The SENN Chanel Presents

Chapter 5

It had taken a week to figure out how to change the Captain back into a man. During that time Spock had found it unreasonable to use the SENN channel. He did not admit, even to himself that it was because he was worried he would see Jim and the Doctor engaging in intimacy again.

Outside of their respective cabins things between the Captain and Spock went like normal. It appeared that only Spock was aware of his small crisis of conscience. He tried not to pay more attention than normal to the Captain, but it proved to be unusually difficult. He was sure however that Nyota had noticed his watching even if no one else had. Today had been much harder to ignore the Captain as his behavior deviated from the norm.

Of course Spock was aware of why the Captain was behaving in such a manner. He had finally convinced himself to watch the SENN channel again. So this morning before leaving for breakfast he had turned on the monitor and flipped to SENN channel four. The view had still been focused on the Captain's sitting room, just where he had last left it. Spock had watched the empty room for two heartbeats before flipping the setting to access the Captain's bedroom. The Captain, Jim, had been laying on his bed in the nude, golden skin glittering with sweat. For a long moment Spock had contemplated turning the channel but his desire to watch the Captain, Jim, had been too strong to resist. So he had simply watched as Jim drew his legs up towards his chest, spreading them wide, his anal muscles winking at Spock from the screen. Tempting him. Tormenting him.

Spock had watched as Jim had worked oil slicked fingers into the small opening, stretching it wide. Jim's hips had bucked and thrust against his right hand even as he had bit down on his left to keep from crying out his pleasure.

Spock had been entranced by the sight of his Captain's fingers sinking into the tight little hole. He had wanted more than anything in that moment for those to be his fingers. Since they weren't he had contented himself by watching the Captain stimulate his prostrate until he ejaculated.

At that point Spock had thought his Captain done, but Jim had surprised him. Instead of cleaning himself Jim had reached into the drawer by his bed and pulled out a short, green, phallic shaped object. Jim had then slicked it up with the same oil he had used on his fingers and worked it inside his anus, until just the flat end remained visible. It was not the same dildo he had previously seen his Captain use. It was, in fact, shorter. However, his Captain still seemed to derive pleasure from having the object inserted into his rectum. It was fascinating.

Spock had been prepared to watch his Captain continue to stimulate himself into a second erection and ejaculation. He had not been prepared to watch his Captain get up and begin to dress, the dildo still sunk inside his bowels. Spock had watched him make his bed, little moans and gasps slipping past the Captain's lips as he moved, and head into the fresher before leaving the cabin.

When Spock had realized the Captain must have left for breakfast he had flipped off the monitor and left his cabin. If he to headed for the dinning hall, well, it was only logical. Breakfast was after all the most important meal of the day.

* * *

Breakfast and the first half of Alpha shift had been torture on his strict Vulcan control. The Captain had been shifting in his seat making provocative little noises so softly that Spock wouldn't have heard them if he hadn't been paying such close attention to Jim. Every time Jim had gotten up from the Captain's chair to walk around the bridge Spock found his eyes drawn to his Captain's buttocks, watching them clench and quiver as the plug moved inside his ass, as it pressed against his prostrate, making Jim pause in what he was doing, his eyes going glazed and heavy lidded.

Spock could feel the lust, the arousal, the sheer need radiating from the Captain as the man approached him. Spock did his best to pretend he had not been so focused on the Captain that he had dropped 0.006% in productivity in the last hour.

Jim clapped his hand on Spock's right shoulder, leaning his body into Spock's left shoulder. A tiny shiver raced across Spock's flesh before he could stop it.

"Is there anything you require, Captain?"

"Not really," the man grinned widely at him, squeezing his shoulder. "I just thought I'd come see what you were doing." His blue eyes sparkled. Sparkled! It should not have been physically possible, but they did.

"Indeed." Spock arched an eyebrow at the Captain. "I am sure there are far more productive things you could be doing, Captain."

"Maybe, but a man can only take so much paperwork before he goes mad." Jim grinned widely, a pink tongue quickly slipping out to lick over his full lower lip.

Spock let his eyebrow raise higher, the tips of his ears flushing green as he felt his Captain's thumb rub against his shoulder. The heat radiating from his body warmed Spock's shoulder.

His Captain's behavior was most perplexing. If Spock did not know better he would hypothesize that the Captain was flirting with him. It was a most unlikely prospect though. Even if the Captain had called his name once during orgasm it did not mean anything. The Captain had been intoxicated enough that his judgment and sense of reality had been impaired.

"Would you care for a game of chess tonight, Spock? Say around 1700 hours?"

