Top Dog to Top Pup

Delta-Gamma: Hide and Lost

Top Dog to Top Pup

Title: Delta-Gamma: Hide and LostAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,769Chapters: (6/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: sorry for going AWOL for a while. School and I got sick. But I'm back now. Forgive me please. On the plus side, I'm almost done with chapter seven and it should be up soon. This chapter has couple love.

Update: 11/13/13

"When is Rachel coming back?" Marley asked her boyfriend.

"Tonight or tomorrow. Let's hope Sam takes care of Quinn for the mean time," Finn answered, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sure she'll be perfectly fine. It's Sam, he has more people in his house then the rest of us. And I'm pretty sure Mercedes is going to be with him, right?" she asked, as they walked to Sam's house. Marley had Quinn in her arms.

Finn knocked on the door. Mercedes opened it.

"Our turn?" Mercedes asked, smiling at her glee friends.

"Yeah, just make sure Kurt doesn't know she's here," Finn told her as his mate handed his pack leader to their friend.

"Will do," she answered as she petted the puppy. "Did you guys find out who did this?"

"No, we're looking towards it. It's someone who doesn't like the pack, or just Quinn," Finn answered, trying to think of something.

"There is Jessie St. James, Jacob Ben Israel, her dad, the Columbus Pack, Dayton Pack," Marley answered. Although she wasn't a wolf, yet, she did her research. She wanted to know everything about being a wolf.

"I believe it would be JBI. He's the only one who could get to her without being caught," Mercedes told them.

"We'll tell the others. Thanks for babysitting," Finn told her, giving her a smile.

"See you Quinn. You're an adorable puppy," Marley said as she kissed the puppy's head.

They walked away and Mercedes entered the house. She put the puppy on the ground and let her explore the house. Sam was with his brother and sister. They were entering the house.

It's started sprinkling out. Stevie and Stacy wanted to buy something when they heard they would have a puppy for a little while.

"What's her name?" the small blond girl asked, as she scratched the puppy's head.

Mercedes tried to think of the name Rachel gave her mate. She couldn't remember, so she looked at her boyfriend.

"Belle," Sam answered, grinning at his girlfriend. He had finally remembered something.

"Like the Princess?" Stevie asked, looking at his older brother.

"Yeah, and Sam is the Beast," Mercedes answered, smirking.

Stevie and Stacy giggled. They got a ball Sam had bought for them and rolled it to each other, while Quinn tried to catch it.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Quinn got tired of running and went to lie down. She watched as the humans got ready for dinner.

They all sat down, the more people joined them. They were old.

Quinn stood up and walked around the house. She noticed the door was slightly opened. She pushed it with her nose.

She sniffed the fresh air. She exited the house and looked around. The wind blew the door shut. She tried to open it with her nose, but it didn't work.

She scratched the door and whined, but no one opened it. She was cold, getting wetter by the minute, and scared. She ran, trying to find a warm place to stay at.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

"Belle!" Stevie called, as he looked around his house. He couldn't find the white and gold puppy. He was scared they had lost her that quick.

"Belle, where are you?!" Stacy shouted. She needed to find Belle. The dog belonged to Rachel, and Stacy liked Rachel. The older girl talked a lot, but she was nice and didn't treat Stacy and Stevie like they were babies. Stevie had a crush on Quinn.

"Sammie, we can't find Belle," the two children told their older brother.

Mercedes and Sam looked at each other. They quickly got up and searched the house. They couldn't don't the alpha-turned-omega anywhere.

"Sam, I think she left the house," Mercedes told her boyfriend.

"We are so dead. Call Santana and Britt, I'll call Finn and Puck," Sam ordered, worried.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Quinn found a house that smelled so nice. It was calling her. She crawled under some bushes. The branches and leaves kept the rain from hitting her.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

"YOU LOST HER!" Santana shrieked, ready to punch someone. Brittany grabbed her hand and tried to sooth her.

"You guys just had her for two hours. How can you have lost her?" Kitty asked the delta-gamma and his mate.

"We were having dinner. She must have left during that time," Sam explained, looking around.

"Okay, let's split and search. Sam, you and Mercedes go South. Finn, you and Marley go North. Puck and Kitty, you guys have East. Britt, you and I will go West. Because of the rain, we won't be able to catch a scent, but if you do, call the rest of us. If you find her, call us. Hopefully we find her before Rachel comes back," Santana said, getting into her temporary position.

They all nodded and headed to their directions.


