And I Have Felt the Pain of Losing Who You Are

By Lexys Knight


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Author: LexysCPD

Words: 2,423

Disclaimer: I only own the plot, not the show or song lyric used as the title.

Author's notes: So I have a new idea, but I don't know where this story will go, or how it'll end. We'll all just see. Anyways, I don't know how many chapters this story will have. And the length of the chapters will vary, but it'll never be less than a thousand. I'm going to make them as long as I can. I don't know how long it'll take me to update this story. I'll try to do it as quickly as possible. Anyways, enjoy and review.

Song Title: I Believe by Christina Perri

Updated: May 22, 2014

Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce were walking through the trees. They had had a great time together, and loved the time they spent together. Even after being together for so many years, their time together was always special, and they always had new experiences.

They had met in the in the seventeen hundreds. Brittany had saved Santana, and then changed her. When Brittany had told Santana what she was, Santana wasn't scared. She asked Brittany to change her. She had asked to become what Brittany was, a vampire. They spend their lives together, feeling the need to be with each other, as the mates they were.

As they walked, the only thing in Santana's head was sex. She always loved having sex in the middle of the woods with Brittany. It always made her feel connected to her girlfriend, and the nature around her. There was always something special about it just being her and Brittany alone under the stars. It made the sex special, and the connection between them heightened.

Santana was thinking, and searching, of a place to do the deed, and making it as special as she wanted it to be, but there was something else in Brittany's mind. Brittany had heard something far away, a small sound. She looked around, trying to place the sound. She stopped, and started to walk towards the sound. She didn't know why, but it felt as if it was calling to her. It was telling her to check what the sound was.

"Britt?" Santana asked, as she looked at the blue eyed blond. She was confused as to why Brittany was leaving. She didn't hear or smell anything. She didn't know why Brittany was walking to another direction.

"Don't you hear that?" Brittany asked, as she closed her eyes and let her ears lead her to the sound. She tried to use her sense of smell as well as her sense of hearing, to see if it would be any help, both senses helped.

Santana frowned, but followed her mate. She would do anything her mate wanted, even abstain from sex. Santana was even curious about the sound Brittany was talking about. She didn't hear anything, not that she tried that hard. She wasn't as old as Brittany; she wasn't as tuned to her senses as well as her mate was.

Santana followed her, until she was finally hit by the scent of blood. The blood was strong. It was calling her. Her mouth watered at the thought of all the blood that must be available. The only thing stopping her from running to it and drinking was the sound. Santana assumed it was the same sound Brittany was talking about. The sound was loud; Santana couldn't believe she hadn't heard it before. It was so loud, and pitchy.

The crying just got louder and louder as the two girls got closer. Santana didn't have time to blink when Brittany rushed to the overturned car in front of them. The accident looked pretty bad, and Santana was surprised someone had survived the accident. Santana could smell three scents, two of them stronger. The blood, it was a mixture of two different blood scents. She assumed two of the people in the car were dead. The blood scent was too strong. Santana would be happy to feed, but she preferred the owner of the food source to be alive. It was more fun that way.

Brittany started to look at the back of the car, while Santana waited outside. She didn't wasn't to get messy, although she did crouch down and stared at the two bodies of the deceased. The driver was a blond man. His blue eyes were wide open, as if he was surprise. The blood was dripping down his head, and adding on the puddle of blood on the roof, that was now on the ground. She looked across him, towards the passenger seat and stared at a blond woman. Her eyes were closed. Santana closed her eyes and heard the woman's heart beat. It was very weak, but still there.

She rushed to the other side and tried to help her out of the car. She got her out and had her lying down on her back on the ground.

Santana pressed down on the wound on the woman's side. She tried to stop the bleeding, not knowing why she felt the need to save the woman. She knew there was not a lot she could do, and trying to save her was futile. Her body wasn't strong enough to take any more pain, so changing her was out of the question.

The blond woman gasped, as she slowly opened her eyes. She opened her mouth, to try and talk to Santana. She took in a deep breath and locked eyes with the raven haired vampire.