Spock calculated that by that point in time Jim would have stimulated himself to orgasm and removed the dildo he was currently using as an anal plug. "That would be acceptable."

Jim grinned widely and squeezed his shoulder. "Good."

Spock watched as Jim turned and went back to the Captain's chair, his dark eyes riveted to the curve of his Captain's buttocks.

* * *

The rest of the morning had followed a similar pattern. It seemed the plug was keeping his Captain from being able to remain sprawled in his chair as he normally would. Instead he spent the majority of the shift shifting in his seat to try and hide the noticeable bulge of his erection and prowling the Bridge. By lunch Spock was glad to leave the bridge. The scent of his Captain's need was making him light headed as all of his own blood remained pooled in his groin.

With careful speed Spock made his way from his station to the turbolift. He would have 75 minutes to relieve himself and to intake a meal. As he stepped into the turbolift he heard Jim call out to him.

"Hold the lift!"

The Captain jumped down from his chair and spun around, rushing across the bridge to where Spock stood, one eyebrow raised, holding the turbolift door. "Thanks, Spock!"

Spock nodded and released the door. He glanced at Jim from the corner of his eye, watching as the man wiggled trying to adjust the plug without giving away sign that he was uncomfortable. Carefully, Spock glanced down at the Captain's crotch, noting the heavy tenting of the already tightly fitting regulation slacks. It appeared the Captain was still heavily aroused from the constant prostrate stimulation. Spock found himself impressed with his Captain's ability to function on the bridge under such conditions.

"What are your plans for lunch?"

Spock glanced up at Jim's face, noting the open expression and the dilated pupils. "My plans remain the same as yesterday."

Jim cocked his head, watching Spock. "And what, pray tell, are those plans?"

"I intended to return to my cabin to check my messages and then to head to the commissary to partake of a sufficiently nutritious meal." Spock couldn't help the deep breath he took, filling his sinuses with the heavy scent of Jim's arousal.

"Sounds exciting, Mr. Spock." Jim grinned at him, blue eyes flashing with mirth.

"If I may inquire, what are your plans during this time, Captain?" Spock felt his penis swell and strain against his pants as he imagined what his Captain would be doing.

Jim flushed pink and quickly glanced drown before looking back at Spock. "About the same actually."


The turbolift gave a soft ding as it came to a stop, it's doors opening onto the Officers deck. For a moment the two simply watched each other, eyes lingering before the sound of voices coming closer broke the moment. Looking away the two left the turbolift and headed to their respective cabins.

Spock gave Jim one last glance before stepping into his cabin, the door making a soft whooshing noise as it closed. The heat of his cabin surrounded him like a warm blanket, pushing back the cold that lingered from the rest of the ship. Outside his cabin he fought to regulate his body temperature in order to keep warm, but here he was comfortable, warm and relaxed.

He stepped over to his desk and quickly checked his messages, noting there was none of urgent importance. He shifted his hips and looked to his desk drawer as his erection pulsed and throbbed against the zipper on his uniform pants, demanding attention. He thought to will it away but every time he began to the memory of Jim wearing the anal plug caused his erection to return. Giving in to the inevitable he opened the drawer and removed the pot if lubricant, setting it carefully on his desk before removing and folding his uniform. With the same calm he turn on the SENN channel.

On the screen he could see his Captain's uniform tossed haphazardly around the room. The Captain himself however was not on the screen. Spock could hear water running and assumed the Captain was in the fresher using its facilities. While he waited for Jim to return he went about carefully setting up his desk area for his masturbatory purposes.

It did not take long for Jim to exit the fresher and move to his desk. Spock licked his lips and began a slow massage of his dick. Jim's naked body was truly a sight to behold. Nude Jim went about filling out a few minor reports and signing off on a few more. It was mundane stuff, but Spock couldn’t stop watching. His ardor was rising with each little shiver and wiggle of those golden globes of tempting flesh. It was obvious his Captain was still trying to ignore the needs of his body. Quite illogical. Humans had a high sex drive and an adult male achieved orgasm nearly seven times every 24 hours according to the reading material he had located. It would be further out of character for Jim not to relieve himself given the opportunity.

Spock arched his back and spread his legs wide, rolling his head back against the back of the chair. He gazed at the screen from between heavy lidded eyes and carefully reached into the jar of lubricant, coating his fingers. Closing his eyes he slid one hand between his legs, fingers finding the small hidden opening between his buttocks and slipping inside one by one. Spock felt his eyes roll to the back of his head as his body arched further off the chair as his fingers probed his prostrate into a spine shivering dry orgasm.

