Top Dog to Top Pup

Gamma: Alcohol

Top Dog To Top Pup

Title: Gamma: AlcoholAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,053Chapters: (3/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass! And I don't own the movie in this chapter.Author's Notes: I don't know if this is possible, but I thought it would be cool and something Puck would do. But I'll find out with you guys. I got more follows and favorites, but not as much reviews. :(

Update: 9/25/13

Quinn whined when Santana pulled the belt as they walked to Puck's house. She wanted to smell the flowers, but Santana wouldn't let her.

"Shut up, you're lucky I didn't drop you in the toilet and flushed it. You are so lucky Mr. Wuggles is okay," Santana told the puppy, glaring.

Quinn walked behind her with her head down, causing Santana to almost feel bad. They walked in silence to Puck's house.

Santana knocked as she glared at the dog. Quinn let out a whine and looked up at Santana. The temporary alpha soften her glare and decided to look away.

The door open and Kitty stood there with Puck's shirt and nothing else.

"What?" She asked, looking at the girl who interrupted her time with her mate.

"Get Puck," Santana ordered, as she crouched down and took the belt off Quinn's neck.

"What do you want Temp Alph?" Puck asked, as he walked to the door with only sweats on.

"Take Quinn before I kill her," Santana said, as she pushed the puppy with her foot.

"But I'm busy," he whined, as he pointed to Kitty who was in the kitchen making some food.

"I'm ordering you, take the dog," Santana ordered, annoyed.

"Fine fine, gosh," Puck gave in.

"See you Quinn, Puck. Bye Kitty!" Santana said as she left.

Quinn sat there, not knowing what to do. Was she suppose to follow Santana? Or stay with Puck?

Puck crouched down and grabbed her by the skin on her back. He held her so they were face to face.

"Let's go Q-Belle," he said as he walked inside. He put Quinn on the floor and went to hug Kitty from behind. Quinn followed him. She watched as he whispered something in her ear and kiss her neck.

They moved to Puck's bedroom with Quinn right behind them. She stopped when everything turned black. There was a shirt over her. She shook her body to get rid of it and moved to Puck's bedroom.

She sat down and just stared at the two naked bodies make out on the bed.

Kitty looked the door and shrieked as she got a blanket to cover herself. "Puck, the dog, Quinn, Belle, um, she's watching us!"

Puck frowned and looked at the door. He saw Quinn staring at him, looking all innocent.

Puck stood up, in all his naked glory and picked the dog up. He went to his kitchen and put her down. "Um, do you want water?"

Quinn just stared up at him, and cocked her head to the left. "Oh I know! I've always wanted to try this," he exclaimed as he went through his liquor cabinet. He took out Grey Goose and pours some in a bowl. He then went to his living room and put the bowl on the floor. He turned on the television, put the movie channel, and left Quinn alone.

He walked to his room and smiled at Kitty. He quickly closed the door.

"Where is she?" Kitty asked, looking around invade the puppy for inside.

"In the living room, watching television," he answered as he climbed on bed.

"That's gonna keep her busy?" Kitty asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I might have given her some alcohol," Puck muttered as he pecked her lips.

"Quinn is so going to kill you," she giggled.

"I know," Puck answered.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

"I promise." A character in the film whispered.

"Never let go." The male counterpart responded.

"I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go," Rose promised.

Quinn sat there, staring at the screen. Tears were streaming down her face. Even as a puppy, a couple of human traits were still there.

The bowl of alcohol was half empty. Quinn rubbed her face with her small paw when the film ended, and another movie started.

She heard some noise outside the house and stood up to investigate.

She wobbled to the door and crashed to the wall. She started to whine.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Kitty woke up by the whining. She huffed as she grabbed a shirt and went to see why the dog was crying.

She found Quinn lying down next to the wall.

"What's wrong Quinn?" She asked, feeling bad for the crying puppy.

She giggled when she saw Quinn stumble towards her. The puppy was tipsy. Kitty, not wanting to torture the puppy, picked her up. She went to the couch and sat down with her Cheerios captain on her lap.

Kitty decided to sleep, so she got comfortable on the couch with Quinn next to her. Soon, both of them fell asleep.

When she woke up a few hours later, she found Quinn asleep on her stomach, with her head on Kitty's breasts.

Puck exited the room, frowning. "When did you leave?"

"I don't know, two, three hours ago," the blonde girl answered, as she scratched Quinn's head.

"She got to second base faster then me," Puck mumbled, slightly annoyed.

"Unlike you, she's adorable," Kitty answered, as she kissed Quinn's nose.

"Ready for round two?" Puck asked, smirking.

"No, I'm gonna stay with Quinn. Maybe make her some food when she wakes up. She might be hung over because her babysitter isn't dumbass," she answered as she picked up the puppy and let her rest on the couch.

"Cockblocker," Puck muttered, glaring at the puppy.

"It's your fault!" Kitty shouted from the kitchen, woking Quinn up.

She blinked her eyes, then started whining.

"What's wrong?" Puck asked, panicking.

She's hung over idiot," Kitty answered, rolling her eyes.

Puck's eyes widened. "Quinn is so going to kill me," he whispered as he stood up and picked the white and gold puppy and held it like a baby. "Shh, it's okay. You're okay."

"Are you rocking her?" Kitty asked, frowning.

"Yes, why?" Puck questioned, but didn't stop rocking her.

"I don't think that's a good idea," she told him.

"Why?" He asked confused, just as Quinn threw up on him.

"That's why," the blonde cheerleader answered as she laughed at her mate's misfortune.

"I don't Quinn anymore," Puck muttered as he dropped Quinn onto the couch. "Cockblocking and throwing up on me."

Quinn curled up and tried to get rid of her headache, which was hard with Kitty's laughter and Puck's whining.

Humans suck.

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