She Did Something Kinda Crazy

She Did Something Kinda Crazy

Spike stood outside of Angel's basement door at the Hyperion and shook his head. This was not going to be pretty. He sighed and walked in. The ponce was sitting at his desk reading a book. He glanced up at Spike's arrival and set the book down. "That was fast." He said, walking out of the office.

"Yeah." Spike said.

"Where is she?" Angel looked behind Spike, scanning for Buffy.

"Mystic Falls. Where else?" Spike walked into the office and poured himself a glass of vintage scotch.

"You were supposed to bring her back with you!"

"You know damn well I can't make her do anything she doesn't want to."

"You swore you could convince her to come to LA."

"If you couldn't, what in the hell made you think I could? I was just saying that bullocks just to shut you up."


Spike took a moment to savor the amber liquid before saying, "He's not a bad bloke."


"Yeah. He loves her. And she sure as hell loves him."

Angel sighed. "I know all of that. But he's not good enough for her."

"And we are? You're the world's most notorious serial killer and I'm your progeny. I tried to rape the bird once, your other half has tried to kill her more than once. Damon's never done any of that to her."

"He killed her best friend."

"That was before she really knew him and she's had a chance to say goodbye since then."

"He's still a vampire."

"Pot, kettle." Spike sighed and lit up a cigarette. "Look, she's happy. Let her be."

"How is she at least?"



"Betrothed? Headed for the alter? To be married?"

"To Damon?"

"To the Dali Lama." Spike rolled his eyes. "She's got a big shiny ring to prove it to the world. Oh, and she's been hanging with an interesting crowd. That Klaus bloke you all were up in arms about…. His entire family is there."

"The rest of the Originals are awake?"

"Sure. Even the mum."

Angel shook his head. "She was human and she's been dead for over a thousand years."

Spike shrugged. "She got over it."

"I need to call Buffy."

"Would you leave her alone? She's got a lot on her plate. She doesn't need you bleating at her too."

"You have no idea what that family is capable of. She may need my help."

"She's got enough help now."

"What does that mean?"

"Let's just say she's had a power boost since you last saw her."

"Speak English, Spike!"

"She did something kinda crazy. She's not just a Slayer anymore."

"Get to the point!"

"She made Damon turn her."


"She's a…."

"No! Stop talking!" Angel backhanded Spike across the office.

Spike smiled and stood up. "I knew you'd be pissed."

"Why would he do that? How could he!"

"She didn't give him much of a choice from what I gathered."

"He had plenty of choice. He could've said no! Why would she do this?"

"Have you met any of that family? If I could get a power boost, I would too."

"Did you forget I was with Klaus for a while? And Rebekah lived at the house with us while I was there. I know exactly what that family is like."

"Then you know why she did what she did. She's pretty strong now. Her eyes are different though…. They kind of glow…."

"I don't care. She's a vampire."

"It's not like she's a vampire like us. She's one of them. She still has her soul. She's still Buffy…. In all her bossy Slayer glory…."

"Go away, Spike." Angel turned and headed upstairs to his room.

Spike shook his head. That hadn't been as fun as he'd imagined it would be.

Angel paced his room, not knowing what to do. The love of his life was now a vampire. She drank blood to survive. She could be killed with a stake or sunlight. Ok, maybe not sunlight since she probably had a ring. An engagement ring. He sat down and sighed. Why were the Powers against him? His soul was permanent, but she was in love with someone else. She was marrying someone else. Maybe he had waited too long. Or maybe he just wasn't meant to be happy even with a permanent soul. He was a champion for the Powers That Be. Maybe his problem was he spent so much time fighting the forces of darkness, he hadn't fought hard enough for love. And now that one love was gone forever.

He sighed again. No. Not gone forever. Here forever…. As a vampire. He had to check on her. He stood up and grabbed the laptop he'd bought. Spike had convinced him it would be a good idea. Dawn had introduced him to something called Skype and Buffy seemed to like using it better than a telephone. Angel had to admit it was nicer to be able to see who he was talking to.

After fumbling around with the computer for a few minutes, he finally managed to bring Skype up. Another few minutes and he finally managed to place the call to Buffy.

To his surprise, she answered after only a couple of rings. "It's a miracle. You use advanced technology." She said. His aversion to all things tech was a running joke among his friends.

"I didn't expect you to pick up." Angel said, looking at the little camera hole Dawn had pointed out.

"I considered not, but it's been a hell of a day and Damon's not here right now."

"Where's he at?"

"Out with Stefan."

Angel nodded. She was being vague about where he was which usually meant nothing good. "Are you mad at him?"

"No. Not at him. Just the whole messed up situation du jour."

"Are you ok?"

Buffy sighed. "I'll live. So…. Have you talked to Spike?"

"Yes I have."

"On a scale of one to ten, how mad are you?"


"Geez! How much did he tell you?"

"All of it. And for now I'm skipping over the being engaged and becoming a vampire part and going straight to the part where the entire Original Family is back. How's that going?"

"Well…. So far Esther wants to kill her entire family and they don't want to be killed. It's a bit of a family feud thing. And Klaus is still obsessed with me."

"Are you sure you're ok?" He asked again."I'm fine. Just a really bad day. Thank you for not blowing up at me."

"I can't lie and say that I'm ok with you becoming a vampire. I'm not. I punched Spike for being the messenger of that news."


"But…. I've been in your shoes and if I would've had a way to get more power to protect the ones I love…. I wouldn't have hesitated. I know I don't like Damon…."

"Hate is the word I think you were going for."

Angel smirked. "Yeah…. I know I hate Damon, but I believe in you. I think you'll handle this new super-powerful vampire thing pretty well."

"Well, I'm still pretty emotional. It's sometimes really hard to get that in check. And my strength still surprises me, but it's not as bad as my first week. I broke Damon's hand and we pretty much had to buy a new set of glasses because I destroyed all of ours."

Angel laughed slightly. He could understand that. Having been a newborn vampire himself over 250 years before, he remembered the confusion with the new strength. "You'll get the hang of it in no time. You're pretty good that way."


"I know what the answer is going to be, but I still have to ask…. Do you need me to come back and help with everything?"

Buffy smiled. "Thank you, but no. Things do tend to get a little crazy out here, but it's nothing I can't handle. It's definitely not any worse than Sunnydale." She looked up suddenly and Angel realized Damon must be home. "I'll talk to you later, ok?"

"Bye, Buffy."

Buffy shut the laptop, ending their Skype session. Angel nodded. She did look good and her eyes were glowing a bit. The ring he'd noticed on her finger was understated but beautiful and sparkly…. Like her. He hated to admit it, but Damon knew her well to buy her a ring like that. Maybe she was ok after all.

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