A/N So, I promised you the honeymoon story and here it is! Better late than never. I've had a really really really bad summer and haven't had much time to work on anything. I hope you guys enjoy this. I can't wait for the new season of Vampire Diaries to start so I can get back into this story. I've really missed these characters. Maybe if I'd had them more over the summer, it wouldn't have been so crappy? Can someone deliver me Ian Somerhalder for my birthday? It's coming up in a month and a half. :)


"This was the best idea we've ever had." Damon said, feeding Buffy another bite of pistachio gelato as they sat on their big private balcony outside their bedroom in Rome. "I feel so relaxed."

Buffy smiled brightly. "I have never felt this relaxed in my life. No demons. No hybrids. It's like a real honeymoon."

"We should've done this sooner."

"Why didn't we?" Just then, Elena and Jeremy came running out of the house below them and jumped into the pool. "Oh right. Kids. Danger. Hybrids. Yada yada."

Elena swam up and waved at them. "You guys should come swimming! The water's great!"

"We're good up here." Damon called back.

"You two have holed yourselves up in there for the last week!" Jeremy said. "Come out! Have some fun. We're going to a nightclub tonight."

"It's our honeymoon and we can hole up if we want to." Buffy said. "I thought you guys were going exploring."

"We've seen everything." Elena said.

"When can we visit Pompeii?" Jeremy asked.

"You can visit it any time you like." Damon said. "I'll even book the train tickets and a hotel for you down there."


"Actually, I do kinda want to see Pompeii." Buffy said.

"We should go!" Elena said. "The villa isn't going anywhere."

Damon looked at Buffy. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I've never been." Buffy said.

"Ok." He stood up. "I'll go book us a hotel and the train tickets." Damon lowered his sunglasses and looked over the railing at Elena and Jeremy. "Go get packed."

"Yes!" Jeremy cried as he and Elena got out of the pool.

Buffy stood up and followed Damon inside. "I'll start getting us packed, Mr. Salvatore." She kissed him gently and he pulled her to him.

"Good thinking, Mrs. Salvatore." He deepened the kiss and fell back on the bed.

"This place is incredible." Elena said, taking another picture. "It's so sad, but it's so beautiful here." They were wandering the ruins together. Elena had voted herself official photographer and was snapping away. Buffy and Damon walked with their arms around each other like a typical newlywed couple. Jeremy was more interested in checking out the ruins and kept wandering off to stare at a painting on a wall or ask a tour guide about something.

"I'm still confused as to why people would still live around here." Buffy said, looking up at Damon through her sunglasses. "I mean, that mountain is still an active volcano. It could blow again any day."

"It's the ultimate living on the edge." Jeremy said, posing for a selfie with Elena.

"And here I thought that was me being a vampire Vampire Slayer."

"You're so edgy it hurts." Damon joked, kissing her quickly. Buffy caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to look, but no one was there. "What's wrong?"

"I thought I saw something."

"Probably a ghost." Jeremy said, going over to the building she'd just looked at.

"Would you stop wandering off?" Damon called. "Don't think we won't leave you here."

"Let him roam." Buffy said. "He knows where the hotel is."

"Hey, there's a pizza place in Naples that's supposed to have the best pizza." Elena said, taking a picture of Buffy and Damon.

"How would you know?" Damon asked.

"I read it in Eat, Pray, Love. Can I get a picture of you two kissing?"

Damon rolled his eyes, but leaned down and kissed Buffy while Elena snapped the picture. "This is going to be the most well documented honeymoon anyone's ever taken." He said.

"That's the plan. When we get back, I want to start working on a scrapbook for you guys."

"When we get back, we're going to compel your way into college." Buffy said.

Elena waved her away. "We'll have plenty of time to do that."

"School starts a week after we get back. That's not that much time. We'll have Thanksgiving break and winter break to work on scrapbooks. We also have to figure out what to do with Jeremy."

"I've already thought of a story for that." Damon offered.

Buffy, Elena, and Damon walked into the hotel room with Elena calling out for her brother. They'd finished roaming around Pompeii and hadn't run into Jeremy. Since they had all agreed that if they got split up, they were to go back to the hotel, it was the logical place to look first.

"Come on, Jer!" Damon called. "Quit dicking around. We're hungry."

Elena walked in from her and Jeremy's side of the suite. "He's not here.'