"Lu-," she tried, trying to push from the numbness she now felt. She started to lose feeling of her body. She knew her time was near, but she had to get the one word out before it was too late.

"Lucky? Lumpy? Luke?" Santana asked, not know what she meant. She wanted to know what the woman was trying to say, her last words. "Does your name start with L?"

The blond lady shook her head weakly. She gasped for more air.

"Santana," Brittany called out, walking up to her with a pink bundle of blankets.

"L-Lu," the blond lady tried, staring at the bundle. The life in her eyes was slowly fading.

Brittany moved to the dying lady, and bent down with the bundle.

The blond lady reached out and placed her bloody hand on the pink blanket. The baby cried, in fear or coldness, Santana didn't really know. She did notice the baby staring into her mother's eyes.

"Lucy, t-take care, plea-" the lady whispered, before her hand dropped and her head lulled to the side. Santana knew she was dead. She didn't have to check.

Brittany held the baby, Lucy, close. She rocked Lucy until she stopped crying. Santana stared at the body, not sure what to do. She knew Brittany had already become attached to the baby, and there was nothing she could do to make Brittany leave the baby. She knew Brittany wasn't going to want to let the baby go to a foster home. She looked down and eyed the necklace on the dead woman's neck. She quickly pocketed it before standing up. She went back to the car to search of information about the family. She looked around, trying to find an address or anything that could be of use.

She searched a purse and found out the name of the woman. Judy Fabray. She found the key to their house and the address. Santana then searched the man, for a name. She found it in his wallet. Russell Fabray.

She found a picture of the family in the wallet.

Santana smiled as she stared at the picture of the family. The parents were smiling, and Lucy was playing with a stuffed bear.

"Let's go get her things," Santana whispered, as she stood up and dusted herself off. Brittany nodded, as she held the sleeping baby close. Santana took the time to really look at the girl. The baby had blond hair at the top of her head, and she knew her eyes were hazel from the photograph she had just found.

She wondered if they were making the right decision of taking the girl with them.


Name: Lucy Quinn Fabray

Born: February 1st 1994

Santana didn't really care for anything else. She placed the important document in a small bag, while Brittany took care of the clothing. Brittany had placed Lucy in her cradle to sleep for the time being as they packed the necessities. Santana went into the parents' room in search for items Lucy would want when she grew up.

Once they had everything, they left Lima, Ohio, they didn't look back.


"Mama!" Quinn exclaimed, as she ran to Santana.

Santana and Brittany had decided to call Lucy by her middle name. They had noticed something weird when they called her Lucy. She would cry, and she had pain in her eyes. They wondered if it had anything to do with her mother dying in front of her. They wouldn't know. They also liked the name Quinn better.

"Hi Baby, are you being good for mommy?" Santana asked, as she picked up the two year old.

Quinn nodded her head. "I'm always good, mama."

"Isn't that right, my intelligent baby," Santana praised, as she put the girl down.

Brittany watched, smiling. She loved their small family. Quinn was the perfect little girl. She didn't cause much trouble. She didn't wake up in the middle of the night when they were hunting. She didn't cause trouble. Santana loved Quinn as much as she did.

Although, it did take a while for Quinn to warm up to Santana. They didn't know why. At first they assumed it was because they were strangers, but Quinn paid attention to Brittany. But after a few months, Quinn let Santana carry her without crying, so they stopped trying to find out why.

Brittany did notice Quinn was a little different. Quinn was smart. She didn't have to hear the words spoken to her more than two times before she could pronounce them correctly. Brittany had been so mad when Quinn had said her first word, while Santana just looked at her mate sheepishly.

Quinn was ready to talk. Santana and Brittany knew that. Quinn was pronouncing sounds. They knew that they had to push a little more if they wanted to the girl to talk.

Santana was cutting vegetables for dinner. She and Brittany still ate human food, to have a sense of normalcy. Quinn was sitting in her high chair, watching Santana. She didn't look bored; she looked rather fascinated watching Santana cut the carrots.

