The SENN Chanel Presents

Chapter 4

The twelfth time was different. It happened after a mission in which the Captain was altered from his normal human condition. The away team had found a series of ruins on a newly discovered M-class planet. The ruins appeared to be from a highly advanced civilization. They had been looking through the ruins for any indication of what had caused the collapse of such an advanced civilization when the floor had collapsed out from under the Captain. He had landed in some kind of chamber which had activated when it's systems detected the Captain's life signs. By the time they had safely reached the Captain the machine had completed it's work.

Spock was finding it hard to concentrate when around his Captain now. He had been quite distracting before but the sudden change to being female was having some unexpected consequences on Spock's libido. The urge to storm the Captain's cabin, throw her on her bed, rip her uniform from her and breed her was almost overwhelming. Never before had he so wanted to touch a women that way, but the idea that he could fill Jim's belly with his child...he did not have the words to quantify the sensation it produced.

It had taken all his will to lift Jim out of the machine, carefully tucking him in against his body, and make his way to the beam-up point when every instinct told him not to let Jim go, not even to hand him over to Dr. McCoy. Still he had done his duty and delivered his unconscious Captain to Dr. McCoy's sickbay for all required medical scans. If he remained in the Medbay longer than necessary, well no one had been willing to say anything about it to him. After an hour of waiting he had finally been called away to file paperwork on the mission for Starfleet Command.

Now it was late into the evening and according to Dr. McCoy Jim was as healthy as could be expected and was being released onto light duty. As such Spock knew the Captain would be returning to his cabin, perhaps even willing to play a game of 3D chess.

Spock glanced at the monitor, deciding the most efficient rout would be to check the SENN channel to see if the Captain was in his cabin before requesting a match. If his Captain was already resting it would be unwise to wake him when he needed rest.

The SENN channel turned on, the screen filling with the sitting area of the Captain's cabin. On the couch near the sleeping area, Jim was sitting with Dr. McCoy drinking a shockingly bright blue liquid from a glass bottle Spock had seen behind the Doctor's desk on multiple occasions. The two of them were talking softly, their bodies leaning into each other. Dr. McCoy said something too soft for the security feed to pick up and in response Jim tossed his head back onto the Doctor's shoulders and released a husky, full throated laugh. The tremors from his laughter shook Jim's body so hard his head slipped from the Doctor's shoulder and landed in the Doctor's lap.

The Doctor smiled down at Jim, stroking fingers through Jim's hair in a most obscene manner. Spock felt every muscle in his body go tense as he watched Jim smile up at the Doctor, who smiled in response. The two seemed frozen like that, eyes locked on each other, like no one else existed. It lasted all of two heart beats, but it was enough to make his heart stop beating and his blood to run cold. He had never seen them look at each other like that before. He did not want to see them look at each other like that. He wanted Jim to look only at him with such eyes!

Spock's hand clenched, knuckles going white as he watched the Doctor lean down and kiss Jim in a shockingly wet human kiss. Even from here, Spock could see their tongues dueling as Jim twisted and arched into McCoy. Their hands grabbed at each other, clenching and tugging in golden hair and blue cloth. The Doctor fell back onto the couch, pulling Jim atop him. Jim pulled their mouths apart, gasping. His new female chest heaved against the Doctor's. The moment of stillness lasted barely a heart beat and the two were on each other again.

Spock wanted to look away, to turn off the screen even if he had to rip out the monitor. He could not watch this, but he could not look away. He had convinced himself, perhaps unwisely so, that Jim held an emotional attachment for him. That Jim could perhaps even come to love him as Spock had come to love his Thy'la. That perhaps it had been Jim who had slipped the code into the system that allowed Spock to watch Jim through the SENN channel. Perhaps he had been wrong. It was obvious now that Jim-no, his Captain did not return Spock's vulnerability. Why should he love an emotionless cripple of a Vulcan when he could get all the emotional comfort and affection he needed from the Doctor?

Spock closed his eyes and turned his back on the screen. He would not acknowledge what was playing there, just as he would not acknowledge that he was too weak to turn it off. Nor would he acknowledge that the moisture in his eyes had increased by 52.735% since the Doctor had kissed Jim.

The speakers pumped in the rustle of fabric, the slap of flesh meeting flesh, wet slurping sounds of vigorous kissing, heavy breathing and gasping breaths. Sounds Spock had imagined Jim and himself making together one day. Sounds Jim was making now with Dr. McCoy. Sounds Spock did not have the right to listen to. Still he was unable to turn off the monitor. He could not stop listening even as his heart felt like it was being shredded in his chest.

Glancing at the monitor Spock grabbed his PADDs from his desk and sharply spun away from the desk and the monitor. He could not work efficiently while the monitor was in view. The logical alternative was to work in his meditation area. In truth he knew the most logical alternative was to turn the monitor off and remove the code that had started the whole thing. It was perhaps for the best that he get rid of the coding. Their was no longer a logical reason to have the security feed available if the Doctor would be there to monitor the Captain's wellbeing.

"Fuck, 'Darlin'! You're so wet."

The sound of the Doctor's voice sent a shiver down his spine. He did not want to hear this! It had never felt so wrong before to watch Jim...but now, now it was heartrending. It was wrong. A violation of the highest order.

"Ahh....Ahhhh!" Jim's voice was higher in pitch than this morning, but still so very recognizable. "Please, more! Oh fuck! Harder!"

Spock flinched. Even now with his heart breaking the sound of his Thy'la calling out was enough to fill his loins with fire. His penis tried to rise even as Spock tried to will it away.

"Jim. Jim! Oh, Darlin' so close. Y'all betta' come with me."