"Where could he be?" Buffy asked.

"Maybe he met some Italian girl and is necking with her at some little café." Damon said.

"He would've called, though." Elena said, looking at her phone.

Buffy reached into her pockets and realized she didn't have her phone. She spotted it on the table. "Oh. I left mine here." She picked it up and sighed. "There's a message from Jeremy."

"What does it say?"

"It's a voicemail." Buffy lifted the phone to her ear and listened to the voicemail. It wasn't Jeremy.

"Hello, Miss Summers. My name is Klurg, representative and handler of the current Slayer competitor in the Slayer Games. Part of that job description is ensuring that the current Slayer competitor makes it to the arena and is prepared fully for her time there. To guarantee your arrival at this year's arena, we've taken your ward Jeremy. If you want to see him alive, then come to the Pompeii Amphitheatre at midnight. I look forward to meeting you."

Buffy let out a groan and shook her head. "Are you serious right now?"

"What?" Elena asked. "What did he say?" Buffy played the message on speakerphone for Damon and Elena to hear. Damon let out a groan that matched Buffy's and Elena said, "I don't understand. What are the Slayer Games?"

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say something not good." Buffy was already calling Willow.

"Hey, Mrs. Salvatore!" Willow answered. "How's the honeymoon going?"

"Oh, it was going great right up until a couple of hours ago when Jeremy got kidnapped by some guy whose name sounds like a loud sneeze and he's claiming to be my handler for the Slayer Games."

"The Slayer Games? What are those?"

"The only thing I can think of is way back in high school when they thought Cordelia was Faith and those demons and that Gorch vamp tried to kill us."

"During Homecoming. Yeah, I remember that."

"Look, this sneeze guy wants me to show up at midnight. It's a little after eight here now. That gives us some time to see if we can come up with anything."

"Yeah. I'll start looking. I'll call Faith and Xander, too. They're at London HQ."

"Why is Faith there? I thought she was holed up in Chicago with Robin."

"She said she got an itch and had to go back. I'm not getting into that personal life, but it's good that one of the original Slayers is at HQ, though."

"Yeah. It is good. Bad for her relationship status, but she's never been good at maintaining those."

"And here I thought her and Robin would last."

"Me too."

"Ok, well I'll give them a call and get them to work. I'll see what I can dredge up online and through what books I have here."

"Good. And Damon and I can hit the streets and see what we can stir up around here. Someone has to know something about these Slayer Games."

As soon as Buffy hung up, Damon was in front of her. "No."

"What?" Buffy asked.

"I know you. You're going to go there and get yourself snared in a trap and possibly get killed."

"Why would I do that on my honeymoon?" She smirked and Damon sighed.

"I'm serious, Buffy. You're not going in alone."

"Of course not. You'll be there."

"I'm coming too." Elena said.

"No. You need to stay here."


"Because this is dangerous."

"That's my brother."

"I know that. But we don't know what we're walking into. We'll need someone to call in backup if anything happens."

"How am I going to know if anything happens?"

"Because we won't be back by the time the sun comes up."

"That's not funny."

"It wasn't meant to be. We've got to go. I've got my phone on me now. I'll text you updates."


"You're staying here, Elena. That's final." Buffy opened the door and walked out.

Damon followed her, shutting the door behind him. "So, where to now?"

Buffy and Damon made their way towards the amphitheater in the ruins of Pompeii. Weirdly, the guards they'd met throughout the city didn't seem to notice them at all. The place was closed, so the guards should be running them out. What else was weird was that there were no demons in the city. It didn't matter where Buffy and Damon had looked, it was like all the demons in the city had vanished.

As they got closer to their destination, the loud cheering of a crowd could be heard. "Ok, there's no way they can ignore that." Damon said.

"It's got to be some kind of spell." Buffy said.

Willow had called just before Buffy and Damon had entered Pompeii to let them know that there was nothing on the Slayer Games. However, in the last couple of years four Slayers had disappeared. They'd each vanished within six months of each other. Before that, twelve Slayers that had been called before Buffy had gone missing as well. Their Watchers had reported them missing and the next Slayer had been reported as activated.

"That's a lot of missing Slayers." Buffy had said.

"Every Watcher has an account of how their Slayer died…. Except those twelve." Willow had said. "I'm not 100% on it, but I'd say they fell prey to this Slayer Games thing."

