Together Forever

Third Grade

Third Grade

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,057Chapters: (7/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything.Author's Notes: Now that Naked is tonight, I'm waiting for I Do. Quinn will appear later, in chapter 10. You'll see why. I'm thinking of adding Marley. I like her and I'm not sure if it will mess the story up. I have an idea of how to put her into it, but I'll let you guys decide. Yes to Marley or no? I'm not a big fan of Kitty though. Last chapter had Faberry, but Hiram and Quinn, father and daughter like. This chapter will have Faberrittana, and some Quintana, in honor of I Do, 4x14.

Uploaded: January 31, 2013

Lucy and Rachel didn't have a class together, which they hated. It was the first time they were ever separated. They didn't like it; it felt weird, not seeing each other all the time in school. They were lucky enough to spend the month together as Lucy's parents were away in a business trip. They were grateful that Judy had let the twin stay at the Berry house every time they had to leave. They were getting to know each other even more, and there were times Santana and Brittany slept over. Hiram and LeRoy loved seeing their daughter so happy. Hiram loved Lucy, because she was a little like him, and she was so innocent. He saw her as his own, and enjoyed their time together, when they would just have conversations about random things, or Lucy would just tell him about her father's pressure.

Lucy stared at the clock at the front of the class. She wanted it to go faster. She looked around and saw Finn, Artie, Mercedes, Brittany, Rory, Tina, and Lauren. The other seven were in Rachel's class. More than half hated third grade, they were separated from their best friend. It was something all of them didn't want to happen, but did. Lucy looked at the clock once again, it was almost after school. Just a few more minutes, and she would see Rachel and Sam again.

"Okay class, don't forget to do your homework and have a great weekend," Lucy's teacher said. The teacher knew all of the student's were restless. She, as well as all the other teachers knew about the Popular Group, and knew they had split them up; they wanted to see how they acted. She had noticed how some of the children would act different away from others. Some students, like Lauren didn't care if they were separated, but others like Brittany, Lucy, Rachel, Santana, and Sam did care. The teachers weren't sure if they were going to separate the girls again. They would see as the year goes.

The bell rang. All the children stood up and ran out the door. Lucy and Brittany rushed to Rachel's class. The blue-eyed blond and Latina were sleeping at Rachel's house. Sam, Mike, and Puck were going to Finn's house and sleeping there. Sam was happy going to a new house, with his best friend. This was going to be the first time he was going to be in a different house than his twin. Elementary was separating them, and they knew it. They were making friends, and they were having the time of their lives.

Once the four girls were together, they went to meet up with Rachel's fathers. They were excited to hang out together for two days. They knew they were the main members of their group along with Puck and Sam. They started it, and everyone was afraid of Santana and Puck, making them the muscle. Rachel and Lucy were the muscle. Lastly Brittany and Sam were the innocent faces.

They saw Hiram and LeRoy waiting in front of the gate that separated the students and the outside world. Rachel and Brittany ran to go hug them, while Santana and Lucy walked behind them. They were smiling at their friend's antics.

"How was your day?" Hiram asked, knowing the responses. He knew the way the girls spoke, and it always made his chuckle. He knew each were so different from each other.

"The best, daddy," his daughter answered, grinning widely. Her daughter was the excited one.

"Wonderful!" the taller blond squealed, jumping in place. Brittany was the innocent one.

"It was okay," the Latina told him, shrugging. Santana was the 'badass' one, who didn't care about others.

"It was great Mister Hiram, and how was yours?" his blond said, staring up at him with her hazel eyes. She was the intelligent one and was considerate of the others.

He smiled. "It was wonderful," he answered, as he walked with him to his car. LeRoy smiled at his husband, daughter, and her friends. They loved the small children.

Rachel grabbed Lucy's hand and kept it. She didn't want to let go. She hadn't held the blonde's hand since school had started and it was driving her nuts. She wanted to switch her class, but her fathers wouldn't let that happen. As much as they loved the youngest Fabray, they felt their daughter was growing too dependent. They were afraid of what would happen if they were separated from each other in the future.

They made it to Rachel's house and the four girls rushed to Rachel's room. They were excited and were squealing as they went to the room. Soon the third graders all sat on the youngest Berry's bed.

"Do you still like Sam?" Santana asked the shorter brunette. She had found out about the crush and would tease the girl. She didn't let the brunette forget.

Rachel glared at the Latina, who was laughing at the face Rachel was making. "No, he's just my best friend's brother. He is also my friend!"

"Keep saying that. I know you're in love with the trouty mouth," Santana mocked. Rachel and Lucy glared at the Latina.

"He's my brother," Lucy said, glaring. She pushed the Latina and Santana fell of the bed. Lucy got off and continued to glare at the girl. Santana glared back, as she stood up.

Rachel and Brittany looked at each other then at their best friends. They knew something was going to go down. They were ready to hold the girls back if anything were to happen.

"What are you going to do about it?" Santana asked, getting close to Lucy, who was glaring back. Both girls looked ready to attack, and the other two were a little afraid.

"I just pushed you," Lucy answered, glaring at the girl, who made fun of those close to her. She took a step closer. Their noses were almost touching.

