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Omega to Alpha

Top Dog To Top Pup

Title: Omega to AlphaAuthor: Twi-RangerWords: 1,950Chapters: (8/8)Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or it would be more badass!Author's Notes: This story is coming to an end. Enjoy the final chapter. I made a cover picture for the story. This chapter will have a some action, and Protector!Puppy!Quinn.

Update: 11/15/13

Finn, Sam, Marley, Kitty, Brittany and Mercedes were trying to find out who had spelled Quinn. Santana was on patrol, on Rachel's orders, and Puck was running to Columbus to pick of food for Quinn, which Quinn didn't really need and Rachel was using it to punish Puck.

"So it was Jacob?" Brittany asked, in charge of the group while the alpha, mate, beta, and gamma were out.

"It has to be. Who hates Quinn the most?" Sam asked.

"Quinn did order you guys to beat him up when he kept harassing Rachel," Kitty added.

"Quinn is a werewolf," Mercedes told them.

"Don't forget she "stole" Rachel from him," Marley said, making air quotes on "stole".

"He's going to pay," Finn threatened, thinking of ways to make the creepy guy pay.

"We have to get him to reverse the spell. After that, we have to make just there is no side effects. Then you guys can hurt him," Mercedes told the humans.

"Okay, how are we going to get him to reverse the spell?" Sam asked, looking at his girlfriend and pack mates.

"I have an idea," Kitty answered, smirking evilly.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

"Hey Quinn, you hungry?" Rachel asked the small puppy that was walking behind her. Her tail was wagging, and her tongue hung out.

Rachel laughed. "C'mon, let's do for a run. We'll eat after, and when Noah returned, we'll tell him it was the wrong food and he has to return it."

The alpha-turned-puppy barked in joy.

Rachel smiled and left the house. They started to run. Not once did Quinn move away from Rachel.

Quinn was enjoying her day. This was the longest she had stayed in a house. She felt connected to the girl. She liked being around her. It was like she could understand Quinn.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Someone was watching them. Smirking, she was alone. Her mate wasn't there. There is just a mutt. A stupid mutt, who can't stand in his way. All he has to thank is Jacob Ben Israel.

This was his change.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Puck finally arrived to Lima. He was exhausted. His legs felt like jelly. He felt like he was going to collapse any minute. He searched for Rachel and Quinn. They weren't in the Berry house.

He caught a scent. It was Rachel's. He ran to her, wanting the torture to end. He hadn't slept all night. He was dead on his feet.

He suddenly caught another scent. It was familiar. Not of their pack. Puck growled. He ran quicker, forgetting his exhaustion.

He found the spot where all the scents mixed together. He found nothing. There was nothing in front of him. He looked around, trying to get Quinn's scent.

He caught it near an alley way. He heard some whining. He rushed and picked up the puppy.

"What happened?" Puck asked the puppy.

She whined and rubbed her head against Puck's head.

Puck was thinking of ways to see what had happened. He closed his eyes. He got an idea. He held Quinn close to him and started to run to a destination.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Jacob Ben Israel was walking through the park. He was happy. He had spelled Quinn. The pack was probably falling apart. Soon, Rachel would be alone. He would soon have her.

He turned around and in front of him stood Marley Rose.

"We know what you did," she told him, glaring at him.

Jacob smirked. "And what is that?"

"Quinn, you spelled her. Change her back. You have three seconds," she ordered, clenching her fists. She wasn't one for violence, but the boy had hurt her family.

"Yeah, okay Rose. I'll do what you say," Jacob sneered.

"I would mess with our pack if I were you," another voice said. He turned to face Mercedes Jones.

"Ah, if it isn't Diva Jones," he said, a smug look on his face.

"Yeah, and we aren't alone," Kitty Wilde said from his left.

"I'm not afraid of you. You guys are human," he told them.

"But our boyfriends and friends aren't. And when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us," Marley threatened as three wolves appeared.

Jacob started to shake. There was fear in his eyes. The three girls smirked as the wolf closed in on him.

"This is your last chance. Change Quinn back," Kitty told him, Brittany standing next to her. Sam was next to Mercedes and Finn was with Marley.

"P-please don't hurt me," he whispered. A wet spot appearing on his pants. The girls looked at him in disgusted.

"You have three seconds," Mercedes told him.

"One," Marley started, Finn taking a step towards him, his teeth baring, his fur sticking out, growling.

"Two," Mercedes continued, as Sam took a step forward.

Jacob continued to shake.

"Three," Kitty finished as Brittany stalked towards him.

"NO! Please!" He shouted, tears streaming down his face.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Rachel opened her eyes. She was tied to a chair. There was wolfsbane in the air. It wasn't enough to hurt her, just enough to keep her from changing.

She thought about what had appended before she lost consciousness. She remembered most of it.

Rachel and Quinn were walking home. Rachel watched as Quinn walked with a jump on her steps."Let's go see it Noah is home," Rachel told the pup.

Quinn barked, which still sounded like a squeak, in happiness. Rachel laughed.

Someone stopped in front of them out of nowhere. Rachel stopped while Quinn growled. The puppy glared at the man in front of them.