Spock reclined against the chair taking in deep breaths and looked back to the monitor where his Captain was putting away the last of the request forms. Jim arched his back arms extended above his head, his legs spread wide. Between his strong, muscled thighs the long gracefully curved, swollen red length of his penis rose out of his nest of golden curls. The organ was so full of blood that the engorged crown of his cock had turned purple with all the blood filling it. The organ shimmered in the light from the copious amount of precum that had dribbled from the head down the length of his cock. Spock swallowed hard at the sight and felt the renewed spark of arousal surge through him. He would only have time for one more sexual release if he continued with his plan to actually ingest a meal before returning to the bridge.

Spock watched as his Captain, his Jim, turned on his monitor and leaned back in his chair. Spock licked his lips and recoated his fingers in the lubrication as he watched Jim spread his legs wide and begin to slowly stroke his cock. Spock couldn’t help the moan the slipped past his lips at the sight quickly thrust his fingers back into his anus.

Jim reached down to the side of the chair to reset his chair, reclining the back so he was practically laying down. He put his legs up, feet resting on the edge of his desk. Making an almost desperate sounding groan he took his erection back in hand and began to massage it as his other hand rolled and stroked his heavy balls.

Spock watched entranced by the vision his Captain made and thrust back against the fingers he had massaging his prostrate. His hips rocked steadily into his hand, the clench and pull of his internal muscles against the sensitive pads of fingers sending shock waves of pleasure up his spine to his brain and deep into his groin. His hand on his dick tightened in a spasm of pleasure as it continued to move up and down the turgid length. A barely noticeable whimper passed his lips at the sensation and Spock found it almost impossible not to close his eyes. He was so close. Just at the very cusp of falling into another dry orgasm.

On the screen Jim let out a cry of pleasure at whatever he was watching and pressed his fingers against his taint, back arching as his body shuddered. It appeared the pleasure he was giving himself was great. With a lurid moan Jim moved his hand lower pressing it against the edges of the anal plug, pressing the green toy deeper into his bowls. Spock could hear a very light buzzing noise and realized slowly that the sound was coming from his Captain. The anal plug was a miniature vibrator! The sudden knowledge of what the little green toy was doing, had been doing during the Captain's shift was enough to push Spock over the edge. His senses exploded leaving him trapped briefly in a white out as his orgasm tore through him. He may have screamed, all control lost but he could not be sure.

Endless minutes later the white out cleared, his senses returned and Spock looked back at the screen. Jim was slumped in his chair, sweaty chest heaving as he tried to cone back down from his own pleasure high. His golden skin was decorated with several strips of white semen. Finally Spock realized as much as he would have preferred to remain as he was, lounging in sexual bliss he had to make an appearance in the dinning hall before returning to the Bridge. He would need the added nutrients to be at top efficiency.

He reached for his cleaning cloths and wiped down his penis, removing any remaining lubrication before dropping the cloth down the laundry shoot and heading to the bathroom to wash his hands. When done it was only a matter of minutes to redress and turn off the monitor. A last glance showed the Captain too had begun to prepare for the return to duty.

Spock turned and headed out of his cabin, the doors making a soft whoosh as they closed behind him. The hallway was empty, Jim apparently wad still redressing. It would not be logical to wait for the Captain as it might prompt too many questions Spock would decline to answer. Decision made Spock left to go to the dinning room. He would procure a healthy meal and then return to the bridge.

* * *

Approximately 10 minutes and 34 seconds after Spock sat down to eat, the Captain walked in. His gaze traveled around the room, quickly noting who was there and where they sat. His gaze lingered on Spock, slowly looking him up from toes to pointed ear tips, a smile stretching across his face before he turned to get his own meal. Spock blinked at the unusual gaze and watched the Captain turn away to get his food. Spock found his gaze dropping to his Captain's round backside, watching the clench and release of the muscles as he moved and imagined the pants were gone and he could see the little green vibrator moving within. It was a delectable image and sparked his ardor again.

Jim, tray in hand, made his way to where Spock was sitting. Smiling a greeting he set his tray down across from Spock. "Did you have a lot of messages, Mr. Spock?"

"Fewer than on average, Captain. The current science experiments are progressing as anticipated."

"That's good."

The next 15 minutes and 23 seconds passed quickly as they ate and conversed about various matters. Spock finished his meal first but instead of returning to the Bridge, he remained with his Captain, watching the man eat. He enjoyed watching his Captain talk as well. He was unusually animated today, hands gesturing wildly as he talked, eyes twinkling with pleasure.

