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You Saved Yourself

You Saved Yourself

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 1,287Chapters: (5/5)Disclaimer: I don't own Chicago PD, but I wish I did.Warnings: Rape (Non-Consensual/Implied), abuse (Implied), attempt suicide, parental neglect, drug use (Implied), underage drinking.

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Uploaded: February 12, 2014

Dawson didn't know what to say about what he had just been told. He had never expected to hear those words come out of the brunette's mouth. He didn't know how he felt about it. He didn't even know what to say.

Lindsay looked up at him and smiled. "Shocking?"

Dawson nodded. "Is that why you're in this group? To repay him?"

Lindsay shook her head. "No, I'm here because I want to help people with their lives. I want to give people a choice, and help them make the right one."

Dawson nodded, seeing her in a new light.

Chicago PD

"Hey kid," Voight whispered, as Erin opened her eyes.

Erin opened her eyes, and frowned when she saw the older man sitting there, staring at her. "Am I dead?"

Voight chuckled as he shook his head. "No, you're in the hospital."

"How?" Erin asked weakly. She turned her head to face him.

"You don't remember?" He asked the young girl.

"No. I don't remember what happened after I passed out," Erin answered, wincing as she moved her wrist.

"I found you Erin. I called the ambulance," he responded, frowning. He wanted to know what the girl was thinking. What was going through her head.

"Why?" She questioned, as her eyes slowly closed.

"I had to," he answered, grabbing her hand. He held her hand until he was sure she was asleep. He knew it was going to get worse. She was going to hate him for saving her, but in his defense, he had too. He had to save her. He couldn't had let her die, he just couldn't.

Chicago PD

Voight stared at the picture in his wallet. There was a small smile on his face. It was a picture he had taken after Lindsay started to turn her life around. He never told anyone, even Justin and Lindsay, that he had a picture of them in his wallet. But he did, and he liked to stare at them, when he saw kids that were needed help going in the right direction.

He remembered the first day in the hospital. He remembered watched her as she fought to stay awake. He remembered to following days, where she would scream at him for saving her life. He remembered her telling him she hated him, and that he should had let her die. He remembered telling her that he couldn't, that he was going to protect her.

Finding her, half-conscious in the bathtub was one of the scariest moments in his life and he had been through a lot. But carrying dead weight of a fifteen-year-old girl was something he never wanted to do.

"Hey," Lindsay said, as she walked into his small office. She closed the door behind her and stood in front of him. "I told Antonio."

Voight looked up at her. He waited for her to continue.

"I think I want to see my mom," she told him, looking at her hands.

"Do you want me to go with you?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"If you don't mind," she answered, looking slightly hopeful.

Chicago PD

"Are you sure?" Erin asked the man in front of her. She was getting out of the hospital, and the doctors told her someone needed to watch her for the next few days.

Voight nodded. He had told her he wanted her to move in with him and his son.

Erin looked conflicted. She knew she couldn't go home, not if she wanted to get better.

"Okay," she whispered, looked up at the man.

Voight smiled, as he helped the girl out of the hospital, to pick up her stuff and move to his house.

Chicago PD

Lindsay knocked on the door. She was nervous. Her hands were shaking, as she waited for the door to answer. Voight rested his hand on her shoulder, to reassure her.

A woman opened the door. She had a resemblance to Lindsay, but seemed worn out. Her eyes widened when she saw who was in front of her.

"Hi," Lindsay whispered nervously. "Can we come in?"

The older woman nodded and let them enter. Voight led Lindsay to the couch. He kept a hand on her as she watched her mother walk to them.

"Erin," Caroline whispered, as she stared at her daughter, who she hadn't seen since she was fifteen. "You've grown up so much."

"Yeah, I'm not the same fifteen year old. It's been thirteen years," the younger Lindsay answered. She didn't mean for it to come out so harsh, but there was so much emotion Lindsay had kept inside.

"I'm sorry," Caroline whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.

Lindsay didn't respond. She just stared at her mother. "Was it really my fault?"

Caroline frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"Daddy," Lindsay whispered. "Was it my fault daddy left?"

Caroline's tears fell. "No. I'm sorry. It was not your fault. It was never your fault."

Lindsay's body shook. She tried to keep herself from crying. Voight moved closer, to protect her. He knew this was hard on her. He knew she needed it.

"I missed you honey," she told her daughter. She moved to hug the younger woman, but Lindsay glared at her.

"No! One apology doesn't change fifteen years of neglect!" Lindsay exploded. Tears were streaming down her face. "You can't change it! You can't change how I feel about you. I hated you! I hated you when you never cared about me!"

Caroline started to sob. She sobbed for the loss of the child. She sobbed for the emotions her only child felt about her. She just sobbed.

Lindsay watched her mother break down. She felt bad for making her mother cry. But Lindsay had so much anger, so much pain in her that it didn't matter to her.

Voight's phone chose that moment to ring. Lindsay looked at him as he answered the phone. He looked at her, and nodded. "Mrs. Lindsay, we have to go."

Lindsay stood up and looked at her mother. "I miss you sweetie."

Lindsay stared at the older woman. "I'll come back soon," she whispered.

Voight smiled as he watched is protégé. He was proud of her.

"I'll be back. We need to fix this. I don't want to hate you my whole life," Lindsay said.

Caroline nodded and moved to hug her, but stopped. "Bye," she told her.

Voight and Lindsay walked out and into Voight's car.

Chicago PD

Erin looked at the house in front of her. She saw a boy standing there, smiling at his father. Erin looked at Voight.

"Welcome to your new home," he told the fifteen year old.

Erin gave him a small smile as she grabbed her bag and followed him in.

Chicago PD

Lindsay sat in the passenger seat, watching Voight drive.

"What?" he asked, taking his eye off the road for a second.

"I never thanked you for saving me," she told him grinning. "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me," he responded, turning his attention back to the street. "I didn't do anything except find you, and give you a home."

"What do you mean?" Lindsay asked.

"I didn't save you. All I did was be there for you. If you didn't want to be saved, you wouldn't have. Erin, you saved yourself."

Lindsay sat there thinking of what he had told her. A smile started to grow on her face. "Thank you for being there." She grinned at him. 'I saved myself,' she thought to herself, as they drove to the place they were needed.

Voight didn't save her, she saved herself with Voight's help. She will always be grateful to him for all he had done.

Hope you guys enjoyed. I 'll have another story out soon. Gonna be Lindsay-Voight (Vindsay, Loight?) family like too. Don't know who I like Lindsay with yet.

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