The SENN Chanel Presents

Chapter 2

The second time it happened on purpose. It had taken 3 days 19 hours and 32 minutes to work up the nerve to turn on SENN channel four once more. A part of Spock wanted to see that the channel had been fixed, but another, less acknowledged part wanted the channel to still hold the view of his Captains quarters that it had only days before. Glancing down at the dark monitor Spock quickly turned it on, flicking without any of the hesitation he felt, to SENN channel four.

There on the screen was the image of the Captain’s quarters. This time the room appeared to be empty. Although he would not admit it, even to himself, Spock was a bit disappointed that it did not appear that he would be getting the chance to view his Captain outside the burden of Command. One minute passed, then two, then three and still his Captain did not appear. Just as he was reaching to turn off the monitor sound began to pour from the speakers. Music. A weeping violin. Drums. But not any song that he could identify beyond the fact that it was sung in Earth English. There was a pulse, a beat to it that thrummed into his bones in a way that only Human music could. It drew his eyes back to the screen and his fingers away from the monitor.

Still the light in the room was low, but not completely dark. He could just make out movement from the edges of the security cameras range. His Captain was there! Spock dropped into his desk chair, eyes transfixed on the screen.

A moment later and his Captain was in the center of the screen. Briefly the guilt, that he did not feel, pressed at the corners of his mind. Questioning the logic of spying on his Captain, of any Captain, once he had verified that whatever the reason SENN channel four showed this sight, it was not relaying the security feed to anyone else onboard or on another ship! But the thrum in his blood from the beat of the music and the sight of his Captain all but naked drown out the guilt and the protests. His tongue flicked out, licking his lips even as he took stock of the tight black booty shorts, that were most certainly not Starfleet issued, that his Captain was wearing.

The Captain was standing in the center of the camera's field of vision, his front facing directly at the camera, blue eyes seeming to stare out of he screen directly at Spock. It was as if the Captain could see him through the cabin's security camera lens. Not possible, but it was more than enough to spark Spock’s ardor.

Suddenly the Captain was cocking his hips in a decidedly feminine manner, his hands teasingly trailing up his sides. For a moment his hand pointed out towards the screen in a “gun” gesture before sliding back over his pecks and stretching out.

Spock closed his eyes, leaning his head back as his penis slide out of his sheath, pressing once more against the biting length of his uniform pants. Not wanting a repeat of the last time, Spock slipped his hands down to his crotch, opening his pants and freeing the swelling, aching length of his newly forming erection. When the heat of the room hit the damp skin of his crotch Spock took a deep breath through his nose and dropped his head back down, eyes opening.

The Captain was now swaying his hips and shoulders at a faster rate and with more exaggeration. His hands continuing to dance in a similar movement to his body, snapping sharply to frame his face once, twice, before sliding them down his body towards his crotch. He kicked his legs up and arched, hips swaying before he dropped to the floor. His knees pointing up, the Captain spun his torso to the side into a crouched position before he flipped himself towards the other side and into a pushup form.

Spock nearly moaned out loud as he watched his Captain stretch and kick his legs up the length of his body, neatly taking himself from a push up from into a corpse pose. His golden skin haloed in light reflecting off the sweat that had begun to coat his body. Flat on his back the Captain arched his hips and torso up from the floor. The curved shape of his body drawing Spock’s attention once more to the too-tight booty shorts which perfectly framed the large bulge of the Captain’s dick as it swelled and shifted beneath the dark fabric.

Spock was breathing hard again. His heart was pounding in his side as he watched his Captain dance in what was entirely too suggestive a manner. The Captain was now on his hands and knees again, ass in the air, spine arching like a cat in heat. He dropped to the ground, his moan filling Spock’s room even as his body arched back up, hips jerking as if some unseen being was plundering the depths of his body.

Spock’s hand jerked faster up the length of his erection with a nearly punishing force, only the natural lubrication coating his penis protected him from chaffing. His hand moved up and down the length, squeezing and twisting, smearing precum across the head. His mind was torn between the physical sensations his body was experiencing and the visual sight of his Captain that appeared to be causing 98.325% of said physical reactions. It was altogether fascinating, arousing and horrifying. Never before had he ever been unable to control his physical impulses.

Still his Captain danced, the movements slowly devolving into what was in essence nothing more than a parody of sex. The Captain’s body arched, his neck barred, mouth open and gasping out deep panting breaths. Spock closed his eyes again, the sight continuing to play out on the back of his eyelids, only this time Spock could see himself behind the Captain, hands gripping the Captains hips. They were both naked now and the feel of the heat radiating from his Captain’s skin into Spock’s own, the pulsing beat of the Captain’s blood, his heart beating, thrumming into Spock’s palm was electrifying. It was more powerful than the brief touch of the shoulder slaps the Captain occasionally gave him.

A loud moan coming from the monitor had Spock’s eyes opening. The Captain was now completely naked. His cock was a heavy weight arching towards his belly, the skin flushed red with blood and the head, Spock noticed, was flushed nearly purple. There was now a steady stream of precum dripping from the head of his Captain’s cock to the cabin floor. Spock growled lightly in the back of his throat before he could stop himself. His Captain’s hand was moving faster over his engorged erection as his face pressed into the carpet as if that invisible being behind him was pressing him down. Spock could easily see himself there behind his Captain working the man into his current fit of sexual ecstasy. He wanted to be there, to be the one bringing him such pleasure.

The Captain’s was crying out now. Constantly repeating, “Oh God, please, yes, God! Ohhh!” The Captain’s eyes snapped open, the blue dark and piercing, pupils blown wide as he came in a rush of thick white semen. His body trembled and shuddered before collapsing to the ground and Spock found himself following his Captain into ecstasy as he followed him into everything else.

“Jim!” His cry echoed in his quarters long after he turned off the monitor.

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