Together Forever

Second Grade II

Second Grade II

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,009Chapters: (6/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything.Author's Notes: I'm watching Glee as I write this. Well the first half. Kitty and Puck? Reminds me of Puck and Quinn. Fapezberry next week. :D I love Sam, I love Brittany, I don't like Bram. Seriously. Ryan Murphy is making them too dumb. Sam was a little brighter before. He's better with Mercedes.

Uploaded: January 26, 2013

Lucy and Sam stood in front of the Berry home at seven on a Saturday morning. They had a bag each filled with two weeks' worth of clothes in them. Their mom stood behind them, staring at one was nodding excitedly. Sam was falling asleep at the spot he stood. He didn't like waking up early. And because school started at eight, he wasn't used to waking up before seven.

"Thank you mommy, for letting us stay with Rachel and Puck, and the Berrys," Lucy told her mother, with the biggest smile on her face. She was going to spend fourteen days with Rachel, about 336 hours, approximately 1,209,600 seconds. She had done the math. She was ecstatic.

Judy smiled at her, finding her smile adorable. "You are welcome sweetie. Let us knock on the door before your brother falls asleep standing up," she told her. They walked to the door, well Judy dragged Sam, who was grabbing his mother too keep from falling to the ground. When they reached the door the eldest Fabray knocked on the door. They waited for someone to open the door.

"Hello Judy, little Fabrays," Hiram said as he opened the door. He smiled at the older woman, the small girl, and the half asleep boy. He wanted to laugh at Sam, who was leaning against his mother with his eyes closed. The blond boy reminded him of his son, who also hated walking up early.

"Hello Mister Hiram, It is nice to see you again. How are you this lovely morning?" Lucy asked her best friend's father. She gave him a smile as she shook his hand and then gave him a hug.

Hiram smiled. He had told Lucy many times to just call him Hiram, but that girl was all about respect. She always declined and gave him a title. He found it endearing.

"I am fine, thank you Miss Lucy," Hiram told the youngest Fabray, who grinned in return. He noticed the girl was excited. As far he knew, this was her first sleepover. He smiled, because he hadn't told Rachel or Noah that Lucy and Sam would be staying with them for two weeks. He couldn't wait to see her reaction.

"Thank you Hiram, for doing this," Judy told her new friend. She knew her kids would be in good hands. She knew she could trust the Berrys, no matter what her husband said. All Lucy talked about when he wasn't home, was about the Berrys.

"Of course, now go before Russell suspects anything. Have fun, the twins will be fine with us," Hiram told her, as he took Sam's hand and steered the sleepy boy.

"Okay," she said, as she knelt down in front of the children. "I'll see you two in two weeks. Sam, take care of your sister. Behave and I love you guys." She kissed their heads and started to walk away. She watched as the two children waved. She drove away.

Hiram pulled Sam into the house and waited until Lucy entered before closing the door. He took Sam to the couch and let him sleep on it. He put Sam's bag next to the couch.

"Are you sleepy?" Hiram asked Lucy, as he went to the kitchen to get everyone breakfast ready. He knew that the twins weren't vegan, and his husband would be happy that vegans and non-vegans wouldn't be tied. Now the carnivores would outnumber the herbivores.

"No sir. I slept early last night, and I'm used to waking up early," she answered, as she put her backpack with Sam's and followed the older woman into the kitchen. She was talking the sight in, and found the kitchen small and homey, unlike hers that was just cold and always lonely. She wasn't against spending all day in the kitchen, it felt warm, and loving, and everything she wanted her house to feel like.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, watching as the girl followed him everywhere he went. She seemed intrigued at what he was doing. He found it amusing. The girl seemed excited at what Hiram was doing, which was looking for something to give the occupants food.

"Yes, sir, Sam and I hadn't had a chance to eat this morning," she told them. She looked around the kitchen, trying to familiarize herself with the place.

"What would you like to eat? Eggs, cereal, fruit, what?" he asked the small girl, whose eyes widened. She didn't know they had non-vegan food. She had expected to eat something vegan. She didn't know if Puck was vegan.

"But Mister Hiram, aren't you and Rachel vegan?" Lucy asked, in shock.

"Yes Lucy, we are. But my husband and Noah are not. Lucy, please just call me Hiram," he insisted, staring at the girl, who looked up at him with innocent eyes. He turned to get two boxes of cereal from a cabinet and two cartons of milk from the refrigerator.

"My daddy said to always call an older person by mister or miss. If we don't, it is a sin. He said that we have to respect our elders. He told me that if he ever heard me call someone by their first name without a mister or miss in front, I would be punished," Lucy told him, as she helped him the plates for cereal.

"He isn't here," Hiram said, hating Russell more after each word that left the girl's mouth. He put some regular milk in four plates and soy milk in the other two.

"I know sir, but he always knows," Lucy said, as she opened a cabinet and got six spoons.