"Anything else?"

"That's the only weird thing we could find in such a short time."

Buffy sighed and squeezed Damon's hand as they walked. "I don't know about you, but my senses are going haywire."

Damon looked down at her. "Well, I'm not part Slayer, but there's definitely something off in the air."

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the crowd we're hearing from the amphitheater is our missing demons."

"And here I was hoping that they were just scared of the big bad vampire Vampire Slayer."

"No. They're here to watch the great Buffy Summers fight." Buffy and Damon turned around to see a short yellow demon with a deep purple velvet robe on and green horns sticking straight back out of its head walk out of the amphitheater entryway with Elena held in his grip.

"Elena!" Buffy and Damon cried."Sorry." Elena said. "I came to help."

"Yeah, fat lot of help getting yourself kidnapped." Damon snapped.

Buffy looked at the demon. "Let her go."

The demon looked up at Elena. "She'll go with the boy as further insurance that you cooperate." He turned to look at Buffy with a big grin. "Miss Summers, I am so very excited to finally meet you! I am a big fan." She blinked at him, stunned by his sudden fanboy outburst. "You're known the world over."

"That's lovely, but obviously you're outdated. It's Mrs. Salvatore now."

"Oh, you got married! That's lovely." The demon looked at Damon. "Is this Mr. Salvatore?"

"Yes. And you're ruining our honeymoon." Damon growled.

"Oh, how terribly rude of me. I'll just let you all go."

"Really?" Elena asked.

"Of course not." The demon shook his head and looked back at Buffy. "I am Klurg, your representative and handler for this year's Slayer Games."

"Klurg, what are the Slayer Games?" Buffy asked.

"It's a competition…. Like the gladiator games they fought in this very theater. The active Slayer is dropped into an arena and pitted against demons and vampires that have volunteered for the highest of honors."

Buffy blinked at him. "Are you serious?"

"Ever since you activated all of the Slayers all those years ago, business has been booming. We have a Slayer Games every six months." Klurg waved his free hand towards the entrance. "Come. I need to prepare you."

"I'm not going to fight for you. You've been killing my Slayers. You've killed twelve Slayers before I was called. You…."

"Oh, do shut up."

"Excuse me?"

"We have your children in hand. You've brought us your new husband as well. You will fight or we will kill them and throw you to the lions to let them do with you as they please. Either way, we will get a fight out of you."

"Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?" Buffy growled, letting her eyes change.

Klurg looked surprised, but his smile widened. "Oh, you've tapped into your Slayer power! These Games will be most interesting indeed." He turned and dragged Elena towards the entrance.

Buffy and Damon exchanged worried glances and followed after. They walked into the amphitheater and their eyes widened. The place was packed full of demons and vampires. They were crammed into the seats and all of them were either placing bets, fighting, eating popcorn, or doing all three. Buffy felt Damon's hand slip into hers and squeeze tightly. She squeezed back and looked around for Jeremy. He was sitting in one of the boxes in the front of the amphitheater that had probably been reserved for the richer citizens of Pompeii. He was surrounded by at least 30 of the biggest, meanest looking demons Buffy had ever seen, not including the three headed demon that had tried to crawl out of the Hellmouth twice while she was in high school. There were a few large and old vampires scattered in the mix, all bumpies. Sitting right next to Jeremy was a tall, thin, muscular purple demon with gold chains connecting to all different places of his face. He was wearing a bright gold and red robe and he definitely looked like he was important to someone.

Klurg noticed Buffy staring at the purple demon. "That is our honored host and sponsor of the Slayer Games, Gortyana Sluretva. He's nine thousand years old. He began the Games over 700 years ago. He stopped coming about 300 years ago, but he's come out for this one."

"Why?" Buffy asked, still watching the demon.

"Because of you."

The crowd spotted Buffy walking into the arena and started shouting, "The Slayer!" There were some boos, but mostly awed exclamations. The demons around the host and sponsor all started gritting their teeth and seemed to be revving up for a fight. They must be the opponents Buffy was supposed to face.

Klurg led them over to the box where the host and sponsor sat and Gortyana stood up. The crowd got silent and Gortyana announced in a deep, rumbling voice, "The time is now! She has arrived. I give you The Queen of the Slayers." The crowd cheered for a long moment before Gortyana settled them down. "This year we shall have a very special final round." Gortyana's eyes looked down at Buffy. "If you make it that long." The crowd began cheering and the demons surrounding Gortyana started growling and pounding their fists against their chests.