Santana pushed Lucy, who pushed back. They started pushing each other. Both girls were pushing harder and harder.

"Stupid blonde," Santana snapped, pushing hard, causing her to fall on her back.

Lucy tackled Santana down. They were fighting, as Brittany and Rachel watched in shock. They didn't know what to do. They wanted their friends to stop.

"Stop fighting," Brittany said weakly, tears in her eyes as she watched her friends fight. Santana was now over Lucy, throwing scratches and punches.

"D-daddy!" Rachel shouted, tears falling down her face. She could only think of her father helping, or stopping the fight.

Hiram who heard the shout ran to his daughter's room after he heard her shout. He ran into her room to see a blonde and brunette fighting. He froze, never seeing the blonde fight.

"Stop this minute," Hiram ordered, as he tried to pull Lucy, how was now on top. Lucy was kicking and punching the air as Hiram held her. LeRoy, who had followed his husband, was holding Santana, who was acting the same.

"Stop it!" Rachel and Brittany shouted, causing the two girls who were fighting to look at them. Once the two were calm, the two Berry men put the girls down. Santana started the blue-eyed blonde.

"Sorry," she whispered, her eyes watering with tears. She knew Brittany was disappointed, and she hated that. It was just as bad as when her parents were disappointed.

Lucy on the other hand ran out the room. Everyone watched her, not knowing what was going on in her head. Santana, whose lip was busted, looked at her other two friends. "I-I'll go after her," she told them, as she followed the other girl out the room.

Santana looked around town, and found the young Christian alone, under a slide. She was hugging her legs, and her head was on top of them. She had tears running down her face.

Santana slowly walked to the girl. She sat down next to her and said nothing. She didn't know what to say. She just sat there. After a while, Santana got bored.

"I'm sorry," Santana told her, watching at for a reaction. She got none. She frowned. "Look, I didn't mean to talk about Sam, or call you stupid. I didn't mean to push you, or scratch you, or punch you, or kick you, or—"

"It's okay," Lucy whispered, looking at the tanned girl. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you out here? Why did you leave?" Santana said, moving closer to her friend.

Lucy shook her head. She didn't want to answered, but that didn't mean Santana was going to let it go. "Tell me. It won't be stupid. I know you don't talk much, but I'm here Lucy Q. and I'm not leaving. Just tell me," Santana told her.

"R-remember when we were in kindergarten and we got into a fight?" Lucy asked, not looking at the girl sitting next to her.

"Yeah, you kicked my butt," Santana said, smiling at the memory she gained respect for the blond.

"Yeah, and I never fought anyone again, well until today."

"Yeah, no one wanted to fight you again. You were scary then," Santana said.

"M-my dad hit me. He punished me for fighting. He told me it would be worse if I got into another fight. He…it hurt, when he hit me. I don't want Rachel's dads to tell him, h-he'll hit me harder, and I'm scared," Lucy told her, tears falling quicker. Santana held the girl in her arms.

"I'll make sure they don't tell him okay," Santana promised the girl. Santana found a whole new level of respect for the Fabray.

"Let's go to Rachel's house and we'll tell her dad not to tell yours, okay?" Santana offered. She stood up and offered the girl her hand.

Lucy looked at the hand and then at the brunette. She took her hand and they started to walk to their friend's house.

The Berrys and Brittany were worried the Santana and Lucy hadn't returned home. They were going to look for them when they saw the two children walk towards them. They were talking and smiling towards each other. Lucy's face paled when she noticed the Berry men and their friends.

Once the two girls were in front of the other four, Lucy looked at the man she was growing to love as a father.

"I-I'm s-so-sorry for the fight. I-it won't happen again, I promise. J-just please don't tell my daddy," she begged in a small voice, looking at Hiram.

He had never seen Lucy look so young, and knew he couldn't tell her father. She seemed so afraid of him. "As long as you have no more fights. We won't tell your parents."

The two nodded and hugged him, then the other Berry man, before going to their best friend.

"I'm sorry Britt," Santana told her best friend, looking at the ground.

"You promised you wouldn't be fighting anymore, not with Lucy and Rachel," Brittany told her, her arms folded over her chest.

"I know. I didn't mean for that to happen. I didn't know I was going to hurt Lucy," Santana said, trying to defend herself. She knew what she did was bad, and Brittany wasn't happy with her. "I made up with Lucy. We are friends again. I promise to try harder not to fight."

Brittany nodded and the two girls hugged it out.

Lucy and Rachel were having their own conversation. "Hey," the blonde whispered.

"That's it?" the Jewish girl asked, angry.

"Rach, I didn't mean to fight with Santana. I'm sorry I ran away. I'm sorry I scared you," Lucy told her.

"Why did you run? It's not safe for an eight year old to be alone in the streets," Rachel told her, not happy.

"I know. I'm been alone when I was four, so eight is nothing. And I ran because I was scared. I didn't want your daddy to tell mine, because my daddy is not as nice as yours is. Mine is mean, and he can hurt me. I didn't want to get hit, so I ran. I'm sorry, next time I run, I'll take you with me," Lucy told her, looking at her own hands.

"Promise?" Rachel asked, grabbing the Christian's hand.

"Yeah, I promise to take you everywhere I go," Lucy told her, smiling.

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