Brittany walked in the kitchen wearing shorts and a sports bra. Santana stared at her mate, who was glistening with sweat, as her mouth watering. She didn't notice the knife nearing her palm, until she felt the sting of her skin being sliced.

"Fuck," she muttered, as she placed the bloody cut against her mouth.

Brittany looked at her mate, wondering why she had just had to swear. But her attention shifted to the infant who decided to repeat the word.

Quinn looked at the two caretakers. An innocent smile on her face, as her eyes tinkled with excitement.

Brittany turned to Santana with a glare, for teaching her daughter a swearword. Santana smiled back, nervously. She knew she was in a lot of trouble.

After that fateful day, Santana had learned to watch what she said around their daughter.

Brittany had also noticed Quinn's amazing memory. She remembered almost everything form her past. She remembered her parents. Brittany wouldn't be surprised if Quinn remembered her parent's deaths.

She didn't know it was possible to have a memory that well.

"This is crap," she heard Santana mutter.

"Mama, what is cwap?" Quinn asked, not able to pronounce her Rs.

Brittany got a wooden spoon from the table and smacked Santana on the head with it.


"Tell me a story," Quinn asked, as she looked at Santana and Brittany.

"It was 1704," Santana whispered, as she looked at her ten-year-old daughter. "A seventeen year old girl named Samantha was running from evil men. Samantha didn't have anywhere to go, so she ran into a church. The men were still behind her. She thought they had her, but then someone saved her. Bethany beat the men up, and took Samantha away. One day, they found a girl, and took her in. They became a happy family, the end."

"I love you mama, mommy," Quinn whispered in her sleep.


"How many are there?" Rachel Berry asked, as her friends sat around the classroom.

"Three new kids," Noah 'Puck" Puckerman answered, burying his face in his mate's neck.

"Two of them are like us," Mercedes Jones answered, looking at her mate.

"One is human," Finn Hudson answered, nodding his head.

Sam Evans, Kitty Wilde, and Marley Rose nodded in agreement.

"Is the human a part of them?" Rachel inquired.

"From what we know, yes," Sam responded, smiling at his mate.

Rachel nodded. She felt a pang in her heart when she noticed everyone in the group had their mates except for her. She wondered if she was ever going to meet her mate.

"What do you guys know about them?" Rachel asked, wanting to know more about the potential threat.

"You're older than them," Puck said, grinning.

"Thanks Noah, girls just love to hear they are old," Rachel muttered, as she glared at him.

"The two vampires are mated," Marley said, giving Rachel a small smile. She hoped one of two would be Rachel's mate, but that was not a possibility.

Rachel nodded, as the bell rang.


A girl was in front of the car. Her father swerved the car to stop from hitting her. The car tipped over a small cliff, and rolled through the trees. Her father's head hit the windshield. Her mother shouted for her, in fear. Suddenly, the car stopped moving. Her father wasn't awake. Her mother had started to quiet down. She started to cry in fear. She didn't know why she was okay, but she was. She saw someone kneeling down next to the car. Brown eyes, she saw brown eyes, before they disappeared. A while later she saw blue eyes, she saw home.

The girl took her out of the car and took her to her mother, her dying mother. Her mother reached up, said her name, and then died right in front of her.

Everything turned black, and she was in front of a monster with brown eyes. She was in her sixteen-year-old body. The monster chased her, as she tried to run as fast as she could. She ran until she reached a house. The monster cornered her, and snarled. It slashed at her, and she screamed.

She sat up, unable to breathe. She reached around, and grabbed the small inhaler. She took two pumped, before lying back down, letting the medicine do its work. She closed her eyes, and thought about the brown eyes, the brown eyes that killed her parents. She grabbed her necklace, gripping it hard. She wondered if she was ever going to find out who that person was.

AN #2: You learn more about everyone's pasts as the story goes on. There will also be flashbacks to Little!Quinn with Brittana. Unholy Trinity family moments. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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