Klurg beckoned to two bumpy foreheaded vampires and they brought over some wooden stairs, placing them against the wall. Klurg pulled Elena up the stairs and sat her down next to Jeremy, ordering her to stay. He turned and motioned to Damon, but Damon kept hold of Buffy's hand and moved closer to her.

"Damon…." Buffy started.

"Are you requesting to be the first to fight the Slayer?" Klurg asked Damon.

"Of course I'm not." Damon scoffed. "She's my wife and I'm not leaving her."

"No one can fight with her. She is the Slayer. She fights alone."

"She's never fought alone."

"In this she does. Or you forfeit your life and hers. So either you come up and join the Slayer's children, or you prepare to fight. All those in the ring when the bell tolls are competitors."

Buffy moved in front of Damon and looked up at him. "It's ok, Damon. I can handle this." She glanced at the demons surrounding Gortyana. She reached up and kissed him gently, saying quickly and quietly, "They don't know how strong I am and once they figure it out…. Well…. Just think of a way to get us out of here without getting us killed."

Damon kissed her long and hard, eliciting hoots and cat calls from the audience. "Don't get killed."

She smiled. "Are you kidding me? I've got a honeymoon to get back to." Buffy pinched Damon's backside as he walked away from her towards the stairs. As soon as he was in the box with Jeremy and Elena, the stairs were dragged away. Four demons brought in two large tables and set them on opposite sides of the arena. The tables held on arsenal on their tops. The four demons made their way back out and Buffy was left alone in the arena.

"As is custom, the Vampire Slayer shall start off with her natural enemy." Gortyana announced. He gestured at two of the bumpy foreheaded vampires and they stood up, pushing through the demons and jumping down in the arena. They fanned out, surrounding Buffy. "Let the Games begin." Buffy rolled her eyes and the vampires attacked from each side.

An hour later, the demon challengers were thinned out to the last eight. It hadn't taken the crowd long to figure out Buffy was no longer a regular vampire Slayer. The last two rounds, Gortyana had released six of the competitors into the ring. They'd spaced themselves out and had made it a little difficult on Buffy, but in the end she'd ripped the last demon's dead off, tossing it behind her. She was covered in multi-colored blood, dirt, and sweat. Her hair was a matted mess on her head since her ponytail holder had snapped at some point.

Gortyana watched her carefully before looking around at the last eight demons. His eyes landed on Damon, Elena, and Jeremy and a sinister smile spread across his face. He stood up and addressed the crowd. "The Slayer is making it through these games with too much ease." The crowd roared their agreement. "Let's make this round a little more interesting, shall we?" The crowd got louder and Gortyana waited patiently for them to settle. "The Slayer's family shall join her in the arena. Let's see how she does against our eight remaining contenders while protecting her loved ones." The crowd burst into loud applause, cheering their approval and stomping their feet.

Buffy tried to yell her protest, but the crowd was too loud. She moved towards Gortyana, preparing to pounce, but he had already grabbed Jeremy and thrown him at Buffy. She caught him and rolled with the momentum. Damon and Elena ran down the stairs that the helper demons had rolled in. Damon helped Buffy up and Elena helped Jeremy up. They turned to the stairs where the eight largest demons were making their way towards them.

"You made this look too easy." Elena said.

"Because I've had years of experience." Buffy said. "Also, I'm stronger and faster than I've ever been."

"So what do we do?" Jeremy asked.

"Don't die." Damon said.

"Those guys are huge." Elena said.

"Weapons." Jeremy said. Buffy disappeared from the little group, leaving her sword staked in the dirt. "We need weapons." She was back before he finished his sentence and she was carrying two more swords with her and a halberd. "Who's using that?" Jeremy asked, pointing at the wicked looking halberd.

"Me." Buffy said. "None of you are trained on it." She handed the two swords out to Elena and Jeremy while Damon pulled Buffy's sword out of the dirt. They turned around and realized the demons had surrounded them.

"Two on one." Damon said. "Those odds aren't so bad."

"They're huge." Elena repeated.

"They don't realize that we're vampires at least."

"I'm not." Jeremy said.

"You're a Hunter. You're fast and strong and I'll have your back." Buffy said.