Quinn crouched down, ready to attack.The guy was wearing black. He had a ski mask and a hood. Rachel didn't know who it was. His scent was familiar, but she couldn't pinpoint it.

The guy stepped towards them. Quinn took a step forward. Rachel didn't want Quinn to get hurt."Q-Belle, get back here," Rachel whispered, trying to protect the puppy.

Quinn shook her small head. The guy stepped forward. Quinn ran to his leg and bit his ankle. She then ran away, only to return to bite the other ankle. The guy turned to grab her, but she moved away.

Rachel felt a little proud. She was also worried. Rachel couldn't see Quinn anywhere, neither could the guy. The guy started to move toward Rachel.

A white and gold fur ball jumped on the guy's face. He screamed. He tried to get Quinn off."Get off me! Get off you stupid mutt!" the guy shouted.

Rachel's eyes widened. She knew who it was. "Jesse!"

Jesse grabbed Quinn and threw her to the side. He took off his ski mask and smiled at the small diva."Hello Rachel," he said, smiling. Behind her stood some wolves from his pack. She recognized a few, Cassandra July, a woman who didn't like Rachel, Brody Weston, a guy who had a crush on Rachel, Joe Hart, a guy who had a crush on Quinn, Ryder Lynn, who had a crush on Marley, and a girl names Bree, who the cheerleaders and Marley didn't like, and a few others.

"What are you guys doing here?" Rachel asked, as she stared at them.

"We are here to take Fabray's pack down," Jesse answered. "The St. James pack will be the one to rise."

"We'll see about that," Rachel answered.She was getting ready to transform when everything went black.Rachel looked around the room. She was trying to find a way out. She needed to find a way to contact her pack mates.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Rachel's mind started to cloud with all the wolfsbane. Her eyes started to droop.

She heard thumping, and howling. She smiled softly. She knew pack was there for her. She knew they were fighting for her.

Her eyes slowly close, but the door opened. She frowned when she saw blonde hair and hazel eyes. She lost consciousness.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Quinn was back to herself. She remembered everything that had happened. She glared at Puck.

"Get revenge later, let's go save Rachel," Puck said, as he moved to call Kitty.

When all the pack was together, the werewolves started to make a plan, but Quinn didn't want it.

"Let's just go," Quinn said, restlessly.

"We need a plan," Santana told her, feeling sympathy. As an alpha, Quinn wasn't thinking straight.

"I-I need to make sure she's okay. The longer we wait, the longer they have her," Quinn whispered, her voice cracking in fear and lack of use.

They quickly made a plan and changed into their wolf forms. When they were wolves, their senses were heightened.

They made it to a warehouse. They found a dozen wolves. Quinn growled, glaring at Jesse St. James.

Quinn turned to her packmates and nodded. They moved to attack. Quinn took on Jesse. Adrenaline pumped in her veins. Angry, worry, and fear gave her strength.

Jesse snapped at Quinn, but Quinn pushed his snout away. Jesse was nothing compared to Quinn. She head butted him, swiped on his side.

Quinn moved away and growled, showing her dominance. Jesse stood up and moved away.

The other wolves from Jesse's made up pack howling in the change of dominance. Jesse was not willing to join, or majority of the pack. Ryder Lynn, Joe Hart, Brody Weston and two others changed.

Quinn didn't wait. She ran away, changing back in the progress.

She opened the door where a Rachel was being held. She smiled when she saw her mate, but panicked when her eyes closed.

"Rachel, Rach wake up please," she begged as she got on her knees in front of her love.

"-inn" she heard the brunette whispered softly.

Quinn smiled and pulled the girl to her. She kissed her cheek.

"I love you, Rachel."

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Rachel moaned as her eyes opened. She knew she was home. She felt safe. She sat up.

"No, don't get up. Let your body reject the wolfsbane," a soft voice told her.

Rachel nodded softly. She closed her eyes and slowly fell back to sleep.

The other girl stood up and walked out. Her eyes widened at the sight.

Puck was on his knees, his hands between his legs. His face showed a lot of pain.

"You get me drunk again, I will do more that kick you," Quinn threatened.

Marley laughed, causing everyone to turn to her.

"How is she?" Quinn asked, turning her attention from the boy in front of her to the brunette.

"She's fine. She woke up for a while, but went back to sleep. She'll be fine," Marley told them, smiling as Finn wrapped his arm around her.

"You guys can go home," Quinn told them.

Kitty and Finn helped Puck up and out of the house. Marley waved shyly. Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, and Sam walked away.

Quinn walked to her girlfriend's room. She moved to lie down next to her. She hugged Rachel from behind and slowly fell asleep.

*Top Dog To Top Pup*

Once Quinn knew Rachel was okay, and her parents were home, she left. She walked home, smiling to be back.

She entered her house. "I'm home," she called out, a smile on her face.

She frowned when her parents looked angry and their arms were crossed over their chest.

"Do you have any idea how worried we were? You didn't call us," her father told her, his voice full of anger.

Quinn stood there, wide-eyed. She opened her mouth, but closed it. She didn't know what to say.

Her parents were going to kill her.

I might make a sequel with Kitty, Mercedes, and Marley as wolves. Hope you liked it.

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