Top Dog to Top Pup

Delta-Beta: Making Enemies

Top Dog To Top Pup

Title: Delta-Beta: Making EnemiesAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,308Chapters: (5/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: Glad you guys like this story. :) Yes, Lord Tubbington is really mean to Quinn, and she won't forget that. Don't worry, Rachel will be back soon. I'm thinking of doing a The Vampires Diaries story. I love Caroline, she's awesome, and Klaus is oh so hot. But I don't know. What do you guys think? And this chapter wasn't how I wanted it. Kind of disappointing.

Update: 9/29/13

"Yeah, I'll take her. We're running out of places for her to stay. When is Rach coming back?" Finn asked, as he sat on his couch with his mate with him.

"Quinn's coming?" Marley asked, excited.

Finn nodded. "We'll go pick her up. Marley here is really excited to spend some time with Quinn. Seeing as she hadn't had time for the non-werewolf mates."

"Okay, come within an hour. Lord Tubbington is getting worse. When I went to shower, I found him on top of her. I was pretty sure she couldn't breath," Brittany responded with a sigh.

"We'll leave right now," Finn said as he stood up. Marley stood up and they left, walking. Burt was borrowing his car.

"Okay, I'll see you soon," The delta-alpha responded as she hung up.

Marley and Finn walked to the Pearce residence together.

"So what are we going to do with Quinn?" Marley asked excitedly. She had never had a puppy, and she couldn't see Finn or the pack because it was dangerous. She would finally hang out with a puppy and see a miniature version of a werewolf.

"Take her for a walk. Feed her. Play with her. You know, regular things someone does with their pets," Finn answered, as they crossed a street.

Marley giggled. "So last I heard, Quinn was with Santana, why does Brittany have her?"

"Funny story. Quinn ripped the leg off her childhood teddy bear, and it took all she had not to hurt Quinn. San then took her to Puck. Puck and Kitty were having sex, so Puck gave her alcohol. He's an idiot. And Britt, it would have worked except for Lord Tubbington. He was bullying her," Finn explained, as they walked to the front door of the Pearce residence.

They looked at Brittany's bedroom window to see Quinn run. Marley moved closer, trying to get a better look. She could hear hissing and whining. She also heard Brittany call out names. Once she was in front of the window, Quinn jump onto her arms.

Brittany stuck her head out and smiled at both of them.

"Hey guys, thanks for taking her," Brittany said, as she scratched Quinn's head.

"It's no problem," Finn answered, as he wrapped his arm around Marley's shoulders.

Brittany smiled and turned to her cat. She started talking to him, about how mean he was to their visitor.

Finn, Marley, and Quinn were sure they saw Lord Tubbington smirk at the poor puppy, who was shaking in Marley's arms.

"See you Britt," Finn shouted as they left the house.

"You're safe Quinn. Lord Tubbington is gone," Marley tried to assure the small puppy.

Quinn looked up at her. Then at Finn. She started to wiggle in Marley's arms and the brunette let her down. The wolf pup stretched and shook her fur. She say down and stared up at her two new babysitters.

"So what do you want to do?" Finn asked his girlfriend.

"Let's go to the park. I'm sure Quinn hasn't been able to go out," Marley answered, excitement in her voice.

Quinn started to wag her tail. She frowned when she saw it move and ran in circles to catch it. Finn and Marley laughed at the puppy.

"Let's go," Finn answered as they walked to the Lima State Park.

Finn left Marley and Quinn to go to a store to buy toys to play with the puppy with.

Marley was on the ground, laughing as Quinn attacked her hair. The puppy didn't pull hard enough for it to hurt.

After a while, Finn returned with some food for himself and his mate, dog treats, and some toys.

"Let's eat, then well play," Finn suggested as he gave his girlfriend a sandwich. She thanked him and started eating. Finn put some treats on a napkin and put them on the ground for the puppy, then left to wash his hands.

Quinn was eating, when she noticed something walking towards her. It was white and had a yellowish beak. Quinn watched it as it moved to her food and took a treat. Quinn didn't like that, so she growled and barked, which still sounded like a squeak. She would need to work on that.

The duck moved to take another, but Quinn chased it. When she turned back, a squirrel was taking her food. She growled. Why weren't her babysitters helping? When she turned to them, they were talking to each other and eating. Quinn shook her head and moved to bite the squirrel, but it just jumped in a tree and left.

Quinn got the edge of the napkin and moved it closer to her babysitters. Just when she was going to continue eating, something hit her. She whined and looked around, but nothing was around. But something hit her head. She looked up and saw the squirrel. It threw something at her. She heard something near her. Quinn frowned and saw the duck running towards her. She got the napkin and tried to quickly drag it to her babysitters so they can keep it away from those things.

Marley and Finn noticed the squirrel throw things at Quinn, and a duck that seemed ready to attack. They stood up, Finn got the treats while Marley got the puppy. Finn picked up the toys and they left.

*Top Dog to Top Pup*

Finn and Marley were watching a movie, while Quinn was finishing her food. Stupid animals are mean to her. She doesn't do anything to them, but they bully here.

She stood up when she finished and left the delta-beta's bedroom and went to explore the house.

She entered another room. There was a guy there. She remembered him from the school. She saw him working on something, making something. She had a bad feeling about it and started walking out. She ran to the kitchen and stayed under the table. It was safe there. Maybe the boy wouldn't find her. She fell asleep under there, so she didn't notice him walk up to her.

*Top Dog to Top Pup*

"Where's Quinn?" Marley asked, as she looked at her boyfriend.

"She's not here?" Finn asked, confused.

"No, I think she left," Marley answered as she stood up to look for the puppy.

They looked and found her. She was with Kurt. She was wearing a small dress. She didn't look happy.

"What are you doing?" Finn asked, frowning and feeling bad for the pup.

"I made close for Belle, I believe. She needs proper clothing," Kurt answered, as he took the dress off the dog.

"She's a puppy. She doesn't need clothing," Marley told him, watching put a new dress on Quinn.

"Everyone needs clothes. Maybe when Rachel comes back, I'll tell her which ones Belle looks adorable in," he said, as he spun the dog around.

"What happened there?" Finn asked looking at the ripped clothe in the corner of his room.

"Belle here ripped them. Too bad for her, I have more," he answered as he changed her clothing.

Quinn growled, as Kurt got something else.

"This is sooo not gonna end well," Finn muttered, while Marley nodded.

"Call Sam?" Marley suggested, as she took her phone out.

"Before Quinn bites my brother," Finn responded, turning back to the growling wolf and his step-brother.

"I'll get to it," Marley told him as she walked away.

Finn turned back and saw Quinn giving him a look that said, get me away from here, please.

"Hey Kurt, Quinn has to eat," Finn told him.

Kurt looked annoyed but nodded.

"We are so getting you away from here," Finn whispered to the puppy who growled and glared at Kurt. "We are getting you away from him to, far away."

Quinn nodded, frowning at Kurt. Get her away, far far away from Kurt and those dresses.

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