The eight demons charged as one and Buffy went into her zone. She blocked punches and kicks, landing some of her own. Jeremy was almost clobbered over the head and she grabbed his shirt, pulling him away from the danger. Damon let out a pained cry and Buffy kicked her demon back a few feet, turning around to see him impaled on a sword. She started to go over to him, but one of the demons Jeremy had been fighting grabbed her in a tight bear hug from behind. Her arms were pinned, but she still had her legs.

The demon swung her around and Buffy threw out her legs, kicking the two demons in front of her. A fourth demon grabbed the halberd in her hand and yanked. She held on tight and it pulled the demon holding her off balance. It fell forward and Buffy's feet hit the ground. She used the momentum to throw the demon over her head and rolled up to her feet. She shoved the pointed end of the halberd up through the fourth demon's skull before using the axe blade on the other end of the halberd to slice off the first demon's head.

The two demons she'd kicked were standing up now and they rushed at Jeremy and Buffy. Jeremy held his sword at the ready, but Buffy used her speed and was suddenly behind the demons. They found themselves headless before they got too close to Jeremy. "Told you I had your back." Buffy said.

"Thanks." Jeremy said.

They went over to back up Elena and Damon. Suddenly the odds were even. Four on four. Buffy went over to haul the demon pounding on her husband off him and threw him into the one Elena was facing. Jeremy swung his sword at the other two, trying to keep them back while Buffy helped Damon to his feet. He was still bleeding from where he'd been run through.

"We've got to find a way out of this." Damon said, hitting Buffy's halberd and swinging it and her around to block the swing of an incoming demon's claymore. "Even if we win, these other demons will rip us to shreds."

Buffy shoved the pointy end of her halberd into the demon's ribcage and yanked. His insides fell out and he fell face first in the dirt. "I think this is the last round."

"What makes you think that?" Damon dodged a fist from another demon that was twice the size of his head.

Buffy cut the fist off. "How much more special can it get than their eight biggest demons against the Slayer and her family?"

Damon shoved his sword up into the demon's head, killing it. "I have a feeling we're not going to like the answer to that."

The four of them finished off the last two demons with only a small amount of difficulty. Some of the crowd cheered, but most of them booed. Gortyana didn't look too pleased with the outcome of the fight or how fast it had gone. He eyed Buffy and her family for a long moment with a menacing glare.

Finally, the demon stood and addressed the crowd. "The Slayer has completed every round…. But one. Tonight the Slayer Games will make history! For the final round," A flurry of activity by the entrance pulled Buffy's attention. "The Slayer shall fight one of her own."

The flurry of activity broke apart and Kennedy stood glaring at the demons around her. She spotted Buffy and her eyes widened. Buffy rolled her eyes. Of course they'd pick the one Slayer that wasn't a fan. Kennedy had always butted heads with Buffy and then she'd lost Willow to her on top of it all.

"Buffy…." Damon started, but he was cut off by the guards grabbing him, Elena, and Jeremy. "Get off!"

Buffy moved to help them, but more guards stepped up and blocked her. "Where are you guys coming from?" She growled in exasperation.

Kennedy was led up to them and she glared at Buffy. "I should've known you'd be behind all this."

"Behind it? I was on my honeymoon! I'd rather be eating pasta and having sex with my husband."

"Oh, you got married? Good for you. Maybe you can take your claws out of Willow now."

"Seriously? These guys expect us to fight to the death and you're worried about your love life?"

"I'm just taking a page from your book. And I'll be glad to fight to the death. It'll prove that I'm the better Slayer once and for all."

Buffy gave her an irritated glare. "You wouldn't even be a Slayer if it wasn't for me, cupcake." Her eyes changed and her fangs dropped. "But this is one fight you won't win." Kennedy took a disbelieving step back and Buffy let her face return to normal. "We've got to work together and figure out how to get us and my family out of this. Preferably alive."

"You're a vampire?"

"Half vampire. Half Slayer. It's a thing that I still don't understand."

"Should've known. It was only a matter of time before your vampire groupie attitude…." Suddenly Kennedy was pressed against the wall by her throat and her airway was cut off. The crowd cheered, but Buffy ignored them.

"You wanna fight me, then fight me." Buffy hissed. "But I promise you will lose. If you'd like to keep breathing then shut up and work with me." She released Kennedy and stepped back.

