Top Dog to Top Pup

By Lexys Knight


Alpha to Omega

Top Dog To Top PupTitle: Alpha: ChangeAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,194Chapters: (1/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: Yeah, I know I shouldn't start a new story with Together Forever out, but I have writers block. This story won't be long. And it won't be angst. Most is cutish I guess. It's just a pack of werewolves taking care of their baby alpha. Little to no violence. There will be a fight, and it will be funny. You'll just have to wait.

Update: 9/22/13

He was mad. He knew what they were. All of them. He knew he had to keep his mouth shut. They would have no problem shutting him up. Especially her. The top dog. The alpha. The leader. With her beta, her second-in-command. Her gamma was the one he was afraid of, as well as the alpha and beta. There are three deltas. And the mate.

The beta, Santana Lopez. She was the second-in-command. She took no crap from anyone, unless her alpha ordered it. That only happened when it was necessary. She knew if anything were to happened to her alpha, she would have to take charge. Really, the alpha's mate would take charge, but the mate would be devastated and not in the right mind to protect them. She was stealthy. She was sneaky, the ears of the wolves. Her wolf was all black, with brown eyes.

The gamma, Noah Puckerman. He was the one of the muscles of the group. He had no problem beating someone up for his packmates. They were in it together. They defended each other. He was one of the brown wolves. He had a Mohawk.

Then there was the three deltas. The deltas also had their rankings, in case something happened to the alpha, beta, and gamma. Brittany Pierce, the beta's mate. She was the first delta. The delta-alpha. She was the one of the fastest wolves. She kept everything light. She was a blond wolf. Her wolf seemed to have brighter parts, highlights. There was Sam Evans. He was the newest wolf in the pack. He was the delta-gamma. He was a dark blonde wolf. Finn was a brown and black wolf. He was the tallest wolf. He was another muscle wolf, as they were called. He was the delta-beta.

Then, there are the alpha and her mate. The mate was the smallest wolf. She was dark brown. Rachel Berry. The mate didn't have a ranking. It was higher than the beta, just because of who they are connected to. The alpha, the leader. Who had all the traits, speed, stealth, strength, and leadership. The alpha of the pack, was the alpha of McKinley High School. Quinn Fabray.

Quinn Fabray, he hated her. She took the girl he loved. She ordered her pack to threatened him. She was at fault for all the bullying he had to go through.

As much as he wanted vampires to come to destroy them, they never passed Lima. The Fabray pack and vampires were on okay terms.

Jacob Ben Israel was studying. He had a spell for the alpha wolf. He was going to turn the alpha wolf into an omega. He was going to make her useless to the pack. Rachel won't stand her mate.

Jacob Ben Israel smirked. He just needed one more thing. He needed DNA of the wolf he wanted to change.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Quinn Fabray was on top. She knew that, her pack knew that, the whole school knew that. She had the love of her life with her. She had amazing friends. She had the best pack in the state. She knew there were better, more experienced wolves.

She first changed when she was thirteen. It was the youngest age in Lima history. She was scared, but her parents taught her what to do and would run with her. They taught her the history of wolves. Two years later, Santana changed. Quinn found her during a hunt. Santana felt the alpha in Quinn and submitted. A few months later, Puck changed.

Brittany changed a year later. She was the fourth wolf in Quinn's pack. That was when Quinn started to panic, thinking she wasn't ready for a pack. Finn, the fifth wolf, who changed a few weeks after, was the one helped Quinn.

Quinn knew she had a mate. She knew who it was. She knew her mate would soon become a wolf, but she didn't want to do anything. Rachel, at the time was dating Finn. Quinn would never take his girlfriend, even if they weren't meant to be.

After the Finchel break-up, Finn told Quinn he had to, because Rachel didn't belong to him. Rachel changed a month later. A month after that Faberry got together.

A year later, Sam became the final wolf in the pack. But Quinn knew, once the males mates wanted to change, they would get more wolves, and if rogue wolves wanted to join them.

Quinn was happy. After two years of being a lone wolf, she had a pack, a family. Nothing could bring her down.

Quinn walked into the school. She felt weird. She knew something was up. Something was weird. Her pack was around the school. Rachel was in the auditorium, Puck, Finn, and Sam were at football practice. Santana and Brittany were at Cheerios practice.

The school was mostly empty. The wolves liked it like that, no noise. They got to do whatever they wanted. They usually used up their energy, practicing in the field. But there was football and Cheerios practice. Their practice would have to wait.

Quinn opened her locker, and white smoke surrounded her. She took a breath, and the smoke filled her lungs. she started coughing. She ran to the closest room, as her head started pounding.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Rachel heard scratching. She was waiting for Quinn by the lockers. Glee practice was about the start, and Quinn was missing. She always walked with Quinn to the choir room. She tuned in her hearing, and heard a small whine. It hurt her heart, so she followed the sound. She was in the storage room, and came face to face with a small puppy. It was white, with gold paws. The tips of its ears and tail was gold too. Rachel closed the door and got closer to the puppy. She sat down Indian style in front of the puppy.

"Qu-Quinn?" She whispered, confused. The puppy wagged its tail and tried to lick her face.

"Oh my god, who did this to you?" she asked, knowing the puppy wouldn't, couldn't answer her.

Rachel grabbed the puppy and rushed to the auditorium. She sent out a message to her pack mates. She sat down with the puppy, Quinn, on her lap. She yawned and slowly fell asleep on the lap. She studied the puppy. It didn't look like an adult werewolf, even a normal adult wolf. It, no she, looked like she was a few months, five at most. She looked just like Quinn did, when she was a wolf.

"What's up?" Puck asked, as the pack and their mates entered the room.

"We have a problem," Rachel answered, looking up at her pack mates.

"What's going on? What's the problem?"Santana asked, getting into her role.

"What's that on your lap?" Marley Rose, Finn's mate asked.

"It looks like a mini-Quinn wolf," Brittany commented, as she got down and stroked the sleeping puppy's fur.

"That's the problem," Rachel told them. "Someone changed Quinn into a puppy."

Everyone looked at each other, then the sleeping puppy on Rachel's lap.

What were they going to do?

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