He Saved Me

He Met Me

He Met Me

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 1,403Chapters: (2/5)Disclaimer: I don't own Chicago PD, but I wish I did.Warnings: Rape, abuse, attempt suicide, parental neglect, drug use, underage drinking.Author's Note: Wow, 14 follows, 3 favorites, and five reviews. (Thanks Famous4it, ChicagoFIreLover101, Justicerocks, cullentreehill, and Guest) Hope to not let you down. So this story is AU, I suppose. So, enjoy. I'm excited for Today's episode.

Upload: January 22, 2014

Dawson walked into the office and smiled at his teammates.

"Laura wants all of you guys at the Bakery to thank you guys for helping us save Diego, especially you Lindsay," the man said, smiling at the other teammates, but frowning when he noticed the brunette female was not paying any attention to him. He moved to talk to her, but Voight stopped him. Dawson watched as Voight whispered something to the woman wand led her to his office, the door closing. He frowned but moved to the other people.

Chicago PD

"Are you okay?" Voight asked his protégé. He watched her closely.

Lindsay nodded, but didn't look at him. Voight moved his chair and sat next to him. "Talk to me. Tell me what you are thinking. You promised me, you promised you would talk to me," he said, concerned. He cared about the girl. He wasn't the hard guy with her. He was a parental figure, ever since he found out about her absent parents.

Chicago PD

Erin walked into her apartment to find her mother was unconscious on the couch with an alcohol bottle on the ground next to her. She sighed and went to put the stolen bread on the kitchen table. She just stood there, thinking about how her life had turned out. She was angry. She was furious. She was just fifteen, but she felt older.

She got a jacket and left the apartment. She didn't leave a note telling her mother where she was. She knew her mother wouldn't care. She called her friends and boyfriend, to see if they were busy. They all were busy with the exception of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend told her he would pick her up, and he should wait for her.

She sat down on the curb and waited for her boyfriend. She didn't see a man walk up to her. She felt someone near her and turned to see a man. The man looked familiar, but she didn't remember him. He smiled at her, but she moved away and frowned. She looked around but saw no one.

"Wh-who are you?" The girl asked, her voice filled with fear.

"Hank Voight," the man answered. He took a step towards her and handed her a card. Erin took it and inspected it. She nodded, knowing it was real. "I saw you, near the Dawson Bakery."

Erin's eyes widened. The man was an officer, and she had just stolen something. She knew she couldn't get away.

"I-I don't know wh-what you are talking about," Erin said, frowning.

"It's okay. I'm not going to turn you in," he told her.

"Wh-why?" Erin asked, her eyes widening when she saw a familiar car drive towards them.

"I just want to talk to you," he told her.

"I-I have to go," the girl said, as she moved to the car that was parked on the curb near the two of them. She rushed and got into the car, with a boy.

Chicago PD

"Are you going to the bakery with Dawson?" Voight asked, watching for anything from the young woman.

"I can't," she whispered, saying something for the first time. She looked at the ground, and smiled softly. "I have the best of luck. I'm in a team with the current owner of the bakery I used to steal from."

"Just go. It'll be fine, I promise you," he told her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

The woman nodded and stood up. "I'm going to go back to work."

Voight nodded. He knew the other men were bothering her to tell them how he saved her, and that was bringing up bad memories. He couldn't tell them anything, it wasn't his story to tell. He just watched her leave. He was going with them, to the bakery, to take care of her.

Chicago PD

"Who was he?" her boyfriend, Josh Martin asked, glaring at her. She just shrugged, and looked out the window.

"Just someone who lives in the apartment," she lied, her finger running on the edge of card her had given her. It was still in her pocket.

He grabbed her wrist with a tight grip and sneered at her, "Don't lie to me."

"I-I'm not lying," she whispered, trying to pull her arm away.

"If I find out you lied, you will pay," he told her, moving his hand and looked at the road in front of him. He drove them to his friend's house.

"I-I'm not, I'm not lying," Erin whispered, taking her hand out of her pocket and started fidgeting with her hands on lap.

He didn't answer as he continued driving.

Chicago PD

Dawson smiled as he watched his team hang around his families' bakery. The men were speaking to Diego, Lindsay was talking to his wife and Ava, while Voight was watching all of them.

"Antonio, didn't you tell us that some kids used to steal the bread?" Halstead asked, a smile on his face.

"Yeah some stupid kids," he answered, not noticing his teammate's pale face.

"Did you guys ever catch them?" Ruzak questioned, turning his attention to his new teammates.

"No, they were just brats. It was always the same people. I think we have pictures of them," he said, thinking about those times. He stood up and walked to the office.

Lindsay looked at Voight, pleading with him to stop him. She frowned when he didn't do anything. He just stared back at her. She looked at her teammates and snuck out of the bakery.

Chicago PD

Erin grabbed the neck of the bottle and drank what was left. She was slightly drunk. She watched as Josh played pool with his friend. She was told to stay where she was, and not to bother them. Josh and the boy were talking. She knew what they were talking about.

"Babe, come here," Josh called, waving his girlfriend over.

Erin stood up and walked up to him, as graceful as she could. She held on to the pool table as she looked at her boyfriend.

"Tomorrow, we have some business to do, and you're driving," he told her.

Erin nodded, giving him a smile, not really thinking.

Chicago PD

Dawson found the folder with the photos of the teens that used to steal from them. He sat down and looked through them. They were mostly of boys. The last picture made him stop and really look at it. He took out his phone. He looked at a photo he took of his teammate, his friend, and saw the resemblance. Shocked, he stood up and decided to stick the photo in his pocket.

He took the folder and walked to his teammates. He gave them the pictures and looked for Lindsay. Voight looked at him and pointed to the back door. The detective nodded and headed out, as the others looked through the photos.

Once he made it outside, he saw her sitting on the floor, looking at the wall across from her.

"You know now," Lindsay said, no emotion in her voice.

Dawson didn't say anything, he just moved to stand in front of her.

"What? I'll pay back what I stole. I'll pay you back, just tell me how much you want," she told him, looking up at him, "I'm sorry. I'll pay you back for all we stole."

"Why?" he asked, finally speaking up. His arms were crossed over his chest.

"Food," she whispered. She smiled sadly on the ground.


"My mom," she said, letting out a small humorless laugh, "my mom was a drunk. I had to bring the food. I couldn't get hired. My friends, my amazing friends told me to take the food. So I took food. I didn't want to, but I had no other choice."

"You didn't have a choice? And your father, where was he?"

"I don't know, you tell me," she answered, clenching her fist.

"Is that how Voight saved me?" Dawson asked, looking for answers.

"No, that's when he met me," she told him.

"You turned your life around. You saved Diego's life. You don't owe me for the bread," he told her. He told her to get up and to give him a hug. "The others don't know. Your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you," she whispered into his chest.

Voight opened the door and watched them hug. Maybe she'll be okay. Hopefully.


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Past!Voight has a one-on-one talk with Past! Lindsay after an arrest.

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