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Once Upon a Memory

By Lexys Knight



Chapter 1: Forget

Author: Twi-RangerWords: 1,228Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon a Time, I'm just playing with the characters.Author's Note: This is my first multi chapter Once Upon a Time story. Vote for endgame please! It will be up until the fourth or fifth chapter, maybe later. It will start with a bit of Red Swan though.

Cora had heard of a young werewolf that lived in Storybrooke. The wolf was an enemy of her daughter, and her daughter's enemy's best friend. Cora didn't know who or where the wolf was, but she was sure she can find it, with a little magic of course. Unlike the others, the lack of magic in Storybrooke didn't affect her, causing her to smirk. She was unstoppable, and with the werewolf, she would be unbeatable. She could always change her appearance, and lure the wolf into her plans. Storybrooke wouldn't know what hit them.

Cora knew she had ways to know what was going on. Snow White and her daughter didn't know she found a way to Storybrooke. The two women were trying to find a way home, and keeping her away from it. She knew they would notice that she was gone. With her plans, she will have it set before the two even think of a way home.

~Once Upon a Memory~

Ruby, or Red as she was called in Fairy Tale Land, was working in Granny's Cafe. It was almost closing time. She was alone in the diner, not that she cared. She was alert, with her supernatural senses. Being a werewolf had its perks. She could hear footsteps walking on the other side of the walls. She could hear the heartbeats. She could smell cologne and perfume along with other smells.

She was cleaning up, when she heard someone was walking in. Belle would visit her and they would have girl's night. Ruby turned, thinking it was Belle visiting her, but saw a young boy, around Henry's age at the doorway. He had dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. He had a cut on his forehead, oozing blood. He looked scared, and beat up. He had tears running down his face. Ruby frowned and rushed to him.

"Are you okay?" she asked, as her first instinct was to make sure he was not harmed. She didn't want him to be in any pain.

The boy nodded. "M-my daddy's been hurt. A-a wolf, a big wolf attacked him," he whispered, his voice full of fear.

Ruby froze. A wolf? No, a full moon hasn't past yet. Maybe it was another wolf. Yes, that's it, she thought. She hadn't changed, she was sure of that.

"Where?" she asked. She'll go see if the child's father needed help, and then she would call David.

"Near the border," the boy said, looking at her with his big innocent-like eyes. He looked at the door and back.

She nodded, got her jacket and followed him out. She was going to do good, like before. Nothing can make her turn her back.

~Once Upon a Memory~

This is easy, Cora thought as she led the wolf with her to the boarder. She had disguised herself as a citizen and asked around about a wolf and the boarder. Her perfect plan was falling into place, and she was going to win. If she couldn't rule Fairy Tale Land, then she would take over Storybrooke, with the help of the wolf behind her.

They made it to the boarder, and the wolf was looking around. The werewolf, named Ruby or Red, tried to use her senses to find him. She couldn't hear anything with the exception of two heartbeats. Nothing was out there. It confused her. She couldn't smell anyone's blood, except the child's.

"Where is your father?" she asked, frowning. Nothing made any sense. There was no one out there, but the child couldn't have been lying, could he? "Is he in danger?"

"No," Cora, as the boy, answered, "but you are." Cora turned to her regular form. She smirked at the werewolf in front of her. She was

"Who are you?" Ruby asked the woman, twice her age, in from of her.

"Cora, Regina's mother," the witch answered, smirking.

Ruby's eyes widened. She needed to leave, now.

Cora faced her palms towards the young werewolf, and a black smoke like thing came out. It went towards Ruby, as she walked backwards, towards the boarder. The smoke reached her, and fogged her mind. Slowly, she forgot about her life in Storybrooke. When the smoke left, all she remembered was her life as Red. She was frowning, looking around.

"Where am I?" she asked, looking at Cora. She didn't recognize the woman in front of her.

"Nowhere," Cora said, as she walked to the girl and pushed her, making her fall on the other side of the boarder. Ruby hit her head onto the floor, knocking her out. Cora grabbed the girl's left leg and pulled her. She used her magic to teleport them to the house Cora was currently occupying.

She put the younger brunette on a bed and waited for her to wake.

~Once Upon a Memory~

David, also known as Prince James, and to his wife, Charming, was in the diner the next morning. Granny had called him when her granddaughter never returned home.

"She never came home," she told the sheriff, worried. She had raised the girl all her life. She saw her as her own child, and was worried something had happened to her.

"We'll find her, don't worry," David told her, worried as well. Ruby had become his helper. She helped him when everything got to much. She was one of his best friends. He'd be damn if she was hurt. Snow White would kill him if anything happened to her. And he was sure Emma would hurt him as well. "Ruby is tough; she's out there somewhere, safe."

~Once Upon a Memory~

Cora smiled when the girl was waking up.

"Where am I?" she asked when she slowly opened her eyes. She saw a woman staring at her with concerned eyes. She felt like her head was split in half, but she tried to not pay attention to the pain, hoping it would go away if she ignored it.

"Thank god you're okay. I was so worried," Cora lied, rushing to the werewolf.

"Who are you?" the girl whispered. She tried to remember if she knew her, but realized she remembered nothing. "Who am I?"

"My sweet Wolf," Cora whispered, running her hand over the confused girl's hair, "you're name is Red. You are in Storybrooke, Maine. Those people, Charming or James, Snow White, Regina, all of them took you away. They kidnapped you. They hurt you, made you forget who you really are. Red, you are a werewolf. They were afraid of you. They said you were evil. They were going to kill you. I couldn't let them do that to you. Red, you can't trust anyone, but me. They'll tell you anything to make you believe them, so they can get you and kill you. They are great actors. They will say things, that may seem real, but it's the magic they have. They will lie. My Wolf, they will do anything to hurt you."

Red frowned. She couldn't remember anything the woman had just told her. She sounded so sincere.

"Who are you?" Red asked, wanting to know who saved her.

"My sweetest Wolf, my name is Cora. I, too have magic, but I only use it for good. When they took you, they harmed you. It hurt me," Cora lied, but Red didn't know that, "Red, I am your mother."

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