"So, Mr. Spock would you like a popsicle? We managed to get a couple boxes at the last Starbase."

"I do not."

"You sure?"

"I am."

"Alright then." The Captain smiled again and turned and walked away, showing his tight, round ass to Spock yet again.

The Captain returned to the table with a paper wrapped tube, which upon the Captain opening it, revealed itself to be a green popsicle. Privately Spock was beginning to think the Captain had chosen it to emotionally compromise him, as the frozen treat was vaguely phallic shaped.

"Lime flavor," Jim looked at Spock as he brought the frozen treat to his lips. "It's my favorite."

Spock watched the Captain's pink tongue press against the base of the popsicle, sliding up the length and around the top before sinful lips sucked the popsicle into the warm cavern of the Captain's mouth. He could feel his heart thudding wildly in his abdomen, the pulse of his blood heavy and fast. The sound if it filling his ears, blocking out the sounds of the other occupants of the room.

The Captain's eyes had dropped, the heavy lidded look of pleasure lightly the blue depths sent a shiver of anticipation down Spock's spine. Still the Captain repeated the movements on the popsicle, licking it up and slowly, leaving glistening trails of saliva mixing with the sticky residue of the melting popsicle, sliding down the length of the treat and onto Jim's hand.

Jim glanced at Spock, a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Mmmm." Jim looked directly in Spock's eyes and gave the popsicle another long, lingering lick from base to tip. "Sure you don't want some?"

Spock swallowed thickly. "It offers no nutritious value."

Jim smiled as he sucked the entire length into his mouth. Spock's eyes followed the sight of Jim's throat swallowing around the girth of the green popsicle. Slowly the popsicle was pulled back out from between Jim's puckered lips. "You sure, Spock?"

Something inside Spock snapped. After weeks of watching his Captain and giving into his own desire, Spock found he could do nothing more than the same at this time. Jim's eyes went wide as Spock stood up from the table suddenly enough to cause his chair to fall onto its side. Almost as quickly Spock was moving to Jim's side of the table, eyes narrowed. His movements were fast and graceful, leaving no room for doubt that Jim had just become prey.

Jim stood and looked around the room. The other occupants were watching them with wide, excited eyes.


Jim gave a yelp as Spock grabbed him around the waist and slung him over his shoulder and began to march out of the dinning hall. "Spock! Put me down!"

Spock slapped the palm of his hand against Jim's ass, the sound of it loud in the suddenly quiet hall.

Jim's eyes went wide at the slap and the soothing rubbing that followed it. He flushed red and hid his face in Spock's back as he felt his erection return full force, pressing against Spock's chest. The vibrating plug in his ass thrust deeper with each step, striking his prostrated. The rest of the march back to the Captain's was quiet, punctuated only occasionally by startled crewmembers. Their eyes following their commanding officers with a number of emotions and Jim was sure he had seen a couple hand over credit chips to others.

There was a whooshing noise and suddenly Jim found himself watching the doors of a cabin close around him. As Spock moved further into the room, past the sitting area and into the bedroom, Jim realised he was in his own cabin!

Spock took in the room around him. It looked just as it did on the monitor and just as it did on the nights they played chess. But right now, this room was something more. It was a sanctuary for him to relieve himself of the nearly overwhelming lust that was burning in his veins. He would take his mate here.

Spock tossed Jim onto the bed, watching the startled look in those blue eyes. Before Jim could respond Spock was on him, ripping the cloths from his body and tossing the remains of the cloth around the room. Spock could see a millions thoughts and plans for escape flash through Jim’s eyes, but the Vulcan wasn’t having it. Jim had been teasing him, he was sure of it now. It must have been Jim who added the extra code in that allowed Spock his voyeuristic view. With sure, deft movements he rolled Jim onto his stomach and jerked his hips up. Face down, ass up, Jim was a sight to behold. Spock ran his hand over Jim’s shoulders and down his spine. They cupped and kneaded the golden mounds of flesh, thumbs stroking between the crease and over the puckered opening where the green plug resided, making Jim cry out.

“Spock! Oh fuck,” Jim cried out, body arching back into Spock’s hands.

Spock growled low in his throat and stepped back, making Jim whine. With great efficiency he stripped off his own uniform and crawled back on the bed, covering Jim with his own cooler body. Spock nipped at Jim’s neck as he felt his engorged length press into the crack of his T’hy’la's ass, sliding against the plastic end of the plug. Jim cried out again and pressed back against him. Spock nuzzled his neck and began to thrust into the warm channel, striking the plug so that it would press deeper into Jim.

