The SENN Chanel Presents

Chapter 3

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth times it also happened on purpose. By this point Spock's hypothesis about the Captain effecting his emotional control was appearing to be correct. Each time he turned on the SENN channel to watch his Captain, his Jim, he was brought into a state of near uncontrollable arousal. It didn't matter what he was doing. Whether it was naked yoga, erotic dance, reading (the way the Captain caressed the hardbound paper books still lingered in Spock's erotic fantasies), strip chess against the ships computer (for which Spock could find no logical reason) or yet more naked yoga (which based on his monitoring of the SENN channel appeared to happen at least once a week), it still left him manually stimulating himself to orgasm in a manner most unacceptable for a Vulcan. He should have better control of himself, but the Captain, Jim, so easily stripped it from him.

The guilt over his spying was eating away at him, but like a drug addict he could not stop watching. He could do nothing but wait for his shift to end so he could return to his cabin and turn the monitor on. His desk drawer next to the monitor now had a pot of lubricant and fabric squares to clean himself with. Something, which it had never previously held.

Today his shift had lasted an extra 4.25 hours. It was unacceptable that such a small amount of extra time now seemed an eternity when previous to the malfunction to the SENN channel he could have stayed on shift several hours more than that without negative effects. Now was not the time to ruminate over such matters though. At this time his Captain should have been released from sickbay and returned to his cabin. Spock did not know what he would view his Captain doing today but he expected it to follow the pattern his Captain had begun to set.

Spock carefully stripped out of his uniform, folding and setting it aside out of range of any projectile body fluids. Next he removed the lubricant from his drawer, uncapping it and setting it on his desk with in easy reach of his chair. Lastly he turned on his monitor, changing to the correct SENN channel before sitting down.

Already his penis had extended from its sheath, the skin shimmering slightly where his skin had begun to seep a natural lubricant through his pores. Spock leaned back in his chair, legs spread wide for easier access.

He could hear the Captains voice through the monitor but did not see him. Carefully he shifted the security cameras view from the seating area of the cabin to the Captain's bedroom.

Spock tried not to growl in frustration at the sight of Dr. McCoy there in the Captain's bedroom lying sprawled across the Captain's bed as if he belonged there. Dr. McCoy did not belong there! Not at this hour when the Captain should alone and naked, vulnerable and sinfully tempting. Not when he should be Spock's alone.

Feeling the dangerous rise of emotion Spock closed his eyes and focused on slowing his heartbeat, taking deeper breaths in and out until he had calmed and could once again think logically. Dr. McCoy was an able medical professional and a close friend of the Captain's. He had every right to be in the Captain's room, visiting. It may in fact prove to be beneficial to the Captain's moral to spend some time emotionally bonding with the Doctor.

Still, it was....well Spock could not properly describe the sensation without choosing a word that implied far too much of an emotional reaction.

His Captain stood talking with the Doctor for a good two minutes and thirty-two seconds before he began to disrobe. At first Spock was pleased that the Captain's bonding time with the Doctor was over, but he soon realized the Doctor had not moved from the bed. In fact he seemed to have made himself more comfortable and was eyeing his Captain in a way that quite displeased Spock.

Spock found himself at a crossroad. He could storm the Captain's cabin like a savage and drag the Captain away from the Doctor and lay claim to him in a manner that would leave the Captain in no doubt that he belonged to Spock and no one else, or he could sit back and continue on as he was. He could remain the Captain's First Officer and tentative friend who secretly watched and masturbated to an illegal broadcast of the Captain's most private moments.

For a moment he wished he could get Nyota's advice about the situation but he feared she would make him remove the faulty coding that was allowing him to monitor the Captain for masturbatory purposes. She would not see the logic of allowing him to keep access to the cameras in case of emergency. She would tell him it was an invasion of privacy and he should be ashamed of himself. He was. He did not want to admit to the emotion but denying he did not feel guilt and shame for his actions was illogical.

He wanted to want to stop looking. But like any addict it would take a great deal of intervention to get him to stop. He was simply not strong enough on his own to resist the pull the Captain, Jim, had on him.

The Doctor and the Captain had been talking while Spock had been thinking. Spock saw that now the Doctor was shirtless and was positioning the Captain to lay on his belly on the bed. Spock had to take a deep breath to regain his control as he watched the Doctor sit atop the Captains buttocks. The Doctor placed one hand on Jim's shoulder an leaned his body over Jim's, stretching to take hold of a glass jar on the nightstand next to the bed.

Although the Doctor was talking, Spock did not hear him. His whole attention was focused on the golden oil the Doctor was pouring into his cupped palm. While he did not find the Doctor as physically and mentally attractive as Jim he was aware that the Doctor had beautifully strong hands. The golden oil shimmering in his hand as the Doctor quickly rubbed his palms together sent a low smoldering desire to burning in his belly. Perhaps, he thought, if he ignored it was Dr. McCoy and focused on Jim and those wonderful hands touching the Captain, he could still find pleasure in the sight.

Jim let out a long, low moan as the Doctor began to rub the oil deep into the muscles of his shoulder. Spock's gaze locked on those hands pressing and rubbing at his Captain's flesh. His own hands began to work the throbbing flesh between his legs in slow, lingering pulls. He found it startlingly easy to mentally remove the Doctor from the scene on the screen, replacing the Doctor with himself. That mental image of himself in the Doctors place, straddling the Captain and caressing that glorious body was enough to send Spock through a shuddering dry orgasm.

