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hailey le - fay black


the heir of the universe will be born as the 8 month begins..........the fates chosen one will be born from 2 snakes.......she will be a legacy of the creater........ Disclaimer:I do not own harry potter and I do not own Percy Jackson. Summery:what if the potters were still alive and had a son name chad instead of harry?what if the prophecy is acutally a fake?what if snape is acually a girl who name is selina rose le fay?what if selina mother is lady chaos?what if selina and regulas had a daughter name is hailey alexander le fey-black?what if she the chosen one?what if she best friends with luna and draco?and friends with many more?what if she a angle?what is going to happen in her first year?....all i know is that hogwarts is going to be in one hell of a ride!

Adventure / Humor
luna archer
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Chapter 1

disclaimer:i do not own the harry potter series or/and charcters . this is Hailey profile . also i might have spelled some words wrong so hopefully you will understand.i will change it later,cause after this i got some work to do. what i,m saying.also i made a few ...ok major changes to the story.if you don’t like it i got only this to say....don’t hate the player hate the game.enjoy!

name:Hailey Alexandria Le fey-Black

birthday:12:00 am 8/1/1980

mother:Selina rose Black nee le - fay (aka Snape who was origanaly a girl that had a heavaliy put glamor on her.that her mom broke.)

father:Regulus Arcturus Black (who is alive. Kreacher the one that died.that will be explained later)

grandmother:lady chaos. primdoral of creation and the creator of the universe.

godfathers:sirius black, lucious malfoy,tom riddle.

god mothers:narcissa malfoy,bellatrix lestrange and pandora lovegood.

looks:5′1 with long black hair to her mid back.also pail skin with greenish bluish eyes.

best friends:draco malfoy and luna lovegood.

friends: entire slytherin house,half of raven claw and a few huffle puffs and griffindors.

enimies:chad potter,hermione granger,lily potter,james potter,albus dumbledore and the entire weasley clan.

childhood:hailey have been living with her parents and her grandma at chaos place,where only selected few can key port or apparate there.when she was a toddler she have been growing up with her two best friends by her side.they were inseprebale. they stuck together like brother and sisters.even though hailey a witch she still had primadoral blood in her making her a demi-god or in her case demi primadoral so they started traning when luna was 6 and hailey and draco was 7 by haily grandma.then when luna was 7 and draco and hailey were 8 the 4 founders and chaos started training them using magic. because of the prophcy about hailey. she was the fates chosen. then thats when draco and hailey got their acceptence letter at 11 years old....

the real prohocey

the heir of the universe will be born as the 8 month begins..........the fates chosen one will be born from 2 snakes.......she will be a legacy of the creater........she will be change into a gurdian of light.......when a golden rain droplet falls on her head.......from the heavan above......she will face true master of darknes when the time comes.......she will have magics blessing and the guidence of the 4 great mages......she will be the new symbol of light......unimaginbal power at her fingertips......the heir of the universe will be born as the 8 month begins


whats up readers,this is luna archer writing yet another story.sorry if it confusing i am just in a rush because i got a great idea for the a percy jackson fanfiction. so here is the whole reason why i,m couinting this as a harry potter fanfiction. because hailey is female harry.also the founders are still alive and krecher died because i simpily dont like him. so i got to go got another story to right.so i see you guys soon.

peace out,luna archer

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