He Saved Me

He Found Me

He Found Me

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 1,266Chapters: (4/5)Disclaimer: I don't own Chicago PD, but I wish I did.Warnings: Rape (Non-Consensual/Implied) , abuse (Implied), attempt suicide, parental neglect, drug use (Implied), underage drinking.Author's Note: This chapter is kind of dark. So 13 favorites, 53 follows and now 23 reviews. Thanks Justicerocks, ffedeline, RachelHxxx, Guest, ryrissa1993, dmpanda5, red lighting, Kelon, and xXBlack'BladeXx,

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She looked at her arms, the fingerprints, the purple spots, and the cuts that covered them. Her body was tainted, her mind was poisoned because of the people around her. Her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, who abused her in every way; sexually, physically, and mentally. She laughed at herself. She was pathetic. All the men in her life treated her like the dirt in their shoes. Her father that left her, knew how useless she was going to be. He knew he had to leave before it was too late.

Erin curled up on the mat on the ground and hugged her pillow. There was only one bed in the apartment, and her mother slept on it. Her mother was almost always on her bed or the couch, both with Erin couldn't use. She didn't care. She just didn't.

She slowly fell asleep, her tears staining the mattress.

Chicago PD

Halstead, Ruzek, and Dawson were sitting at their desks when Lindsay and Voight walked in. His arm was on her shoulders as he whispered something in her ear. Lindsay nodded her head and smiled softly.

She sat down on her desk and started to look over things.

Dawson watched her. He knew a little of her past, more than the others, and it made him feel closer to her. He wanted to know more, to know of the history between Voight and Lindsay. Halstead had told him about the conversation he had with Lindsay about Voight being a father and she had just laughed. He wondered if it was true.

He thought about everything he had noticed between them. How whenever Voight wanted to go for a drive, he'd take Lindsay. Or he would come to her defense when she was hesitant. Or when she was hurt he'd check if she was okay before anything else. Or she would called him on his bullshit. There was something there, some protection and it was strong.

"Hey, Antonio, do you want to get something to drink after?" Lindsay asked, giving him a dimple smile.

He nodded with his own smile on his face. Halstead and Ruzek gave him a confused look, while he looked smug. He knew something they didn't, and it made him feel special even if it was childish.

Chicago PD

"Wake up," a voice slurred, as Erin felt something hit her. She groaned and opened her eyes. She saw her mother standing over her. She slowly sat up and stared at her mother. She knew her mother was wasted. She knew her mother wasn't herself when she was drunk. She knew that didn't stop the hurt.

"M-mom," she stuttered, as she stared at her mother's empty eyes, the same emptiness that was in her eye.

"Your father left fifteen years ago," the older woman whispered, emotionless. "Fifteen years, today. I blamed myself you know. I thought it was my fault he left us. I thought I could have done more. I thought I deserved it."

Erin watched as mother spoke. She watched her eyes harden. She could feel the dread grow inside her.

"Can you believe it? I thought it was my fault. But you know what I realized?" her mother asked.

"No," Erin answered, the fear in her voice.

"We were happy. We are in love. Our lives were perfect, until you came along. You ruined our relationship. You did this. You made him leave. You made me who I am. This is your fault, not mine. We didn't want you. You ruin everything."

"You-you don't mean that," Erin whispered, her tears streaming down her face. Her body shook as each word that came out of her mother's words cut her heart into pieces.

"I don't mean that?" her mother asked, as she chuckled. "Of course I mean that. You are useless. You are nothing."

Her mother stumbled away, leaving Erin alone, crying.

Chicago PD

"My life sucked," Lindsay said as she sat in front of Dawson.

"From what I already know, I can tell," he said as he looked at the menu of the burger restaurant they were at.

Lindsay shook her head. "No, not that. Voight really save me. He saved me in many ways. When I was fifteen, I was the child all the parents didn't want. I did drugs, I got drunk, I had sex. I wasn't who I am. My boyfriend at the time was a drug-dealing, manipulative, abusive ass. My mom was also abusive, an alcoholic drunk. Voight took me away from all that. He moved me to his house and raised me."

Dawson stared at her. He didn't expect her to just say it. He thought he would have to dig to learn. He expected to learn a little.

"How did you get away?" Dawson asked, putting the menu down and giving the woman his attention.

"Voight got Josh, the boyfriend, away from me. My mother, she said some mean things to me and then I," she stopped, as she stared at the table. She didn't know how to say it. She looked at Dawson and saw his concern. "I tried to kill myself."

Chicago PD

Her tears wouldn't stop. She sobbed as she stared at her reflection. She didn't know what to think. Her mind was blank. One minute she was staring at the mirror, the next the mirror was in pieces. Her knuckle was in pain, and it was bloody but she didn't stop it. She glared at her reflection. She thought of all the pain she had been feeling. She thought of how she didn't deserve to live.

A piece of the mirror caught her eye. She picked it up, not caring that it was cutting her palm. She moved to the bathtub and turned it on. She was in her worn world. She stopped the water and got into the tub. She gasped when the cold water touched her skin. Once she was in the tub, she brought the shard to wrist and slid it.

Chicago PD

Voight decided to check on Erin. He walked to her apartment and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He remembered Erin telling him her mother was a drunk. He looked under the mat and found no key. He checked around the door, the window and nothing. Sighing, he turned the knob, it was unlocked. He looked inside and saw a woman asleep on the couch. Bottles around her. He heard sobbing. Frowning, he entered and headed to the sound. The sobbing was weak. It was coming from the bathroom.

He knocked. The sobbing stopped. There was no sound. He turned the doorknob and peeked inside.

His heart stopped. He saw Erin, fully clothed, in the bathtub. The water was red. Her lips here blue. She was so pale. Her wrists were bleeding. Her eyes were closed.

He rushed to her and pulled her out. He called for her mother. He shouted, but she never went. He started rocking the lifeless body. He begged her to wake up. He took out his phone and called for an ambulance.

Erin weakly opened her eyes. She smiled. "I'm…. sorry….. Hank."

"No, you're not giving up," he told her, as he clenched his teeth. The girl, she was special. He would be damned if she left early.

"I'm…. sorry," she whispered as her eyes slowly closed back.

"Stay awake kid. Stay awake," he demanded, as he pulled the body close to him.

He stayed like that until an ambulance arrived.

Chicago PD

"What?" Dawson asked, surprised.

Lindsay nodded. "I tried to kill myself. Voight found me. He found me."

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