Kennedy took a deep breath and looked around. "What's your big plan, then? You think they're just going to let us walk out of here."

"This crowd likes blood sport. So, let's give them some."

"What are you talking about?"

"Let's kill the leader. Gortyana. Once the leader is gone, maybe they'll back off."

"What if that doesn't work?"

"Then we run like hell. This place is hidden by some spell. I don't think all these demons will risk being seen if they've gone to so much trouble to hide."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Not a damn thing. But it's all I've got right now. By all means, though, if you have something better…."

Kennedy rolled her eyes, but before she could speak, Gortyana bellowed at them, "The Slayers will fight!"

"Why don't you come down here and make us?" Kennedy yelled back.

"Subtle." Buffy said under her breath.

"I am not an opponent in the Slayer Games."

Buffy stabbed her halberd into the ground and crossed her arms. "Too scared?"

Gortyana's eyes narrowed at her. "I am too old for games, Slayer."

"Ha! Then what are you doing here? Isn't the name of this whole thing the Slayer Games?"

"What are you doing?" Damon hissed from his place at the wall. They hadn't brought the stairs over for them, so the guards held him, Elena, and Jeremy against the wall under Gortyana.

Buffy decided not to acknowledge him, continuing to stare down the leader. "Come on. They don't want to see us fight. Not really." She spun suddenly and addressed the crowd. "How about it!?" She yelled at them. "This isn't a special round! There's thousands of Slayers out there! And not all of them get along! There are fights that happen at least twice a week!" Buffy pointed at Gortyana. "Let's really make this special and make him prove why he's the leader. Send him down here to fight me!" Some of the crowd seemed to agree with this and they began to cheer. The cheer caught on until it was an approving roar.

Buffy leveled her smug stare at Gortyana and he snarled at her. After a long moment, he removed his robes to reveal a seriously muscular torso with scars all over. It was obvious he'd been in a battle or twenty and obviously won. He was a big guy, too. Buffy was hoping her speed and strength would be enough as he jumped down into the arena.

"No weapons." Gortyana growled.

"Fine by me." Buffy pulled the halberd from the ground and tossed it aside as they began to circle each other.

"No friends."

"I don't want their help. All I want is that if I win this, the Slayer Games end."

"You're mad."

"Yeah. I am. I'm completely pissed off that you think it's ok to put Slayers through this. That you just sit and watch as they die in front of you for sport, yet you're too chicken to face them yourself."

"I have faced many Slayers and won."

"Yeah? Well you haven't faced me." Buffy stopped moving and drew herself up to her full height and held her arms out to her sides theatrically. "I am the Queen of the Slayers. I command an army that will tear this place and everyone in it to shreds. The Slayer Games end tonight…." She pointed at Gortyana. "With your death."

Gortyana chose that moment to attack. He was extremely fast for his size. Buffy barely had time to dodge out of the way. She dodged the blows, but he still managed to land a few. Her fast healing was a godsend after one hit to the head was hard enough to break the skin and make her see stars. That pissed her off and she went on the offensive, landing blow after blow on Gortyana. She grabbed him by the neck and threw him into the wall. When he came back up, she was already beside him with her hands on his head. With a brutal twist, she snapped his neck.

The crowd roared their approval and Buffy turned away from the body. When she turned to where her family was standing, she saw Kennedy was shaking her head emphatically and Damon was pointing behind her. Suddenly, Buffy was tackled forward. Her head hit the ground hard and she saw stars for a moment. Gortyana hauled her up by her neck and Buffy recovered enough to kick out into his abdomen. His hold loosened and she brought a fist up into his arm, hearing a satisfying crack. She landed on her feet like a cat and rolled away from Gortyana.

So, breaking his neck wouldn't kill him. What kind of demon was he? She glanced over all of his features, trying to match him to any other type of demon she'd gone up against. Coming up with nothing, she decided that when in doubt, decapitate. Getting back in the fight, she worked her way around him, trying to find an opening to get her hands on his head. He seemed to know what she was after because he kept managing to dodge away at the last second.

"Getting tired, Slayer? Are you regretting your decision to invite me into the competitor's ring?" Gortyana taunted.

"Not at all. I just wish you'd stop dodging away and actually fight." Buffy retorted.