"And your vocabulary? You're really smart for someone you're age. Noah doesn't even know half the words you do," he asked, wanting to know more about the little girl. He poured one box, Coco Puffs, into the four bowls with regular milk. He pouted another box into the other two bowls.

"Daddy makes me read books for older children, mostly from Frannie's room. Sometimes I don't understand some words, or what was going on in the story, but he always makes me read it until I do. He would make read to him, and if I messed up, I would have to start all over," Lucy said, as she carried a plate to the table. Hiram followed her with two plates.

He shook his head. Poor Lucy never had a childhood. He vowed to himself that Lucy would have the best time of her life. Once all the plates were on the table he told Lucy to wake Sam up and to sit down on the table to surprise his children. He went to wake up his husband and two children. Both Rachel and Puck dragged themselves to the kitchen.

LeRoy smiled at the twin, and sat down next to them. Soon Hiram entered followed by Puck, and lastly Rachel. The Jewish siblings' eyes widened when they saw the Christian twins sitting in front of them.

"Lucy!" Rachel squealed, as she ran to hug the blonde girl. Lucy giggled as she hugged the brunette. After everyone greeted each other, they sat down and ate their cereal.

"So Lucy, how long are you and Sam staying here?" LeRoy asked, waiting for Rachel's reaction. He was expecting her to jump up and hug everyone. Rachel was known for her reactions and attitude.

"Two weeks Mister Leroy," Lucy answered, smiling. She saw Rachel's smile grow. She was excited about spending time with her best friend. They would wake up together and share a room.

"I can't believe you are staying here for two weeks," Rachel squealed. The adults laughed and told them to finish eating. They were going out later. They finished after a while.

Lucy started getting the plate along with Hiram. LeRoy pushed his eight year old to shower, and went to show Sam the other one. Rachel watched her friend and father.

"I've got this Lucy, go get ready," Hiram told the girl. Hiram liked her. Lucy was always willing to help him, and he was grateful for the offer. He wanted Lucy to act like a child. It bothered him that her childhood was taken from her by her own father. He liked spending time to know Rachel's 'friend'. He wanted to laugh when they talked about their 'crushes'.

"No, its okay sir, I want to help you," she said, as she put the plates in the sink. She tried to reach for the sponge, but couldn't. She tried harder to get it and heard laughing next to her. She stopped to glare at the man laughing at her. He stopped laughing at her glare. He raised an eyebrow, wanting to laugh harder.

"You can't reach Miss Fabray," he told her, as he started washing the dishes. He shook his hands in front of her. She giggled as water droplets hit her. "Go with Rachel. Leave your things in her room and get ready."

Lucy smiled and followed Rachel out. Hiram watched the girls leave. He shook his head, knowing Lucy was something special. He was growing to love her like his own. He chuckled to himself and continued the dishes.

Once everyone was showered and dressed, they piled into the Berry's car. Rachel and Lucy had to share a seatbelt. They drove to the park. Hiram took the girls to sit under a tree on a picnic table, while LeRoy took the boys to play a little football.

"Rachel, go with your father, I want to talk to Lucy for a minute," Hiram said, as they walked to the tree. The small brunette looked at the two before nodded and turned to follow her father.

"Lucy," he started as he knelt down in front of her, "we are here to have fun. I want you to let loose. I don't want to act like an adult. Act your age Lucy, act like a seven year old, okay?"

Lucy stared at him. Then she smiled and nodded. She was jumping in place and seemed to be filled with a lot more energy. They started to walk to the others.

Lucy ran to Rachel and they started talking about people in their class. They were giggling ad loud. Hiram had never seen Lucy like that, and he was sure her parents hadn't seen her that loud, or even act like a seven year old. Lucy and Sam were nothing like their father, they were sweet, and accepting, and adorable. And Judy seemed different. He didn't know about the older girl, but from what he had about her, she was similar to Russell. Hiram wondered why Judy chose for her children to stay with him and his family.

The four children started to play tag, and ran around the park while Hiram and LeRoy were watching. They laughed when they saw Rachel slip and fall. Lucy, who didn't see her, tripped over her. Both girls didn't know what to do. Their brothers ran to them to help them up, laughing at the way.

"Are you okay?" Lucy asked, as she brushed herself off.

Rachel nodded. "Yeah, I think so," she answered.

Soon they continued to play. When the sun started to go down, they started to leave. They went to Breadsticks for dinner; they had lunch at the park. They were all talking and eating as they sat there. Lucy and Sam were having the time of their life. They never wanted to go home.

They all went to the car and headed home. Lucy felt Rachel's head on her shoulder. She had about 1,638,000 seconds left. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Lucy woke up from the best night of her life. She checked the clock and it was seven in the morning. Rachel was sleeping next to her. Lucy smiled and went back to sleep. She never wanted to leave that place. She wanted to be locked with Rachel for the rest of her life, not knowing her life was going to turn like that.

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