Top Dog to Top Pup

Beta: Secrets

Top Dog To Top Pup

Title; Beta: SecretsAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,227Chapters: (2/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: Quinn's name? Yeah, I just had too. So far so good for this story. I'm so happy. And yeah, different from all my other stories. I might upload a new chapter daily or every other day, because it's fun to write. By the end of the story, Quinn will have some enemies. Can you guess one? Quinn will be bullied, and you guys will love it. I'm excited to write that part.

Update: 9/23/13

"That's Quinn? Quinn Fabray? Big bad wolf Quinn Fabray?" Kitty Wilde, Puck's mate asked, her eyes wide.

Rachel nodded, as she looked down at the pup on her lap.

"How do you know?" Santana asked, skeptic. She would love to be alpha for a day, but not if it cost her best friend.

"She was crying. I found her in a closet. When she cried, it hurt me. The only person who caused me that kind of pain is my mate," Rachel explained, as all the wolves nodded. They knew the mating pain.

"We have to go to glee club," Mercedes Jones, Sam's mate announced.

Rachel stood up. Her movement woke the puppy up. It looked at the other pack members, and human mates, and began wagging her tail.

She wiggled for Rachel to let her down. Rachel released her and Quinn ran to each of the person. She barked and tugged on the guys' pants, trying to play.

"She's cute. What's going to be her name? Her backstory?" Marley asked, as she crouched down and scratched the puppy's ears.

"She's Rachel's new puppy," Mercedes suggested, looking at the Diva.

"That makes sense. And I know why I would bring her here," Rachel added. She got the puppy and they walked to class.

"What's her name?" Brittany asked, as Quinn licked her hand. They walked into the choir room.

"What's a dog doing here?" Blaine Anderson asked, as he sat up.

Quinn started wiggling again, after smelling new scents. Rachel let her down, scared she would drop her puppy mate.

Quinn ran to greet each person.

"I'm uh leaving town right after school, and I was wondering if anyone can take care of my puppy for me. Uh, dogs aren't allowed where I'm going," Rachel told her club members.

"Why don't you ask Quinn?" Tina Cohan-Chang asked, as she and Mike Chang played with the puppy.

"She's out sick," Brittany asked, as if it were true.

"What's her name?" Kurt Hummel asked, watching the puppy chase its tail.

"Her name? It's uh, her name is Belle," Rachel stumbled out, as the puppy ran back her 'owner'.

Belle? Santana mouthed, raising an eyebrow.

I freaked, Rachel mouthed back.

"I guess I can dig sit," Santana offered, as she sat down.

The pack and the human mates sat down. Mr. Shue frowned when he saw Quinn, or Belle, but said nothing.

After school, Rachel, Santana, and Belle stood next to Rachel's fathers' car.

"Take care of her, Santana," Rachel pleaded.

"Yeah yeah, this puppy and I are gonna have a lot of fun together," Santana answered, giving Rachel a smile.

"Be good Quinn. Remember, Santana is a big meany, don't get on her bad side," Rachel told her, but Quinn wasn't listening. The white and gold puppy was trying to lick Santana's face. "This is so not going to end well."

"I know Quinn's in love with me, but can you get her to stop trying to kiss me?" Santana asked, slightly annoyed from trying to avoid Quinn's little tongue.

Rachel shook her head. "I can't believe I'm trusting my puppy girlfriend with you."

"And I can't believe you said puppy girlfriend," Santana said, smirking.

"Shut up. I love you Quinn. Don't let Santana flush you down the toilet," Rachel whispered, as she kissed the puppy's head and entered the car.

Quinn whimpered as Rachel left. She started struggling causing Santana to drop her. Quinn started to run towards the street and Santana threw herself to catch the puppy just before a car hit her.

"You're going to be the death of me," Santana muttered as Quinn licked Santana's face.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

"Mami! You'll never guess what happened!" Santana shouted as she entered her house with Quinn in her arms.

"What is it, mija?" Maribel Lopez asked her daughter as she exited the kitchen. "Where did you get that dog?"

"Mom, meet Quinn, my alpha," Santana said, grinning.

"That's not nice," her mother reprimanded.

"I'm serious. This is Quinn. Someone used magic to change her to a puppy. Rachel can't take care of her, because she's going on a trip with her fathers, so the next best person was the beta," Santana said, smugly.

Her mother rolled her eyes. "She better be potty trained," her mother told her, glaring.

Santana looked surprised. "You're potty trained right, dog?"

Quinn just stared back, with her tongue out.

"Oh my gosh," Santana muttered, as she took the dog to her room.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Quinn watched as Santana left. The girl had told her to stay in the room, and not to make a mess. She just sat there, staring at the door, when she saw something moving behind her. She stood up and chased it, but it moved as quick as she did. Soon, she got bored.

She decided it was a great moment to scope the place out. She went around the room, smelling everything. Everything smelt like Santana.

She ran under the bed, and came out with a teddy bear. It was brown and worn out. She moved back and tried to jump on the bed, but she fell back. She dropped the bear and moved to the chair at the temporary alpha's bed. She gripped a leg of the chair and pulled. Luckily for her, it rolled. She made sure it was next to the bed before running to get the bear back.

She jumped onto the chair then onto the bed. She moved so she could lie down in the middle of the bed and started chewing on the teddy bear's leg. Once she got bored, and the leg was torn off, she curled into a small ball and fell asleep.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Santana kissed her parents goodnight after returning from Brittany's house and went to her room. She dropped her phone when she saw what Quinn had done to her teddy bear.

"Mr. Wuggles!" She shouted as rushed to move the teddy bear and it's leg away from the psychotic dog. "Mami!"

Quinn woke up from the noise. Her tail started wagging when she saw Santana was back.

Maribel rushed into the room and saw her daughter crying over the teddy bear and the puppy just watching her.

"Mami, look at what the demon dog did to Mr. Wugggles!" the beta cried, tears streaming down her face.

"Oh San, I can fix Mr. Wuggles for you," her mother said to comfort her daughter.

"R-really?" She asked, looking so hopeful.

Maribel nodded. "Why don't you take, uh, Quinn out for a walk. She must have been bored being here all alone with nothing to do."

"Nothing to do," Santana scoffed. "She destroyed my childhood! And we named her Belle because it would be weird to call Rachel's 'puppy' after her mate."

"Okay, take Belle for a walk," she responded.

"Okay, gracias mami. Let's go stupid dog," Santana muttered. As she got a belt to use as a leach. "You're Puck's responsibility tomorrow, before you destroy any more of my things."

Quinn didn't pay attention to her. She was trying to keep the belt off her.

"I don't like you anymore Quinn. Not after you almost murdered Mr. Wuggles. What did he ever do to you?!"

Quinn just walked smelling everything on her way, without a care in the world.

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