His erection twitched in his grip, growing even harder. At his lower back his chenesi began to swell, the flesh around them becoming super sensitized. The touch of the fabric of his desk chair rubbed at them sending spikes of pleasure-pain from his chenesi to his cock, raising his pleasure even higher. Spock wiggled his back against the chair, purposely stimulating his chenesi as one hand continued to work his cock.

Licking his lips he watched as the hands moved further and further down the Captain's back until they began to rub and squeeze the Captain's buttocks. Jim arched into the hands as they gave a quick slap to the round flesh of his ass. The Doctor leaned back over Jim, whispering something into his ear that left a red flush on the Captain's face.

A moment later the Doctor was off the bed and heading out of the cabin with a large grin and a jaunty wave.

The Captain groaned and pressed his face into his pillow. Spock found himself struggling to catch his breath as his peak of pleasure was cut off. He had been so close! Why had the Doctor ceased pleasuring Jim so suddenly? Spock did not understand. In the Doctor's place Spock would have continued to touch the Captain, touch Jim, until the human was screaming out his name.

On the screen Jim groaned and rolled over. For approximately 37 seconds the Captain merely stared up at the ceiling. Soon enough though, his gaze left the ceiling to stare down the length of his body to where his engorged penis lay flush against his stomach.

Spock's grip tightened on his penis as he watched his Captain glance from his cock to the jar of oil the Doctor had left on the nightstand. With fluid grace the Captain rolled onto his side to grab the oil. He carefully coated his fingers of one hand in the oil before rolling onto his back. Jim pulled his legs up closer to his hips and spread them wide, revealing the tight little pucker of flesh behind his testicles. Spock swallowed as he watched his Captain slowly begin to insert one finger into his rectum.

The human seemed strangely adept at working his fingers into the depths of his body from that position and Spock couldn't help but wonder if anyone else had viewed his Captain thus. The possibility was high and Spock found the notion to be emotionally displeasing.

Jim moaned loudly and thrust his hips onto the fingers that he had worked into his rectum. His head thrown back, neck barred, moaning like an Orion whore, Jim was easily the most beautiful being Spock had ever seen.

The pleasure the Captain was experiencing from manually stimulating his internal muscles was fascinating. Spock could not understand how it could bring Jim such pleasure. The study aids he had located stated that the human males prostate was highly sensitive and could bring great pleasure when stimulated, but it did not seem logical to have a sexual pleasure center located inside a male body. Perhaps it was something one must experience to better understand?

Spock glanced away from the screen, his eyes locking on the open pot of lubricant. It was not necessary for a Vulcan to use as they produced their own naturally but it was a helpful aid due to the healing properties. Spock had found himself manually stimulating himself sexually more often in the last three weeks than he ever had previously. His body had been unable to produce enough natural lubricant to prevent chafing damage to his reproductive organ. Spock assumed that when his Time came his increased hormones would insure his body produced enough to prevent said damage from occurring again. Now though, as he watched Jim, he found himself thinking of other ways to use the lubricant. The sight of his Captain aroused him so much he found he needed to better understand his Captain’s pleasure. Perhaps one day he would need to know how to stretch someone’s anal muscles in such a way. He could use this as a teaching lecture. Yes, it was educational. That was all. He was simply using this as a way to study human behavior without interfering or changing said behavior.

Even to his own mind it was a flimsy excuse. But he wasn’t prepared to fully acknowledge how badly compromised he was. Again.

Watching his Captain, Spock tilted his seat into position so that he could closely mimic his Captain’s position. Carefully he coated his fingers in the lubricant before slowly pressing one against his entrance. At first he didn’t think his body would allow the intrusion but he pushed back against his finger and the muscles gave way, swallowing his finger. His body shuddered through another dry orgasm as his muscles contracted around the sensitive pads of his fingers. It was more than he had anticipated on a sensory level but he did not believe that his Captain would have experienced a similar reaction. After all he did not have the fingers of a Vulcan.

On the screen the Captain had replaced his fingers with what appeared to be a large green phallic replica. The phallic replica seemed to be giving the Captain greater pleasure than his fingers had been. The look of pleasure on his Captain’s face was shockingly arousing. Jim’s mouth was open wide, breath coming out in deep panting breaths, his blue eyes glazed and heavy lidded. Spock’s eyes drooped, like Jim’s becoming heavy with his growing arousal. A second and third finger had joined them first. His breath came out as a sharp gasp as his fingers brushed against what must have been his prostrate, an organ that was futile in Vulcan biology but had just proven it’s worth as Spock allowed his fingers to massage it again. It was suddenly very clear why his Captain, his Jim would masturbate in such a way.

Spock’s spine arched, his head snapping back as his orgasm washed over him in a sudden wave of pleasure. “Jim!”

For several long minutes he was unaware of his surroundings. Aliens could have stormed his quarters and he wouldn’t have noticed them. When he finally was able to pull himself back together his penis had gone limp and drawn itself back into his body, his abdomen was coated in his semen and the Captain was once again licking his own semen from his fingers.

He had missed his Captain’s climax.

Spock closed his eyes and considered whether it was worth the blinding pleasure he felt from his own orgasm to miss his Jim’s face as he reached completion. It was a hard decision but his choice was easy to decide.

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