"Oh fuck. Ahh!"

Spock did not clench his eyes shut against the sound. He did not.

"Jim!" The Doctor's voice came out heavy with his accent, volume loud enough to worry Spock that someone might hear it through the walls.


Spock's eyes snapped open, his head whipping around to face the monitor. Before he knew it he was striding over to his desk, spinning the monitor around.

On the screen the Doctor lay sprawled naked, save for his socks, across Jim's couch. Jim, completely naked, lay across the Doctor's chest. For a moment Spock was convinces he must have heard wrong. The Captain certainly must not have cried out his name at the peak of his pleasure? But his perfect Vulcan memory told him otherwise. His penis was suddenly harder than it had ever been, pressed painfully against his zipper.

"Should I be jealous of the hobgoblin, darlin'?"

"Shud' up, Bonessss.” Jim blushed and looked away from the Doctor. “M' tired. Sticky."

The Doctor chuckled and patted Jim’s cheek. “Ya’ sure you don’ wanna be tellin’ me anything, darlin’?”

“Hell, Bones! Shud UP, so’s not for you ta know wh’ever I wanna…wanna…anything with Spock!” The Captain groaned and pressed his face into the Doctor’s neck.

The Doctor made a rumbling sound in his chest but did not move. Spock suddenly realized the Doctor had fallen asleep. Jim lay there a moment longer before carefully sitting up. With a small wince Jim lifted himself up, the Doctor's flaccid penis slipping from the Captain's newest opening.

Spock's eyes locked on the sight of the wet pink organ sliding out of his Jim. But the sound of Jim crying out his name was still filling his mind. In place of the Doctor's organ all he could see was his own jade organ sliding out of his Captain's wet orifice. A strangled moan slipped past his lips before he could stop it. A flicker of hope was blooming inside where before it had been ripped away and destroyed. He wanted to believe that Jim could love and desire him.

Jim swayed on his feet, hands running over his face and through his hair. "Shit. Shit, shit. Shouldna done that. Bad, bad Jimmy." The Captain tugged at his hair before a strange look flitted across his face. Looking suddenly green the Captain fled out of the cameras range. Retching could just be heard coming from the vicinity of the bathroom.

Spock felt a brief surge of worry for his Captain but from his research on Human biology he understood that alcoholic intoxicants often had such an effect upon Humans. Worry pushed aside, his sudden arousal surged back to the forefront of his mind. Gasping, he bent over, one hand pressed against his erection and the other gripping the side of his desk hard enough to leave finger prints in the metal.

By the time Spock had regained control Jim had come back from the fresher looking far more sober. He walked over to his desk, flipping the monitor on briefly and seemed to scroll through some information Spock couldn't see from the cameras angle before he shut it off, opened one of the bottom drawers of the desk and pulled out a blanket. Blanket in hand he moved back to the couch. Jim smiled slightly at the sight of the Doctor sprawled across the couch snoring. With a shake of his head he unfolded the blanket and covered the Doctor, who immediately rolled onto his side in a fetal position.

Jim gave the Doctor one last glance before he disappeared into the bedroom.

Spock continued to watch the monitor unsure if he should change the setting to show the Captain's bedroom or if he should just turn it off. The whole thing was illogically confusing. He wasn't sure he could keep doing this without compromising himself beyond repair. Already he acted like an addict, unable to control his desires.

Not sure if he should keep watching or not, Spock turned off the SENN channel. He was still too emotionally raw to see what else his Captain would do tonight. While his body was clamoring for stimulation, his heart was weary and begging for rest. In the end all he could do was to open one of the downloaded feeds of the Captain's cabin in order to spend along his climax so that he might sleep.

On the screen the image of the Captain only 3 days previously replayed. He was sitting at his desk, his monitor on and playing something that Spock was unable to see from the angle of the security camera. Whatever played on it though seemed to be inspiring lust in the Captain as he had pushed back his chair and opened his pants, freeing the hot length of pink flesh to the open air.

Spock licked his lips and mimicked the Captain’s pose, opening his pants to free his engorged penis. Carefully he watched Jim’s hands as they began to coat his erection in lubricant. Already Spock could feel his natural lubricant begin to cover his cock as his hand slowly began to move over the turgid length. He was oh so careful to mimic each of the Captain’s movements, a long hard pull up the length, palm rolling over the head before twisting lightly around the sensitive crown before sliding back down.

On the screen the Captain was gasping and thrusting his hips into his hands, his blue eyes locked on the monitor. His free hand slipped inside his pants moving around beneath his cock in a way that made Spock assume the Captain, Jim, was fondling his testicles.

Carefully Spock arched his back and allowed his free hand to begin stroking his swollen, aching chenesi. The pleasure the touch caused rolled through his like a tsunami, flooding his system with hormones. His hand began to move faster on his swollen, leaking column of flesh as he watched his Captain come apart on the screen. As the Captain screamed out his orgasm Spock felt his roll up from the depths of his self.

Still the pleasure gained was not as brilliant as it had been. As it could be. As he wanted it to be.

Spock carefully stood, his now limp penis resting against the outside of his pants as he reached for a scrap of cloth to clean himself with. Briefly he contemplated mimicking his Captain’s last act. He had never before tried it, but it could not cause any biological damage to try. He raised his hand to his mouth, his tongue slowly slipping out to slide up the length of his fingers, sending waves of pleasure rippling through him. The thick fluid was slightly bitter. Moving his hand away he quickly whipped it clean and went to finish his nightly routine.

As Spock finally lay down to sleep a small light in the corner of his room flickered and went off, the security camera shutting down for the night.

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