Top Dog to Top Pup

Delta-Alpha: Bully

Top Dog To Top Pup

Title: Delta-Alpha: BullyAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,081Chapters: (4/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass! And I don't own the movie in this chapter.Author's Notes: I'm excited for this chapter. Sadly, Quinn will be bullied, you guys will love this, I swear. Halfway done with this story. Glee today, finally!

Update: 9/26/13

Brittany decided to visit Quinn. She hadn't gotten a chance to see her and it was Saturday. When Santana called her crying that Quinn tried to murder Mr. Wuggles, Brittany was worried for Quinn's life. The last living thing that had hurt Mr. Wuggles ended up in the hospital with a broken leg and nose.

When she heard Santana had taken her to Puck's house, she expected Quinn to be all alone. When she knocked on Puck's door, Puck opened the door with a frown on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" Brittany asked, smirking at Puck's face.

"Ask the cockblocker that pukes on me," he muttered, glaring at the puppy in his girlfriend's arms.

Brittany giggled, at his face, she saw Kitty walked to her with Quinn. "Hey Brittany, can you take care of Quinn?"

"Sure, Puck is not a good babysitter. Is she sick?" the blonde werewolf asked, as she grabbed her alpha puppy.

"Someone here decided to get her drunk," Kitty answered, glaring at her mate.

Brittany's eyes widened as she looked at the hungover puppy in her arms. "Are you an idiot?!"

"Just go, the dog is ruining my game. Just tell me when she's back to Quinn," Puck said as he pulled Kitty back into the house.

Brittany rolled her eyes and walked back to her house. Quinn was asleep.

*Top Dog to Top Puppy*

Quinn woke up and noticed she was in a different house. Everything smelt different, more feminine. She stretched and stood up. She felt a lot better. She jumped off the bed and noticed there was someone else with her. It was big and furry. It had feline eyes that was creeping her out. It was a cat, a big scary cat.

It stood up, and hissed at her, causing Quinn to take a step back. It hissed and got closer. Quinn, slightly scared, barked, which sound like a squeak.

It jumped and tried to scratch her, causing her to run under the bed with her tail in between her legs.

It was getting darker, but the thing, the cat was still out there. Quinn stayed under the bed, waiting for someone to save her.

She heard someone running to the room. "Lord Tubby! Quinnie!"

Quinn ran from under the covers and straight to Brittany's legs. She was whining, and it got louder when she noticed the cat was getting closer. Quinn was trying to get Brittany to pick her up, away from the demon near her.

The blond did what her leader had wanted to do and picked her up.

"Hey Quinnie, did you have a nice day?"

The girl-turned-puppy shook her head. She whined and looked at the cat.

"Lord Tubbington was mean to you?"

She nodded her wolf head.

"Lord Tubby, be nice to Quinn," the ditzy blond scolded.

Brittany put the wolf on the bed as she turned on her laptop. Santana appeared on the other side. Quinn moved to the window, which was opened. She slowly fell asleep.

*Top Dog to Top Puppy*

"So Puck got her drunk?" Santana asked, as she laughed.

"Yeah, and—" there was a thumb, causing Santana to frown, and Brittany to turn around. She saw Lord Tubbington walking towards her, the window right behind him.

"Wait, wasn't Quinn sleeping on the window?" Santana asked, as she tried so hard not to laugh.

"Lord Tubbington! I told you to leave her alone!" she scolded, once again.

Brittany stood up and walked towards the window and looked out of it. She saw Quinn crawl out of a bush. She shook off the leaves on her fur and whined. She was lucky the house was one story, or she would have not been unharmed.

Brittany left the room and went to pick up Quinn. When she returned, Santana started laughing at the puppy that had twigs, dirt, and leaves in her fur.

"Be nice Santana," Brittany reprimanded. "I'll talk to you later; I have to go wash Quinn."

"Bye Britt, I love you," Santana said.

Brittany turned the laptop off and headed to the bathroom. She turned it on and waited for it to warm up. Once it was, she started to wash all the dirt off of Quinn, who as enjoying it. Quinn loved the scratching, and feel of cleanness.

"I'm going to get a towel to dry you off," Brittany told her as she stood up and left the restroom. Quinn was busy shaking the wetness off, she didn't notice Lord Tubbington had entered. She didn't notice him climb the sink until it was too late and he turned on the cold water. She yelped when the water touched her. She whined at the coldness.

The cat left the poor puppy to freeze to death. When Brittany returned with a dry towel, she found her cursed best friend shaking. She saw the water running, but she remembered she had turned it off.

She quickly turned it off, and covered the puppy up with the dry towel. She dried her off, then combed her fur with a comb she found that she used to use for her dolls.

Once she was done, she walked to her room with Quinn behind her. At the entrance, she stopped, not wanting to enter. She saw Lord Tubbington on Brittany's bed, staring at her.

"Quinnie? Come on," Brittany called, when she noticed the puppy wolf wasn't following her.

The white and gold puppy sat at the entrance and shook her head.

"You don't want to come in?"

She shook her head.


She looked at the evil cat and back to her babysitter.

The werewolf huffed. "This can't work with Lord Tubbington here."

Quinn looked sad. She couldn't find a place where she could stay for more than a day.

Brittany felt bad for the puppy. "Maybe it would be better at Finn's house. Marley spends a lot of time there. I'm sure you guys can get along. And he's always wanted a puppy. I'll call him and I will take you to him. Let's just go to sleep. I'll make sure Lord Tubbington doesn't bother you."

Quinn gave in and followed her to her bed. She watched as Brittany moved the cat from her bed and to the cat's bed. Quinn slowly got on it and went to the corner of the bed, far away from the cat. She hoped the next place she went would be the last, and Lord Tubbington would leave her alone.

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