Gortyana growled and attacked. Buffy ended up going on the offensive for a few minutes before finding an opening to kick him in his solar plexus. He went flying back and before he even hit the ground, Buffy was on him. She grabbed him by his long black braid coming out of the top of his head and hauled him into a sleeper hold. He tried to escape, but her grip tightened. The crowd screamed for her to finish it. With her free hand, Buffy shoved her nails into Gortyana's neck and pulled. A moment later, his head ripped off his body, cutting off his angry scream.

Buffy dropped the body and held the head up by its braid. "It's over!" She screamed. "The Slayer Games end." She threw the head at Klurg. "If I get wind of this ever happening again, I will hunt you down."

Klurg bowed low to Buffy. All around the stadium, the demons and vampires began bowing to her. Buffy and Damon exchanged confused glances. Klurg walked up to Buffy and took her hand, raising it above their heads. "The Queen of the Slayers and the winner of the last Slayer Games!" The crowd began cheering again. Klurg turned to Buffy and said, "We will stay true to your agreement with Gortyana. The Slayer Games end with his death."

"How do I know this isn't a trick?"

"You don't. But I assure you, we are demons of our word. Gortyana has been running these games for generations. He was honorable." Buffy bit her tongue. She wanted to snap at Klurg about that comment, but she and her family were safe. Her Slayers were safe. She wasn't going to jeopardize that with a snappy comment. "You and your family may go. Congratulations on your win."

Damon, Elena, Jeremy, and Kennedy ran over to Buffy and they left the arena. When they were safely packed into the rental car and on the way back to the hotel, Jeremy said, "Are we sure that the Slayer Games are over?"

"No." Buffy said. "But now that we know about them, we can put everyone on alert."

"So we're just going to let all those demons and vampires walk away?" Kennedy asked.

"You're more than welcome to go back there and try to take them on."

"You know, that is typical Buffy. What you say goes. Queen Buffy."

"What is your problem?" Damon snapped, taking his eyes off the road for a moment to glare at Kennedy wedged between Jeremy and Elena in the backseat. "She just saved your ass."

"She just threw away an opportunity to kill demons. We should be calling in the Slayers and getting them to take out those demons! But I guess since you're one of them now, your loyalties have changed."

"My loyalties never lied with you, Kennedy." Buffy snapped. "You've always been a spoiled little brat who can't handle being told 'no'. And by the way, I can't wait to tell Willow that you threatened to kill me. Think that will bring you two back together?"

"Willow should never have agreed to help you. We'd still be together if it wasn't for you."

"You're the idiot that let her go. Your jealousy of me is what ruined your relationship with Willow."

"I'm not jealous of you!"

"Of course you are. You always have been. Grow up, Kennedy. You can't be the spoiled little rich bitch forever. You want a chance to get Willow back? Then get over yourself. Cause she has."

"We were happy until you sucked her into your twisted world out there in Mystic Falls."

"She loves it in Mystic Falls. She found a school with a great occult study program and she's going to finish getting her degree. She's got friends there. We've never been closer. Trust me, she's happy."

"Screw you, Buffy. You're the worst thing that ever happened to her."

"Pretty sure the worst thing that ever happened to her was when the love of her life was killed. And she definitely forgot you even existed when Tara came back from the dead for a couple of days recently."

"You're a horrible person!"

"Maybe, but I still saved our asses back there, so I'll take that thank you any time now."

"Let me out! Stop the car!" Damon pulled the car over and Kennedy shoved Jeremy out of the way as she climbed out. "If anything happens to Willow because of you, I swear I'll kill you."

"Have a nice life, Kennedy." Buffy twiddled her fingers at the younger Slayer as Jeremy got back in the car and Damon drove off.

"She's got an attitude problem." Jeremy commented.

"She always did."

"No wonder Willow left her." Elena said. "I'd leave her, too."

"Can we get back to our honeymoon, now?" Damon asked.

"God yes!" Buffy said. "Let's get our things and go back to Rome. Pompeii has left a sour taste in my mouth."

"Can we get some food first?" Jeremy asked. "I'm starving!"

"As long as you promise you won't run off and get kidnapped again." Damon said. "I'd like to finish our honeymoon without having to run into a trap to rescue you. Both of you."

"It's not like I meant to get kidnapped."

"Guys, let's just…. Not." Buffy said. "We can eat on the train back to Rome. I can't get out of here fast enough."

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