Jim hands scrambled to find something to hold onto, to give him the leverage he needed to buck back against Spock as the Vulcan thrust forward. Jim cried out loudly and pressed his face into the bedding biting down on the sheets as he rutted wildly back against Spock. He felt like a bitch in heat. His body was coated in sweat and it felt like his heart was beating in his ears. He had been aroused for so long. Wanting this for nearly as long as he had known Spock. And now…now it was happening. Spock was on top of him, moving like a man possessed. It was better than anything he had thought of while masturbating.

“Mine,” the voice was low, the end of the word coming out like a purr, resonating up from Spock’s chest. Jim could swear he could feel the word forming inside Spock’s chest before he voiced it.

It was enough to send Jim over the edge, his orgasm catching him unaware. “Spock!”

Jim was still gasping, his heart beating like a drum in his chest, and still Spock was moving against him in quick jerking movements. Finally Jim felt the body atop him go taunt, the organ between his cheeks seeming to swell even further for a moment. Jim knew Spock had orgasmed, but was a little confused as to why he didn’t feel the organ going soft against him, or why the hot wash of semen coating his ass never arrived. The thoughts were cut off though when he felt Spock begin moving again, as if he had not just achieved release. The Vulcan rubbed the whole length of his body along Jim’s, his cock pressing insistently against the entrance of Jim’s body. Despite his recent release, Jim felt himself getting hard again. His organ swelling slowly beneath him, making Jim bite his lip and groan. He wanted to see Spock, wanted to watch him be overcome with pleasure.

Spock growled something Jim couldn’t make out, against his neck. Jim keened as the plug struck his prostrate again and suddenly he was being flipped over. His back struck the soft surface of the mattress and Jim opened his eyes to see Spock spread out above him, the Vulcan’s hands pressed into the bed on either side of Jim’s head. The raw need shinning in those dark eyes was almost enough to make Jim cry. No one had ever looked at him that way before. He had had people look at him in lust, anticipation, anger and a whole herd of other emotions. But the raw need, lust and maybe even love he saw in Spock’s eyes was his undoing. He would never be able to look at this man again without wanting to see that expression looking back at him.

“Please, Spock. Please!” Jim spread his legs wider, begging Spock for anything the Vulcan was willing to give him.

“You are mine.”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes, I’m yours,” Jim cried out, arching his body up into Spock’s.

The Vulcan made a pleased sound deep in his chest and let one hand slid down the length of Jim’s body, playing it with the same skill as he did his lute. Jim was putty in his First Officers hand, willingly letting the man shape him to his will. Finally the hand slide over his hip and Jim nearly bit his tongue when the hand completely bypassed his aching erection. The disappointment was washed away a heartbeat later when Spock pulled the anal plug from his body and quickly sheathed his own engorged penis in Jim’s body in one long, smooth thrust. Jim’s whole body went taunt as a bowstring as the tip of that beautiful jade organ struck his prostrate.


Dimly, Jim knew he needed to be quieter if he didn’t want everyone in the hall outside his cabin to hear him. He couldn’t find it in himself to care though as Spock began moving again. Spock’s hip pressed against Jim’s with every inward thrust. Jim moaned, whined and screamed, his hands clutching Spock’s shoulders, legs wrapped over Spock’s hips, helping the Vulcan deeper into him.

They moved together perfectly, as if their bodies were made just for this. Just for each other. Jim knew he was crying now. Silent tears sliding down his cheeks as he leaned up to capture Spock’s lips with his own. It was sweet and hungry and desperate, but it filled that cold, aching part of Jim’s heart with warmth all the same. His orgasm came again, with swift wings and waves of heat. Spock’s organ swelled and shuddered inside him but once again it seemed to be dry. Spock continued to move inside, gentler now, in long slow strokes.

The trend continued for what seemed like hours, and was surely longer than they had had remaining on their lunch hour. Jim found his body tipping into three more orgasms before Spock finally seemed to cum. His hot seed filling Jim until he thought he would burst. He had never spent himself so completely as he did with Spock and he certainly never felt so whole afterwards as he did laying there in the crapped little Starfleet issued bed spooned up against Spock.

Eyes heavy Jim drifted into sleep, knowing the Vulcan was there at his side keeping him safe.

In the corner of the room the light indicating the security cameras recording sequence was on turned red and then flicked off as the camera shut down.

* * *

In another office deep in the heart of the Enterprise two men sat drinking tumblers of Bourbon and Scotch in celebration of their plans coming to fruition.

The End

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