiram asked, laughing at the group of four, along with the other twelve children.

Judy's eyes widened. "Lucy likes Noah," she told him.

Both of them started laughing at the fact.

The day passed quickly, and soon they were cutting the car. After Rachel blew out the candles, Puck and Santana pushed her head into the cake. Everyone was laughing as Rachel glared at them with cake covering her whole face.

Lucy was laughing the hardest, but stopped when some of the cake appeared on her face. She glared at Rachel, got a handful of cake and threw it at her. Rachel ducked and the cake hit Santana. Everyone stopped for a second, and then all of them got cake and started throwing it everywhere.

The night ended as a blast. One by one the guests left. Soon, Judy, Sam, and Lucy were left.

"Thank you Sirs, for having us. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to see you again," Lucy told the men, shaking their hands.

"Kissass," Sam and Puck muttered at the same time, before laughing.

"Shut up, at least I have manner you idiot," Lucy said, glaring at her twin, before realizing what she said.

"Oohhh," Sam instigated his eyes wide.

"I'm sorry mommy," the smallest blonde whispered, as if it was the end of the works.

The Berry men found it adorable. They kept falling in love with the girl.

"It's okay Lucy, just don't do it again," her mother told her.

Lucy nodded. She turned to Rachel and hugged her. "See you Monday, Rach."

"Bye Quinnie, don't get into trouble," Rachel told her, hugging her back.

"Bye Mr. and Mr. I had fun today," Sam said, shaking the men's hands.

Rachel and Lucy hugged each other's older brother. Both girls blushing, they turned their heads so their crushes didn't see them. Sam and Puck said goodbye.

"Thank you, and I'll call you about next month," Judy told the men, who nodded. She said her farewell to the younger Berrys. They walked out. Once they left, Puck and Rachel ran to their rooms.

"That Lucy is cute. I don't think they like Noah and Samuel," Hiram told his husband.

"What do you mean?" LeRoy asked, frowning.

"I think they like someone else, but have it in their little heads that they like the boys," Hiram answered, smirking.

"I don't understand," LeRoy said, frowning.

"Think about it," Hiram responded, as he walked out of the room.

LeRoy stood there, thinking about what his husband had said. He could only think of one thing, but that couldn't be it, could it?

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