Together Forever

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 2,000Chapters: (9/40)Disclaimer: I don't own anything.Author's Notes: I've been in a funk these last couple of weeks, doing something stupid. I'm sorry. This chapter wasn't planned, but I wanted to write about other characters too. I did Artie, this is Kurt and Lucy, next is Puck and Matt.

Uploaded: July 09, 2013

Fourth grade, another year closer to finishing elementary, another year of being friends. The small group was happy together. They never changed after Artie's paralysis. They treated him the same as they did before the accident. He was the same guy, and he knew his group would never change.

Santana, Lauren, and Puck still mocked him, in a friendly way. Sugar, Brittany, Finn, Matt, Sam, and Rory were their innocent selves. Mike, Tina, and Lucy were still quiet around him. Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes were their loud selves. None of them changed, not one bit.

The sixteen children were at a park. It was the twin's birthdays and they were turning nine in the middle of the week, so Judy decided to throw the party on the Saturday that followed. Russell was in a business trip and was going to miss the party. Judy was happy, because her children could hang out with the Berrys. Judy had become good friends with the men. They were nothing like her husband described. They were nice, decent, caring people.

They were having fun, the children. The twins were happy. Sam was playing with Brittany and Finn. They were the most innocent of the while group. They were gullible, and not that bright. Their grades weren't that great, and they needed extra help.

Lauren, Santana, and Puck were the muscles. They were the ones to get into the most fights. All the parents knew, and they had lost count of the amount of fights they had gotten into. They were the ones to protect the group. They kept guard, and made sure no one messed with them, although Lauren was more reluctant.

Matt, Rory, Artie, Mike, and Tina were shy. They were the ones that rarely spoke. Lucy was also a part of that group. They blushed easily. They rarely looked for a spot light, and easily got forgotten by the public. Mike and Lucy were bright, smartest children in their class, although Lucy was the brightest of the school.

Lastly, there were the loud divas, Mercedes, Kurt, Sugar, and Rachel. They were loud, and demanding. They were not shy, and loved the spotlight. They were not afraid of doing what they wanted.

The group was so different, but that's what made them all come together. They were united, and they had a strong bond. It seemed that every tragedy made them stronger.

"Put me down!" Lucy squealed as Sam, Finn, and Matt carried her to a small pond. "Rachel! Help me!"

Everyone looked at the four children and laughed. As much as Rachel wanted to help her, she couldn't afford to get her dress wet. "Put her down!" she shouted from her spot, a few feet away.

"Stop us, and you go in with her!" Finn threatened, grinning at his friend. He was grabbing Lucy's upper body, while Matt and Sam had her legs. Rachel moved away.

Lucy giggled as she tried to squirm her way off. That only made them grab tighter.

"Keep doing that and we'll drop you," Matt told her, trying to get her to stop.

"Boys, leave the poor girl alone," Kurt's mother told the three boys. The three pouted at her, almost making her give in. "Put her down."

The three lowered her and ran off to play. Lucy sat up and dusted herself off.

"Thank you ma'am," Lucy said, giving her a smile.

"No problem sweetie," the older woman said, as she went to sit with the other mothers. They watched as Lucy walked towards Rachel, but glared at her playfully. They watched as Rachel begged for forgiveness and her reasoning for not helping her best friends.

"Please," Rachel asked, as she tried to hug Lucy.

"Nope, I'm mad at you," the blonde answered as she turned away from Rachel. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and turned away.

All the mothers laughed. They enjoyed the small show. "Mommy, there's no more chips," Sam told his mother, who looked at the table full of food and noticed that he was right.

She stood up. "I'll go buy some," she told him and the other mothers.

"No, it's fine. I'll go, and then you can get the twins' you-know-what. I'll take them," the female Hummel answered, smiling at her friend.

"Thank you so much," Judy responded, as she hugged her. "Sam, you and Lucy will go with Kurt's mom to buy the chips. Pick whatever you want," she answered as she gave him twenty dollars.

The blond boy ran to his sister and told her the arrangement, who nodded. Rachel followed them to the mothers. They stood in front of their mothers.

"Lucy, go with Mrs. Hummel to the store okay, honey," she said, kissing her daughter's forehead.

"Can I go too?" Rachel asked, looking at her best friend's mother with big innocent eyes.

"Come here," she told the girl. She cupped the girl's ear and whispered, "I need you for Lucy and Sam's present."

Rachel's eyes widen as she nodded. "I'll stay; make sure nothing happens with the guys."

Lucy smiled and nodded. She knew what her mom was planning, but for her brother's sake, she played the oblivious girl.

Kurt's mother went to tell Kurt that she would be returning in a while. Then the three left. They walked to the store down the street.

"How's school?" the older woman asked the twins.

"It's boring," the older of the twins answered, as he stared at random people, freaking them out.

"Well, you're closer to finishing it," she told the small boy. They entered the store, and Sam ran to the chips while Lucy stayed with their guardian at the moment. They walked around to find more food.