"I can't believe we lost her. It was just two hours. This is why I'm at the end of the pack," Sam muttered, feeling guilty.

"Samuel, it could have happened to anyone. Puck got her drunk. Lord Tubbington was planning her death. Anything could have happened. And that's not why you are at the back of the pack. The reason you are there, is because you are the newest one. Once Marley, Kitty and I change, we'll be at the back of the pack," Mercedes told him.

Sam looked at her and gave her a small smile. "Thank you."

"Thank me when you fulfill of one of my romantic wishes," Mercedes told him, as she grabbed his hand and pulled him to her.

"And what's that?" He asked, grinning.

"Kissing in the rain," she answered.

He leaned in and kissed her.

Once he pulled away, he caught a scent. It was a werewolf scent.


"So she changed when she was thirteen? And that's rare?" Marley asked, holding Finn's hand.

"Yeah. After that day, every werewolf knew she would be special. She started her own pack when she was fifteen. She has seven people in her pack at seventeen. She's the strongest werewolf on Ohio. She's an amazing alpha," Finn told her, smiling softly.

"You were the sixth person the change?" Marley asked. She didn't ask a lot about Finn's wolf life, but she was curious. Kitty and she were the newest people on the pack life.

"No, I was fifth. Before Rachel, after Brittany," Finn answered, as he tried to catch a scent.

"Is that why you were dating Rachel? She wasn't a wolf?"

"No, I was dating her because I felt a pull toward her. I thought it was a mate pull, but I knew the two of us weren't fully committed to the relationship. I found out the pull I felt was a mate pull, but not mine. It was Quinn's. When you're a werewolf, you feel a pull to other wolves who are a part of your pack. It's stronger if they are a mate of someone in the pack," Finn explained. He turned to her. "I found out the mate pull when I met you. That pull makes you so happy. It makes you stronger. It makes you feel like you're at the top of the world."

Marley's eyes started to water. She hugged her boyfriend. "I love you Finn Hudson."

"And I love you Marley Rose," he told her. He stood up straighter when he caught a scent. It was familiar.


"So when are you guys going to change us?" Kitty asked Puck.

"Whenever Quinn gives us the okay," Puck answered, swinging his arm around his mate.

"And she can't give you the okay," Kitty stated, checking the time of her phone. She tried to not let it bother her, but she wanted to share being a wolf with the love of her life.

"Once we get her back, we'll tell her to let us change you guys," Puck told her, as he pulled her to a stop.

"What if she says no. It's not fair. Marley, Mercedes, and I have to wait for you guys to return, and we have to miss you while you run around. We want to be a part of that. We want to be there with you."

"You are a part of us. You think Sam, Finn, and I enjoy being away from you guys? We need you guys. We are jealous of Britt, San, Rach, and Quinn. Quinn knows how we feel. It was suppose to be a surprise, but we were going to change you after Marley turned sixteen," he whispered, his voice low and soft.

"Really?" Kitty asked, her eyes wide in shock.

"Yeah, soon, you guys will fully be a part of our pack," Puck told her, grinning.

Kitty jumped into his arms, happy.

Puck stiffened when he caught a werewolf scent. He smiled, it was familiar.


"I can believe Sam lost her. It was soo easy, just to watch her. I'm going to kill her," Santana muttered, fuming.

"It wasn't Sam's fault. You were the first one in charge of her. You threatened to kill her because of what gapped to Mr. Wuggles. Puck gave her alcohol. That's just plain stupid, and that's coming from me. Lord Tubby tried to kill her. She was going to kill Kurt. She's a puppy. She's not Quinn, she's Belle," Brittany explained.

"You're so smart. This is one of the reasons that makes me love you," Santana told her as she kissed her.

"What are the others?" the Delta-Alpha asked, as she pulled her mate close to her.

"I love you because you are beautiful. You keep me on check. You make sure the rest of us wolves are healthy. You make sure Marley, Kitty, and Mercedes feel like they are part of the pack even if they aren't wolves yet. I love you because you love me," Santana told her, "and that's not all of it. There are a million reasons."

"I love you too Santana Lopez," Brittany told her, as she gave her a kiss.

"You are my world Britt," Santana whispered, after they pulled away.

"And you are mine," Brittany responded.

They were both smiling at each other when they caught a familiar scent. They grinned.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

All four pairs met up in the same place. They had all caught the same scent. They froze in fear when they saw who was in front of them.

"Care to explain why I found Quinn alone in the rain?" Rachel asked, with the puppy shivering in her arms.

They are all screwed.

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