"Everyone to the ground!" a booming voice ordered. Kurt's mother grabbed Lucy and pressed her against the shelves. Mrs. Hummel looked around and saw a man with a gun.

"Where's Sam?" Lucy asked, looking for her brother. She was scared for him.

"We'll find him, you just have to be quiet," she told the blonde girl. They walked down the aisle, keeping an eye out. They found Sam, hiding in between bags of chips. Mrs. Hummel looked around and saw the back exit behind them. She looked for the man with the gun, and saw that he had his back to them.

"Sam, I want you to run through that door and go tell your mother where we are," she told the boy. Sam moved closer to the back entrance. Their guardian for the moment pushed Lucy into the spot.

Sam ran as fast as he could, causing the man with the gun to turn around. He saw blonde, and the older woman.

"Get on the fuckin floor!" he shouted, pointing the gun at the brunette. She got to the ground, and the man was content that he went back to what he was doing. Ms. Hummel looked at Lucy, and saw her silently crying.

The older lady took out her phone and dialed 911.


Sam ran to the park, he ran as fast as he could. He didn't stop until he saw his mother.

"Sam? What are you doing here? Where are Lucy and Mrs. Hummel?" she asked, as she looked around.

"Mommy, a guy went to the store with a gun! Mrs. Hummel and Lucy are still there!" he shouted, afraid for his little sister.

Judy dropped the plates and turned to the parents. She then ran to the story, with the parents and children running after them.

There were cops and reporters outside the store. Judy tried to go inside. A police stopped her by grabbing her waist.

"My daughter and my friend are in there!" she shouted, as she struggled with the policeman.

"Ma'am, you have to calm down. You must stand behind the tape," he said, as he took her back to the tape.

There was a gunshot. Judy and the huge group froze. There was another one.

Judy, Sam, and Rachel's blood ran cold as they heard a familiar scream. Rachel and Sam ran under the tape and into the store. The police were too slow to get them.

Both stopped, under a cash register to see two bodies on the ground. The hostages Were being escorted out. Rachel and Sam crawled closer to the bodies. One was unfamiliar to Rachel, but Sam knew him as the Guy With the Gun. The other body, they knew. It was Kurt's mother. They saw Lucy crying over the body, as a police man tried to take her away.

"Let her go!" Rachel shouted, as she and Sam tried to protect Lucy. "Don't touch her!"

"Lucy, Luce it's me Sammie. It's okay, you're safe," Sam tried to soothe her, while hugging her closely.

"S-Sammie, sh-she's gone," Lucy sobbed, pressing her face agaisnt his chest.

"Let's get out of here," Rachel suggested, as she glared at the policeman. The cop was slightly afraid of the eight year old.

Sam helped his younger twin sister to her feet and walked her out.

Once their mother, and the Berrys saw them, they ran. Lucy ran to her mother and sobbed. She cried for what she had just witnessed.

They turned and saw a body being carried out. Kurt and Burt rushed to the gurney, that held Mrs. Hummel. Her face was pale white. She wasn't moving.

"I-is they going to be okay?" Brittany asked Santana, as they held hands, watching Lucy and the Hummels cry.

"Yeah, they'll be fine, but we'll have to help them," Santana answered, staring at them.


It was Mrs. Hummel's funeral, and all sixteen children and their families went. There all sat in front. Lucy, who now wants to be call Quinn, held onto Rachel and Sam's hand.

When she was asked why she wanted to be called Quinn, she responded by telling them that the last thing Mrs. Hummel say was her name, and whenever she heard someone call her Lucy, she could only think of that moment. She hated that feeling. Everyone called her Quinn, no one else questioned it.

Kurt started to cry when the casket was being lowered. Mercedes wrapped her arms around him and let him cry.

Things were never going to be the same. They had lost a member of their group, a parent. Kurt, Burt, and Quinn were affected the most.

Kurt lost his mother. He now had one parent, similar too Finn, who's father had passed away when he was younger. Kurt, now only had his father. Burt, who knew his son was different. He was more feminine than most boys, and some girls. He needed his wife's help, because he didn't know what to do.

Quinn had seen the whole thing. She was there for Kurt's mother's final moments. She had heard Mrs. Hummel's last words. Her name was the last thing that left her lips, breaking her. It was the first time she had ever seen death.

After the funeral, the kids and their parents were in the Hummel home, not wanting to leave Burt and Kurt alone. The parents were in the living room, talking, trying to contribute to help the Hummel family.

The kids were in the backyard, sitting on the grass. They weren't talking, but trying to soothe each other without words. Santana was hugging Brittany. Sam and Rachel were hold Quinn's hands. Mercedes and Artie were holding Kurt's hands, while others just sat there. After a while, Quinn couldn't take it.

"K-Kurt, I'm sorry. It's all my fault," she cried, as she took her hands back from her brother and best friend. She didn't want to be touched.

Kurt stood up and hugged her, as she sobbed. Her arms were on her side, and her face was agaisnt his shoulder.

"It's okay, just let it out," Kurt whispered, as tears fell down his face. The others started to join in the hug one by one. They made it so Quinn and Kurt were in the middle.

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